Comments From The Other Side - Nets, Away

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Comments From The Other Side - Nets, Away

Post by bobheckler on Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:38 pm

I want to win this game so badly

Who else loves watching us play now

Me cause we look more competitive

We are not worthy to be on the same court with these guys

let's beat the Celtics!

We gonna beat these Celtic punks tonight baby!

If you're wondering why I'm calling them Anthony Bennetts, it's because that's what they're going to draft. They're gonna draft busts.

Horford is going to end up taking 40 shots this game

There's too many times where levert goes for too long without the ball in his hands.

He's playing better and better Looking like a lottery pick to me.

Boston playing Zone?

Boston plays great D

They are playing normal D... Nets have no problem getting open shots. They just didn’t fall.

No, they play great D For that moment after the 1st timeout

We wins games by SCORING quicker and more efficiently than the opposition, and then pray for enough stops to hold them off at the end. Story for just about every win this season.

This is a must win. It may effect our pick by a spot or two

This. If the Nets manage to win, this wouldn't be a meaningless win. Pick implications.

Do you guys think they would have rested IT if Nets were in a tight race to the last position?

Even with IT out they still have a very sound and fundamental team. I've been super impressed with Stevens as a coach.

I'm not gonna lie, I'll be disappointed if we don't win a home game against an IT-less Celtics.

Really? Boston is stacked. And they were winning early in the year when IT came off the bench and wasn't playing well. Bradley - Smart - Brown - Crowder - Horford is still a stacked lineup of 2 way players, elite defenders and much more talent then us. Then you still have Amir, Rozier, Olynk, green off the bench. Without Thomas Boston is probably still a 45 win team. They have 3 or 4 guys who would be the best player on the nets.  (MY NOTE:  45?  Hmmm.  Sounds a bit rich to me, but then you can't lose the #2 scorer in the league and not expect a big drop off)

I know, a bit irrational -- but I think IT is an MVP-level player and it'll hurt the Celtics a lot. IT can bail the Celtics out of a lot of jams with his drive/slash/passes. Not sure anyone else on the Celtics, maybe Bradley, can do that. But objectively, you're right, there's a reason the Celtics have the 2nd best record in the conference.

IT is a beast... But they are still outstanding without him. And they play great team ball. It will be tough for sure. Hopefully their shots arent falling, they rely on the 3 a lot too. But they defend well and we don't, that's why I cant see us win

Tonight, as always, we have a puncher's chance if the three ball is falling. But to underestimate this team we're against because IT isn't playing would be foolish. They have excellent players across the board that compete on both ends. We aren't playing a team full of dogs like we did last night, best believe if we aren't hitting shots and competing defensively we will get slapped

Lol, we are ignoring Marcus Smart.

Yeah, Lin is totally ignoring Smart to double someone else - and it's working.

Don't think RHJ should be guarding Hortford.

Checking in from section 211, whole building just broke out in a "let's go Celtics" chant

There are so many Celtics fans at Barclays! Sad F*** DA CELTS.

What does refs have against this team?

should be like, Every refs.

Jealous of actual good defense like the Celtics have lol

Too bad we can't play the Knicks and Derrick Rose's defense every night.

Summer league rotations...this is brutal to watch.

Whitehead never gets calls

That's simply not true. Pure Homer goggles He gets plenty of calls for a rookie

Dinwiddle and McDaniels are good

At what?

Someone needs to get going because we are lucky this isn’t a 20 point deficit right now

Amir Johnson shoots like hes autistic

Are we some how playing defense? Does this mean a team might not actually score 100 points on us? And by the way, this is somewhat predictable. The Celtics still haven’t gotten that second guard/wing scorer to help out IT. And they had assets to get that scorer if they had wanted to. But when IT doesn’t play, the Celtic’s defense becomes a lot better. And it is already good.

only down 8 against a EC #2

They don't look like EC #2 without IT though

Smart is such an offensive liability

This game is the basketball equivolent of reheated microwaved 5 day old burger king French fries

Celtic and their moving screens...

The Celtics without IT play hard defense, but don't look great on offense.

Nets playing bad and doing dumb things, but Celtics have an elite defense so it's no surprise

Today, Celtics have great D and functional offense. Nets have great D and dysfunctional offense. There's the difference.

Someone is seriously missing their rotations. This cannot be by design. We're just fortunate that the Celtics are bricking their shots right now.

I forgot Veal was a Net when Vince played here. My memory has him signing with the Celtics way before VC landed.

Horford so overrated

He's just a solid player, nothing special

Yeah. Definitely useful to have a glue guy like that who can contribute on the defensive end, pass, and space the floor, but he isn't better than "above average" at any one thing.

This team is battling with the 2nd best team in the East right now Win lose or draw I'm proud of this team they are fighting on a back to back.. Not giving up

This Nets team is a playoff team I don't care what the doubters say.. You cant tell me this team isnt better than the Pistons, Bucks, Pacers or the Bulls who are all in playoff contention  (MY NOTE:  Wow.  Talk about delusional.  They are not only the worst team in the league there isn't another team close enough to even be a threat and this dummy thinks they are "a playoff team"?!)

That' The Nets are too flawed and too young to be a playoff team. Even with Lin.

Next year we are going to surprise some folks .. Just wait and see  (MY NOTE:  Yeah, you're going to make great strides with the #25 pick you're going to get courtesy of us and the flood of quality free agents that will flock to join your dumpster fire.  LOL)

Lol I just noticed they are playing at Brooklyn I thought it was Boston this whole time.

I know the Nets are basement dwellers, but sickens me how other teams can sometimes literally kick our guys and no whistles blown.

Another goaltend by horford

Who is this team? What have they done with our nets?

Terry rozier is a blood btw If u didn’t know  (MY NOTE:  Wuh?   ???)

This game is never a win. The Knicks game was an easy win. But the Celtics are really good. And as good as IT is, he hurts the Celtics on defense so they are not as undermanned as folks may think without IT available.

I hate jae crowder

I think I'd be pretty upset if I committed almost $30 mil per year to Boston. They need to get a legit two way wing star to take them to the next level.

If Horford is the only max player that they're able to attract over the next few years, that's a pretty bad return considering the combination of elite assets and cap space.

ID think heyward is in play. Jaylen brown I think will be a monster eventually and they may have the #1 pick.

I don't. Utah is just as good as Boston right now. I don't see him leaving.

Lopez looks like a monster in the post against the Celtic bigs.

Zeller in. He usually owns Lopez.

9-0 run. What I say? LETS GO!

I think we can catch them in the 4th. They are reliant on IT in close games

Lol at Mike Gorman's salty a**. "Nets celebrating like they won the division."

Want this win sooooooooooo bad.

We can take this win, damn.

I really want this win.

We will take it... Don't worry

Boston commit fouls to prevent nets getting into any rhythm.


Did I mention I hate Jae Crowder? (but would love him on my team)

Seems pretty hyped for a team that hasn't gotten out of the 1st rd in 5+ years

why would you leave crowder to help on horford going 1 on 1?

KA saving his timeouts for the playoffs.

I want to punch jae in his ugly a** face

If they lose, this loss is on 100% on Kenny. Just giving this game away. Stevens is laughing wondering why Kenny isn’t playing his PG.

Marcus Smart is such a dirty player, always flopping and throwing his body around

Let's see if they leave Jaylen Brown in and we can foul him.

That Lin foul though smh Didn’t they call a foul on us when Jae crowder literally did the same thing ???

Yeh But we aint the Celtics

Please murder the refs pleasseeeee

THIS IS BS The refs have been favoring the Celtics all game.. We have gotten the short end of calls all game

Bradley missed!! Nice!

Not Lins best game, especially early. He had some passes ive never seen him force that were turnovers. And that foul late on smart on the horford miss hurt. Acys leaving crowder to double horford who was going 1 on 1 in no mans land was a back breaker. Either way, this was a great effort on a back to back. Props to these guys for fighting for 48

KA lost this one but at least we have a timeout left for the post-season.

Kenny didn't foul smart on a rebound and Kenny didn't leave crowder wide open for 3. Those are 2 super low IQ plays that killed us.

Lin's foul hurt, but the fact that we got out-rebounded by 10 from a less than average rebounding team hurts way more.  (MY NOTE:  Rebound rate goes up when you play good defense and they shoot a low fg%)

Not a bad game. IT did not play but we are missing three rotation players as well. We still cannot rebound and couldn't find anyone to defend Crowder.

Overall a wired game. Their defense intensity is something our offense need to learn.

I agree that Kenny needs to get Lin in the game even if he needs to call timeout. But Lin did cost us the game with his mental lapse

Lin probably knew refs won't call a foul on critical last possession for something like that, but Smart was being smart and fell down and forced the refs to make a call

That is always getting called. You learn at a young age to box out and get your ass into the closest guy. Lin wrapped him up way before smart fell. Smart was smart falling to sell the call but there was no questioning that foul.

Hate Smart....

Got to say that we have the "moral" victory in the bag. We are officially a solid team. Back to back and the Celtics can barely handle us.  (MY NOTE:  YOUR "moral victory" got OUR Magic Number down to 8.  Thanks)

Also shows the importance of starting PG... On the Celtics side

This one hurt more than any other loss this year

Great game. Gotta applaud our guys

I know IT wasn't playing... But it sure seems like we can be competitive with any team.

Kenny through this game away. End of story. He owes Lin a public apology. What a dunce.

Learn how to spell basic words before you call someone a dunce.

Terrible coaching. Kenny got schooled by a guy who could be his nephew.

Basically we are currently what the Celtics were 2-3 seasons ago….lets aspire to get where they are currently  (MY NOTE:  3 years ago we were a 25 win team.  You'd need almost 3 seasons of this team to win 25, but keep a nice thought...)

"Basically we are currently what the Celtics were 2-3 seasons ago" Minus the treasure trove of future draft picks, savvy GM, and astute coaching staff…

To be fair if we got a few more calls we probably would have won this one. But refs hate us for some reason 😞

Hate seeing winnable games thrown away. Finishing strong would be a great thing going into free agency. It would show that we’re legitimately a solid team when healthy. But losses like these turn the franchise into a joke. No wonder more Boston fans were in the building than Nets fans.

And a win tonight would have been huge. Instead, it’s just the same old, same old. Another loss to a team playing w/o its best player.

A team playing without its best player, Does not forget how to play well minus it’s best player…..this team is competing for a top spot. They are a good team, with a bunch of good players, with arguably the best coach in the league.

Isiah Thomas is an MVP candidate and is playing like a top 10 player He’s scoring nearly 30 points a game. To imply his team can replace his production is silly. They didn’t "forget how to play well" but they damn sure didn’t learn how to score like him.

Everyone thinking a close loss means something good for this team because it's the Celtics remember their best player, entire offense, and MVP candidate was out

Tough game to lose, especially it can potentially move our 1st and 2nd round pick one spot ahead

Hopefully lin is so unhappy with his minutes that he opts out or demands a trade so we don't need to deal with his **** fans anymore

Id rather be 0-82 with dwill dogging in and being a bitch then be 82-0 and deal with lin fans

Lin fans are the worst. Every fan base hates you for teams that lin has been on and for this exact reason



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Nets, Away

Post by Shamrock1000 on Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:47 pm

What's with the comments about King fans?? I hope it's not some racial thing.


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