Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Away - Playoff #3

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Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Away - Playoff #3

Post by bobheckler on Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:41 pm

Sorry for not posting these for the first two games.  It was too painful for me.

I really hate the Celtics. Let's end them this weekend.

Really? There are a lot of teams I've disliked over the years but the current Celtics squad ranks pretty low on my list. When they had KG it was a different story but heck I almost feel bad for them. The face of their team just lost his sister and I actually like Stevens.

Step on their throats! Win this one and they probably lose all hope and it ends in 4.

WowI was listening to this undisputed Podcast with skip baylessand he actually likes us! He even thinks we can take out the cavs if we reach the ecf . Imagine that for a sec lol  (MY NOTE:  That's what makes him Skip Clueless)

Probably less him liking us than him hating Lebron.

This would be a solid nail in the coffin. Let's smash them on our home court

I still believe the the Celtics will win in 5.

Crucial game. If the Bulls win this one the Celtics will roll over in Game 4. If the Celtics win they will continue to fight.

I want Jimmy to hit a buzzer beater to kill their spirits.

IT missed a boatload of free throws last game I doubt that happens again ......I see them as making there last stand here they will be hitting insane shots and IT will go off I feel like we need to stay in range and steal it in the end .....I predict a epic game 3 with jimmy winning it for us

They need to fine Olynek for that dirty crap he does

Guaranteed loss  Jonas Jerebko for 90 points

I thought we would lose game 2. I was way off. Celtics will be coming off two home losses and a funeral in sure they will play the best the did all season. Hopefully our hot streak and home court advantage keep us going.

I don't see the Celtics coming back in this series. All the adjustments in the world doesn't make them bigger or give them a true 2nd option. Like Stacey said"Pressure breaks pipes"Boston doesn't have the supporting cast where "someone" is going to "step up". Does anyone really fear Avery Bradley or Al Horford at this point?

Don't give them any hope and kick their a** from the start. I'm ready to end these clowns season!

Listening to Celtics Podcast, an NBA beat writer said that if Celtics would have traded for Gibson at the deadline they would be up 2-0

I don't think my liver and fingernails could survive a game 7 at Boston knowing that the Bulls blew a 2-0 lead coming home.

I am pretty prepared for a game 3 loss and a series meltdown.

The ONLY explanation I can think of if Bulls lose gm 3 is that the game isn't on TNT.

Smart is Boston's village idiot. IT is kind of annoying because he has some mustard in him and he beats you, but he's not a fool out there. Bradley, Crowder, Horford, Amir etc. are just fine. But Smart ... man. No wonder Isaiah was screaming at him on Tuesday. Who wouldn't?

Marcus Smart on Celtics offense: "We're trying to go in there and challenge those guys, and we're not getting any calls. It's affecting us."

The fact he can even say that and be serious about it is baffling to me. If you breathe on Thomas he flys and it's a foul.

Here's the way I view it from here, if the Bulls win game 3 they sweep the Celtics if they lose game 3 they win in 6.

Why aren't they fining Kelly Olynyk for trying to break Lopez's arm (again)?

Rondo out. Broken hand. Everything changes.

Big big blow. I could easily see Boston come back and take series now

Can he coach? He knows everything Boston is running. Just give him a bullhorn so he can yell out orders from the sideline. Thibs has been doing it for years

I should have known not to be so excited for this game. Ugh! It's like the basketball gods gave us the GOAT, but forgot to mention that we would be doomed to suffering for eternity after he was gone.

IT about to score game high 60 points tonight. Who do we have who can contain this dude now??

Rondo was doing okay on defense but that's it. He's not our best IT defender. We need to create a matchup here. Jimmy can guard IT, IT can't guard anybody if we go big. Let's force them to take him out.

I want that guy who said in post game thread after game 2 that we are still healthy and not injured in series to be hanged on this boards. BRING HIM TO ME!!!

Chicago Bulls announce that Cameron Payne has been activated. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse. Our nightmare has just begun.

We still have our distinct rebounding advantage and their best player is still 5-8 and a liability on defense.

Rondo out of the wheel chair, walking thorugh a smoke cloud in game 6 midway through the 3rd quarter?? No?? Not happening??

Why cant we have nice things...

Rondo will still be on the bench though right. I'd imagine he'll be there yelling the whole time while Fred stares aimlessly into the distance, interrupted occasionally by Boylen walking over to him and mentioning something. Coach Rondo!

I probably like Rondo as a coach more than Rondo as player haha

Boston starting Gerald Green tonight. In place of Amir no less.

Is Brad kind of getting desperate? Or is this a really smart move? I'm really not sure

I would have gone with Jerebko, personally. Provides similar spacing, without completely giving up on ever getting another rebound.

May the force be with these clowns tonight. I will be 15 feet away from Fred all night. Any request?? Hurry gotta run!!

Run out on the court and tackle Kelly O and choke him until he taps out.

Please do this. You'll be a legend among at least three fanbases.  (MY NOTE:  And Cowens)

Scale gone full leprechaun, giving Bulls no respect outside of the former Celtic rondo. We made him, not Boston.

The Bulls actually killed the Celtics with this last game. I still think we can out run them

Green is the exact kind of player the bulls struggled with all season

Him and IT in the same lineup together is going to be atrocious, defensively. Bulls need to take advantage.

Not sure why everyone is so scared of the lack of Rondo.

Has Isaiah Thomas attempted to score this series? Every drive is just an attempt to get fouled.

Is there a worse haircut in the NBA than Green has?

IT just tackled Robin Lopez to the ground from the back

F*** rondo

UC pretty empty. Sad!

Home court advantage

Is this a home game? So quiet

Lets start thinking about Game 4 These Celtics are playing like there hair is on fire. Even the midget is crashing the boards. Bulls will be more prepared for GG and playing w out Rondo next game. Lets just get thru this healthy.

Series is over. You just KNEW this was going to happen, right? ****ing Celtics. They are who we thought they are... And we let them off the hook!

IT is a really bad defender...

Thomas has unlimited turbo

No calls for us tonight it seems

Wade is trash

Boston putting the locks on us.

This Celtic D is drowning Jimmy...the Celtics appear to have little concern with the threat of anyone else on the floor.

Boston's defense looks good, they're shutting down the paint. Bulls need to get out in transition, get some easy offense.

Crowder? Seriously? That guys sucks!

Jai Crowder has 10 points in a quarter. Your D must be a** if that is the case.

F*** RONDO He quit on team when it matters most …

Celtics crashing the boards, protecting the paint, midget free to do whatever he wants

Just leave Smart wide open, treat him like we treated Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans

As much As wade put us on a run. I still absolutely hate him as a player. The Miami heat wade hate will never die.

Taking bets on rondo being nuts and playing in game 4? Razz

Boston showing fight.

I love how people were giving Fred credit for Rondo's coaching.

First 2 games might be a fluke

So do the Bulls only play hard when Rondo is active? Or is it a TNT thing?

Their role players are finally stepping up. The good thing is, when looking at the series as a whole, they just aren't consistently reliable contributors. Sure, Crowder and Bradley may light it up tonight but, really, do you believe they can keep it up for the next 4 games? I don't.

We're going from wanting to cut Rondo before the deadline.... To can't live without Rondo in the playoff..

Either blackmail Rondo to comeback or just give up.

Crowd completely dead, and we are playing like crap. Bad combo

Lol MCW losing a jump ball to IT is the equivalent of me losing a tug-a-war with an 8 year old

How in the **** does IT outjump McW What a ****in scrub

Awful toss and IT hit his arm.

What, you expected IT to play fair?

Thomas is the"little guy"

Thank god this is Boston and not Cleveland We’d be down 30 by now

Refs forgot we're in Chicago now, they're supposed to favor us

This celtics team Has got to be the worst 1 seed I’ve ever witnessed. We’ve played like garbage minus the last 3-4 minutes in this game and we might just come within a few points or take the lead before the half.

If that's not a foul on Horford I don't know what is.

Why does it seem like the refs are calling two different games,

Haha I like that felicio bump on Olynyk

We had four guys under the rim and missed the board

The Celtics are wack

Celtics playing dirty and physical.

Boston's a boring city

What's with Butler's slow starts? He's awful

Wade carrying this team on his back.

Lol no home cooking for us

Someone needs to accidentally headbutt Olynyk in the nose.

Bradley is locking Jimmy up right now

Is IT the most ref created player in the NBA?

Celts are in trouble if they couldn't put the Bulls away after that good start

The refs have some special kind of love affair with IT. I don't get it. They're letting everybody else play, but as soon as somebody breathes on him, it's a foul.

We played like sh**, and we’re back in this The Celtics suck!

Crowder who shoots near 40% (.398) on over 5 attempts has been missing wide open 3's

Well jimmy is 1-8 So equal? Lol Also crowder is 2-5 on 3s this game, right at 40%

Regardless I’m sure top 3 coach, future president, our lord and savior Brad Stevens will draw something up to help his team

I'm not surprised refs are helping the Celts, Boston and Chicago are two of the biggest NBA markets, a game 7 would help NBA, ESPN, ABC and TNT a ton

Celts are back to their quick shooting and not moving the ball. Keep it up Boston!

These refs are crap from the entire series u would think we get calls since we at home and we can't even get it.

Feels like the refs have been giving the C's the edge all series.

Feels like the refs have been giving the C's the edge all series.

Gerald Green looks like one of the dragons from Dragontales

I get it that ITs sister died last week but why is he still getting the most bullsh** calls

This is why jimmy will never be elite He is shi**y when its crunchtime

The bulls have 3 young point guards And I hate them all

Fred is truly showing Rondo has been the coach these past 2 games.

Lol Hubie calling our defense excellent as Crowder bricks another wide open 3. They're just missing, dude.

Boston has the best guys who can guard Bulter he isn't as savvy as Wade yet. He knows he playing garbage. He just needs to focus on drives and had cuts.

Gerald Green's hair Laughing

Time stops when IT ties his shoes

Bulls beat the refs 1st 2 games It’s pretty hard to sweep the refs

At this point I wouldn't be mad if Isaiah cannon started game 4 At least he and IT are essentially the same height

I love it when people think Wade is playing well because he simply takes a few terrible+tough shots and makes them.

I am about to pop a blood vessel with how bad Jimmy is playing. He is literally playing worse than a bad/shook rookie in their first game

Geez Celtics kept runing the same play over and over.  (MY NOTE:  If you're not stopping it, why not?)

On to Sunday, this could easily go back to Boston 2-2. Why do the Basketball Gods hate us?

I think Boston's made a deal with the devil. Souls of the millions sold for championships. How else do you explain it? Lol

They're really going after Olynk on the Pick and Rolls

IT is 5'9 and he stopped dribbling at the top of the cirlce How did he not get called for a travel.

IT has almost as many assists as the entire Bulls team

Stephens spanking Fred tonight.

Man Boston's scoring too easy.

Refs have been really one sided tonight. I'll be pi**Ed if Hoiberg doesn't get a 30k fine tonight

It's not like Boston did anything that the Bulls shouldn't have seen coming.

Boston is very unimpressive. If we had ANY semblance of a real offense we'd be leading by double digits....really missing Rondo right now.

I still feel good about the series, Celtics are shooting the 3 well and Jimmy is playing like a**. Wont happen every game

How the **** does a 6'10 get pushed out of the post by a 5'8 midget?

I seriously think this game may have been fixed. This is comical how bad Chicago has been. Like absolute hot garbage and Butler doesn't even look like he cares. Perhaps the NBA mandated an extra game in the series for revenue.

It's going to really **** suck to see Boston win 4 games in a row now. Because that's exactly what's going to happen. Rondo being out is a death blow to this team.

This is probably the Celtic bounce back game instead of game 2, Bulls still good

Although, I guess Game 4 is on TNT, so maybe the mystical powers that be will grant us another game for the loss of Rondo.

Chalking this off to Gar telling Fred to throw the game so they can collect some extra playoffs revenue in Game 6.

Getting killed by Terry **** Rozier.


Half the team looked brain dead the entire game. Like disinterested. Boston didn't even look very impressive.

On top of us playing like trash, it was also Bostons night from 3. I guess they were due.

So Rondo is a better coach than Brad Stevens And Stevens is a better a WAAAAAAY better coach than hoiberg. Got it.

Boston is not making 17 threes in any more games this series. That was the difference maker and of course Jimmy shi**ing the bed.

Do you guys think It would look worse on the bulls org if they had gotten swept or if they sh** the bed being up 2-0 ( not saying they will lose the series just hypothetical).

Swept. The bulls now have an out with rondo getting injured. Honestly the bulls would have won this series with rondo. Rondo is actually a half decent pg.

Why he can’t stay healthy one series ? It’s all about him. He literally quit on team.

are you drunk or high? Rondo broke his thumb. that is not quitting. he actually played through the injury in game 2.


got ya. So your high, drunk, and an idiot.

Yup. He could take cortisone shot, tape it and play throught it.

i am pretty sure he would play. He played in game two with the broken thumb. Btw no one plays with a broken thumb.

Hey, great Celtics fired up a ton of threes and made them. Hope they continue hoisting those shots next game. Can they shoot that percentage again?

They were wide f***ing open in the 4th I hope they don’t keep taking those shots with no one around them



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