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Comments From The Other Side - Bucks, Home

Post by bobheckler on Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:52 pm

This might be our first meaningful game against the Celtics in 30 years.

Disagree. That game Bogut dunked all over big baby mattered.... and not just because we took babys life!

Oh what a fantastic win this would be. Always nice to silence the Celtics contingency

In the winning sense, yes. The tank game was pretty special and meaningful though.

True, we had those epic two last tank game wins against them in 2007. Then there was bag night Celtics a year later in 2008. Amazing to think we were tanking it out with them and 12-months later on bag night they are on their way to the title.

There was that ultimate tank game that year. The best tank game ever, with both fan bases absolutely screaming for a loss and bragging how their team was going to put a more inept starting 5 on the floor. Then tiny Earl Boykins decided he just didn't care. He went off and had a great game and won the thing for Milwaukee. It was hilarious.

I was there. Was a night to remember. Didn't Gomes say beforehand their job was to lose? Or was that Doc Rivers?

Rest everybody

Boston looks scary. 4th best team in the league, #1 in the EAST. Toronto ranked 5th best team, #2 in the east (according to above). We will most probably be facing one of these 3 in the first round.

2nd night of a B2B in Boston and the C's are super well rested, think they overpower us and I wouldn't be surprised if Middleton is a complete non factor tonight. A close loss would be promising, a win would be amazing. Just hoping they show some fight.

Boston hasn't been up the top for awhile by their standards so I expect they will be very keen to keep that #1 spot.

Bucks 8 point dogs. I don't expect a win. B2B yada yada yada... But I hope we show up and make it interesting

This will be Moose's chance to help save the low post big man position for years to come. Every big without a reliable jump shot is rooting for Greg for the rest of this season and through the playoffs.

Agreed. And Boston is just the team he could do it against.

NBA should change things so a road team can't be on back to back with the home team having rested for 3 days. I give the Bucks almost no chance to win having nothing to do w/ how the teams match up against each other. That is what we call: stupid.

We are 1-8 on these B2Bs and especially against good teams we had only devastating blowouts.

Rest Mids/Giannis/Moose don't let the Celtics see what we can do in the playoffs against them. We need 100 percent for the final games so a rest game might be needed to keep this run together.

Stop it.

We are 1-8 in back to backs. If we beat the Celtics that is just going to make them even hungrier to beat us in the playoffs.

Also, we are 0-7 on 3 or more days rest...what the hell do you make of that?

How many days off in a row do you get inbetween playoff games lol. I hope its not 3.

Thomas might go for 50 tonight.

LOL. Hungrier? Yep, they're not hungry for the Larry O'Brien Trophy, they only want to get back at us because we beat them that one time.

Will I be upset if we lose tonight? No. That said, if we want to be a 55-win team, you don't go into games like this waiving the white flag ahead of time. And 55-win teams actually pull off wins at places like the Garden, especially since Bird, McHale and Parrish aren't walking through that door tonight. We're talking Isiah Thomas, Al Horford and Jae Crowder.

Careful now. Jae Crowder is the second coming of Jabari Parker for some people on this board.

I'd take crowder over Parker any day of the week.

I was told that the Celtics big 3 is actually Crowder, Horford and Amir Johnson

No, they don't have a big 3. They're a team and everyone has their role. IT's role gets too much credit in the equation.

Don't worry, the issue of defense will become more and more obvious over the next few years and you'll have plenty of time to bring your understanding up to date. I hope IT signs with a team that doesn't make him look so much better than he really is so we can put his so-called stardom to rest.

No idea what that even means but Crowder is a much better player than Jabari ever was. Maybe Jabari would have approached that level but good god, how obvious can it be that guys like Jabari don't help you win?

Replace Stevens with Kidd and half of Boston players will suddenly start to look like JOB, Plumlee and John Henson.

Well, obviously his lack of defense is gonna be a problem over the next few years because he's unlikely to ever have another offensive season like he's having ATM. There are players who are so good on O they can give star level production despite being **** on defense. Harden has had multiple seasons of this. Isaiah Thomas' offense has been at that level this season

Winning in Boston is not easy, and a loss would certainly not be a surprise. But it won't be any more or less surprising just because we played last night and the Celtics have been home playing Parcheesi.

The thing is if the Celtics manage to get someone that can create for others while actually not being a lost cause on defense they'd be much better off.

They were a top 5 defense with Thomas last year and have been top 10 in defensive rating with Thomas in the lineup post all star break. And that's with little to no help in the paint in terms of a rim protector

Need this game to hurry up and get here. Sick of scrolling through Twitter seeing national media mention Kidd as a possible Coach of the year candidate. Barf

Should be a scheduled loss, besides the Celtics really really need this game.

Unbaked thought: Are the Celtics the closest thing to the Detroit Pistons teams?

The Celtics announcers seem to combine more years than our whole team in total. Surprised They both seem to be above 85 years old.  Even the guy singing the anthem is older than dust. What's going on in Boston?

Theyre not very good defensively....

Jazz. Celts aren't great on D especially with IT on the floor.

Abuse Thomas all night.

We're not getting any calls tonight.

**** absurd 10-0 run for Boston. There's no chance we should've given that up the way we did.

I hate the Celtics... Just despise them.

Gonna have to beat the home cooking tonight. Zebras like chowdah.

They can push and get away with it. We can't do the same.

Refs suck both ways

I'm cool with Monroe taking Zeller in the post constantly But I’m not a fan of him posting Horford. Let’s just run Horford on screens.

How the **** do you call a foul on Middleton and not Smart? If anyone made foul contact it was Smart’s elbow against Middleton. Not shocking considering a 5’9 PG manages to shoot like 9 FTs a game.

Man these refs love IT's bull****

At what point did IT reach the untouchable status in the NBA?

Refs allowing for physical defense for Celtics. Gonna have to overcome that.

Oh **** off Smart, lucky ****

Man, I'm not one to complain about the refs usually, but this is ridiculous...

Gerald Green lookin' like Buckwheat these days.

I'm glad Marcus Smart cut his hair.

We're gonna need to kill them whenever IT is out to win

This Celtics team acts like they've won a playoff series before. Truly wild.

Why the hell is Smart spitting on the floor? Especially with blood in your mouth. That's just gross

Refs killing our momentum. Home cooking going on.

I demand that every single foul call the game be stopped and the replay center review it to determine the outcome.

It's just ridiculous that they give to the midget these soft a** fouls all the time and Giannis still didn't attempt one yet.

Giannis does not like loud crowds on the road. Might not bode well come playoff time

IT is straight trash. The new Kevin Martin.

I hate the Celtics.

Since he won't play otherwise, send in Jones to knock Thomas on his a** when he carelessly flails into the paint.

Isaiah Thomas, All-Star, get's all-star calls. Giannis Antetokounmpo, All-Star Starter, get's no all-star calls.

Thomas gets calls because he's small and it's ridiculous.

Now I remember why I don't like IT, refs treat him like the second coming of basketball Christ

IT is getting FTs for being a midget.

Crowder is a little b****.

IT is actually pretty amazing to watch

It's not happening but watching a Rockets/Celtics Finals matchup would take forever. Records would be set for the amount of free throws in a series.   (MY NOTE:  I could live with that, if it means we make it to the Finals)

It just feels like the Celtics feel entitled even though they haven't won ****. Their team is very easy to root against.

What happened to the NBA cracking down on people flopping? Because is seems like Isiah Thomas and the Celtics are fish out there.

Their announcers complained in every call against them so far. So annoying. Once IT gets the usual foul in every possession to bail him out they scream: THE LITTLE GUY!!

Their announcers are the most obnoxious in the league, the only guys that comes close is the Cavs

Assuming we don't get jobbed by the refs I still like a matchup with these guys

Personnel-wise we match up well with them. But they play chippy like a good playoff team (Cavs, Spurs). I'm not sure we would be able to keep up with that in a series.

I know it's just jealousy but I also hate Brad Stevens because I sense a hint of smugness.

Does Amir Johnson usually hit these weird floaters? He’s had a couple today.

We'd beat Boston in a series with a healthy Jabari. I'm 99% sure of it.

Hate IT. Don't admire him.

Didn't know IT was so unlikable.

Can't stand him, hate his game, think he is extremely over-rated. I get that way sometimes though with players who rub me the wrong way.

Smart getting 2 offensive boards with 2 bucks on him Laughing

Really let Smart out battle two of us?

I can't take much more of these floppers. They are purposely taking guys out of the plays

Interested to see how much Smart can swear at the refs before he gets kicked out Seems like a nice guy

Or how many more times he can grab a Buck by the waist, trip over himself trying to get around him, and act like he was fouled and scream for a foul.

Smart with the flop of the day.

Just turned it on and first thing I see is Marcus smart trying to flop on terry. Lmao **** that guy

Smart is literally hugging Monroe out there and doesn't get called. I **** hate this Celtics team.

I cant tell if I hate this Celtics team or if you guys have got me all fired up.

Smart is a POS. Delly getting under his skin. Whining constantly.

About as close to a playoff game as the Bucks will get this season. Need to close it out.

Just know it's a matter a time before the Celtics take this game. Just has that feel to it

Two chase Smart leave Horford wide open. Dumb.

I hated the jet signing. I love the jet.

Terry is awesome. He has got to be the GOAT teammate. The fact that that he contributes on the floor is icing.

Man I'd love to see beasley score on these midgets

Very insensitive. The preferred term is "Celtics."

Celtics Bench is getting destroyed out there. Monroe is a beast!

This would be a fun series to watch. Let's go to the ECF and face Boston.

Brad Stevens done turned Horford into Matt Howard.

When Thomas is sitting they look terrible..

Their benches defense is terrible.

That inbound play was a perfect example of us getting out coached. Celtics knew exactly what to expect

JFC, Khris. Challenge someone other than "Active Hands" Avery.

Smart is such a piece of ****, holy cow.

Are you kidding me? So Smart can just pull Giannis down by his leg?  (MY NOTE:  "Pulled down"?  Freak stepped OVER Smart)

Flopping piece of garbage throwing himself out of bounds.

Never knew Smart was this big of a b*****.

Wish we had Beasley to swing off on Smart here.

I **** do hate them.

I would punch Smart in the face right now (then run)

I don't see how anyone can be a fan of Marcus Smart.

The refs no calls go into our heads. If they give a flagrant on THAT... OMG....

Has to be a T on Smart. He's also done it twice.

I'm more disgusted by the flop than the foot grab.

**** YEAH FLAGRANT!!!!!!!!

Wow they give him a flagrant 1 to keep him in the game.

Are we sure Smart didn't go to school at Florida?

Smart should be **** ejected.

So in 10 seconds Marcus Smart tried to trip Giannis twice and flopped yet despite already having a technical he will be staying on the court?

Wait, flagrant?? How is that a flagrant??

Refs did all they can to keep Smart in the game. He should be gone.

One things for sure... these refs have been terrible for both teams tonight. Just really bad

these Boston announcers are homers

How is that a flagrant foul? Makes no sense. They are totally making up for the bad tech call earlier.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on. Did they call a flagrant just so they didn't have to eject him?


Is smart the biggest **** in the league?

Yup. Not sure how you can have a flagrant foul during a dead ball. That's the best part.

And the guy who should've been ejected ties it up!

Really, Really, want to win this one. HATE the Celtics, hate the fans, hate everything Northeast in general.

Marcus Smart - so hateable

Smart must have a really strong core to be able to throw himself to the ground like he does 20 times a game.

See they call the game one way all night and then that is a foul on IT. Wtf

Celtics are so floppy I refuse to give crowder the benefit of the doubt.

I hate the flopping Celtics

Love Tony shoving Crowder out of bounds...payback  (MY NOTE:  But that wasn't a flagrant?)

Celtics don't deserve this **** game.

Historically now is where IT hits a 3 to tie and we lose in ot

Motley Crue. Well done, Boston.

Moose was a deer in the headlights when he got the ball there, that was surprising.

Pretty sure he traveled and wanted to get the ball away ASAP before they called it.

I want the Celts in the playoffs

I think the strategy of taking advantage of IT was clear from the first moments of the game with Malcom posting him relentlessly

It's so funny the colour guy still screaming about fouls. He’s rooting for IT for crying out loud and he minds fouls.

Around 6 fouls committed by Bradley in that instance. At least that’s how many they would have called on IT. I mean it’s the end of the game and all I know.

Of course Smart jumps 5 feet backwards to try to get a foul Sorry pal. Wonder how much money he’s cost the team by breaking stuff in the locker room after losses.



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