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Comments From The Other Side - Suns, Home

Post by bobheckler on Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:02 pm

After starting the youngest lineup in NBA history last game let's see if we pull off another tank job. Hoping Warren will play today.

Hey guys raptor fan here. Good luck against Celtics man. Just want to drop by and let you guys know how much we love Tucker. He's been unbelievable. Surprised Already my favorite raptor ever.

OMG, with Warren out we can easily lose this game by 60 points. Back to back, 8 players available, low confidence....

Boston should be ashamed if they're not up like 100-70 after the 3rd quarter.

Bradley has been ruled out of Friday's game against the Suns due to a case of the stomach flu A little help here. Razz

Why stop? Let's go for the youngest starting lineup again by taking Len out and adding Bender. Just play Bender two minutes and then sub Len back in. That would at least be two records the Suns set in the NBA this season.

LOL. Thank god I have NCAA basketball to watch tonight. This one is gonna be ugly!

Question: if a player scores a basket on the wrong end of the floor, does he still get credited the fg & points? If the answer is yes, then I think I have an idea to raise booker’s PER sky-high while also netting us an L…

Ulis could have a 20 assist game if his teammates could make shots.

Can we just start playing one of Bledsoe or Tyson please? The young guys are going to die from the minutes they are playing, its ridiculous.

Bledsoe, Knight and Chandler are making $14M, $12.6M and $12.4M this season, respectively You can’t expect them to do any real work this last month of the season. Be realistic. And Knight’s injury is real. He’s out with hurt feelings.

Let's get this L Suns.

it’s just depressing watching my team clearly making an effort to lose by running out a team full of teenagers, sitting Bledsoe and Chandler, and letting Booker go back to chucking.  (MY NOTE:  This comment was obviously early on in the game)

How likely are we to catch the Lakers? We’re only a game and a half back. (game and a half ahead?)

Dammit men we have to try! I don’t care if we have to trot out the youngest starting lineup in NBA history (oh wait we just did that

Best case Suns might win 3 games the rest of the way.

Tj and djj are supposed to be out tonight So I’m flying out to Boston in hopes that the suns pick me out in the stands to fill in when someone else gets hurt.

I'm ready for that 130-85 final score Our team is pretty pathetic right now

Nets may win 6 more games.

Do they still bring the tank brigade to cheer these 8? So we can watch the healthy Chandler, Bledsoe, Knight etc clapping in their nice uniforms for the kids who are dogged tired and getting killed? I’m sure this makes Booker, Chris and Ulis much better NBA players.

We lost by 30 to the nets No game is winnable anymore.

Hey guys it could be ok. Lets break this down.
-Fighting for the number 1 spot in the east
-They are a very good playoff team
-There best player is an ex Sun who will always play his best against them
-Suns beat them at the buzzer in the last meeting
-That buzzer beater was in the face of mentioned best player above
-8 players available
-only 2 of them are starters
-1 of them was in the D league 2 weeks ago
- 2nd game of a back to back
Yeah I’m not watching this shit. This will be ugly

The tank has been rolling full steam the last week But too little too late, the #2 seed was well within our grasp if we had started earlier like the Lakers.

If the Suns Were to have 4 of the 8 foul out, do the "healthy scratches" have to play per NBA rules …are there any rules? Are only 8 Suns players eligible to play tonight?

Maybe Boston can loan us a few of their spare guys

IT vs. Ulis is fun

So how long do U guys think itll last til someone says if only we didn't trade IT. (not counting this one lol)

Jaylen brown playing really well to start

I was hoping he would be the 4th pick last year. But of course, went right before us.

Watching this is so painful Why do I keep doing this to myself

Welp nobody cares on our squad. Guys are tired. Let's see how much they love basketball.

This is a slaughter

No one will remember these last 12 games in 3 years if or when Jackson/Ball/or Fultz are playing like all stars

Our young guys are going to get murdered I understand we’re tanking. But this not good for their confidence.

The Suns seriously need to be fined a million dollars or something This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Of our EIGHT available players – Dudley, Barbosa, Jones, and Williams for the last few games are USELESS. Meanwhile we’re resting a perfectly healthy Bledsoe and Chandler, and will end up being blown out by 50 points while playing Ulis/Booker for 40+ minutes each for the rest of the season.

This game and the whole season have been a true test to my Suns fandom. I can't wait for the draft day. McD if you trade away this top3 pick for some aging vet I'm gonna lose it.

7-0 run!

Near flop by Dudley

We got #3 locked up. If only the godforsaken lakers would win a few...

What is going on with Gerald green's hair lol

Total clear path foul but **** off for not letting us see the big dunk

Who remembers when we beat the Celtics?

We were bad then too, just got lucky.

Gerald green just knocking in and 1 3s like it's nothing

If Booker is going to play he should just take every shot. Get that 50+ point game out of the way.

I don't see us winning any games left on our schedule other than maybe Sacramento. Wonder if the Lakers could win two of three versus the Wolves?

When Gerald Green is hot... Dear god

Gerald Green going for the Buckwheat look

Gerald Green is just like... Really into Kriss Kross right now.

Too bad for the Celtics Green is using his one good game a month

I liked Green when he played with us but his hair looks really stupid.

Who's do you like better? His or Payton's? If you had to have one of the hairstyles for a week, which do you choose?

Both are equally bad. Actually a tough question... No idea.

Payton ... If I was doing yardwork outside on a sunny day I wouldn't need a hat

Lol. That was a weak offensive foul call like the Celtics need help from the refs

At this point I wonder what our young guys are thinking about Knight refusing to play? Do they think "hell yeah more minutes for us" or "this bum sitting just to throw a hissy fit"?

Booker New career high tonight? I’d be fine with him taking the rest of our shots tonight tbh..

Booker to Smart lip reading "I’m going for 40 on you."

I'd be completely ok if Barbosa was not on this team next year

For all the complaining about how bad the Suns are right now They’re in no danger of setting a new record low score for the team. Remember when that was a chronic worry?

Watson bout to sit book the rest of the game Just to piss us off

We have no bench, doubt it

Watson could find a way

Just waiting for him to pick someone from the crowd lol

he's actually declaring Book shut down for the rest of the season Mid game announcement. He wanted to be transparent

Foul on every possession in this quarter.

Booker is going to be gassed after this one 40 last night and now almost the entire game tonight.

Booker is sooooooooooooooooo tired. I'm concerned about his health.

Their cheerleaders shorts are uh.... Short.

The rest of the Suns play the best defense on Booker.

I bet Stevens didn't want to play IT or Horford in the 4th.

Don't understand why Booker just doesn't do this every night

He **** made that while getting fouled, please count it

You gotta count that! Boo refs.

Even the celtics fans are booing

Scrrew you smart. Shouldve been 67

Its really unbelievable refs are still going for smarts acting

They fouled for him. Hah!

Booker's on fire your defence is terrified

Book has their crowd standing and in awe Pretty damn cool. Boston has some great sport fans.

Definitely impressed with these fans right now.

I love how we are fouling them and taking timeouts to get more shots for Booker

I think we are starting to see his ceiling...

70 ppg scorer? I’ll take it!

Honestly if Boston could have missed a few shots or free throws this could be a single digit game.

I love these refs

Marcus Smart gotta be so frustrated.

Lmao I think the Celtics are fouling on purpose

The refs were outright giving Book fouls trying to get him to 70. And the Celtics weren't complaining!

Booker scores 70. AND… The Suns lose. The Suns have mastered the art of the tank.

I mean... This never happens if the Suns don’t pull the plug on the season.

Booker got 70 BECAUSE the team lost.

They should be mad because we forced Stevens to put IT back in the game, not because we called a timeout.

Honestly Super impressed with Boston fans tonight.. And do we think they could’ve been fouling him on purpose to get him you 70??

I'm sure the players weren't They don’t want someone to drop 70 on them.

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