Jae Crowder Not On All Defense Team Last Year Because of One Vote From A Boston Area Reporter

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Jae Crowder Not On All Defense Team Last Year Because of One Vote From A Boston Area Reporter

Post by bobheckler on Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:47 pm

Jay King @ByJayKing
Jae Crowder on all-defense last year: "I lost a lot of money not making it. I can say that. From one vote. From a reporter here in Boston"
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Here are the detailed votes for All-NBA Defense last year.  It looks like it wasn't just one culprit.  Cornbread Maxwell, who went with Kawhi Leonard and Ibaka for 1st team and Draymond Green and LeBron for 2nd team.  I looked through the list.  Serge Ibaka received one, and only one, vote for the 1st team, and that vote was Max's.  That's why Jae got squeezed out, it's because Max went with a player for 1st team All-Defense that nobody else thought deserved that and then went with the obvious.  

Another culprit was Sherrod Blakely.  He went with Leonard and Green 1st team (makes sense) and Millsap and LeBron for 2nd team.

A 3rd culprit was Gary Washburn.  He went with Green/Leonard for 1st team and Anthony Davis and Millsap for 2nd team.  

Where does all this love for Paul Millsap on defense come from?

Thank God that idiot Kyle Draper didn't vote.  He'd probably vote for someone from his hometown of Philly and I'd have to kill him for that.  I do not look good in orange, so his not voting is a good thing for me.


Btw, Tommy voted for Leonard and Green for forwards, Anthony Davis for center and Bradley and Tony Allen for guards for his 1st team.  His 2nd team picks were LeBron, Jae Crowder for forwards, Al Horford for center (Al was still with Atlanta last year and this is last year's All-Defense teams, remember?  So Tommy liked Al even back then, before he came to Boston), and Marcus Smart and Jimmy Butler for guards.  LOVE YOU, TOMMY!!!



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