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Comments From The Other Side - Heat, Away

Post by bobheckler on Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:19 am

Don't care about the seeding, but I really don't want the Celtics to finish in first place. Can't stand that team or their fans

Its time to stop fooling around and stomp those green leprechauns....get that no. 7 spot and stomp them again... IN! Easy W!!!!

Lets not suck  (MY NOTE:  Setting high goals is the first step to success...)

Should be a good test for both teams, especially considering the playoff ramifications.

Tough game here. Need to see guys grind it out more on defense. Don't let Thomas go off and no hero ball. Would be a nice win.

We're too banged up to even hope to hang with the Celtics in Boston. Don't put your money on us

Yeeeeeeeaaah, I don't know about this game. Preparing for the worst, praying for the best.

Btw, the Heat are 0-6 on Sundays this season

WITH .......... Or WITHOUT MAJOR INJURY,.......................IF we lose this vital game, we can technically kiss the playoffs goodbye, because this could affect our developing youngsters mentally in serious stretches,..........................................

This is going to be a very hard game to win.Id be surprised if we win, but its possible.Avery Bradley is back, and Horford is playing great like he used to with Atlanta.And of course there's Thomas lol

Whiteside a full go tonight vs. Celtics. Ankle not an issue.

Make or break game... Celtics aiming for that number one spot in the East as I predicted before the start of the season.Sad

We about to put a thorn in there plans. We are winning this game. Just need our guys to start shooting better. Dragic And Wayne, have to hit there shots. We need the spacing. As for J-rich, I don't even want to see him shooting right now. If he in the game, he better be slashing to the rim.

We're coming into a lion's den. And he's their 5-foot-9 lion." - Hassan Whiteside on Celtics Isaiah Thomas.

Impose our will from the tip...TAKE NO PRISONERS!

Boston has a little less length on the perimeter, so that may help us some even though they have some very good defenders. Horford’s range and mobility will really challenge Whiteside coming off his ankle injury.

go refs ! you know CLE has to have 1st seed in the POs ?

Okaro is going to go off for 71 and one-up Booker tonight Off the bench and all on dunks and FTs. All we have to do is not fall behind 22-3 to start the game like the Suns did. Then, let Okaro take over. Simple

Wait, so Brooklyn beat Detroit and now Atlanta? THANK YOU BROOKLYN!!!!!

You guys should have trade away Bosh and Wade while they had value. Like the Celtics did with:
Rondo= Crowder
Pierce and KG = multiple Brooklyn picks = Brown and two future 1th pick.
Thornton and a second round pick = Thomas.
I used to be a real Heats fan back in the 90s when alonzo and Tim used to play. Not like most of the new one fans…

Somehow we’re in a similar position as Boston—without the extra picks of course. A good pick in the next draft, and wise investments in FAs and we’re neck and neck—without the extra picks, of course.  (MY NOTE:  Yeah, other than the fact that we own the future you're just like us)

This game is not a make or break for us. If we win, it will almost guarantee us making the playoffs. If we lose, we're still in a good position. We can't afford to lose to Detroit too next though.

I'm on the scene guys! @ the game. Lets Go HEAT!!!

Any chance you could kidnap IT? :ph34r:

Anyone gonna be daring enough to watch the Celtics broadcast with Tommy ranting and asking to see the replay so he can blame the refs on every call?

Just win this somehow guys!

Refs have no respect for Gogi, he should pick a fist fight with the smallest one

Great basket Hassan... Who cares if you have traveled twice on that possession..

Holy hell Smart is either the most buffed thing in the NBA since prime Howard's shoulders or he's really fat

Refs I see u r going our way tonight... OKAY ! We all know CAVS must be 1st seed.

i have a feeling Heat gonna win this 1

Travel by TJ, but refs whistled foul.. 2 fts for TJ

Yeah, clear travel

So their guy with the shooting slump hits that... Yikes Let’s hope we get dark Smart in the rest of the game with something like 6 missed threes

F*** these insecure Boston commentators

oh lord. That was a legit play at the ball, but that's dangerous. Hope he’s ok.

Smart is such a thug

If this was Dragic the review would somehow end in him being ejected

I thought they were checking what dragic was doing on the play and if it warranted a flagrant

Goran is coming back.... i am afraid, BOS will catch us now.

I feel like we match up good against Boston wouldn't mind them with Waiters in a 7game series

Every game is a must win.. Too close of a race for us to pick and choose what games we wanna win. More urgency then ever, especially with the raptors loss.

I doubt the Heat will go 10-0, so even though I want the Heat to beat Boston, of course, I would rather beat Detroit if I had to choose.

Stupid Horford

Cavs must reamin 1st seed !

Refs sure seem to be giving us a friendly whistle in this game.

I knew James Johnson was a good on ball defender but embarrassing horford like that is on another level. Loving it.

why doesnt NBA show in REPLAYS questonable fouls, travels, etc.. no more ?

Which one specifically? They showed TJ's uncalled travel

So here's that thing where we get a big lead and then can't regularly score. I hate that.

Whichever.... They show the ones, where they make the right decision…

these calls :noway:

This has a bad feel to it

Refs really determined to make this a close game

There's a higher chance of me winning the lottery than Dragic getting a foul call. And I never even bought a ticket.

I don't know nba agenda.. I am not an insider…. But why don't we see reaplays of ALL questanoble situations ?   Why ?  (MY NOTE:  And now national politics just enters the sports arena)

Why are the Lakers, Nets, and Knicks all going to miss the playoffs? Along with Philly and probably Chicago? I mean, if the league is rigging it, they can rig it however they want. Most money = big markets After all, the coaches and players would have to be in on it to keep it under wraps.

Look, belive that the NBA is pure sposrts if you want.... I have seen enough to know otherwise… My problem is, I just love basketball to much…otherwise id leave on nba a long time ago…

18,000 fans in Boston garden.... Nba probably wants a close game…. Imagine +20 for Heat at the end of the 3rd Q. Ppl start leaving… hot dogs sale – down…. Commercials on TV – seen by less ppl …. Etc…

So why is it that teams get blown out so often? Surely the same principle applies to all games.

Just today the Rockets blew out the Thunders in a hyped game between MVP candidates on national TV That doesn’t seem like an ideal way to compete against March Madness.

Illuminati debunked (MY NOTE:  LOL!)

i have told you, belive what you want.... I know what I see with my eyes….Kobe last game 50 points ? GSW 73 Ws (record), just to blew 3-1 lead (again record, for the first time), but before were down 3-1 vs OKC already.. Gimme a break…. Have you seen how Booker scored 70 points

Confirmation bias
Golden State winning is rigged.
Golden State losing is rigged
Kobe shooting 50 times… rigged.
Got teams like Indiana, Memphis, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City making the conference finals… rigged.
Meanwhile the Knicks have missed the playoffs four years in a row and Brooklyn is an insult to dumpster fires… RIGGED.
It just doesn’t add up to anything consistent. Did I see how Booker scored 70? Yeah. Boston maintained a double digit lead the whole game, played lazy defense, and coasted to 130 points in regulation.

Answer me, why did NBA gradually !!! Started to show less and less replays on questionable situations ???

I have never watched a broadcast produced by the NBA And I don’t have any reason to believe they have

And if they have, it could easily be because they would rather not magnify bad calls that are the result of human error

Its all under the nba... Why was JVG fined 100,000 for commenting refereeing ? Why was Cuban fined 250,00$ ( I think it was such number)

Uh... Because its league policy. Having a bunch of guys riling up irrational fans over missed calls is not good for the league Bad calls happen. The league acknowledges them all the time too. The last 2 minute reports don’t make a lot of sense if there is a secret scheme going on here. Why don’t coaches or players come out and expose it? Especially guys that never quite make it. Are we really going to believe that of all the thousands of players that have gone through the league, there have at most been a handful of disgruntled ex-players that had an axe to grind?

And can you answer me why director of basketball games doesn't show questionable decisions by refs ? All of them ? How convinient… just a couple or a few per Q., those where rfs got it right…

Because most people would rather watch the game than obsess over every single call?

Cut the turnovers, weather the eventual IT storm, close out on Bradley and Crowder, and this’ll be good grist for the mill going into the playoffs.

Come on guys No turd qtr, please

They are better than us you know. I'm happy that we're wining at all.

Welp, it was nice while it last, but we just can't keep this up without Waiters.

Feels like we're being outrebounded

Whiteside not fighting for those easy freebe rebounds on the defensive end, his hand must be sore

Lol this is absurd, no fouls for Miami, call everything for the **** midget

Refs completely going the old school. They want a very physical game?  (MY NOTE:  This was physical?)

I'm watching this game on Boston feed to strengthen my mental fortitude bish

You mean to tell me Amir Johnson can add a 3 ball to his game, and UD can't?

Haslem is washed up now bro. Him hitting a mid-range jay calls for celebration nowadays.

That's not a foul???????/ ***

Night in and night out we get **** by reffing. What the **** does the officials in this league have against the Heat?

I don't enjoy complaining about the refs but they aren't calling anything for us.

Whiteside needs to step up fast. He's going against Amir Johnson for god's sake. I mean I love Amir, but he's a grandpa with no leg!!!!

Nothing wrong with watching the Boston feed, it's entertaining.

Nothing about Boston scares me . Their an average team with a good coach . (MY NOTE:  It's amazing how many times I read comments like this even as we're beating their team)

Refs bailing out Celtics...

+15 to -10 aka the patented Miami Heat

I think this is pretty standard for Nba games these days with how the game is played. Everyone is jacking up 3s so 15pt lead are no longer what they used to be.

Jalen Brown wanna act like PG or something.

They're bigs are soft, gotta go at them.

This refs are calling anything and everything against Miami when Isaiah gets in the paint but the dragon

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