Ricky Rubio lighting it up

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Ricky Rubio lighting it up

Post by swish on Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:33 pm

Can Smart duplicate Rubio's remarkable shooting turnaround this year - where in his 1st 35 games this year he failed to score 14 or more points in a single game - but in his last 34 games he has scored at least 14 points in 23 games. Notice in the link below how his 2 point shooting percentages have gone up considerably this year compared to the previous years.  Even including his 1st 35 games this year, has not prevented his shooting percentages, especially from the outside, from soaring dramatically. Check out his shooting stats in the below link under the SHOOTING heading (for more specific details) to contrast his previous lousy shooting history with what he has accomplished this year. Now we have  to sit back and wait to see if this is just a mirage or if he has beat the odds and developed in to a decent shooter. If Rubio continues to shoot well - it gives me a little more hope that Marcus may also be able to upgrade his shooting percentages significantly.



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