Comments From The Other Side - Pacers, Away

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Comments From The Other Side - Pacers, Away

Post by bobheckler on Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:13 pm

Well we won last game, so I'm guessing this game is a loss.

This will show what this team is made of. Teague has to play well and Paul George needs to...well, show up.

Rest the whole Boston team lol they are through!

I'm betting my kidney to this team, if they win.  (MY NOTE:  Don't worry, you only need one)

We need to break a blockade of Boston's defense

Going to be a tough game for us. Boston is playing well - and we suck on the road

Spoiler alert We lose

This team is a joke thank's again lar!!

They will loose=softies!!

Another loss, not beating Boston especially in Boston.

Someone just needs to stop the 5 foot 9 midget

Braking news isiah Thomas broke his spinal cord during practice left the practice facility carried in stretch mark.... Haha  (MY NOTE:  Pretty much everything about this post is funny; from the misspelling of "breaking" to stretch mark)

This probably doesn't end well.

Old a** Amir Johnson starts on a team lol  (MY NOTE:  He's only 29, fool)

Please tell the Celtic fans to stop booing Paul. I hear he's the future of their franchise.

No, SMAAAAAAHT is the future of the Celtics.

I can’t believe I’m seeing Pacer offensive rebounds in one sequence.

Boston is one of the few teams that rebounds as poorly as we do.

I'm retiring after that Zeller block if I'm AL

I think I prefer the boring 1st quarter before Tommy Heinsohn got pumped up by that last Celt basket.

Jaylen brown looks like pookie in new jack city

Teague would have blocked that Avery fastbreak.

Energy is there But them not hitting shots is undoing all of that. Plus, some of these fouls are iffy as hell.

That Monta offensive foul on Smart comes to mind.

I want no part of Boston in the playoffs. Referees will not allow Indiana to win 4 games

Always seems like Ellis gets bad calls But maybe his reactions make me think that.

I would rather have the refs swallow the whistle than see a bad call.

Is it just me or has it been boring so far?

Like I said earlier, I think I prefer boring over a pumped up Heinsohn.

Boston fans have the nerve to boo, after CJ was mugged, after all the fouls we have? Gotta be kidding me

Brad Stevens is next Popovich

Boston will be unbeatable if they had little bit more talent.

Celtics is least talented team in NBA, their go to guy is second rounder LOL   (MY NOTE:  More evidence the draft is a crap shoot)

Why are you LOL? Because they are so much better than the Pacers? OR because you think it's funny that they don't have any high profile draft picks? I don't understand.

+ even Thomas is just one sided offensive guard, not playmaker and defender like CP3

You are clueless

Agree. Love watching him.

So tonight it's 3 point shooting that will beat them Always fun trying to figure out which fatal flaw will take away a road win.

Thomas is really good but I'm tired of watching him flopping around all the time I know that

Why is there such little chatter on here?

Because there is such little interest in this team. They play zero D on the road. Who wants to watch Thaddeus Young? Worst bench on earth. Teague looks great one game and disappears the next two. Any questions?

Boston success --> discipline, hard nose defense, smart defensive rotation, good shot selection, rebounding and outstanding hustle play All set by Stevens.

Franchise never won anything before Stevens got there.  (MY NOTE:  I sure hope this was deadpan humor)

Part of me wants us to break this alternating wins and losses record just to make things interesting.

IT uses his size to exaggerate ****

Pacers have been trash and they are not losing that bad, crazy

Close game. I hope they can shut down IT in 4th.

I really praise Stevens and how he go this successful with this little asset

Got ya! Totally agree! Somehow he has that roster believing and playing hard every night

If they got top level talent like Jimmy Butler through free agency I think we will have no chance maybe any other east teams   (MY NOTE:  It isn't July yet)

So the Pacers' game plan is to have Paul George jump shoot the Celtics to death? Eff' this team!

Al Jefferson is done. Too slow and unathletic at this point in his career.

+ he and Stuckey aren't trying hard. They are typical guys who play like disinterested after inking multi-year contract. Remember how Stuckey was playing Godney mode when he is on 1\y contract 2yrs ago.

I think it would be a different story with Al if he were in halfway decent shape.

How many more years are we stuck with this stiff? What the hell was Larry thinking signing Al. Seems like all Larry does, is go after big name players past their prime  (MY NOTE:  They are called 'veterans' and Doc loves them and won a championship with them)

Refs have been trash tonight they let this clowns hand check Pacers players too much.

Does Amir keep moving on his screens?

I may be biased but I feel like the refs are calling a lot more against the Pacers.

Our rebounding problems are largely about effort.

Pacers are too soft too nice guys

Lack of rebounding is also result of that. Our softies pushed by their opponents in the paint

CJ Miles acting like that tall guy at the Y that think he can take it to the little guy and the little guy is killing him.

Go away CJ you suck!!!!

Who said IT wasn't a playmaker? Hope they're watching

Just one play

Boston just made six passes on a possession. We're lucky if we make 2.

How is that not an offensive foul on Smart???

The officiating in the NBA needs fixed. It's getting unbearable to watch.

Celtics scoring easiest way possible and we are scoring hardest way. This is why we stand below of them despite having more talented roster

Celtics announcers: "Pacers not playing with much urgency. Just going through the motions."  (MY NOTE:  That was Mike Gorman, not hyper Tommy Heinsohn)

Paul George can't do it on his own Larry Bird for you knows how to build a 6 seed team but can't build a first see or 2 seed team

I think our strategy of alternating wins and losses can work.
As long as:
1) We make the playoffs
2) The "Streak" resets every playoff series.
3) We win Game One of every series.
It's ingenious, actually.

Why does Al Jefferson still play? Not enough offense to make up for how horrible he is on defense anymore. I was guilty in liking the signing, but it's clear we who liked the move were wrong and he shouldn't even get to play.

Why does Al play? He messes up flow, can't defend or rebound. Slow. Clogs everything. Only plus was scoring, but looks out of shape and rusty.

Still love Al but yeah he shouldn't play, he is a black hole any time he gets the ball.

Olenic could be nice over Al

The Pacers play every game with the lethargy of a team whose pregame diet substitutes cold medicine for PB&J.

Just checked real quick. 17 FTA is Paul’s high for the season.

Look at Thomas and Teague stats, Teague is playing better than their go to guy But why we are down? Because their offensive sets are way better than ours,

These are the kinds of games that make the possibility of losing PG seem very, very real.

Dare Horford to shoot it. He’ll probably hold it and just wuss out.

The Pacers are much better at choking at the FT line late in games with Monta.

Serious question: What would these teams' records look like if they switched coaches?

Celtics in bottom 3 Pacers at top of East

I could see the records almost swapping

I don't think Nate would have know how to play IT

No mad at this game I expected them to lose. Also you ain't winning **** if your center/PF and SG are garbage.

Bird is as much to blame as anyone for that roster. 2nd unit is terrible.

Ellis and Jefferson signings were putrid. Bird was enticed by their names and was a few years too late. I'd be fine with dumping everyone other than PG, Teague, and Turner.

Clearly Boston has a coaching advantage, but they have a substantial roster advantage too. Pacers have a .500 roster.

Horford makes 28mil a year

14/8/8. Not flashy. Gets a lot of hate. But he is partially responsible for IT's year

Still too much for my liking, if Boston ever makes it to the finals he is going to be sitting in the bench drinking Gatorade. (Few years from now while making 30+ mill).

What were the projections for these two teams before the season?

IDK, but they won 48 games last year before Zeke exploded into an MVP type of player, and before they got Horford.

Probably pretty similar, with slight edge to Boston

If Turner sucks like this during the playoffs were are f*****

If he doesn't start playing better we may not even have to worry about that

It'd be fun to get in as the 8th seed and get killed by Cleveland

Win one lose one this team is very inconsistent. Even if we make the playoffs we won't be going far. Maybe it's time to find a new GM Larry Bird isn't getting the job done! George will probably leave in free agency if not traded over the summer! Time to start over with Myles Turner as our franchise player!

Celtics starting 5 has THREE 2nd rounders. Brad Stevens still grab win and stands behind Cavs overall. Amazing  (MY NOTE:  That's why tanking for the draft is not brilliant.  If it was then Charlotte and NOP would be in the Finals every year)



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Pacers, Away

Post by gyso on Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:40 pm


Why the lack of love for Charlotte? (LOL)



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