Smart, Horford Among League's Top Post Passers

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Smart, Horford Among League's Top Post Passers

Post by bobheckler on Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:26 pm

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As @KevinOConnorNBA noted, Smart also among best post passers when defense commits (Horford in top 10, too; min: 25 plays)

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5:49 AM - 22 Mar 2017

MY NOTE:  Statistics Alert!  Small sample size!  Horford's numbers with 81 plays are far more reliable than Smart's 28.  This doesn't mean that Smart isn't a good passer when the defense commits, it just means we cannot have tremendous confidence in that from this graphic.  Horford, however, looks like the best glue guy in the league. He is #10 on this list and has the most plays to prove the numbers out than any of the rest of them, by far! The next closest is Greg Monroe and his numbers are based upon almost 1/3 fewer plays.


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