Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Away - Playoff #6

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Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Away - Playoff #6

Post by bobheckler on Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:58 pm

I think Bulls win this. Rondo makes a come back too.   (MY NOTE:  And I hit the lottery and am the first human to walk on Mars)

If Rondo comes back and goes ham, cool, it'll be fun. But for the most part, I'm over this series (and with it, this season). At some point I feel like I have to stop buying in to the glimpses of solid play. This team is fools gold.

Either Jimmy's spirit is broken, or his head is broken, or Avery Bradley is better than him. Not sure which it is, but unless there's a miracle fix Rondo's return won't matter. This team ain't winning any games with passive Jimmy Butler. There isn't enough other offense to get the job done.

Isiah Thomas has had moments in every game where he has put the Celtics on his back and carried them for a stretch. Jimmy has only had that kind of stretch 1 time in game 1. Outside of that, jimmy has played like a 2nd option. If we get any of that from jimmy we likely up 3-2 and not down 3-2.

This series is probably over now if Rondo doesn't get hurt or at worst it ends Friday in the Bulls favor.

Reality is and always has been, we're stuck with Hoiberg for awhile. They're not going to pay another coach to go away early. So with that in mind, it's thrilling to know NBA players will play for him, and fight hard.

Fight hard? Play hard for him? I'm not seeing it. I see a team that has come out flat in big games, looks lost, has no idea what their roles are, they're lazy and standing around a lot, getting out-worked and out-hustled most of the time.   Win or whatever.

At least it'll be a short drive going home since the game is at the UC. Sorry guys don't mean to trample, however I'm calling it. This series is over tonight.

Rondo with one hand is better than Canaan, MCW, and Grant. I hope he can give it a go.

I think the refs will be helping this series and the bulls in gm 6 to get to 7.

Would be nice to get some sort of help from them to make up for the last 5 games.

Would love the Bulls to come back and win this series just to stick it to the Celtics with the Majority of the Boston fans not even giving the Rondo injury any value in why the series turned back to their favor and talking mad smack. Not gonna happen though. Injuries happen and it sucks when they happen.

Besides the obvious reasons, I'd be extra happy to see the Bulls win the series because of the annoying Celtics announcers that I had to listen on the international league pass. Especially Tommy whatever-his-name-is. I have rarely heard so much homerism.

I feel bad for you! Tommy Heinsohn, the Boston color-man and ex-Celtic player and coach, is one of THE biggest homers in the business. With Tommy, BOS never commits a foul, ever. All are bad calls. It doesn't end there of course, he's on to the non-calls for plays where he thinks BOS was fouled no-call, which goes on the entire game.

Hey man give Tommy a break, he's old as dirt and has been a Celtic for over 60 years. It's all he knows Laughing

We foist Stacey and Neil on national audiences, so fair is fair. Although yeah, Tommy is even worse than them.  (MY NOTE:  That's 10x Champion MISTER Tommy Heinsohn to you, meat)

There will be no Game 7 folks. This series was over after Game 4. Jerry is probably happy they maxed the number of home first round games to make that cheddar

Thomas is flying home after this game for his sisters funeral. If there's a game 7 Sunday it'll be at 12:00 CT Which probably means it's in Boston's and IT's best interest to just close this out tonight. We're reeling, and they'll come out firing tonight for sure.

Bulls ECF?!

Not after the refs rig this one for IT so he doesn't have to worry about a game Sunday.

They don't need the refs, the Bulls are more than willing to help.

That's not a better storyline than IT propels (flops) the Celtics to a "historic" gm 7 win after returning from the funeral.

You know this isn't as entertaining as the Boston vs Bulls series many years ago. Our young Baby Bulls were stepping up and challenging the mighty BIG 3 1/2 at that time. This go around our Young Steeds are wetting the bed.

I predicted Celtics in 7. My friend predicted Celtics in six. Let's win tonight so that I get bragging rights

Seems like a loss. But these Bulls do have a way of doing the unexpected. Winning Game 6, getting the fans' hopes up, and then laying an egg in Game 7 would be more their style.

I think that the Bulls can, and will win tonight. I'm going to predict they win 112 - 104. Butler is going for 42pts and Wade will have a triple-double. I expect a big game from Lopez as well. Go Bulls!!

One thing that Boston has is a lot of talented/athletic wings who can all play defense. They have Smart, Bradley, Crowder, Brown and Green. They can keep throwing these guys at a player like Jimmy to give him different looks. Not many teams have this except for a couple of guys at the most.

Yea no other team has that, that's why I've been saying Jimmy and Wades eyes will light up when they see who's guarding them if we were to advance.

We would have taken them out if not for the Rondo injury. But to add to the "swept" next round..IT can't even guard Canaan can you imagine him against Wall..geez.

I'm a short guy myself but Thomas seriously has a little man complex. He's got a look like nobody can touch him and he gets away with so much including his big mouth. I just wished we put him on his ass with one hard f****** foul to send him a message. Smart's dumbass needs a good pop does Olynyk for being a dirty player and never getting fined for trying to pull out Lopez's shoulder.

Wow the crowd is dead

Absolutely pathetic how many empty seats there are. Absolutely pathetic.

i hate our crowd (MY NOTE:  After reading this, if I were a Bulls fan, I would all of you Bulls fans too)

I thought "Whoa lots of people wearing red" But they were in fact empty seats

Ok Thomas totally carried on that one

Wow I cant wait to not have to deal with this midget anymore (MY NOTE:  Done!)

I don't really care about winning at this point but can we at least look like we belong in the NBA instead of an overpaid D-League team?

Take Wade off Gerald Green please..

Shorties Isaiah's continue to talk sht to each other lol

I really want to beat the Celtics. Don't like them. Hopefully the Bulls aren't like 2015 playoffs where they just rolled over and died to the cavs.  (MY NOTE:  Better start getting ready for disappointment)

I hope Canaan roughs Thomas up big time. I can't stand that whiny, cocky midget. It kind of rubs me the wrong way this team isn't even playing tough, to be honest. We should be making them bleed for their buckets, and we are not.

As I suspected. Butler is more than fine on that last shot. All that other sore knee crap was just excuses.

This team is a joke. End the season now and rebuild.

Wade AGAIN staring as they get an easy dunk. This team has no heart

Who is guarding green?

It's like layup drills so far for Boston

Crowder whining like a wussy as always.

STFU Crowder always crying  (MY NOTE:  Pretty funny.  I've never seen a team that complains about as many fouls as Chicago, and maybe LeBron)

He has a point. I rewatched the sequence and really couldn't spot a 3s violation.

The NBA wants a game 7, right? Put the fix in, refs!

Olynick is such a b**ch

i see the give them wide open 3's defense isnt working

Refs still terrible

This team came out with zero intensity. They don't seem like they believe. It's a shame. Boston really isn't that good.

The Bulls defense went from damn good in the first two games to downright terrible ever since. I mean, Stevens did adjust, but it's not only that.

Wade has given up. Do the Bulls the favor and opt out. Take your Hollywood a** back to Miami

About time refs called a foul

Avery Bradley has literally become Steve Kerr from behind the arc.  (MYNOTE:  HIGH praise from a Bulls fan)

Dang he had a good look at that one. They only gave up 9 points in the last 5:30 of the quarter. Need to keep up the Defense.

That's because Isiah Thomas went to the bench.

He's the only superstar in the series. They create for themselves and create easy shots for their teammates. If you watch their offense runs a lot smoother when he's on the court.

Yeah Bulls also had a guy who runs the offense smoothly. But he got injured and hasn't played since game 2. Only reason why the Celtics are going to win this series.

I say if this game gets out of reach we go full "Semi-Pro" Jackie Moon and kick off a brawl At least give us the satisfaction of seeing Olynyk and/or Smart given some "act right" (MY NOTE: There is NOBODY on the Bulls that could do that with Marcus Smart.  Nobody)

Wade has sucked on defense since forever. He is one lazy player, don't matter what his +/- is. The guy is a letdown.

If anything Bradley is torching Jimmy Butler.

**** these refs sick of this ****

somebody needs to deck that runt

Portis got blocked at the rim by Jonas Jerebko LOL

If we're gonna lose, we might as well take out Olynyk.

Boston plays dumb 3pt shooting basketball

I see the "Bobby Portis coming out party" has been officially cancelled.

Was cancelled the moment Olynyk ripped the ball out his hands the other game Needs to be locked in a weight room and hooked up to a protein IV all summer. Inexcusable.

Bulls are making Avery Bradley look like the best rebounder ever

Can someone please knock Olynyk out please?

Who the hell is guarding Avery Bradley??

Yea these refs have rigged this one

Refs want this series to end LMAO! Its sick that refs are this terrible in general all around the NBA

Refs don't want us to win.

IT is such a little b**ch.

I hate Isiah Thomas...Wall going to destroy his b**ch  a**

Wade getting mugged no calls obviously games are fixed again this league is wwe now

Green Avery n smart taking turns tearing wade n jimmy apart. If they cant play get the young guys in with energy.

Why are the Celtics allowed so much contact without any calls? They hack like no team I've ever seen and it just never gets called.

But then on the other side we breath on them and it's a foul right! The refs are making this happen

I seriously wish someone would punch Thomas in the face

Jimmy gets an IT call. Finally.

Isaiah Thomas needs to shut the **** up  (MY NOTE:  Once again, pretty funny given that Canaan never stopped mouthing off to IT even when they were down 28)

Hard to score when you're getting fouled every play

I just want to see one real hard foul on Thomas. He's one of the most annoying players in the NBA, with his constant flopping and never shutting his mouth.

It's easy for Isaiah Thomas to be the "only superstar" in this series when his teammates are so much better than the Bulls not named Rondo and Butler that they can win easily without IT on the floor.

The NBA clearly doesn't want the Bulls to win and they clearly don't want a game 7

Those repeated non-calls by the refs in the paint for the Bulls really took the life out of them. You could see it.

Refs aren't going to bail out Wade and his fall down layup attempt.

I'm so sick of the Celtics threes.

Oh Lord, the human Celtic run is about to check in.

IT is having a crappy game. Pretty much all the Celts have been better. His supporting cast is playing great tonight

They don't miss.

I've never seen a team get so many calls on the road, especially in the playoffs. Their shooters are shooting almost 100% if you don't count IT

Boston plays the dumbest basketball I've ever seen. They just shoot 3s all game long,ridiculous.  (MY NOTE:  We shot 48.8% on the game.  That's not all 3s,
and if you cannot defend the 3 you cannot win in this NBA, meat)

They have over half their points on threes. We collapse everytime they drive. It's game six. The fact we can't figure this out is an abomination.

Once again, though, Thomas just ran into somebody, threw his head back, and got a call.

I have no idea why nobody has knocked this lil midget down HARD every time he drives. He's gonna get the call anyway, might as well make it count.

It's not the 90s can't hit guys hard anymore. Only time you can get away with rough contact is on screens.

It's not, but a timely flagrant foul wouldn't be the worst thing for this team.

Yeah that's what I'm saying. Swing your long arms HARD in the general direction of the midget (or the ball if it happens to be going up) and he'll fly.

Oh the next time IT goes close to the paint just knock his a** hard. That punk midget I really begin to hate him.

When he was gloating at Portis after Bobby got called for the offensive foul I realized how much I want Boston to go down in the next series. He really is a punk. Wall is going to eat that guy alive.

I'm watching the halftime show and all I can say is: there is traditional Chinese music that doesn't sound like it was made with dying cats

So...for those of you watching halftime, how does one get into the field of riding a unicycle while kicking plates from your foot onto your head?

21 point lead?? Rondo wasn’t saving this

Want to see what some people will say about Butler not moving the ball now. He drew the defense attention and set up wide open shots at least FIVE times in this quarter. His teammates bricked everything.

They didn't brick everything. Sometimes they passed out of a wide open 3 pointer for a shot clock violation.

Well, my feeling is that Boston is playing at about 70% effort. They're calm and collected, running the exact same plays that have been completely dazzling our defense 4 games in a row, and making their 3Ps like it's practice.

The first 2 Bulls playoff games were fun But now they look like one dead carcass. Now it’s time to think how will Gar/Pax F*** up their NBA draft pick.

Garpax common sense? Theres a better chance of thibs having a voice at the end of a basketball game

Garpax are like cockroaches. They'll survive a nuclear fallout.

Great, now the punk is heating up.

Officials aren't going to give anything to the Bulls tonight

Doesn't matter. Refs are not the reason Bulls are getting destroyed.

Please someone just pop IT one time so he knows what it feels like to get a real foul.

Well boys, even if we were good we couldn't withstand their 3-point shooting.

Wade, man. Every month this year has been worse than the previous month. He looks SO bad now. As #2 guards go, he's not even close to Avery Bradley level.

Playoff Wade though guys!

Wade is just another washed up vet using Chicago as a lucrative early retirement package. It's tradition now.

For those who haven't noticed, Boston is running two plays the entire game and Fred has not figured out how to stop either.

Who's man is Avery Bradley?

Bradley killing Butler again.

Opt out Wade. After all you've shown this series I bet somebody throws a big contract at you. You're the final nail in the coffin. Or you're the coffin. Or in the coffin. One of those, anyway.

These last four games are sweet vindication for Rondo.

IT getting super excited to beat the 8th seed in 6 games. High standards he has.

Shut up IT.

He's not going to shut up on his own. Bulls have to make him by actually playing NBA level basketball.

rondo stays healthy we likely win this series.

I can hear IT screaming like a clown from the bench. It's that quiet in the UC.

Hey Bobby why don't u do that to IT instead of freaking rozier.

Avery Bradley lighting Jimmy up

Boston feel like they playing against lil kids,this is bad. At least lose with a bit more pride,wtf is this

The other Bulls now sitting on 15-43. The Boston non-Thomases are 29-49, with 12 of those being 3s.

At least now we get to watch Wall punk Thomas for 4-6 games.

Celtics need to cut down on these celebrations we are dead+we didn’t act this cocky when it’s sister died..just saying  (MY NOTE:  Why don't you ask Rondo who's quitting now?  Selective memory is what you've got)

Yeah……bad comment there.

Thomas is obnoxious

Its cool Their going to get waxed by the wizards and are going to get to end up with the 5th pick.

Even their bench hitting 3s lol f*** this team

That Green has answered the call.

What would get me excited about this game/series loss is if we just fouled one of their guys hard and then stood over them... And yelled like Thomas has done the whole game

Wall had 42 tonight. I would say that IT will have a tough time guarding him but I assume it will be Bradley. At any rate, Wall is killing it.

He's got to "guard" Wall or Beal. Whoever it is will have a huge series.

Trade the whole damn team for cj mcollum. Build around CJ!

Cant wait to enjoy basketball again once these scrubs are done, wade has passed rondo on my hate list somehow

4-0 sweep by Washington would be salve to my soul....

at least the bulls made history, first team to win the first 2 on the road and lose the series

Avery Bradley is really well spoken, I like him.

My favorite guy on the Celtics. I would love to have him on the Bulls.

Is that a fire Hoiberg chant?

I thought they were saying LETS GO CELTICS. Laughing  (MY NOTE:  That's what I thought they were yelling too)

I know IT's sister just died in an awful tragedy and my heart really does go out to him and his family. It still doesn't stop me from wanting to punch him in the face. I didn't like him before the tragedy and series. I like him even less now.  (MY NOTE:  This is a seriously, emotionally conflicted and confused person)



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Away - Playoff #6

Post by Matty on Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:30 pm

It never seems to stop amazing me just how many fans actually WANT one of their guys to injure a Celtic.

 Other than wanting Perkins to give a really  REALLY hard foul once to a guy for taking rondo down in 08, I've never wished any such thing on a player ever. 

 Well other than Wade  and Laimbeer, which is totally understandable.

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Away - Playoff #6

Post by wideclyde on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:07 pm

Lots of stuff said by the Bulls fans but no one seemed to criticize the leadership of their team leaders.

Losing is one thing, but laying down and losing is much worse. Come on D. Wade, you have to be better than that.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Bulls, Away - Playoff #6

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