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Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers, Home

Post by bobheckler on Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:12 am

If they win against Boston on a 2nd night of a back to back while they are nice and rested and Larry plays some good defense tonight while TT has been struggling all season.. oh boy.. things could get even more interesting.. lol will see what happens tonight.

I am not feeling great about TT being out. We had ONE whole game with everyone healthy ????and here we go again. Get out there and quiet those Celts fans early. shhhhhh.

I'm with you. 2nd night of a back to back, very hostile environment, TT out, still trying to figure things out... Going to be a heavy load. Hopeful tho...

Hate to say but I'm sure the Celtics will want it more than us. We'd need our big 3 all doing their best plus another strong contributor whether that is JR, Korver, or Frye. Even if we lose though we'd beat them in a series.

I say sit everyone. 30 mins of Kay and LS running PnR

They’ll play but in chill mode the instant the diff gets to big. And people in the gamethreads will freak out.

Lebron has shown he can get his team to the finals (and win there) without homecourt advantage, so that 1st seed which is on the line today ain’t all that important to him. Celtics on the other hand definitely need homecourt advantage if they want a slight chance of beating Cleveland in a playoff series

It doesn’t matter until Team Tryhard proves that they’re actually a threat to even win one playoff series. Doesn’t matter what seed they get when their apparent ceiling is a second round exit.

Team Tryhard™ brought to you by Cols’ favorite coach, The Brad Stevens,

Cavs gonna run out to about a 8-10 point lead at halftime thanks to hot shooting, Celts going to chip it away, pull ahead midway through the fourth, Celtics gonna win by 6 or so. ESPN will crown the Celtics as Champions of the East. These boards will melt.

Everything is in Boston's favor - except the lineups. Let's see how the Cavs deal with it. A win CLE win would be detrimental to the BOS psyche... A CLE loss can be dismissed pretty easily.

This is going to be a street ball game. Neither team is going to want to show the other any important set plays or defensive positioning. If we lose this game then it's time to shut it down for the rest of the regular season. If we win we can coast and see what happens.

No Tristan
LeBron & co will get tired
Refs will be extra shitty tonight
= Cavs lose by 15, book it!

I hope it will be a close game but my bet goes for boston. If no one gets injured, I will be satisfied.

I want not one quarter of good defense, but two. That should be enough to win it. That said, we were close on March 1st without Kevin Love, our all star forward and the best in the East. So I think we have a chance without good defense; just not a very good chance.

Cavs by 4. Beginning of the repeat against all odds.

We are so much more talented than Boston. Embarrassing they are even tied with us.

Celtics haven't played since Sunday. Will be lot fresher than Cavs. Plus on road, & team will be shooting lot of 3s, which is harder on road...

Surely there's no way Channing frye let midget Thomas drive right inside and score over him right? He's gonna have more pride than that.

Easy bet: Midget with 10+FTA.

The refs are allowing physical play.


Celtics really reallyyyy can’t rebound

Imagine what we’d do WITH TT

Why doesn’t the King get calls?

I agree with the general sentiment, but I think Crowder did a solid job there.

Hubie said it was a foul so I blindly believed him

If I were Stevens I would be starting Horford/KO. Olynyk is the better rebounder and you get another spacer on offense plus their perimeter D insulates his shortcomings as a defensive anchor.

Amir johnson in "road to the flagrant" mode

Crowder’s arms are just unbelievably big

Fred throwing shade at Tommy Heinsohn lol

This is the best defense I've seen the Cav's play in months. I guess TT being out doesn't give teams a chance to pick and roll us to death. This is the best 2nd quarter I've seen them play in quite some time. Lebron is taking over this game. Very nice.

Cavs need to attack. The Celts have nothing go against us attacking.

Horford is seriously such a soft ***** lmao his game is soooo weak

Boston are pretenders.

Thomas phantom foul calls.

Jae Crowder gets on my ****** nerves

Thomas sure gets a lot of calls, damn. Kyrie never would have gotten the foul there.

LOL Thomas is unguardable... As it you aren't allowed to guard him

I hope Kelly Olynyk contracts gonorrhea.

Refs won't let us breathe on IT this game. It's disgusting how favorable the calls are for him

Boston really is able to shut down Korver pretty well. Like he can't even seem to get open.

Every time I see Olynk I want to clock him in his stupid face

Brad Stevens looks like he needs his diaper changed.

The fact that people think the Celtics can beat us in a series when we have LeBron..... Lol

Wow, maybe we should be more concerned about Toronto and the Wizards than the Celtics.

I said this last time but Ainge's mediocre drafting will be the undoing of this Boston franchise.

Celtics overrated coach pulled a Lue not calling a TO a long time ago.

Nice to see Boston fans shutting the **** up

I thought Brad Stevens was a genius? He's getting *****Ed on by Try Losing.

Cavs are not scared of the Celtics in the playoffs. At all.

Once I heard the Celtics fans booing LeBron, I knew he was about to go ham.

Why Bradley looks like black asian?

Can the ****ing Celtics quit trying to blow out Kev's shoulder?

Bradley with another attempt to rip out Love's arm.

Refs are bailing out Celtics

There is no objectivity in the officiating. LeBron gets mugged. Thomas can't be touched.

Celtics really are overrated. I hope we play them in the ECF. The Wiz and Raptors are tougher opponents.

damn he's 5'8. Block his shot

These refs man. Breathe on Thomas and a foul

everytime when mother******* ref gives midget phantom calls I want punch someone.

He's a ****ing bum. The guy is produced by the league to be a star.

Kelly Olynyk is trash.

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like this Boston team is overrated.

I wish LeBron got half the calls IT gets

To be fair, LeBron would just miss the FTs.

I hate Olynyk’s face

Someone needs to put Oly on his a**

He’s got a real punchable face

LOL I just saw two cavs players desperately trying to guard marcus smart when he was behind the 3 point line. I mean, why? That’s safe zone.

The Celtics without IT and Crowder on the floor are very suspect indeed.

They show transgender folks like Olynyk more kindness up in Bahstan

At this rate, IT should score 101 points based off of the officiating alone.

Poor poor Brown can’t guard LeBron

You see this stuff happen a lot in The Garden. I go into these games giving up, knowing all the calls and favors will blatantly go their way. If you fart on IT it will be a flagrant.

Boston is absolutely pathetic.

This applies to both their team and their fans. ****in front runners.

The Garden is as quiet as a library! Love it!

8 rebounds for Frye? Pretty sure he's never done that in his life.

Brad Stevens deserves a medal of honor for getting this collection of scrubs to 50 wins. They'd be lucky to win a playoff series.

Wizards and Toronto both are more talented than Celtics IMO

This little guy gets more calls than Jordan

Hard to respect Thomas game

Thomas gets all the calls and still bitch to the refs.

IT is like a "honey I shrunk the kids" version of Harden

This game is making me think we just should have gone for the 8 seed so we could play Boston in the first round.

LeBron looks tired. Why the **** does Ty insist on running LeBron to the ground?

He learned well from thibs and doc

Isaiah Thomas walks like one of those orcs from LOTR

A Boston loss tomorrow at the Hawks would make things a lot easier minutes-wise for the Cavs going forward.

The Celtics are not good. Been saying this all season. Massively overachieved with their record. They will struggle to win a playoff series against anybody. Touch Fouls™ will be trapped to death and they have absolutely no rebounding.

Boston taken there starters out and ty lue keeping our starters out on a back to back.

The players definitely asked Lue to let them send a message tonight. And oh boy did they send it. Boston now knows for a fact that we will obliterate them in the ECF, regardless of how bad we shoot, how many undeserved free throws the refs give Isiah....if the Celts are in our way, then really nobody is in our way. Their fans now know that. The media should also now know that.

Celtics 6 for 31 from 3pt... Lol

We'll take that 1st seed thank you very much. Thank you Celdicks for keeping it warm for the past few days.

Good job good effort Boston.

As for the Celtics, they just proved why they won't be a major threat in the playoffs. Its all well and good getting bullshit calls in the regular season but once the playoffs start and the refs allow defenders to be physical, Isaiah would find it hard to score as many points. Not to mention, the rest of the Celtics are pretty average offensively. So expect a lot of hedging and doubling in the playoffs.

Lebron really hates Boston



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