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Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Home

Post by bobheckler on Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:25 pm

Beasley is going to score 40.

On 72 shots.

Vaughn is gonna put up 50.

This is shaping up to be a bloodbath.

We're starting our last two first round picks and we're all thinking Boston are going to blow us out. Good drafter, John Hammond.

Triple double for Brogdon so he gets some extra attention for RoY!

Expect Telly to go off in this meaningless game only to revert back to being complete garbage when it matters.

Boston favored by 13.5

Forever the optimist, we win this one.

Thon Maker is going to drop 55-14-3
Rashad Vaughn is going to drop 61-5-4
GP2 is going to drop 84-19-9
I guess what I'm saying is we're gonna score 200 points today.

We might as well be playing the Bullets in this one because the Bucks are going to be slaughtered tonight.

they are gonna feed Brog for the last ROY push Brogdog with 30, Bucks lose 65 - 110

I can pretty much guarantee you it'll be a single-digit game in the fourth. We've got to be the most blowout averse team in the league. We don't do anything easy.

We're fielding an 11 man roster where at most 3 of the players would garner a $10 million AAV on a contract if they were free agents after the season. One is a center who we wanted to get rid of badly 6 months ago. One is a 24 year old rookie. One is a 20 year old rookie who's probably 23 and his contract would be based on upside alone, not actual production. I'll eat a hat if this game is within 15 points.

I hope they lose by 14 and we can pick what hat you eat.

There are so many more sporting events I would rather watch tonight than this **** show.

I will lose it if Thon has a huge game to knock the Cs out of the top seed.

God bless the poor souls who are actually going to sit down for 3 hours and watch this game

So far they are playing very good basketball minus the point blank misses

backups >> starters

This will be a nice game for them. Granted they have the advantage of never-before-seen line up. It gets hard to guard what you don’t understand.

This is too easy. The Celtics are bad. Where are they in the rankings?

There would be nothing more Bucks than to win this game considering the circumstances. Not that I expect this to hold up the whole game.

Regardless of the rest of the game, this was a fun first quarter.

This is amazing Everyone seems to be playing the best the possibly can, and the Celtics have no answer.

That was the most fun first quarter of the season. Amazing.

Time to have a look at the Celtics board... Laughing

The East is BAD. Like, as bad as I've ever seen. And that is saying something.

The greatest thing so far is the complete silence of their sold out arena.

Pretty confident we would've beaten the Celtics in a series.

They were the matchup I wanted too. It would've been a grind for sure but they don't have the playmakers on offense to blow us off the court like Toronto does.

Amazing what playing without any pressure can do for a team.

Moose can do whatever he wants against Olynyk.

Kelly o is terrible

Wtf is wrong with olynyk's face?

Hilarious Boston announcers talking about no-fouls called When they are working for a team sporting IT

Defense was amazing on the guard position btw, with Vaughn and Brogdon in Especially Vaughn destroyed Bradley I feel.

And thisnis why we probably won't eliminate the Raptors ... cause Kidd's stupid rotations

What a shame we probably won't get to play these guys in the 2nd round even if we do win.

Gotta love taking it to what will be the first or second seed with a lineup that boasts only one true starting caliber player in Brogs

Too bad Cavs are losing to the Raptors. C's keep #1 seed

Spencer Hawlajuwon.

Celtics ready to choke ... don't give em FTs

I don't even care if this results in a blowout by the 4th The game has already been far more entertaining than I expected it to be.

I hate Thomas' game

Same. Lot of flailing till someone blows the whistle.

If Avery Bradley really can't stop Brogdon, holy **** Brogdon could be top ten starting pg material.

Here goes IT making dumb ass shots...

Not that I want to see guys get hurt but it would be some karma for Thomas to injure himself flailing at the rim on the last game of the season.

I know I'm in the minority but I still think we would have given the Celtics a hell of a playoff series. The Toronto series is going to suck.

Raptors are FLOPPERS too ... Lowry and Derozan are gonna hit at least 20 FTs per game... And I expext everyone to flop in front of Giannis to get the offensive foul and get Giannis into foul trouble

Amazing how the Celts can push people, wrap them up on D and no calls! NBA refs are beyond horrible!

Once the raptors find out the close score are they going to tank their second half against Cleveland, might be worthwhile to have a sneaky little bet on the cavs lol

Cleveland is losing by 21 in the 3rd. Boston might not have anything to play for shortly. If we can weather the third, Boston may not play their starters in the 4th.

watching Thomas is like watching a worse Iverson. Which means it makes my eyes bleed.

IT crying because he didn't get a foul call when he jumps into his own teammate. **** off!

Boston as the #1 seed shows how God awful the East is

Crowder would be so nice here. Did we ever discuss trading for him?

I know we have some doctors on the forum. Are there any HGH type drugs that we can give to Thon that would only make his hands bigger?   (MY NOTE: this was a serious question?)

8 v 1 series win very possible this year.

Why have a neck beard olynyk why

Nobody bothers a dude with a neck beard.

Was Thon just beefing with Smart and Brown? Lol

**** those clowns

The only difference between Hawes and Dirk is the ring. Hawes have it all.   (MY NOTE:  Wow)

There's definitely some players on Boston that I cannot stand. Thomas and his smug face, always chewing his gum all tough, etc. F that guy. Smart is a piece of work.  hated Boston in the 80's, still can't stand them.

Hell of a time for Smart to hit his first ever 3.

Kelly Olynyk aspires to be Spencer Hawes someday.

Boston is the worst #1 seed in NBA history.

Shocker another unwatchable game due to the worst refs in any sport! The NBA is garbage!

Wake up Kiiiiiiiiiddddddd ... Get Thon some burn you fake coach

LMAO, Hawes got crossed up by Olynyk.

The GArden realy coming alive for building this lead against the Bucks C-Team.

And as far as the game its weird kidd tanked the 4th qtr. Weird. I would have liked to win this one

Beasley's worst game of the season is going to cost us all the chance to see a guy eat a hat.

The Celtics are playing NBA 2K on rookie mode.

Gus is calling to mind the 80s Celtics teams with "Bird! DJ!", Marques chimes in: "Danny Ainge, undercutting people as they go in for layups, but I digress." hahaha

Was a point in the second half where the Gus voice inflections were making me think Kelly Olynk was like Shaq leading the comeback against the Kings in the 2002 playoffs.

Man I swear Gus Johnson will hype anybody up lol  

In his limited games, he was one of the low lights this season. Absolutely called the games skewed towards opponents, not to mention annoying. "Pure". Shut up.

Was funn-ish until Beas and Mirza did Beas and Mirza things.

I did read somewhere that the Celtics have the worst record for a #1 seed since the Pistons during the GW Bush era.

John Henson should somehow go to the Celtics next year, he’d be a huge upgrade at back-up C

I don’t see a value match in a trade. It’s crazy they have no bad contracts on that team. The only valuable piece I think we could get for Henson is Yabusele. I think they have the cap space to absorb Henson’s contract.

I was thinking if Hawes opts in, we could offer him for Demetrius Jackson. They could let Olynyk walk and have Hawes as a cheap floor spacer for 1 year.

Yabusele is a stud, dont think you’re getting him for Henson. (MY NOTE:  I'm shocked and impressed they know Jackson and Yabby)

Celtics will be in win now mode for years and don't need more young guys. They certainly have plenty of picks

I think it’s worth more consideration than that. Henson is ready to contribute and they need shot blocking

Yabusele is ready to play right now, he’s a beast. IMO the Celts may be better off going young at this point anyway if they get one of the top 2 PGs in this draft, much more upside than going forward with IT

Why is he not playing now then? Jordan Mickey, Jerekbo, Olynyk, Rozier, Gerald Green, and Demetrius Jackson aren’t inspiring fear in anyone right now imo

I imagine that they tried to get Mickey and Jackson to go overseas and failed. Yabusele was recovering from an ankle injury and has only played two games in the d league so far, and he turns the ball over a lot still. I like Olynyk and Jerebko is a solid versatile vet who probably will be gone next year. They could trot out a lineup next year with Fultz/ /Brown/Yabusele/Zizic, all young studs

Theyre gonna be super scary in like 3 years if they make a few of the right moves imo.

I don't disagree. Boston only has so many roster spots, so that was the only reason I thought they might consider Yabu. I think it very unlikely they would pull the trigger on a Henson trade though. Maybe straight up for Zeller if they value Henson’s shotblocking. That might be a more realistic deal we are interested in. I do think Jackson is worth a look as a third guard. He’ll never get playing time in Boston, especially if they draft a guard. But he could be pretty good.

I don't disagree. Boston only has so many roster spots.

So glad this is the last season I have to watch Beasley.

Celts fans are ecstatic I would be pissed if our starters played like that against someone’s bench, embarrassing really

Does anyone see this Celtics team making the conference finals?

 I wouldn’t be totally shocked if the Cs lost the series to the Bulls

Rondo vs the Cs is going to be entertaining, curious if DWade rises up in the playoffs like last year and kills it from 3. I dont think the Bulls will play enough D to win it in the end though.

The Bulls are my pick in that series.

Bulls are playing tough right now. Cs look beatable.

I think they'll lose to Chicago

I honestly think Boston is one of the worst #1 seeds ever in the East...



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