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Comments From The Other Side - Sixers, Away

Post by bobheckler on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:07 pm

With just one game separating the Sixers from the #4 slot in the Draft lottery and 1.5 games separating them from the #7 seed, we’re approaching must-lose territory

Justin Anderson has the poops (aka gastroenteritis) and will not play today

I have a theory that Justin Anderson is out because of a hangover from his celebration of sticking it to his former club. Not a stomach bug.

My theory is he got a celebratory food delivery from "M.C." and it poisoned him.

Take this W then lose the rest of the games. #F***Boston

So if jahlil scores 30 on the Celtics, but nobody sees it except Danny ainge, did it really happen…?

Disappointed I was really looking forward to Justin Anderson vs Jae Crowder. Can’t believe I said that but it’s true

lol did zoo really just say "paul millsap and the atlanta hawks" coming for the next home game? #whoispaulmillsap?

I was kind of hoping they would start HOLMES again….pls don't say to show case JAH because everybody in the League knows whats he about, don't insult their intelligence.

Gotta showcase JAH against Boston so they can trade their first for him.

Lol oh I forgot Ainge still really interested.

This is about as ugly a beginning to a game can get.

If the sixers were all healthy and signed present day Allen iverson, yes 40-some year old AI…would they be better than these Celtics?

IDK but when they made zone defenses legal it really hurt great one on one players like AI and Vince Carter. Game has changed to jacking up three pointers.

Are these Celtics also all healthy? Not that I think it matters. Embiid and Simmons are game changers the Celtics can’t handle.

Almost the entire run by Celtics reserves was the fault of Richaun Holmes defensive miscues. I love the kid but he is in the wrong place a lot.

Saric gets no love from the refs.

Terrible officiating

As usual, I'm really hoping that refs are just mailing in these games because we're bad.

our death line up: Jah, Sergio and Nik….

It really is astonishing how consistently the other team goes on a big run whenever Okafor comes in a game.

No fear whatsoever of going down the lane to the rim with Okafor back there. None

Anybody that thinks the Sixers had a shot of winning this game doesn’t know anything about the game of basketball. Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Horford, Crowder, and George from Seinfeld are good enough to beat the Sixers 9 out of 10 games.

Yeah Celts have deep roster and very well coached but to me day games are tricky….still think we have a shot.

I wouldn’t put Smart on that list, but yeah

All I want is one game where I don't have to see Okafor and Sergio. When these two play together its like watching a horror movie.   Get this bums off the team and get anyone I mean anyone , I will take WNBA players just get rid of them

Beat the f***ing Celtics, please. PLEASE.

Jahlil Okafor will be out for the rest of the game due to right knee soreness. I'm only worried about Embiid's meniscus because of Okafor.

More then a year and still dealing with a minor meniscus injury? ....Embiid might die.

If it is, then I'm assuming that he may need another surgery to fix it. Also, there were rumbling about him failing physical in Chicago, there seems to be smoke behind all of this speculation.

Can we fire our training staff before next season, I don't trust them to keep anyone healthy

This MEdical Staff is a nightmare. A simple meniscus tear & 15 months later Okafor is not even close to being healthy. I don;t care about Okafor But I am Terrified they are going to Screw up Embiid

Horford is scoring at will this quarter.

I feel like Justin Anderson would of gotten into something with some of the hogs on the Celtics if he played today.

What if…..Shawn Long was invited to training camps at the beginning of the season and was told to step on Simmons foot and the plan was to keep him out for the season the whole time, ensuring the tank will succeed? Then…. He is promised a contract towards the end of the season for succeeding!

Hmmmmmmm…. Also. F*** the Celtics!

Poor officiating, again.

Are we really under 50 comments through 3 quarters of the game…against Boston??

Long is making his fouls felt

No love from these refs but loving the fight from our guys!

Not sure what Long did to these refs, but they hate him and don't want to see him on the court.

Lol at Boston getting schooled by Sergio and TLC They suck

Listening to Scalabrini on csn Boston f***ing bruuuuuuuuutal. "Doesn’t know" if T.J. Is can be a back up p.g., And thinks he invented T.L.C. Nickname.   #f***Boston

Scalabrine legit said he invented TLC nickname?

Earlier in the season I sat through 48 minutes of "I just don’t understand the hype for Saric" and "He doesn’t do anything well" and "He’ll be lucky to be a role player" from Scalabrine I’d rather listen to the game on mute than have to sit through that again

Sounds peak Boston. I f***ing love that city…spent my college years there. Something they are not lacking in – absurd arrogance.

We are beating Boston in the 4th quarter and this forum is pretty much dead. Never thought i would see the day.

Lol this will be so freakin hilarious if we beat the Celtics thanks to a career game from sergiooooooo

Celtics lookin super mediocre without IT2, really don't have good offensive options, just a bunch of blah things (Horford stepback, Smart post-up, Rozier off-balance flip, etc).

That was an awful call, Smart didn't have his feet set and was not in defensive position, was sliding all the way.

I hope everyone is prepared for us to win this game.

The Celtics are a bad team man. I mean, it was obvious they weren't gonna win a playoff series this year(as per usual) but they might not win a playoff game.

I'd reel that in a bit...they're a good team, but I think it's more that teams are expected to blow the sixers out and they're (sixers) actually a bit underrated. It's scary how big a jump the sixers can make next year if healthy, a little lottery luck, and sound free agency signings.

Kind of have to take it with a grain of salt considering their best player is out, and yes, Thomas is damn good.

Dario gets no love from the refs. Dude never gets calls. These POS refs better recognize after he wins ROY.

****. At least its a W against Boston.

This team is too funny. Everybody plays hard, everybody keeps on improving. It's impossible to tank

I love winning games. It's our destiny to get the first pick with all the injuries, so it doesn't matter if we have the best odds or the worst, we'll get it. Just keep winning and developing.

This is a huge win. Celtics only missing Thomas, 76ers are missing 3 big starters.

So we're legit as good as the Celtics without IT2. No one played great for us tonight, no one played poorly for them. Looked like a basically even match, with us a little scrappier and them a little savvier. (MY NOTE: Nobody played poorly for us? And then they say that Brown was a ghost?)

I expected more out of "ROY candidate" Jaylen Brown.

Did he even play? Dude was a ghost.

Good game, good win, just have to hope the combined odds of our own and the Kings' will ultimately be enough to jump into top 3.

these games should not be this close at all but they are and it’s hillarious because we're simply on the opposite ends of the standings   I guess I didn’t think the Celts were this watered down without one dude. Warriors were also without durant and I guess needed time to adjust.

If you ask me, there are at least 4 guys I’d want to hold on to on our squad long term. Celtics fans only really sold on I.T. And Horford. They are still waiting for Ainge to turn assets into players….(MY NOTE: This may be true, but that's important. We could turnover most of our club while also being the #2 team in the EC. Philly likes more of their players than us and they are mediocre at best)

Refs are teaching me new thing.. Apparently, it is ok to grab people multiple times without getting foul

Forget the Boston Celtics ...... 11 game losing stops here as a new ERA begins. You better believe it.

Boston dude texts me crying about having no Isaiah Thomas. Bitch, please. We’re down how many players now?

Sixers not available for this game:
Joel embiid
Ben Simmons
Jerryd bayless
Nerlens noel Justin Anderson
Jahlil okafor

Always great to beat the Celtics. We can tank tomorrow night, if we want to.

Most important play of the game Jah went out with knee soreness…..

Must lose tomorrow Against Orlando. We need at top 3 pick.

Need? Nah. The Lakers/Magic, who both are without a legit young star, NEED a top 3 pick. For the Sixers it would just be a luxury

Bill Simmons ✔ @BillSimmons
Terrible Celtics loss. Just terrible. Jaylen Brown picked a bad week of the season to go completely AWOL.
12:22 PM - 19 Mar 2017
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Bill Simmons ✔ @BillSimmons
I can't blame (no) Isaiah for that Celtics loss when their D killed them. Celts aren't good enough to play w/o a chip on their shoulder.
12:29 PM - 19 Mar 2017
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Bill Simmons get used to it. Ha ha Just wait till we get serious.

His ROY Jaylen Brown – 2pts 2reb 0ast The real ROY Dario Saric – 23pts 6reb 4ast

He blames the C’s for that loss. He’d never admit the Sixers were the best team on the floor. But they were.

Ok, Celtics. Next time we will play Justin Harper off the bench together with Shawn Long. So maybe you can steal a W.

An Atlantic Division... Changing of the guard. Time to start our own 11 game win streak against the Celtics.

Shawn Long....6 mins +6 and 8 pts. You know this team might win 30 games.

If we had a competent medical staff, I would actually feel great about this team moving forward.

Good thing the Celtics stood pat at the trade deadline. They're clearly an elite team.

The sixers shutting down embiid and Simmons for the year to tank wasn't good enough with Brett brown coaching his ass off and TLC, Saric and Covington playing like studs. Their odds of a top pick are dwindling but the team they will have next year will be formidable with or without another young stud.

They wouldn't have won this game if Okafor played any minutes in the 2nd half.

Celtics had their entire team except for Thomas, the 76ers were missing Embiid, Simmons, Bayless and Okafor didn't play the 2nd half. This team is going to have a HUGE, HUGE 2017-2018.

Checked the Celtic stream at the end of the game and some of its post game and its hilarious how they said the Sixers are on a downward spiral. Goes to show its not only their announcers who are clueless but their studio team as well.

Next time we play the Celtics we’ll play Fultz off the bench to give them a chance. #dream #replacefultzwithLBallorsomeoneelse



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