Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #2

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Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #2

Post by bobheckler on Wed May 03, 2017 3:42 pm


I'm trying to be optimistic. But I don't see the Wizards able to play great defense against this team. Bogs and Jennings are terrible defenders. The 3 pointers have been a defensive issue for the 2nd half of the season and Thomas can drive into the paint at will especially vs. Gortat and Smith.

Brandon Jennings is a **** idiot and a terrible basketball player and a cancer to any team that he is on. I hope we get absolutely wrecked by the Celtics because of his ignorant comments. This guy is the dumbest player I have ever seen. Total scrub player that does nothing well on the court and he disrespects a hall of famer.

Pierce played well for us and is a HOF player. Jennings is basically a nobody. Know your role and shut your mouth.

This Celtics team has 2 players we can't guard. Thomas and Horford.

We should guard Horford the same way he guards the Wizards - let him come down on someone's foot - that will work as well on Horford as it did on Beal and Morris.

WHY DID I WANT HIM TO SIGN IN DC? This guy is a piece of dirt. The league really needs to come down hard on this dude. Make a new rule penalizing players who even look like they injured someone purposely fining them and suspending for the duration of the victim's injury

Horford really does shoot out that front foot an extra 6"-10" inches or so on landing. Did the same foot move to both Beal and Morris.

If I were in Brooks' seat I would target Horford for very physical play. Too bad Jason Smith is awkward and not all that strong. Gortat is too valuable to the team with Mahinmi out. If I were coaching I would ask Mahinmi if he weren't too feeble to give me three hard fouls.

We are severely losing the coaching battle Scott Brooks being outcoached is a staple of his tenures.

Brad Stevens is probably the best coach in the EC playoffs... I kinda think he might be low key dirty though.. At least he enables that sort of play with his players. I believe his promotion of "playing hard" is great, but he probably just looks the other way on injuries so long as his guys win. The ends justify the means I guess. Definitely wish Brooks had that sort of fire. Definitely wish Brooks had Stevens' creativity

We need Jason Smith to come in a do this to Horford...

Looks like Morris thinks the Horford undercut was intentional.

2 quick ones on IT!

Nice flop Horford

I hope Hortford blows his acl tonight

Hey now, chill with that.

I see Wall has learned the art of drawing crap fouls

Thomas is a one man show on O

Beautiful by Morris. Guess that ankle is feeling okay. We’re winning this game.

Can we bring Ochefu in just to punch Olynyk in the face?

Why does Cleveland have no problem with IThomas but we get lit up.

We need to attack Thomas EVERY POSSESSION.

Come on, beat the racists!

I guess Olynyk will just be permanently wide-open.

This is what the Cs do whenever Bogs is in the game. Go at the weak defender. We're doing that against Olynyk and IT.

The problem with us is we don't adjust. Brad Stevens sees it twice and gets the liability off the floor.

We just have no answer for IT.

IT really is amazing. What a player.

Huh? Olynyk is still on the floor. We took Morris off due to two fouls so now he's thriving.

That was 100 percent intentional by Olynyk. Dude should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs if there’s any justice in this league.  (MY NOTE:  We see this a lot with Wizards fans.  Every foul is a deliberate attempt to injure a player.  In this play KO lost the ball out of bounds and Wall came down ON HIM.  Kelly cushioned his fall, except for his wrist, but this guy thinks Kelly threw himself underneath Wall intentionally)

Nothing dirty about that play. He lost control of the ball while he was going for the shot and tried to recover it just as Wall was airborne to challenge the shot. Unfortunate play, not anywhere near on that level than the Bowenesque challenges by Horford.

Yeah, it looked fine to me too - Olynk has been out of control on a whole bunch of plays so far, most of which ended badly for him.

He's just a dirty player somebody needs to smack his a**

Ochefu needs to come in and rough some fools up

I've NEVER seen Wall play this good. Total domination!

Celtics are so dirty. That was dirty by Olynk. He dove into Wall while he was in the air. Horford is dirty. Smart and Jae obviously. Only guys I can respect on that team are IT and Avery Bradley

Agree with IT and Bradley being the most likable Celtics, though. Avery Bradley in particular I quite like..

I guess Beal has to carry us for the 2nd qtr. Let's see how that goes. Hopefully, Bradley doesn't have him in his back pocket.

Don't mind seeing them put Thomas on the floor a few times.

Oubre isn't stopping Thomas, it's more of a novelty act, thinking he can guard him. Oubre should be in the game when IT is not in the game.

Brooks: "how's your wrist John?"
Wall: "I think its broken in 3 places"
Brooks: "Damn ok, we'll only play you 45 minutes today instead of 48 ok?"

Boston has the ugliest crowd in the league, by far.

I know we don't like giving other players respect but Avery Bradley is a damn good defender. Not sure why Morris would ever want to put the ball on the floor against him and try and drive.

The Celtics have already missed enough freethrows where it could become a factor down the stretch.

Smart is soooooo dirty man.

If we had Brooklyn's bench would we have a bigger lead than we do now?

They just have a ton of solid or great players. We have like 4.

Boston weathered our best punch. I know I'm a mega-pessimist but I think this ones over.  (MY NOTE:  No, you're just a prophet)

Man, it's hard to watch Wall and Beal defensively. Smart and Bradley just play harder. Getting out efforted

Boston fans are so dumb Do they not show replays on the big board or do they get confused?

Don't forget They have automated noise in their building

if refs are with Cs, that's gonna be hard

Am I the only person that seen Olynyk blatantly take out John’s legs?

They have enough guard depth to give Thomas a breather. When Smart was embarrassing himself they just put the ball in Roziers hands. Washington has Jennings, that's it.

Beal, the disappearing $22 million dollar man, earn your fricking Max Salary.

Too bad we don't have a first to draft a young player who could contribute off the bench.

If Isiah Dunks the ball...even during a timeout..i quit my life.

We caught a break with Avery injury at least.

Porter not as good as Crowder. Porter not as good as Prince. WHO is Porter as good as at the 3?

**** Crowder

Are the Celtics really going to injure all our players?

Looks like IT gone get SuperStar calls all night

Refs..just give the game directly to Cs

I wish TNT would show the boston fouls on replay

They'd have to acrtually acknowledge them to do that...

boston is going thug mode this quarter and refs aren't protecting the game

You have to give it to Stevens He gets plenty out of these players. When they leave they don’t do shit. Look at the guys that contributed last season who left the Cs and they were irrelevant this season.

What is this fluke sh**? Terry Rozier fadeaway?

You could make an argument that any random schlub on Boston would be our best bench player.

I don't like to complain about refs, but it seems they're letting Boston play physically but not doing the same for us.

only black guy i've seen shown on the crowd cam was a wizards fan sneaking in on a celtics fan shot hahah

Boston has a better bench. John is better than any Celt.

"wall got shoved out of the way...." Nice way of saying Boston is playing physical with no calls because the refs are scared of hearing their crowd boo

Boston is trying to injure our players

Crowder was actually suggesting he had a clean block? That dirty POS.  (MY NOTE:  Replay showed he did get a lot of ball, he also caught the side of Porter's head)

Why does Boston want to murder all our players.

If that's anything but a flagrant 2, then the refs are rigging this ****.

**** jae Crowder, that's not a basketball play. Mugging someone mid air. POS

This Boston team is dirty. Crowder, Horford, Smart--all dirty as ****

To be honest that's not a flagrant, neither is dirty. And I hate that Chowdah dude  (MY NOTE:  A sprinkling of good sense)

F-you Ainge,

Why are these broadcasters trying to justify Boston's actions. Get that man outta here.

**** loser Crowder. Dirtbag

It was just a hard foul. The problem is our guys don’t foul hard so it looks so much worse.

They are being more reckless than malicious Except for olynyk. I swear he meant to undercut John

If Crowder was John, he'd get tossed

I wish we had a younger Oakley on our team. He'd take out half of the Boston team.

Is it just me or did the Celtics fans boo Porter when he got up from what had looked like a potential serious elbow injury?

Yes they did. They booed Morris after he got hurt in game one too. Trash fans following a trash team

A Boston dream, look at all those little white kids running the floor during the break, not a black face among them. Boston youth basketball it's all white.

Olynik, Crawder and Smart are all dirty punks. I wish someone knock them out.

Captain Obvious says their bench is way better than ours.

Hip pointer for Bradley from watching the replay again, could slow him down in the second half, which could work in our favor. Stevens would probably like to see more of him on Wall.

if Olynyk touches Wall someone needs to take one for the team and take their KO out.

John Wall is better than the entire Celtics team

I suggest when Wall goes out someone make a flagrant foul. Yeah you give up 2 extra points but that video review will bring in some quality 2,3 minutes rest for Wall. Much better than a 10-2 run

And Thomas is grabbing at that fake tooth....

This is one scuzzy team the Wiz are playing.

celtics starters feed energy from bench Wiz starters lose energy from bench

We need to knock the he** out of somebody Just on general principle.

Wow Celtics are the dirtiest team in NBA....we need a funeral game...(MY NOTE:  Two more games like the last two and you'll have one)

If Wiz win this game, it's 5 game series. Celtics will struggle in DC.

I wish....but come on, Boston is a good team with everybody playing hard

Morris telling the Cs he is going to F*** them up IT needs to stop though, Morris will destroy him.

C's are dirty I don’t care

Ridiculous that keef gets a technical for calmly telling IT to stay away

Didn't the Cs hurt Love last season I think it is clear what is going on with them, it is okay if we are allowed to retaliate, but cannot just be one way.

Why are we doubling Brown and fouling Crowder? Make those guys score

I find it fascinating how Thomas' presence doesn't seem to impact the Wizards one way or the other. We're just as likely to be crushed by the Celtics' bench than we are their starters.

Celtics must have found something in the game film about Beal. They realize he's a suspect ball handler and have made a real effort to try and strip his dribble.

Marc Davis is a horrible ref

Man, the Cs come off of screens so much cleaner than we do -- in large part because we haven't learned to grab arms and throw bows the way the Cs do.

Celtics are the tougher, more aggressive team. They are out hustling the Wizards too.

Pathetic effort, wall has the basketball IQ of a 5 year old.  (MY NOTE:  But I thought you all said he was better than any Celtic?  LOL)

Cute how Horford can set a pick with his arms too.

Judging by the Boston fans You would think they had no history of great basketball and success.

That's two head butts from IT this game
The second one was a CLEAR offensive foul smh IT can get calls whenever he wants. I expect him to take multiple trips to the line in the 4th.

We now officially have the refs from the Hawks series NBA gets worse and worse with this garbage

I know Crowder is good But when did this dude become a star. Gets a crazy amount of calls.

Playing the best 4th quarter team in the league and the refs

I hate IT !!!

5 point swing gifted by the refs Taking away the ko 3 on the Smart flop And letting Horford moonwalk

Why don't we match Boston hustle? Sound like a good idea?

Jaylen Brown been holding since he has came into the game and the refs just acting like they don't see it

Horford with the mean moving screen on John It's his speciality

Gortat getting boxed out by Marcus smart

If IT was taller he would not be getting these calls

We have to win this one Boston will steal one in DC, they are a solid all around team that plays well in the 4th. That will keep them in the game even in a hostile crowd. Plus the refs will continue to bless them as the NBA darling in this series.

Unfortunately we do not have a consistent closer and Celtics do. Even though he 5 ft tall. I can believe this

This series is rigged You can’t honestly tell me Horford doesn’t do exactly, if not more, what Gortat does on screens

I can't even say sh** cuz Gortat gets away with a lot too

the wrist is part of the ball when you are the visiting John Wall playing in the Boston garden.

Why does it seem that every offensive rebound the Celtics get results in a wide open 3??!!!

Say what you want about that snaggle-toothed PG for the Celts....He's money.

Celtic fans will overrate Rozier even more now Playing well tonight though

Is Boston beatable? Why did we like this matchup again? Playing against a team that only shoots 3's is psychological terror.

How good is Rozier?

Damn, that set by Brad Stevens was brilliant, tricked Gortat into helping on the first ball screen and getting out of position for a 2nd ball screen with Thomas being trailed by Wall. Wide open.

We got Roizer looking like ray Allen.

I'm cracking a 9.5% Alcohol beer after this one.

F*** you Marcus Blart

Free throws Cannot bitch about the refs when you miss the gifted ones in crunch time

IT gets the reverse effect than what Shaq received Shaq would get hacked all game but they would rarely call fouls. IT gets touched or fouls someone else and it is typically in his favor

It's crazy how the announcers are all on IT talking about how amazing he is When Wall is statistically as good or outperforming him.

IT has been a flamethrower this quarter. He deserves it

Everyone prepare for IT attempt to draw a foul and a horford moving screen. And smart punching someone. And Bradley tackling someone

IT is going to either scoring another 15, dish out 5 assists or draw 5 fouls in OT.

Two straight air balls by Morris and Smart completely outhustles our frontcourt for the 10th time.

Yo. Idk why Thomas couldn't stay his a** in the west

We winning this FAM.

Well this game just became that much tougher to win Everything is going the Celtics way, we need to score first

Boston want it more... Wizards are playing like they have another quarter

I'm embarrassed for wall. He checked out after he airballed some shots. Could care less if they win or lose

Yup, we are losing this series in 5.

Thomas shines despite playing heavy minutes. Wall can't seem to function as an NBA player.

IT just has complete control of our team

Thomas deserves this win.

IT repeatedly attacking the rim and Wall is shooting 3 pointers, is that real life

it's easy for IT when he can rest on D because we won't attack him.

It's like only the Celtics are allowed to go for rebounds. If the Wizards try to the refs call a foul.

John is dead tired.... I hate the Cs

Don't lose to these bums

You don't use dribble moves on Avery Bradley. Smh

The Celtics play with more passion, energy, and effort, plus they have a better coach and all around team. They will also get better than offseason compared to us having no assets. I blame Ted and Ernie for this.

Wizards have been the better team, but they don't deserve to win. Mentally soft and unfocused in crucial moments. The Celtics are embracing the opportunity, the Wizards look tentative and scared.

They are better right now They have a 2-0 lead and win when it matters most, in the 4th quarter. We play well in the 1st but then collapse under the pressure. They are deeper which will fatigue us even more. It sucks but it is the truth. Plus they play smarter. What pisses me off the most is they are ascending while we have to pray that are players continue to develop because there is no help on the way, unless we get the magic 2nd rounder.

Anyone else hear that artificial crowd noise?

Sorry to say but IT is making a legit case of being better than John

More like Boston is making a legit case of being better than Washington

Playoffs and taking your team deep is what makes you a true star Right now IT is looking like the better of the two. Then again he does have the better team, coach, gm, and owner, so that helps.


I f***ing hate IT This team cant f***ing stop him

Maybe John would have more energy late in games if he had some teammates. Not making excuses for him, but IT doesn’t have to do it all himself.

But IT has. He single-handedly carried them down the stretch and in OT. It’s been a one-man show.

Celtics can challenge Cleveland in a 7 game series Cleveland is not that good this year  (MY NOTE:  That sound you hear is the sound of this fan giving up on the series)

Wizards have no one who can guard IT.

May be time to Rick Mahorn that cocky little punk.

The Celtics are just the better team. Flat out the better team.

This one's on Beal. That airball at the end of regulation was just sad. Series isn't over but not looking good. Hate losing to the Celtics, worst fan base in sports

F*** this racist city

Series over. When it mattered, IT was better than Wall and Stevens was better than Brooks. In critical moments the Celtics players look poised, disciplined, and focused, while the Wizards appear to be on their heels, sloppy, tentative, and scared.

Take this back to DC Time for revenge

Make it friggin physical. If the Cs are going to get all the touch calls, don't commit touch fouls. Commit hard fouls!!!

We need to start knocking Thomas on his ass. Can't let a player drop 50 on you and not be touched.

Thomas deserves this win.

True. Sorry for his loss, too.

C's guards outrebounded our bigs. That's just shameful. (MY NOTE:  Playoff Rozier!!)

Imagine if Beal had a mediocre game, this would have been over a long time ago.

The thing is...they just played good D on Beal. He played poorly because the Celtics strategy and effort on stoping him were top notch.

Brad Stevens is coaching a lap around us. He's been fantastic.

Are the Wizards allowed to grab Isaiah off the ball so that he doesn't get clean looks or switches off the pick-and-roll? Asking for a friend.

No Boston is the only team that gets to cheat like that

The free throw attempts that sent it to OT were gifted.
Al Horford sticks a foot out on a screen with impunity.
Marcus Smart looks like Joe Jacoby blocking the counter trey on his illegal screens--which were uncalled.
I feared that the refs would be IT sympathy led.
Watching I have a new disdain for the Celtics. Cheating a**Ed bastards.

So many key calls by the refs that made this game easier for the Celtics. Oubre's called off 3. IT's free throws to tie it and force overtime. Bradleys steal/hold of Wall's arm.  (MY NOTE:  Oubre's 3 was called off because the foul CLEARLY happened before the shot)

Honestly, I don't know how you guard IT....especially with the way the refs allow the Celtics to play. I did nothing but focus on Horford and he literally moves on EVERY pick

let's not forget the flagrant foul ref never called when Otto got hit in the head. That was a horrible non call

NBA Rule #435: A foul is a foul UNLESS its the Celtics. Then, we let it go.

I think refs helped Boston but Thomas was just phenomenal.

I now hate the Celtics and their fans.

Thomas got a bailout just to tie the game before OT. The Wizards need to hammer that little dude in DC.

The single biggest difference between the Wizards and Boston IMO is coaching.

I think the biggest difference is that they have a bench and we don't.

Ok, maybe I'm starting to see what Brooks is talking about. Hate bitching about refs but this was a huge play.

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Def a foul. Might need to call em out publicly and try to elicit a fine for anything to change however. Otherwise being like "hey man they be grabbing us" isn't going to change a damn thing.

Wizards got their fair share of calls too. Let's not pick one play and harp on it. This is the playoffs and you won't get all the whistles.

Game 3 wall is going to go Jordan mode...
We saw it in the Hawks series...
Every game he loses he steps it up another level...
I think wall is understanding he has to do it all non stop...
He can't rely on beal as much as he did in the regular season...
We will see wall doing a lot more driving...less assist and a lot more scoring...expect a monster 50+ game from wall next game...along with a win...
If there's any player in the league that feeds off the competitivemess it's wall
Wizards in 6

My new mantra is also WIZARDS IN SIX.

It's interesting to see two fan bases feel exactly the opposite on the same thing. Celtics being called for 3 fouls in 10 seconds putting them over the the limit with over 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter certainly didn't ring home cooking to me.

Those were fouls. And the refs were, at that particular time, doing their job. The refs actually looked like they read the NBA rules.

Tell me, is holding onto an opponents hand a foul? Let me guess, you will say "it depends". But the NBA rule book says different. When the refs don't call that a foul, its called " home cookin'". When you intentionally or unintentionally hit someone on the head, its a flagrant. So says the NBA rule book. But not the refs in Celtic land. That is called "home cookin'". I could go on...but I think you get it.

I suppose the non technical foul on Morris for blatantly throwing Horford into the media was clean too?

My favorite play was when Morris threw Horford. Smile Markieff gets it. That is how the rest of the Wizards should be playing Boston. Boston is like a bigger brother who is not as good at basketball but who knows how to kick your butt. They are like a tiny older dog who has intimidated a younger bigger stronger faster dog. Throw their asses into the cheap seats! Horford sticks his leg out? Accidentally kick him in his calf or thigh. Say, "Sorry man", even though you do it on purpose. This is how they are doing Washington.  (MY NOTE:  So they're not getting calls but they admit that Morris threw Horford into the media and didn't get called for anything and that's his favorite play)

AS rigged as it gets. No shame... Olynyk sliding under John Wall after he lost the ball was dirty as well. He could have broke his hand and if you watch it closely you will see him going under him intentionally.

Yep. And then look up incredulously at the ref asking why he didn't get a foul call. He's a dirtbag too. Injured Kevin Love two years ago on a scumbag play. Boston is the dirtiest team in the league and their fans are trash.

Olynyk clearly made an unnatural motion towards Wall to hurt him. Any one who actually has played sports would know that's malicious. If you're falling over, you're just going to fall. Not lunge sideways into an opposing player. Saw the same thing about Delly last year when he was trying to hurt players and had people saying "he just fell".

I said it was dirty the moment I saw the replay. I've calmed down a bit and now think he was reckless and flopping at the expense of John Wall's landing safely. Still bad though.

Cs are just tougher point blank. IT getting into the lane repeatedly and not hitting the floor repeatedly shouldn't happen.

Team should be fouling Thomas hard as hell each time he goes towards the basket. Refs are going to call touch fouls anyways, make him think twice about going in the paint

The refs are punishing john wall. Its pretty simple.

Can we please stop blaming the refs and start blaming ourselves?

Celts feeling Bullet proof now It’s going to be nigh on impossible for the Wiz to win this series, tonight was a huge blow.

Soft calls for IT cost us the game.

Wizards got tired Celtics play more players; fresher at the end

How did IT end with a +10 and Wall a -3?" I can answer that: The wizards lost by 10 points and Wall played 47 of 53 possible minutes.

IT played 44 what?

I'm really worried for games 3 and 4. How do these guys respond after that choke?

Thomas doesn't have to work as hard as JWall Boston threw Smart and Crowder on him where they made JWall work, work, work……Tell me who do we go to make IT work, work, work?

Funny remembering that post after that game that said something like. Shut down everyone else and make IT beat you. Not like he can score 60 pts on his own. Yeah

I feel very confident saying if Boston was coached by Brooks, and Washington by Stevens, the series would be 2-0 in the Wizards favor as of now.

Ha...the series would be over. The Wizards would sweep. Do you think Stevens would let a 5’9" PG score 53 points in a playoff game? And, completely dominate the game on nearly every possession!

I think you're underselling Thomas' greatness. Teams have been trying to stop him all season, and no one has done so consistently. He has been a monster in the fourth quarter all season. He’s an epic scorer, playing with a deeply lit fire fueled by personal tragedy.

Who's your favorite Celtic of the series?
1. Jae "two hand takedown" Crowder
2. Al "foot in landing zone" Horford
3. Avery "let me feel your pulse, John" Bradley

You left out Kelly O undercutting Wall

Isaiah gets away with blatant carries. Like for real the refs let him do w/e he wants with the ball

It's more depressing coming in here and reading our whining than it would be to go to the Celtics board and read all of their gloating. (MY NOTE:  Oh Damn!  I can't give enough +1s for this one!)



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #2

Post by atcross on Wed May 03, 2017 4:45 pm

"I'm cracking a 9.5% Alcohol beer after this one." I would think they might have gone for that during the game, not after. I know I did. Except it was gin, not beer.

Btw Bob, thanks for posting these. I hope the people posting on our side read all of the complaining about refs and realize it never sounds good. If the game is close enough that one or two bad calls could make the difference then there's a chance we will lose. It's the nature of the game. Put them away by thirty or be prepared for a little luck to play a role.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #2

Post by dboss on Thu May 04, 2017 12:24 pm

Great stuff!
Thanks Bob


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #2

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