Comments From The Other Side - Hornets, Away

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Comments From The Other Side - Hornets, Away

Post by bobheckler on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:28 pm

Hope Kemba shows up Thomas

If Thomas was a better defensive player he'd be a superstar.

Idk, Boston hasn't been playing their best recently. We have a shot

Ugh Boston Fans tonight

I actually hope we lose tonight, so all hope will be eliminated and we can play youth the final two games and get a slightly higher pick than if we won out, or won 2 of 3.

Boston has lost two in a row. It seems like we have caught a lot of teams hungry for / or in need of a win in the second half of the season.

Celtics come in here struggling, but of course they will find the spirit of the 1980s in our home finale and officially eliminate us from the postseason....right?

Nope, well win out, but the Cavs will end our season by not beating teams we need them to beat

Things are bleak. But you know the Hornets'll come out with the intent of winning, especially against a great team like the Celtics.

Time to gear up for next season with a new group of mediocre players vying to contend for that 8th playoff spot.

ive seen enough. We are going to give up a record number of threes again. You can’t just leave that many guys open on the perimeter. If i’m mj and cliff doesn’t have an answer he is fired.

Celtics 5-8 from 3, 65% from the field in the 1st

Two absolutely unbelievably bad calls have cost the Hornets 5 points And now Steve Clifford has been ejected.

Dumb A** missed call, don't blame Cliff for getting ejected man. Damn shame

God I hate the Celtics.

I think I hate Miami more.

Every team gets so lucky against us!

Celtics are 7 3s away from setting a new franchise record for 3s made in a game. It's just random dumb luck though guys.

So the refs suck this game. Not like the C's needed help. You team is broken right now and just doesn't care about perimeter D.

Cliff ejected. Silas coaching. Foreshadowing for next year?

I think we've seen the last of Clifford

We can only hope

Kemba is getting roasted again (post-ASB this has been the norm)…I’m actually really glad Cliff went after the refs, that was absolute horse sh** It would be nice if we would defend the 3…errr nvm…leggo lotto

Btw when you are on pace to score 108 yet still lose by over 30....the offense isn't our #1 problem

it's worse than that. Boston isn't even trying to get 3's They know they can get one at any given time on any possession, they just don’t want to only taking shooting practice. Boston could score 200 pts if they wanted to. I'm totally serious.

It isn't luck, it is the result of poor defensive strategy. I pointed it out months ago, and Coach Clifford never changed the way they defend. So if you want to point fingers, there is plenty of blame to go around. Just none for Kemba Walker

I blame Kemba for being a diminutive chucker. We need a pass-first PG like Kabongo. .

Kemba chucking for that three point record

The officiating has gone down the tubes again

Not the only reason for a lot of our losses But more of a reason this season than any other season I can recall in recent memory.

I hate that we have so many Celtics fans at our home games. Can't we get enough of our fans to fill the place up?

Hornets showing some pride in the 3rd. Down 6 entering winning time. Lol

So IT can yell and leer at refs with no repercussions, cool.

I wonder how the Celts got so good at least record wise. They barely got more talent than we do. Doubt their butlered coaching is that good.

Ok, so Stephen Silas has injected something into these guys, wow

Awesome job Hornets The 14th pick is within your reach. I can taste it

Somebody isn't aware of the standings .

At least Indiana is winning big to finally put us out of our misery.

Stephen Silas - coach of the year

Gave up 71 points in first half. Six minutes left and we've given up 26 in the second half.

I think Clifford stepping up and getting ejected helped too. Nice to see this kind of effort and play from this group. Win or Lose I am happy about this game now

With Indiana blowing out Orlando it's over now anyways

All I can say about this year is the basketball gods owe a lot to this team. I better see some grade A BS wins next year.

Came back and had a 7 point lead in the 4th, then Boston showed why they are who they are. I wouldn't expect Kemba to play anymore unless he absolutely wants to.

Glad we are officially eliminated... The pressure is off and the guys can use the rest and look forward to next season. Wish we would try some new things in the final few games.

Went down fighting. Cho needs to get to work and MJ needs to let him.

Look on the brightside, guys. We'll probably have a draft pick between 11-13. We know how Jordan and Co. Love their busts. That's the perfect range for Cho to grab Kinnard or Allen from Duke.

Well at least there is only 2 more games left this season. Then this disappointing season can finally be over. I'm so ready for October.

The fact you were a better team with Courtney Lee & Jeremy Lin tells you just how terrible your team really is!

If they can add a SG who can shoot the 3/defend and a PF that can rebound they'd be better than the Celtics.

Says the man who seemingly knows nothing about either team!!!

Trade the pick 2 Boston for Marcus Smart  (MY NOTE:  Trade the #12-14 pick for Smart?  Thanks but no thanks)

Unfortunately Boston made amazing moves and will likely get 2 premier players the next 2 drafts thanks to Brooklyn. They may become the new impossible hill to climb in the East.



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