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Post by bobheckler on Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:45 am

Amir Johnson hits a contested 3. Shut it down

Amir Johnson shoots threes? Attempting one a game this year, well he made it, ugh

I think the ESPN app may be worse than the Pelicans are this year. Not a great way to follow a game.

Swiss cheese. It’s like guys don’t even know where they are supposed to be.

Mickey locking up AD. I've seen it all

Hill passes it directly to the Celtics. Boston lay up

Ladies and gentlemen, your New Orleans Anthony Davises

chucker count for C’s: 23 three point attempts so far, have cooled off, at least, were near 50% earlier in the 2nd, down to 32%.

Now that I can see the stream, Why does Smart have blonde hair?

Everyone wants to be Odell nowadays

Looking at Marcus Smart makes be want to take my glasses off.

You would think the Pels would be aware that Thomas goes left every time

Biggest flopper behind CP3 in the league. Why anyone gives Smart the benefit of the doubt is beyond me.

Only the Pelicans can make Marcus Smart look like an All-Star

Smart is also taking trash tier shots. He's just hitting them. Smart doesn't usually shoot 60% from 3.

Marcus Smart going off Really??

We're really making Thomas, Bradley, Smart look like the best big 3 to ever grace the hardwood

Smart is trying to do his best Ray Allen impersonation.

can’t see how C’s don’t end up with at least 40 3 attempts.

Boston really was in the bonus with 8:33 left wtf

Dude these refs are whistle happy now. Everything is getting called. Boston been in bonus since 8:30 left in 4th.

I could do without AD never taking another three, and hell, less mid rangers also...

The Celtics have taken 37 3's so far this game. . . .geez.

Figures the refs would give them the win

The ref anticipated the foul ..bad call

Let's be clear. The refs didn't give Boston the game. Even though that was a bad call the Pels have absolutely done this to themselves.

Ok refs bailed us out there. Make up call

Boston announcers just made like 6 smoothie jokes in under a minute. Impressive.

I'm so terrified of Boston's last second 3 attempt... Please miss

I swear if boston makes this shot im done...DONE

Hold on. We have to give the Celtics a chance to win. This is a New Orleans team, we're talking about.

One day our children will ask where we were on this night. And we can say "I didn't look at the super moon. I watched this stupid basketball game".

Boston played us for so long they became us.



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