Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Home - Playoff #5

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Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Home - Playoff #5

Post by bobheckler on Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:06 pm

If Thomas drives just stand and watch it will confuse him

In the offseason Bulls should trade their 1st round pick + 2 future 1st round picks for Gerald Green

Time to spread the floor and let Jimmy go all James Harden

Stick Jimmy on Gerald Green.

Basically Stevens is putting our guys in a situation that 1) takes out our best defender, 2) targets Wade to choose to cover either a Crowder layup or a Green corner 3.

The worst thing to do is adjust to Steven's plans which is playing to their strengths. When the Bulls play small, the Celtics have a more talented and better match-up team

Grant's only role at this point should be to knock Thomas on his ass first layup he attempts

We have to recognize that like Cleveland, this Celtics is a team full of role players who can shoot and make 3s. That's how they got the 1st seed. And like LeBron, IT is a handful to guard. But UNLIKE the Cavs who have multiple playmakers in Kyrie and LeBron, Boston only has IT where the offense always has to start with him (they're pretty terrible when somebody else other than Smart initiates the offense).

Wade constantly overhelps....what is his problem??? Does Fred tell him to do that? It's not like the Celtics have any low-post threats either.

Last game drained me lol. I just don't understand how you go up 2-0 going home and lose both home games before the end of the 1st quarter.

I'm prepared for the L Wednesday and probably Friday but if they can pull it out of their a**es Friday I'll be prepared for the L in game 7 on Sunday. This series is now a lost cause when it should've been the high point of the year.

Maybe Game 5 will get rained out, and buy us more time for Rondo to return?  (MY NOTE:  This isn't baseball, dumbass, that is played outside)

If I see MCW in a Bulls uniform again, I will just PUKE. If Hoiberg puts in MCW at any point - even if it's a blowout for either team, I would fire Hoiberg at the same moment.

If Celtics want small ball, we can too - at least for some periods of the game and see how we play. Gotta do something. Gotta make some adjustments.

What I see is a team with much deeper bench options, and Stevens found a few pieces to exploit us. Ever since he went small, he's been beating us the same way the Nets, Hawks and even Sixers were beating us. They're getting a ton of good 3P looks from every position, and we have no choice but to defend that 3P line. High PnR with Isaiah is unstoppable if they're spacing at 4 spots. The only counter is making the game very physical and having Jimmy continually drawing fouls. That'll make it close.

I still have Bulls in 6. Not wavering on that.  (MY NOTE:  You're down 3-2 now.  Still standing pat with this, or is math not your strong suit?)

Series is over. We are a 8th seed who had a golden opportunity to take out the 1st seed and we blew it. I get it rondo went down, and it appeared that rondo was really the one coaching. But we still had a shot. Boston made half time adjustments and game to game adjustments, we didn't do a damn thing different than what we did in the regular season.

If Rondo could just play and give us like 16-17 MPG for the rest of this series, the boost it would give the team just by him being out there at all coupled with him occupying a few PG minutes might be enough to win this thing.

So we're pushing to play a guy who's got both hands messed up?

Both hands? What are you talking about? And yes, typically in the playoffs when your season is on the line and there's nothing to save yourself for if you lose, guys usually push as hard as possible to play.

Didn't he injure his non-shooting hand wrist a couple of weeks back?

Both of Rondo's hands are non-shooting.

Dude led us in three point shot percentage this season. Most definitely an indictment on the Bulls shooting woes Laughing

I'm not so sure Rondo is out. His cast is off and he is wearing a wrap. I think he is going to do everything possible to try to play.

Here's to hoping Canaan is Russell Westbrook.

Can Rondo stand in the coach box with Fred. He is wearing a suit anyways. Let Fred call timeouts, substitutions and Rondo run the offense.

Wade said Bulls didn't make adjustments between Gms 3, 4 because they just played low energy & didn't need new gameplan. Now they will.

Holy **** I'm late so not sure if anyone already commented on this or just didn't notice but, Fred made no **** adjustments after a blowout loss?! That is ridiculous to blame it on energy, what was the problem game 4 then and why the **** are they playing with "low energy" in a playoff game?

I guarantee Stevens made adjustments between games 3 and 4.

Something other than trash from Wade in Game 5 would be ideal.

I don't know how many people realize this but do you know the Bulls are 3-11 at home since the Miracle Nate Robinson playoff game? 3 and freaking 11. That's 2 wins against a young Buck team, and 1 win on a lucky bank shot by Derrick Rose against the Heat. That's pretty pathetic. We are on a current 4 game home losing streak.

We have been road warriors in this same time span but even when we win on the road, our home record is so bad, we cant even capitalize.

Wow, It's even worse than I imagined. Hoiberg was absolutely right. **** Isaiah Thomas. No player in the NBA gets gets away with more than he does.

I can almost guarantee IT won't get called for carrying once this series. It's just not going to happen. And yes he does do it pretty egregiously, as that video shows.

Such a non-story. Everyone does what IT does. I was just about to mention how Wade is famous for his palming the ball.I hope we aren't pinning our hopes in defeating the Celts in having the Refs call palming/traveling on IT a lot during the game.

Sounds like nothing but sour grapes to me. We lose twice to these guys and suddenly our overmatched ranked dead last coach and desperate fans are whining about cheaters. Wouldnt be saying nothing if we won even one of those home games like they should've

There's nothing lamer than b**ching about 'carrying.' Like refs are going to suddenly change the way they call it because of Fred effing Hoiberg.

I never minded the carry when it was just in a move. Sure it's a rule but it's so hard to call it. What makes Thomas worse is that his dribble is a discontinuation that makes him impossible to guard. There's a reason the rule exists, similar to traveling, and it's because you could never guard a guy who can do it. At least 3-5 times a game, Thomas will take a dribble, stop, completely discontinue the dribble, change direction, and score.

I'm not sure the officals will change the way the call it. But they are giving advantages to the little guy here. It's pretty much same thing Iverson and Jason Williams used to do.

IT is the most manufactured NBA all star ever. The refs cater to him and he gets away with that BS. Absolutely disgraceful.

I was looking for film on this. Refs should call this. He's clearly traveling. If they do, series over

What I hope is that Fred makes a concentrated effort to go make Thomas work on the defensive end.  (MY NOTE:  In case you haven't been watching, Brad Stevens let IT get caught on mismatches with Butler and he did ok.  Don't ask me how, but he did...)

Regarding IT, carrying/traveling, and Hoiberg's indictment, while Fred has a more than valid point, and was trying to "plant seeds" for the next game, it's been going forever in the league and it works like this, a player has "his move" and he does it so often and so many times, that it becomes impossible/ridiculous to call it every time. So, over time, the player in question is somehow given a pass and gets away with it much more than it is ever called

Harder fouls this game please.. If you're going to foul IT, Foul. Him. Hard.

Fred talked about "matchups" as the reason Lopez didn't play more. He was trying to adjust to their small ball lineup. I think it was a horrible mistake. Make them adjust to our size and, as I said, let the chips fall. I would rather lose with our best players on the court than lose with some convoiuted collection of end of bench players because we were "trying to match up better".

Jimmy can hold his own with IT scoring by getting to the line and just being Jimmy. But when you compound that with the open 3's for other Celtic players, Jimmy can't offset that. Let IT get 35 and shut down the spacers and let's see what happens.

I say let Thomas have his attacking the basket (within reason) and shut down the 3 point shooters. Let Thomas have his 30 points but don't get beat at the 3-point line.  (MY NOTE:  IT scored 24, not 35, and we shot 22.5% from 3 despite 45% of our fgas being 3s and you still lost.  Just like Fred Hoiberg's bitch about IT you're just flailing about trying to figure out why you're blowing up)

I think this series is winnable - the Bulls just have to be willing to make rotation moves like Boston did (they benched a starter for Gerald Green). The Bulls have failed to adjust to those moves, they're playing basically the same offense and rotation even though Boston has strongly counteracted that. People are giving the Rondo too much credit for poor play, the real culprit is that Boston made an adjustment that the Bulls have failed to adjust to for two plus games.

Thomas completely embarrassed MCW to end the 3rd last game. He can't guard IT and they both know it.

I'm predicting a much closer game this time. Both coaches have been late to make adjustments but those adjustments have worked in both cases. Brad failed to recognize that he couldn't outsize the Bulls until game 3, when he was desperate enough to go all offense with Gerald Green. The Canaan shift completely changed the trajectory of the game - his defensive pressure and no-frills pressure release game allowed the Bulls defense to force guys like AB and Green to create on one end while Butler and Wade got back to punishing mismatches. It was only Canaan getting winded and IT getting to play the 6th man role against the Bulls bench at the end of the 3rd that turned the tide.

I also want to see three hard fouls, at least, on IT when he drives to the basket. F--- this.

We have horrible coaching Our star who I thought was the best player on the floor , clearly is not , that would be isiah Thomas

Playoff wade is a memory from last season, and is clearly not with the legs or the game to give us anything special

We also won game 1 with Rondo being a negative, so maybe just his presence and leadership can help.They're saying there's not much risk of re-injury either

Not from playing maybe, but from some dirty rotten Celtic hard fouling his thumb, maybe. Laughing

Are people really questioning whether or not Rondo should play hurt? The Bulls have absolutely zero chance without him. Boston killed Chicago in Chicago, the games weren't even close. Down 20 in both.

Hate to say it and I how I'm wrong but, I think this one is a loss regardless. Will need to win game 6 and hope to beat them game 7.


Anybody else hear wade say they made no adjustments in game 4 from game 3 he said coach said they just needed to come out with more energy

Yep, ridiculous. I guarantee Stevens did.

Can we slow down on Stevens? Starting Gerald Green makes the guy a coaching genius? Wow, okay...

No, coaching against Hoiberg makes him look like a genius.

The key will be making IT work on the defensive end, brad is hiding and switching to keep him away from butler, if Chicago can get back to making the midget pay on that end they have a chance.  (MY NOTE:  PAY ATTENTION!!!)

The Bulls aren't winning 3 straight in Boston, just like the Celtics aren't winning 3 straight in Chicago This one is going 7, Jimmy Butler game winner coming up in 3....

Pray for some decent refs, how about a carry call on the midget in the first 5 minutes to stop his cheating ways.

And a free throw violation to mess with the midget's mind. Let's go!

Bulls please win today my heart can't handle watching that midget smirk all game

Watching replays of these IT fouls on CSN has me shaking my head at the NBA. Just horrible how half his game is acting.(Obviously I'm a hater).

I'll give Fred credit for bringing up Thomas' incessant carrying Its out of hand

Actually, it's very IN hand for about two to three steps Fred still sounded wimpy complaining about it tho

We're taking game 5.

This L will hurt as it will be 3 straight

No McHale....that's gotta be a good sign.

I have now heard 5 bulls pundits say put IT on his butt as a key to the game. I guess the sympathy train has finally left the station.

How in gods name do you need to touch foul on that play??? There is no need to foul at all but if you do knock him down!!

great, it starts early. I **** hate this guy and the refs that allow his BS.

Wade is such trash let’s Gerald Green blow by him with zero effort, jacks up a shit shot immediately after. Good thing we got him for next year.

i can't believe we've been wearing the t shirt jerseys in the playoffs blech

Hey, Fred wasn't going to get the refs to call carry/travel on IT But he may have gotten them to not call those cheap a** foul calls for him

Why is Jimmy getting booed so heavily It’s not like he said "no man can guard me" in the last press conference or anything.

The ref are def in Boston pocket

I noticed the Celtics use the shame shitty switch everything defense that we do Don't see how we cant continually exploit that with them having a midget out there. That last bucket Jimmy got over IT should be there all game until they decide to double team or you get him in foul trouble

Horford's screens are more illegal than Thomas dribble

Thomas is the least fun basketball player to watch ever. Can he do anything without trying to trick the refs?

Celtics coming out looking like the Bulls did the last 2 games. Lazy and poor shooting.

IT's flopping is next level tonight.

Crowder always thinks he gets fouled whenever he drives.

Thomas is trying so hard to bait Canaan in to fouling

the whole celts team flop and they're good at it I wonder if they practice it

Will someone please explain why traveling never gets called I know Terry Rozier is an MVP candidate but he clearly took three steps before that dunk.

Refs can't blow the whistle AND bask in his magnificence at the same time

Wade just missed a short floater, and got ripped on 2 straight possessions And both times he flopped, complained and didn’t get back on D

We are being trolled by Canadian scola  (MY NOTE:  There ya go...I love Scola, so I'm liking this)

Olynyk acting tough. Give me a break.

olynick is so soft

Classic IT "stop dribbling then put his hand under the ball"

Thank u Felicio finally someone hitting Thomas. No more easy layups for the shorty!!

This Celtics team is really unlikable.

Butler has been playing like crap the entire series.  (MY NOTE:  Idiot.  No Butler, no Bull wins at all)

Too many useless players on this team. Why can't Bulls ever have players that can hit threes? Even Boston's scrubs will kill you if you leave them open.

So the Celtics game plan is to flop on both sides of the ball, shoot 3's and rely on our inabilities to do anything right?

Boston is sitting pretty. Shot poorly and still won the quarter. Unfortunately there's no scenario I can see that has Chicago exploding for a 10-0 run. Gonna have to be an ugly, grinding type of game.

I wanna end Boston's season more than I realized.

Is it just me or are there so many punchable faces on this Celtics team?

Wade is one of the worst players in the playoffs

Dear, God? It's me. If you let Rondo suit up at halftime, I promise I'll be a better man.

Can't spell B-I-t-c-h without IT

They're shredding us with offensive execution. Stevens>>>>>Hoiberg

The Celtics play illegal d about 60% of the time

Seriously Olynyk? You ripped a guy's arm out before. What a b****

Olynyk, the guy who broke Kevin Love's arm can't handle a playoff foul.

Sit Wade down. Then shoot him.

This Boston crowd thinks every call should go their way

That's right Canaan don't back down, will get under ITs skin even more

LMAO love Canaan getting on that little thugs face like that. Hate that dwarf.

Thomas is probably the only guy cannan can guard in the NBA lol

The Celtics are a bunch of fake tough guys

I hate these two teams

Refs killing us too

I honestly don't know which is worse the officiating from the refs or the officiating from the Celtics fans.

I hate smart IT and Bradley so bad

Boston just quicker to loose balls than us. Inexcusable.

Only down 2 and Jimmy hasn't gotten close to hot yet? I'll take that. Also I don't see Bradley killing him the rest of the game. IT also hasn't gotten hot so there's that

By the same token, Isaiah only made one fg and the bulls are still down 2

It's almost seems that the Bulls defensive scheme is to give them open 3s and hope they miss them.

Kelly Olynk outplaying Mirotic is **** horse ****. GET IT TOGETHER.

Celtics are up 11-2 on second chance points. Rebound the ball, win the game.

Thomas is tired. That's an "I'm tired shot". Now's the time to attack him.

I swear it's like IT is determined to end MCWs career.

Remember when Rondo was out there and we had some pace going? Seemed to work better than Wade riding his hover round up the court taking 7.8 seconds to cross mid court.  (MY NOTE:  "Riding his hover".  That freaking funny.  He's right, though, Rozier and Bradley were making the Bulls eat up the shot clock just getting into their half court sets)

IT just attacking every time down.

Nice push in the back by Crowder on that screen that's a foul if we do it

Horford has set maybe three legal screens this series.

Their role players are not playing well. We need to take advantage and win this damn game.

I'm tired of Butler playing soft as ****. Go and get it.

Bradley is killing his matchup with Jimmy. That can't happen if we want to win.

We'll never get this bad of an IT game again. We have to take advantage!!!

Bradley killing us.

Avery "Ray" Allen Bradley

At the very least, maybe Boston trades for RL  (RL????)

I used to like Al Horford. Something about seeing him in green pisses me off

Jimmy's defense is SOOOOO bad right now. it is IT levels right now.

We **** up a great opportunity with IT struggling. This shouldn't be a game but Bradley is killing Jimmy right now.

You're just tired of seeing Thomas throw his shoulder into people all series, throw his head back, and get foul calls but still complain to the refs constantly. So by the time Horford whines a little bit you're just over it.

Jimmy needs to be better. Bradley is outplaying him badly tonight.

Seeing Horford hitting all those 3s, and Niko struggling to find rhythm all series long, really upsettting. Horford didn't shoot those until probably last couple of season. And here we got Niko who's been shooting those all his life, and he can't hit them.....

Letting Boston just snatch the ball from us again?

Jimmy takes some horrible shots

And this is what we didn't need....Crowder to get going, see the ball go through the hoop

My money's on overtime tonight. Has to happen at some point in a Bulls/Celtics series.

Some of the Celtic's shot selection has been bad, but it seems the Bulls strategy of leaving 3pt shooters open and hope they miss is working

Bulls are getting out-gritted tonight.

Only reason the Bulls aren't getting smashed is because
The Celtics are shooting 6-25 from three.  (MY NOTE:  We ended up 9-40)

The adjustment is to overcommit and hope they miss the resulting open threes Hoiberg learned this from an online coaching class he took last night

It should be to leave Smart open and taunt him while he's shooting

I don't care If wade is on our team. I have disliked his game and on court personality since the last half of his career. I was never a fan on his excessive complaining and loafing around when he was in Miami which he definitely brought over with him.

Horford+Thomas=9 points, Canaan+Morrow=14 points Bulls still losing…

Celtics are killing us In 2nd chance pts smh

Mirotic would be a decent player if he had a little bit of basketball IQ

Wade is shooting better than our "3pt specialist"

Well, that's easy considering we don't have one.

We did until we traded him to OKC

Canaan has been chirping Thomas the whole game He’s got real estate in IT’s head right now.

We need to stop chasing Smart off the line

Can somebody pick up Bradley? He has been unstoppable.

Al horford is trash he makes one play all game and decides to gloat after they left him wide open. Please have a seat sir.

Was just going to say. He’s getting man handled by Rolo but makes a three and starts parading like LeBron.

Celtics have gotten a huge lift from Bradley Pesky defense and some key buckets

Rolo having a good game

He only plays like this in Boston to avenge what the Celtics did to his brother's team

It was a few plays ago but I'm still ticked about the Olynyk push on Butler. Guy is such a dirty player

I don't miss the feeling of being on the opposite ends of those b.s. D Wade foul calls.

He very seriously never got touched, except that he kicked his legs backwards at the defender.

Yep, unfortunately he doesn't have the energy to launch himself onto the floor like IT does or like he used to do in his Miami days. But I'll take it when we can get it.

They owe us several yet from IT's bogus ones.

Love how Thomas flexes when that's the first time he's landed on his feet this series

I hate Olynx face

I don't think the Celtics have shot anything inside of the 3 point line tonight. Yet they have more free throws.

This is probably about as well as the Bulls could play without Rondo, and they're still going to lose.

Celtics gets call Bulls don't, bulls play stupid Cs don't

Team of bums and chokers.

Butler choking too. Win the quarter? Nah let's lose it and lose it big

The Celtics are the fakest tough guy team I've ever seen. All they do is hack and flop, but every shot they make they're running down the floor with a duck face like a 14 year old teenage girl's selfie.

Nice to see Bradley thoroughly outplay Butler this series sans game 1.

There you go just let the midget shoot

It's a testament to how mediocre Boston has been all night. Even shooting the 3 as poorly as they've been, considering their looks, they've never been in danger of losing control of the game. At all. After the first quarter finished I knew it was all but over. The rest was a formality.

Jimmy isn't a superstar, get with the memo bro. Our team is trash period.

This team has fallen apart and you can say whatever you want, but Butler isn't playing anything like a superstar. He needed to take this game over. He hasn't, at any point in this series.

Butler is a fake star please trade him  (MY NOTE:  Danny tried)

He has been shut down by Avery Bradley while being unable to guard him himself.

Butler's 3 feet from the basket with a midget on him and he passes out.

Wish we had a star like IT.  (MY NOTE:  This from the fans who claim he's a "manufactured star")

**** these refs **** them rigging games

The Celtics are a team of role players beating a team full of scrubs. If they get by the Wiz/Hawks, they'll be lucky to win a game vs Cleveland.

Could have gotten a #1 pick for Jimmy. Don't care what you say he isn't an 1a option on a contender, not even close to be frank.

The refs are calling a one sided game. Canaan got pushed down by Olynyk, and there have been so many moving screen calls on Chicago when Boston has been far worse in that department. I **** hate Isaiah Thomas. I feel bad for him, but he's a **** punk on the court.

Jimmy for CJ mccollum. Do it! Helps both teams!

Sometimes you've got to tip your cap. Bradley has done an exception job defending Jimmy. I'm not saying he's had a good game, he hasn't, but he's consistently got Bradley on him or getting doubled.

Lmfaoooo crowder puts Rolo in the Figure 4 and no call

IT4 can sure score, but the guy is really hard to enjoy. His on court antics are those of a child.

Olynik I want to punch him in the face

Just hurt Thomas. See how big of a tough guy he is then

At some point someone is going to have to go strong on IT when he throws himself at them going to the rim

Take any pick of their players, I don't care who gets hit by a car.

Like I want Wade to snap Thomas's wrist like he did rondo

The refs need a serious call-out here. They're reffing like there's a supplemental income they're trying to earn.

Bradley has been better than both wade and jimmy all series long.

Bye Butler. Hello BKN PICKS and ROSE!

Jimmy is a pretender. Just trade his a**.

Still don't see why the gameplan shouldn't be double IT, taking the ball out of his hands
leave Marcus Smart wide open to brick 3s

that basically was the plan that’s why the celtics had so many open 3s, most of which they missed.

He's a good overall 2 way player being miscast as a go-to guy. He's not. Just not skilled enough offensively. The Bulls should have traded him at the deadline. His value is taking a hit this series. You can't win a championship if he's your best player.

I'm beginning to think we have the worst fans in the league.

It easy to look good when you are playing with bunch of good players. How would Bradley look if he switched places with Butler? Hell we have made Smart and Olynk look like good offensive players.

If Rondo had never broken his thumb I honestly think we'd be basking in a sweep. That was just catastrophic for this team with how bad the backup options are.

I'm done with Wade The experience was sh**, his defence makes me want to slit my f***ing wrist and just looking at his constant b**ching, whenever he’s on a court…. I’ve just had enough. Never thought I’d be able to dislike him more outside of Miami, but here we are… Can’t wait to see the back of that guy.

Refs have been pretty crappy all series long on both sides rally.

So do we mail it in for Game 6 or try and belabor this to a torturous Game 7 ending that seems all too predictable

If we get Game 1 and 2 Rondo back we still have a good chance to win this series.

I dunno I think the change is more Boston than us. They have been getting great looks all series just didn't make them in the first 2 games. Maybe in daze from ITs tragedy. They get a breakdown in the lane or wide open three almost every possessions.

Rondo will play. Just hope they push it to game 7 where anything can happen.

Jimmy gonna do some more fake tough guy posturing in the postgame tonight?

Jimmy was a complete let down again. I repeat...AGAIN Whatever happened with him guarding IT? He talked about how he was ready for it.

They double him all game a lot of his shots are bad shots as it is ..... The NBA is pushing the IT story to generate money

But shout out to the refs. This is one of the worst reffed playoff games that I remember in quite some time. It really was two different whistles tonight. Bulls get called for a foul any time the short guy falls over but it’s fine to break out pass protection moves and wrestling holds if you’re Boston

NBA is not or was never going To let the bulls win this series regardless of rondo playing. Ref def influencing this series and its a shame, bulls don’t help themselves but real bad calls creates bad play on the mental side of the game.

Boston deserves a heck of a lot of credit for making all 23 of their free throw attempts. They are only the seventh NBA team since 1964 to shoot 100 percent from the free throw line in a playoff game on at least 23 attempts.

best part of this gm... Morrow hacking the crap out of Olynyk’s arm. Did you see the welt left on his pale ass skin? haha

cant wait till the wizards destroy these flopping scrubs, wall is going to average 30 a game against this midget

Wade just informed teammates there's no hot water for showers in visiting locker room.

Hot water is for closers only!



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Home - Playoff #5

Post by worcester on Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:00 pm

Funniest line -

"Thomas is the least fun basketball player to watch ever."

Yeah, if you're a Bulls fan.

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