Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers vs Hawks BONUS!!

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Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers vs Hawks BONUS!!

Post by bobheckler on Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:39 pm

These Comments From The Other Side are from the CLEVELAND board.  

After that crappy game on Friday against them, believe it or not I think they are going to win Sunday.

Rest key players just like they did and win!

It will be interesting to see how the Cavs respond to the humiliating loss Friday night to this team, or should I say, to this team's bench warmers.

This team is so Jekyll and Hyde. You never know what you're going to get with this crew. This has been some of the best ball movement in quite some time. Who the hell is this team? Even the defense is ramped up a bit tonight.

We would have clinch first seed today.

Played down to the competition last game

Prince is going to be a good player. Plays with intensity and edge Reminds me a lot of Jae Crowder.

More athletic.. Better slasher, dribbler but Jae is more experienced and plays right. But yeah.. He is a Jae Crowder/Carroll mold with someone inbetween

Hopefully we can get this to 25+ by the end of the 3rd and Bron will only have to play 2-3 minutes in the 4th

Honestly the thing that makes the Cavs different than any other team is that they rebound a team to death while going small. We are literally a better defensive rebounding team with Love at the 5 and Lebron at the 4. Other teams have to sacrifice rebounding for more offense when they go small. We get the offense and the rebounding.

Honestly the thing that makes the Cavs different from any other team is LeBron James.

Love how nobody made a noise or moved a muscle in the crowd on that alley oop by the Hawks.

If the Cavs act like adults in the 3rd quarter, LeBron will get rest in the 2nd half. Lue clearly wants the first seed.

Hawks are roadkill leftover for the buzzards this game.

When did Deron Williams lose his quickness, athleticism, shooting and defense?

He lost his defense in 2004. The rest of his game was liched by the Wraithe of Paul Pierce

when our threes are falling we don't need to play any defense, it's awesome.

Jr left his brain in Cleveland

Is a 20 pt lead not enough to see Sanders get some minutes with LeBron in?

Why doesn;t he find time to rest LBJ for 3 minutes more? just put a good defensive unit on the floor to not bleed points .. Oh wait Liggins is gone and Sanders is on the squad to soley supply JR medical cannabis  

Hmm 86-63, something was said after the loss because this is simply playoff effort. LeBron played every minute, and he's diving for loose balls. Kyrie is hustling and fist pumping.

I think when they want to win it's a whole new effort

Man, if Love got the types of calls Milsap did... MVP candidate for sure.

Kyrie and LeBron better not see the floor this 4th Q.

9 points given up in a minute 30... LeThargic out there.

Deron Williams should have been the player who was waived .

All right, we're going to win...but if we were just looking for people to let the Hawks cut a 25 point lead down to 12 points, couldn't we have let our bench do that and then put Lebron and Kyrie back in after it happened?

So in a game where we had 25p lead, Lebron has to play 42 min?!

Bron always turns into a turnover machine, when he gets tired. Would be nice if the team didn't fall apart when he rested.

This team is pretty good at holding leads

words can't describe how bad of a coach lue is. might be the worst in the league and that's NOT an exaggaration

We'll most likely win this game. Tomorrow though will be a lost if our 3s are off

How many players can Lue trust in the postseason at this point? Seven? The bench can't function without LeBron and not even with him.

I feel like we always play like crap whenever Deron Williams is on the court, like his garbageness is contagious.

Hawks are flopping like crazy but refs aren’t going for it.

I find it hard to imagine that Ilyasova draws many legit offensive fouls. The guy falls to the ground whenever an offensive player comes within 5 feet of him. Flop-tastic.

Good strategy to make it close in the last 2 minutes to test the defending world champs mental toughness

It's LeBron being lethargic and careless only playing for a triple double.

Lol Oh hawks Good job Good effort

fire lue...TODAY...NOW

Pathetic win. Pathetic

we just got lucky. Didn't deserve this one. What does it say when none of us are even a little bit surprised that our starters almost blow a 25 point lead in the 4th?

Calling a timeout while the offense has crumbled and the game is slipping away is apparently too complex for Lue. Just keep piling up garbage possessions.

They are going to blow a 24-point lead.

Lue looks so stupid

LeBron played 44 of 48 possible minutes in a game where we were up 24.

How does it feel hawks You pay for a big man But your team works better without Dwight howard

How the **** is this team even going to the Finals? Really hard to see it.

Listen to the assistant coach explain the 1st half, he basically said Lebron knows what time it is and wanted to play every minute. I'm not blaming Lue. He can only bend over and listen to the King's wants.

Back to back fouls on LBJ. Nice. Playing for that triple double.

This team will be destroyed by the GSW in the finals( if we play them)! We simply look tired, old and with a bad coaching!

LeBron was the worst player on the floor this quarter.

LeBron is ****. WHAT THE **** JUST HAPPENED?

LeBron no words...

The cavs are going to blow this game aren't they.


Fucking unreal. Good job Lue. Good job LeBron. Got that triple double though!

Hahaha, I hope we lose this.

Fire everyone

Won't be surprised when we don't make it out of the east. They think everyone should just roll over for them because they're the defending champs.

OT after a 26 pt lead. Not much surprises me anymore but I'm still stunned.

Because he wanted to ****ing triple double hunt

I may be wrong about my outlook on this team. They may be toast.

Now let's find out if we have it in us mentally to still compete in the OT and win the game. This will show a lot about our team.

This team has issues with a capital "I".

Lebron going to play 50 minutes this game, boost his April minutes average to close to 45.

Entitlement like this is why the team has dog sh** habits

When you start LeBron in the 4th quarter of a blowout for the sole purpose of triple double hunting, this is what you get. Seen it happen so many times this season.

I almost need a beer, and I don't even drink.

93-67 to 111-111 is mind blowing

Lebron finally gets a bullsh** superstar call. Been waiting all year.

What a trash team.

This officiating is a ****ing joke

Yay, thanks ref for getting lebron some rest

8 against 5

Someone has to have money on this game

Someone finally found a way to limit Lebron's minutes.

When you blow a 25 point lead I don't care how bad the officiating was

Yep this team is a absolute flaming bag of sh**.

Cut Deron, cut Shump and fire Lie. All are complete garbage.

Guys seeds don't matter

The Cavs stopped playing after 3 quarters. Yes the refs are terrible now but there shouldn't have been OT to start with

This team’s just pathetic sometimes, how can a bunch of pros just stop trying?

They got some true actors on the Hawks

I'm so done with this season.

Whoever the Hawk color guy is, is the biggest idiot homer ever.

Can't blame that WIIIIDDDDEEE open 3 pointer on the refs.

Lue needs left in an Atlanta ghetto.

Down 3, seconds left, Kyrie cuts inside. What a dumbass, seriously.

Cavs deserve to lose this

They won this game. The refs just gave overtime to the Hawks.

Don’t put it in the officials hands when you’re up 26…period.

Phantom call for LeBron. Just pointing out that the officials have been weird both ways


This team is just no fun. There is something very wrong with it. And it starts with the coach.

Outscored by 22 – In one quarter – That’s willful disregard of basketball.

I'm glad cutting Liggins solved our problems.

Hawks announcers keep saying this is so unreal. Clearly they haven't been watching the Cavs much this year.

Wow. I don't even feel the need to watch this team anymore unless I'm getting paid. I've been stripped today. My love for this team has simply been stripped.

I'm not even excited for the playoffs. **** it

Watching this team play is on par with punching myself in the face.

These refs are going to be reprimanded by the league.

Probably not but there should be an apology to the Cavs. We’re just trying to wrap up the freaking 1 seed and get ready for the playoffs and you go and force a huge overtime game on us with the worst officiating I have ever seen.

Hahahaha this is the league who called that book by the former ref bullshit.

One reason I suspect we won’t hear any complaints from the Cavs about the officiating is that they know they shouldn’t ever have been in this position

Got no trust in Love during a close game

Refs were bad, Cavs were worse

Just put human trashbag Deron Williams out there all day every day in horrid lineups.

We are ****ed.This year reminds me 2014 allover again for Lebron. What an horrible support cast. JR is a complete trash on offense and defense and Love doesn’t know what is mean by defense .

I like how they think this is going to take an emotional toll on our team. Impossible to take an emotional toll on a team that doesn't care.

Yeah, I don't think they come out of the east...

indy in 6

I hope someone punches someone in the locker room.

You gotta be delusional if you think we are making it out the East at this point

No mental toughness at all.

Cavs are in serious trouble. Everyone in the East now thinks they have a shot at them

This team first and foremost deserved to lose... just an abomination to blow that sort of lead.

Welp that was a fun championship last year.

Just tank the last 2 games please. (MY NOTE: Works for me! If we win out that means we'd meet Washington in the Semis and not Cleveland or Toronto)

we should pray that we don't get through the east because every top team out of west would sweep this pathetic, prideless, coachless team

That truly makes me ill. That's amatuer hour for the NBA. Just gross.

This team just has some bad juju associated with it.

Refs take no blame if you blow that big of a lead

That 6th foul on LBJ was ridiculous



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