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Post by bobheckler on Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:37 pm

Please win these two games -- I need 22 wins to make the over!

Come on boys, play spoiler and help us out! Best of luck tonight, punk that midget off for us. from a Lakers fan  (MY NOTE:  Apparently this devoted Laker fan doesn't know his team has been out of the running for the #1 worst record in the league for a couple of games already.  That's keeping up with your team...)

If the Nets can pull this one out as a win, that really says something ... I'd be very satisfied if the Nets can make it a close game...

Boston still has a shot at the 1 seed... They are going to be firing on all cylinders. A win here would be a big statement for us.

This will be OUR "playoff" game.

Yes we've lost to Celtics plenty as we have to every team, and always a chess-match with Brad Stevens. But last season and season before Lin led his teams to wins over BOS.

Those teams were much better then the nets though. I'm not sure it is relevant. Teams are completely different. More relevant might be that a worse version of this nets team beat Boston last year... IN Boston

Lets go NETS!!! Jeremy Lin needs to drop that punk a** Isaiah Thomas on his a**, that midget wielding a tiny gun from a Raptors Fan

Boston has a lot to play for... They will be ready. Probably more so then a random game vs. The nets or lakers they expected to win sleepwalking through. They be caught off guard tonite

Think Fultz will last to the 20s....?

Sure, if he gets runs over by a car before the draft

Stevens on Brooklyn: "Ever since Jeremy Lin has been back... They've been really good. Top 5 in defense."

What does Brad Stevens know anyways? He's just a nobody ... News flash coach-of-the-tied-for-top-seed-in-the-East-who-would-be-the-solo-top-seed-if-he-was-any-good, it was a team effort on the part of the Nets.  (MY NOTE:  WTF?!  First of all, we might be in first in the end and, secondly,  has he forgotten about Cleveland and Toronto?)

I hope it is competitive. If it is a win for them, let it come down to the last minute. Make 'em sweat. I don't think they are taking us lightly, they'll play hard and they've game-planned for everyone tonight.

It is asking a lot of the Nets to win on the road against a healthy, hungry, and stacked team gunning for the #1 playoff seed, with the Nets coming off of an emotional one point win against Chicago no less. Would love to see this happen with every fiber of my being, but I just can't see it.

Lopez ice cold and RHJ should not be trying to ISO Bradley.

There's the behind the back TO. I eagerly await the long TD pass TO and the crunch time air ball 3.

People in the other thread talked about how IT will have a hard time guarding our players Well the real question is can we guard IT?

The real real question is who can IT guard? Lol

Lopez letting the shortest dude score on him...

Brad Stevens is smart Knows not to put IT on lin.

Boston defense has been really good..

It's a game of runs. Plenty of time to come back.

yeah, a game of Celtics running the Nets out of the building

15pt lead is nothing. That’s one hot streak, one run

Andrew Brickholson

Kenny obviously doesn't care about bettering their pick Why the hell is Nicholson out there?

Lin needs to play 40 minutes this game if Nets want to have a shot at winning

Celtics are elite can’t believe we have to give this team our pick. It really is unfair.

This is why you never do deals with division rivals Makes it that much worse if the deal backfires  (MY NOTE:  Yeah, but if your superteam of Lopez, KG, Pierce, JET, Deron, Johnson, AK47 had won the championship you'd be saying something very, very different right now.  Billy King gambled.  He thought the iron was hot, and he struck.  That's what Danny did in 2007)

Billy Kings epic plans couldn't have gone any worse

Ugghhh I hate the Celtics so moisoing much.

Celtics announcers are the worst homers.

Man.... Celtics defense are good but we are outplaying ourselves by playing scared.

Nets look like a D league team

IT has totally outplayed Lin.

Wow these Celtic announcers are abysmal. Hope the Nets make the score close just to force them to pay attention.

celtics rotate to close-out much better but some of these mental mistakes is a team playing like a team that knows that it doesnt belong on the same court as a top seed. need some confidence and swagger.

Lopez has a big zippo in rebounds. Lin has most rebounds, the PG.

A win on the road vs. The Celtics would be great for the team

It may get us a better pick

Be realistic, it's not

If the Celtics finish ahead of the Cavs?

Let me rephrase we’re not going to win this game even if the starters play 40+ minutes

Kelly Olynyk is destroying the Nets rn   (MY NOTE:  Nets fans seeing something Celtic fan Cowens Oldschool didn't)

Is the strategy - "let's play our worst 2 bigs who won't be in the NBA next year, at the same time, so we can get blown out by 30"? Cause it’s certainly working

I have it on good authority That IS the plan. Lose by 40!!

ah good they’re executing it flawlessly

Maybe Brook doesn't want to break the franchise record this season So that Marks will be forced to keep him here and not trade him in the offseason. Diabolical.

I'm stuck listening to the Celtics trash excuse for a broadcast team Tommy Heinsohn is the fat, low-IQ’d avatar for Celtics fans everywhere.

I hated Heinsohn when he was PLAYING!!! (I actually am older than dirt)  (MY NOTE:  If you hated Tommy it's because he was beating you like a drum)

Cheerleaders They should keep showing them instead of the Nets. Definitely putting more effort and passion into their work.

Just a messy game by both teams. Difference is that Celtics are at least making their easy looks.

Except one team is messily leading by 20

Isaiah Thomas is overrated

We're back in an era when Boston will dominate us for a while This makes me sad

Hoping whoever they draft with this pick busts so hard they make Kwame Brown look like Kawhi Leonard

This game is showing us how far we really are from being a contender


Apparently that's more interesting than this game

Scal is always more interesting than any game

Is it wrong for me to be fantasising about Nicholson earning a spot on the team next year by absolutely decking Isaiah Thomas?

it is what it is. A largely meaningless end of the season game against (ugh) the best team in the conference. Our players don’t give a moiso about those picks like we do. Would love to beat Boston but it’d be up there among the upsets of the season if we did, especially in Boston.

Waiting for the 'Thank you Billy King' chants to start again

Hopefully, there's some yelling going on in the locker room right now. Celtics aren’t even playing great. Nets are just sloppy and lazy. They can make a run if they just play harder and stop trying to do it all on their own.

IT missed a layup, grabbed the offensive rebound, and layed it back in All right in front of Brook’s face. I’m speechless

All right I'm done with this game tonight... Goodnight

I just want Brook to pass Buck now

Ok, I'll stick around to see if he breaks the record.... Because the nets certainly aren't trying to win

Marcus Smart might have the world's rudest head.

Holy crap we are making this a GAME. Brooklyn Grit!

That foul on levert scared me... That leg buckle

Ugh, wouldn't that be the Nets-iest thing to happen Already giving them next year’s top 3 pick and then one of their jerk players injures one of the only reasons we have optimism for the future

How is that not a foul on the 3?

Because ref's flat out don't respect nets

Terry rozier is a blood

Idc what happens now, the fact these dudes could of mailed it in with the limited rotations Yet have the desire to claw back makes me proud to be a Nets fan.

Marcus smart looks like a gorilla with an ugly face

Such a whiny flopper. He’s not even one of those "love him if he’s on your team" guys like Delly or Matt Barnes.

What an amazing trade that deal was with the mavericks to land Crowder as an add on....

Olyneck traveled his arse off

Crowder with some backbreakers….


I know the comeback will be "thanks for the #1 pick!" but I would soooo love this win

IT can't keep up with lin

They are destroying us on PnR

I love how the entire Boston crowd audibly gasped when RHJ dunked it with force off the JLin bounce pass on the fast break

LOL Brian scalabrine just said people vote for Lebron as MVP because they want to be friends with him....erm....yeah Brian that's why...not because he is basically the MVP every year

I never was a huge fan of him. I know he was such a beloved Net at one point but he's a complete corny homer to me beyond that.

Who in the Celtics is not a homer lol...they are not even hiding it.

Crowder is killing us


I hate the Celtics so damn much

don't hate the celtics... hate billy king

Don't hate the Celtics? Celtics hatred started long before Billy King ever came to town

Does anyone else laugh at isaiah thomas when he tries to act tough I find it cute

He's like a chihuaha

The reason why we didn't win this game is simple... You don't go down 27 pts to arguably the best team in the east and expect to win

We lost cause IT elbowed Lin's crotch and got free throws from it.

And I'm not mad at this loss, Boston is a superior team but we kept battling the whole game. That's all I ask.



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