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Post by bobheckler on Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:08 pm

Since the Celtics lost in Philly we can be tied in the lost column with a win tomorrow Hopefully this will be enough to motivate this team to play defense for 48 mins

48 minutes!! I'll gladly take them playing defense for 30 min.

Hopefully IT plays tomorrow So they can’t complain when they lose tomorrow. I feel like the Wiz usually show up for big games like these. Hopefully Wiz are out of their shooting slump from the past few games and BJ has his breakout game!

Who cares if they complain? Haha but seriously a win is a win

I don't care if Boston sits their whole team tbh.

Honestly we’ll probably have a better chance of winning IF Isaiah Thomas plays tomorrow. Last couple of weeks we’ve been playing down to our opponents pretty hard and I could see us losing interest if all the bragging rights aren’t on the line.

Didn't we bury these guys already??? Time to hunt some zombie Celtics!

Avery Bradley back in the lineup makes this a completely different match-up from last time. Given the way the team has been playing and the chance that Keef might not play, I’m slightly concerned about the Wizards laying a stinker.

I forgot about the Celtics being on the second of a back-to-back. That makes me a bit less concerned.

Praying that everyone come out of this healthy – guys like Smart and Crowder can be physical.

I'm pessimistic, I don't think this is gonna go well With how our defense is looking, and Gortat and Morris struggling, this could get ugly fast. I think we’ll score well but have a hard time keeping up with Boston. This is a huge game for playoff implications, so a win here would be crucial, but I sadly don’t see it happening.

Wiz lose 110-104.

F*** the Celtics.

Brandon Jennings better be doing something around here. He just stopped scoring? Is this a Treyburkeulosis epidemic? F’s wrong with him?

How tall is Crowder? He’s a big dude. Looks like a football player. But he looks an inch maybe taller than 6’3 Wall. I’d guess about 6’4.5 which was Barkley’s height if I remember. Also, curious if anyone can read their lips?

Crowder's worked himself up the league to become one of my least favorite players. At least 3 of my top 10 least favorite players are Celtics. Wizards, please beat them.

I have despised Cs my whole life and this current iteration has no shortage of players I cant stand lol Gotta give Crowder props tho, he is very, very good. On nights his 3 is falling (like it always does vs Wizards) he is a big plus on both ends

The smugness that emanates from all Boston sports franchises (players, fan bases, announcers- everything) is insufferable.  (MY NOTE:  Someday, maybe, when your city earns the right to call itself "Title Town" you'll be smug too.  Until then, tough shit)

Indeed! Cannot stand the lot of' em Smart’s whole Odell look annoys the F*** out of me lol, as does Olynyck’s trash facial hair

I would have IT on it, but not sure I hate him. Can’t hate on a dude that small having that big an impact being the last player drafted in his class.

Hair Now that's legitimate reason to dislike players.

We're gonna start super slow Then get blown out, Yup, back to pessimistic wiz fan time…

Still waiting on Scottie to return from ASB He went from a COTY candidate to invasion of the Randy snatchers.

Honestly, I don't really care about the 2 seed I want to beat Boston, because, quite simply, just F Boston.

This is our 12th game in the last 20 days ...… and our starters are still playing BIG minutes, AND it’s a road game, AND it’s in Boston, AND they’re probably still seething over the last win. Not a chance in the world tonight guys. Sorry.

Even if we start our strong (possible), we will fade late, but I’m thinking more like this will be a blowout early. Although this is a b2b for Boston, this is our 4th-in-6, and second straight road game. No chance. Schedule loss.

11 games in 21days for Cs and they played last night We got this!

Yes, but at least Thomas is rested.

Is markieff playing? Or does his tummy hurt??

Keef isn't actually feeling better He is going to start a fight and get someone else ejected with him

Horford probably gonna dominate tbh Hopefully they limit the 3s

Horford doesn't really do dominate. He's just always really pretty good.

I agree w/ this He is one of those guys that don’t really dominate but surgically kills you..hits the backbreaker 3, causes a mismatch on offense…etc.

We need to win this game not because we can catch Boston (no way on Earth we're doing that). We need to win to stop Boston from getting the 1 seed.

Holy crap. Just realized that Cleveland has also been losing games too.

Aside from the worry of the Cleveland slide, Miami is now the 7th seed as well. It seems like the best hope for avoiding them is that they get the 5th seed from the Hawks. Imagine Miami in the first round and Cleveland waiting in the 2nd if the HEAT were overcome.

I'm concerned about the Celtics if the Wizards are not locked in mentally. Beal has gotten up for these kind of games in the past, it would be nice to get a road victory in Boston.

I don't really like where John Wall's head is at these days. Talk about playoff seedings and championship one week, lack of respect by the refs and just in general the next all while the team is clearly trending in the wrong direction.

Whining midget IT is playing or not?

Isaiah Thomas returns for the Celtics tonight.

Lol I should have known He rested for this game

IT whines way too much. The dude already gets so many short guy sympathy calls.

I feel a 20+ point drubbing coming up.

F*** you Isaiah Thomas Your're trash. I love hearing bostons commentators sh** verbal diarrhea about him

Hes not trash tho

My goodness IT is so bad on D

he is a gnat he cant do anything about his size…but on a team that every position is a scoring threat, they cant hide him

Idk that he is bad. He is just limited by his size and Wall is 6'4. It’s a tough spot to be isolated in the post by a 6’4 guard. It is definitely a weakness for them.

The Don is in attendance Just in case Jae Crowder tries to act up.

I want John to attack IT like he attacked Lillard Post him all day

Heinsohn Hands down the worst color commentator in the league

He is annoying. Voice and homerism. Scal has annoying voice too but he is the goat.


Our KO >Their KO

Why can't wall do what smart just did before

Avery Bradley is killing us

Can we not get killed on the glass by the beans

For a guy w/ the last name smart He plays dumb a lot . Also he looks like big baby Davis

Throw in Mac to get in a scuffle with IT so he gets a second T. Small price to pay for a W.

The Celtics have missed some open looks. Our defense still isn't that great.

I am cursed. I have to listening C's broadcast. What a homer morons. Top 3 worst in entire league...

Beal is playing awful defense on Avery Bradley.

God this team is so unwatchable. And Jason **** smith is still the 6th man taking minutes from Oubre. They run **** sets offensively that result in jumpshots only, defensively they just lazily switch everything for no reason and don't hustle anywhere or box out.

Who tf coaches this team?? Anyone off the streets could put together a better rotation.

Jason Smith is the master of picking up fouls on a screen without setting a screen.

Smart fouling a 20% shooter lol.

Man, between the awful announcers and the terrible game break production these Celtics home games are really awful to watch.

Boston has 7 offensive rebounds. Wizards have 1.

Damn jaylen bronw is physical

Rozier literally just shoved Jennings to the ground.

How is there not a flagrant 2 assesseed on Rozier?

Calling a **** foul and a technical on the guy who got pushed over.

Honestly , Jennings started that whole thing and was acting like a complete idiot. That was a good call Imo

This team looks slow and lethargic. Don’t look focused or engaged whatsoever. We’re getting out-rebounded by the freakin’ CELTICS… by double digits, I believe. That’s pathetic.

aren't they one of the worst in the league? Last I checked their leading rebounder for the season was Avery

Same story as the past few seasons If this team makes shots, gets the play the way they want to, at their pace, and decide to focus and give effort, they’re successful. If there is any resistance or adversity, they crumble. They’re mentally soft.

Please call-up a hungry player from the D-League who is willing scrap, hustle, and who reacts faster than my mother.

I feel like the Celtics just have more rotation-quality guys than us.

Guys, let's not forget that we're playing on the road against a very good team. The Celtics are trying to win too.

Morris gets fouled on the jumper no call, ticky tack foul on a rebound that was cleanly controlled by Boston, of course a whistle.

LOL. What a **** call on March. After they let Olynyk rip Jason Smith's arm off (and called Smith for the **** foul on that play). Hard to beat the refs too. **** dirty pieces of ****.

Beal gets too excited anytime he's being guarded by someone other than Avery Bradley. Forcing some bad shots.

Big takeaway from this post All-Star break slump: we're not as good as we thought during that 18-3 stretch and we could really use that 1st rounder..

If only we had a first rounder we'd be rebounding and hitting our threes

Wall is hungover again

The Celtics are such a better defensive team then we are.

Surprise surprise. They surround IT with so many talented defenders. And normal teams know to expose IT on defense, but since Wall is hungover, we're sticking with long 2's from Bradley Beal.

Pretty confident in saying, we run the worst offense in the NBA relative to talent level. Watching 48 minutes of this **** is brutal.

IT and Otto having a brick building contest IT winning so far on volume

Garbage, garbage, garbage. A loss I could understand. This is not okay.

Boston's commitment to defense is what separates them from us honestly

Defense requires effort and mental toughness These are areas we have not been consistently good in for quite awhile.

They are a deep squad

Looking like we may get the 4th seed honestly Toronto is right on our ass for the 3rd

We're gonna make a run This Celtics team doesn’t often put teams away early. Their style is to keep it close against everybody – good and bad teams alike – and then let Isaiah do his thing in the 4th. That’s why they have so many close wins. We’ll have our shot. We just have to make sure we hit when it comes.

John "I don't take rest games" Wall Should rethink that policy bruh bruh.

He looks like the guy who clearly wanted to call out of work, but couldn't cuz he got bills to pay.

Sorry but the Celtics are better than us. How are we going to get better this offseason. They will get a top 3 pick that will help them improve while we have no resources to improve. We need most of our roster to improve this offseason. Anyways, I am out, not going to listen to the Celtics announcers boast.

They aren't better. They're just playing better tonight.  (MY NOTE:  Ball don't lie.  You are now 2 games back and have a harder schedule finishing out the season)

I wish I could think that But they have been better than us all season. We were better during our spurt, but we need to prove that we are better in the playoffs

Celtics are NOT better than us. You just can't tell that right now for obvious (at least obvious to me) reasons.

We are better (significantly, I believe) than Celtics. We just have NO energy right now.

From what I have seen they are at least slightly better than us over the course of the season. Also, they have a good young coach and crazy assets for next season. We will be fighting to keep this current team together while they can easily upgrade.

I think we could sweep these guys in a seven-game series, all things being equal.

They are definitely better they’ve had injuries all season and still have a better record than us

If they don’t bring it against the Celts, I’m less and less certain they are going to magically start clicking in the playoffs #TeamPanac

They just had like four games where they came back from down double digits on the road. They’re not mentally soft, they’re just exhausted and playing like crap.

no pride Team peaked and is now getting exposed as frauds

John isn’t a leader. If you want to move on from one of the two in the backcourt, move on from Wall and surround Brad with a mentally tough players who’ll lead by example.

i will never not ride with wall. Yall acting impulsive. Go be celtics fans if yall wanna keep talking down on the face of this organization. We only want the loyal ones.

Literally everyone on the Celtics can shoot threes. Must be nice.

Have you watched Marcus Smart play?

Okay, almost literally everyone. I’ve seen Smart hit a couple of clutch ones though.

Refs terrible man

I honestly feel like we're getting the calls

This defense is killing me at this point i don’t event think we will make it past the Celtics. Can’t have a top 5 offense without a good defense

Doesn't really matter where we end up in terms of 2-3-4 if we keep playing like this. We’re easily good enough to beat Indiana or Atlanta in the first round, but either Cleveland or Boston looks like they would obliterate us.

The Raptors are intense man. I was doubting them even after the All-Star break, but Tucker and Ibaka (still don't know how old this guy is) are defensive savants. They held Indiana to 91 points. They held Detroit to 87. Dallas to 78. That doesn't happen anymore..

I guess the secret all along was Avery Bradley. Things are back to the way they used to be

IT OWNS JW, we look so flat and mediocre now.

It's like Wall is purposely switching onto Horford so IT rains 3's in Gortat's face. We sure do love switching. Why don't we just start out guarding the wrong man, it doesn't matter because we're gonna end up that way anyways..

Avery Bradley has completely outplayed Beal tonight. I think Beal has decided that everytime he catches the ball coming off a screen, he's taking the shot no matter how well contested it is.

Avery Bradley makes a huge difference for Boston. Their defense is a million times better with him on the floor. We've had very few open looks tonight when he's been out there.

It's not like the Celtics need help with how poorly Washington is playing but these refs are garbage.

Flopper Smart is garbage but he gets the calls. And is tough defensively.

Wow, Jason Smith gets outrebounded by a 5-8 guard. I''m done.

How do you let Thomas get that offensive rebound. Just awful.

Let IT get an offensive board I'm done!! Lmao We have no hope

Lol, giving up an offensive rebound to that **** midget.

Classy Boston broadcasters. Wall jumped on camera's man foot and it looked like he was hurt. They said I hope camera man is ok. They whining about flops from Oubre, Morris and they forget they have kings of flops in smart and I.T?

Smart flopped.

Celtics are running off all emotion right now We’re playing like we don’t give af

Lmao they put Thomas in for the last 8 seconds Disrespekt

How? he's one of the best scorers in the league

Lol at Olynyk. That might be record time for 3 fouls

Jennings brought that sh*t over from the Knicks. The fake comeback thing followed him to D.C.

IT is a so good

20 offensive rebounds for BOS ? Wow

I really want to throw or punch something But i’d be putting in more effort than the starters

Anyone know who’s this awful person i’m listening to, on the Celtics feed?? Seriously, it’s like they have just randomly picked a fan off the crowd.

IT seems to show up regularly. Last players taken in the draft. I think he loves going against Wall since he was a #1 pick

Sure, but It is harden level bad defender

The difference between how good IT is on offense is bigger then the different in Wall vs IT on defense.  ....I think the 'small man'complex also plays a part.

anyone see beal walked over to the celtics side and sort of hugged crowder? When i saw him walking over, i thought he was about to start something…lol

Wizards got out-rebounded by the worst rebounding team in the league.

This team still going to ECF, although you can't tell it from tonight.

Get outta here with that shit I am officially pessimistic anytime this team plays

Credit to the celts though with bradley coming back, they can have 2 plus perimeter defenders on-court at all times.

The two games we won vs BOS they were missing Bradley or Crowder or both. We didn't beat them once full squad.

Hard to be an elite team when your PG isn't a good 3 pt shooter. Not in todays game.

Can't beat the refs and the other team.  (MY NOTE:  I thought I'd hear this whining about the refs on this thread on the Game On! thread last night.  They were getting a TON of calls.  They have nothing to complain about with the refs)

Yea, I'm sure the refs shot 8 for 34 from 3-pt. That's why we lost. And rebounding. And turnovers. But hey, it's the refs.

They had more energy but they played a game yesterday. Hmmm.

I fail to see how Brooks is an upgrade from wittman. Lol

Bojan playing so many minutes is just the politics of basketball. You don't bench a guy that you gave up so much to get. You play him and play him, even if it's not the right decision. He's a shiny new toy, and it will take awhile for Brooks to realize that he doesn't belong in the rotation.

you think Boston would trade IT for Wall straight up ? Not so sure they would. That says something.



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