Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Away, Playoffs Semis #3

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Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Away, Playoffs Semis #3

Post by bobheckler on Fri May 05, 2017 2:40 pm

Bright side is we will be at home and should get the critical calls

Thomas honored his sister. He's played two transcendent games. Bravo! Now it is time for both Wall and Beal to have their 50-point games over the next four games, which Washington can win.

I concur, I wouldn't be shocked to see the Wizards win the next 4 games.

Is there a dirtier player in the league than Marcus Smart?

Would Bojan really be that bad on D if we put him in as a 4? Yes his help D will hurt but I don't see Crowder as a big enough threat creating his own shot

Brooks on Bogdanovic: "I didn't play him enough last night. ... I anticipate him playing more tomorrow night" Any ounce of hope is now gone.

I like playing bogs more in this series...he may not be the best defensively and he been in a shooting drought but he plays tough offensively(and a little dirty) we need that..

Haha, more minutes for Jennings, this guy Brooks is a Boston double agent bruh!

Kobe reaching out to IT, a Celtics player, helping him study film but not Wall. F*** Kobe for that

I hate you, Kobe. Why you do this? It's not fair.

F***n Kobe I knew I hated his face for a reason. How is The Laker gonna help a Celtic

THE STORY ESPN AND TNT WON’T TOUCH Did Marcus Morris sub in for his twin brother after Markieff rolled his ankle in Game 1?

I'm not a fan of "Wizards Killer," but it might be literally true in the case of Olynyk Thankfully, when he undercut Wall he failed to injure him as badly as he did Kevin Love last year.

Surprised that play isn't getting talked about more. That was dirty as sh**. He literally just undercut Wall and took him out.

Talk about overexaggeration. It clearly wasn't intentional. Stop spinning everything to make it seems like we are the victims.

He launches himself, shoulder first, into an already airborne player to try to fool the refs into thinking he was fouled. It shows a blatant disregard for player safety and sportsmanship. That is dirty and dangerous as he**. In my opinion

Dude should've gotten a suspension That is clear as they come and you know Washington if it was the other way around would have gotten a immediate ejection

You're the biggest moron if you thought that wasn't intentional Olynyk literally dropped the ball and leaned into Walls knees…..

IT and Horford may the only likable players on the Celtics. Obligatory F*** Jae Crowder.

My hate for Boston has quadrupled in the last few weeks Didn’t even think that was possible but after the last 2 series vs the Red Sox and the O’s and then these heartbreaking losses… I loooooath them. That city doesn’t deserve all this glory. The only area with more distasteful and despicable fans than PA. Eff the New England area. Go Wiz!!!  (MY NOTE:  Hating us for beating them.  Is there any greater joy and sense of glory for a Boston Celtic fan?)

Funny how all these stories about Boston racism are in the news now didn't everyone already know that Boston is a racist sh**hole?

While Bill Russell was winning Boston their 67th nba title, people broke into his house and smeared sh** everywhere, writing you can guess what on the walls. Really great people up there.

If Keef has to take a dumb foul on somebody next game and we all know he will.. I hope he takes it out on Olynyk’s f***ing face. I’m not a violent person but he and this dirty a** team deserves that and more

After doing some extensive mental jogging, running through all scenarios, I don't see Washington taking 4 games from Boston. Isaiah is getting the blessing from Brady, KG and now Kobe (who was breaking down footage in the Bulls series). The little guy is basically an unstoppable force until he hits the LeBron train. He is mentally tougher than anyone on this Washington team. Probably from carrying a chip on his shoulder from being counted out his whole life. It’s as if nothing fazes him at this point.

There is no NBA player I detest more than Kelly Olynyk

For me, 100% Marcus Smart

Nah, Kelly Olynyk I can’t stand the dude. Smart flops, Olynyk is dangerous

Kelly is dangerous Because the dude gets away with murder, someone needs to put him in his place

I'd like to see Beal flop a few times while off the ball to maybe draw fouls. I'm sick of Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart holding him all the time to keep him from making his cuts. Either that or throw an elbow or two to make them let go.  (MY NOTE:  You got your wish.  Beal did the absolute worst flop this series during this game)

Ok, how long before Boston does something dirty. Over under ?

Ok, Kelly O and Smart will be in soon. That's why we find out how dirty the game will be

Jeez, Crowder never misses.

Morris is the mismatch that Boston cant really handle

Keef done gave up 8 points already

I love when Morris posts up thinking he has a mismatch. In reality there is no mismatch. Brick.

Which of the Morris twins is in a Wizards uniform tonight.

Morris is f'n horrid.. This guy is so freaking worthless..

We need the other Morris twin to put on a Wizards uniform.

Cs turning the ball over a lot.

John doing a great job on far

I'm only concerned anout the 4th quarter

Defense has been tremendous so far except for Morris on Crowder.

Missing FTs again. This team just won't focus

We have to bury this team.

What is up with Boston's lineups? It is like Brad Stevens is messing with us….

Geez, Keef, the fadeaway sh-t against a smaller defender ain't working.

To be fair, Jae Crowder isn't that small. He probably has a standing reach about the same as Morris'.

Why haven't they unleashed IT?

It's pretty hard to get very excited about this early start. We've seen this movie before.

How the he** are we not up 2-0..

All it does is make me sad about how we should've won game 1/2. We've been literally the better team for 75% of the series yet down 0-2. Must be a record

WAIT GUYS....the Wiz winning when IT off the floor, Beal has 2 fouls and Wall is all over the place.... What happens when Wall is spent, Beal is playing like crap and IT is rested and HOT!? We gotta get up by 100

Boston had that home cooking. Isaiah Thomas has been inspired because of his family tragedy. Helped them get sympathy calls and no calls as they clutched and grabbed. After the Wizards blow them out today and win game 4, it's on

I don't care if we loose to Cleveland We can’t loose to Boston.

These refs Are starting to f*** us  

Same old story Wiz get a big lead to start, refs give the Celtics free throws to make it competitive, then the Celtics make a legit run without the refs help.

Our TEAM is so much better than the Cs. We have just got to maintain our composure no matter what the Refs call,stay in the Now and continue to stay aggressive on offense and Deeefense

John aint resting tonight lol There was a reason he whore that cape the other day.... Super Point God

You mean *wore The word you used has a completely different meaning lol

Jerebko is a gigantic Wimp. Am I allowed to say this still?

Thomas getting untracked

It's a bit harder for Boston to come back on the road than at home. They won't be getting energy from the crowd.

Stevens is putting in weird combos. I like what he's doing but hope to he** the Wizards kept whoopin' dat a**

They're not coming back this game.

Refs going to work to make this game closer.

You listen to the announcers and you think we're the team up 2-0. That's depressing.

Cs are playing like utter trash

Need Mahinmi to put IT on this butt the next time he drives.

they afraid of Ian. Ian, Jennings and Morris would light up anyone on BOS, IMO.

Oubre just got ejected but it was SO worth it.

Not when he gets a 2,3 game suspension and Boston storms back from this

He should get nothing!. Ibaka and robin Lopez threw punches and were only suspended one game

This isn't the f-ing YMCA, it was a dirty play by Olynyk, show some poise.

We win this game because we don't have to play Oubre Laughing

Olynyk DESERVES to be injured.

That was just an illegal screen. What the hell is Oubre doing?

Damn he almost took out the ref too

Oh come on, that was just an offensive foul, nothing dirty. Oubre just went full YMCA. That was embarrassing

Kelly Oubre don't play that ... Kelly Olynyk needs his A** kicked.

Oubre might have legit just lost us the series. He'll miss game 4 and the bench is bad enough already. Lol

It might be inappropriate announcer woman, but it IS street justice. I just WISH I were a bench player for the Wizards. I'm off the bench going for knees.

Boston cheats. Jerebko and Olynyk gooning it up because they can't compete.

Olynyk flopped and folded like a cheap suit too.

Don't kick Oly's rear end. Instead, take out Thomas.

That cheatin' goon is dead to me. (Unless he's a free agent. Remember when Artest and Kobe didn't get along, only to have Meta World Peace join the Lakers years later.)

It looks to me like it was Olynyk's elbow that flared into Kelly's throat, and the fact that Olynyk was still moving forward. That might not look 'dirty' but it's like getting a football block put on your blind side.

We need one of our deep bench guys to F up IT.

Dirty screens are laid on players all the time. You don't f-ing charge the guy like it's street ball. If you want to get in his face, fine. Chest-to-chest. Not smart and he might get suspended for Game 4

Gortat gotta foul Olynyk. Flagrant one if need be. Olynyk did EXACTLY what his coach wanted

Getting elbowed in the face would set off a hothead like Oubre Wish he elbowed Olynyk back though

Wish he had got a more clean shot to Olynk

Someone had to. Can't let Boston keep filthin' the joint up unabated.

Are we in their heads now? I feel like we've rattled them with that clothesline play.

Gortat SMARTLY FELL DOWN when Isaiah Thomas ran into him. If they were playing in BOSTON they would have whistled against Marcin.

That was a really stupid move by Oubre, but the Celtics are just dirty. Jerebko there with the 'you're coming with me' grab on the way down and then Olynk with the elbow to the throat on that screen. They're exceedingly unlikable.

I think McCutcheon saved Oubre from throwing punches that would have led to a suspension.

We've rattled them in DC. When we go back to Boston in game 5, it's going to be a different story.

ESPN loves Boston Doris is such a joke. No blame for Boston ever.

This all comes from Brad Stevens.

Olynyk has to be dealt with by the league Tries to undercut wall the other day and now another dirty play. Swear these refs can’t recognize sh**.

Told youll just wait until Kelly O and Smart come in. That's when it gets dirty.

IT needs a good hard pick on him.

How can anyone listen to Doris Burke? Shes an idiot, straight up. Both of them but she’s convinced theres nothing there. Olynyk flopped, and he put his shoulder into him

ESPN as a whole riding for Boston Have you not been keeping up?

Olynik flopped when Kelly shoved him too. So f***in annoying. Then he set another illegal pick on Brad two possessions later with no call

This is why we're better without Oubre, at least when IT is on the court. They just hide him on Oubre and Oubre can't make him pay.  Now we have Otto and look at the results.

That play is going to swing this series one way or another.

I think it could end up being a blessing in disguise--because Olynyk is dirty and fans/officials aren't dumb. A LOT of fans wanted to see Olynyk on his a**

Put Sheldon in to under cut one of their main players. Sorry. But it has to be. That BOS team is scum.

Otto just beating the absolute stuffing out of IT.

KO's not getting suspended for that All he did was run and shove a dude who then flopped.. We Good

But gotta protect Boston

Giannis got suspended for doing the exact same thing Oubre will probably get a game

Al Horford is working Gortat right now

Wow. The commentator is really all in for Boston arent they

Might as well put Tom H. In the booth.

I absolutely love seeing Thomas get exploited like that - it looks like a high school game with someone called up from JV on those postups.


Beal cant **** post up a 5.8 dude

Time for the Wizards to give another hard foul

Flail + Being short = Free throws

The refs pamper IT

Really questionable but Kieef should know U r not allowed to BREATHE on IT

Take out Thomas. Olynick is dirty. But instead of taking him out and costing us a player, take out Thomas. Game over.

I'm all for tough play, but I can't cosign taking a player out.

Man these commentators love the Celtics it's actually hard to listen to

We are up 20+ almost the whole game And have heard nothing but stuff about Brad Stevens and how good the Celtics shoot threes and how IT is friends with Kobe.

I'm watching on delay and so far all the chatter has been about how good Wall is
Bring in a scrub to take out Thomas. Game over and we lose nothing. Or wait until we have a game in which we are not winning by a big lead.

If I'm Beal I'm taking this personal that I'm the only one on the floor who IT can guard 1 on 1

Karma is a b***h. Boston finally missing free throws.

Kelly did dumb thing he weak us in this game and let's pray it won't be more game suspension.
On the othet hand I wish someone hit Olynik in his ugly face for being trashy dirty punk.

The C's Kelly is scum....he is just dirty enough to hurt someone "accidentally" and change the course of the NBA playoffs..ask Love

Finally they tried torch IT on def end. It should be done from the 1st game. Especially when he was in foul trouble early and Stevens let him play.

Got the guy missing free throws he's so unnerved.

I don't like the Celtics but how can you not love ITs story with everything he got going on...

Avery Bradley can really play good defense...he cheats well too

Avery Bradley is a tremendous defender

I just love Avery Bradley. What a great defender. He's the best there is at fighting around screens.

This game is always won by the home team. Game 4 is the game that will be an indicator. This means nothing.  (MY NOTE:  I agree.  I didn't see how any team that is good enough to make the 2nd round would lose their first home game after giving away the first two games)

Brad Stevens should be required to wear a tie in the playoffs... If you not gonna wear a tie then you need to wear Jeans with that jacket and shirt.

Refs doing work for Boston.

I love that Oubre knocked dirty Olynick on his tail. I only wish he had got him the neck and knocked him out of the series.

Right....not enough damage done, but maybe there was. He was garbage that half.

Smart, Olynick, and Crowder are thugs.

When the score is close next game, maybe early in the game, put in Ochefu or McCullough to take out Thomas with a forearm shiver to the head or neck.

What is with you and wanting to hurt IT? We are better than them with him on the floor, just need to finish these games.

People just want us to return the favors. Its the tone BOS set . Not us

F them. Sorry. They earned it.

I don't care for them either, but wanting to take a guy out instead of beating him is for losers  (MY NOTE:  + 1 and the ball)

Wall needs to keep his foot off the gas until we reach ECF. Then accelerate again

Wall and Beal keep getting hammered. Time to retaliate. But wait until we are in a close game. And use a scrub off the bench to do the deed.

Celtics have been straight pitiful - that's why they're losing.

Couldn't care less about the screen, Olynyk had it coming Boston thought they gonna be the physical ones.

Solid LEGAL hard pick? Since when is thrusting with your shoulder at your opponent’s head while setting a moving pick legal?   And since the Referee called an offensive foul on Olynyk, doesn’t that mean it was an ILLEGAL pick? I would stop short of calling Oubre’s reaction "stupid". I might call it unnecessary, or ill advised, or perhaps even hot headed. But what I CAN call stupid is Stephen A. Smith’s assertion that the screen set by Olynyk was a "solid legal Hard pick".  (MY NOTE:  It was an offensive foul on Kelly, obviously, but this is the playoffs and the play gets more physical)

LOL Beal flopped there. I gotta be honest. But hey, if Boston is going to play that way, Wizards might as well too.  (MY NOTE:  Fine, but then STFU about Smart and Kelly etc)

When the score is close next game, use a scrub off the bench to take out Thomas with a forearm shiver to the head or neck. Boston needs to get the message that the Wizards won’t put up with their dirty play.

It’s because Olynick, Crowder and Smart are all dirty players. We don’t need to retaliate this game, but at some point in a close game this series we need to take out Boston’s best player to send a message.

I like that we're flopping more. If we want more FTs we have to sell it

What happened to Smart He could actually score and looked like a basketball player in college. Now he is a football player with his patented flop.

Jerebko had his hand on Mahinmi's hip and pulled him down. Another dirty play!

8 turnovers for Smart. Not so Smart

These two teams won't be able to play on Christmas day!

If Jennings was on some other team I would really dislike the guy lol

Jennings is annoying!!!!!! I mean I don't like the Cs but come on play basketball.

Behave like a 5 year old after the game is already over? Stevens is right, Jennings initiated all of that. Rozier should go full Kelly Oubre on him LOL

Jennings has Rozier’s number Jennings already stole his shoe last game All he did was get himself and Rozier ejected, which I guess hurts them more. Would have been better in a game that was actually close

Superstar potential by James Young And the lead is down to 20!

Jaylen Brown swinging elbows, Olynyk and Smart taught him well, bunch of cheats

Okay. Next game put in a scrub to take out Thomas when the score is close early. Game over.

The only problem is that Jennings is antagonizing the wrong player. He should bait somebody like Marcus Smart and get HIM thrown out of the next game. Who cares about Rozier?

Yay, Jennings ejected. Thank you God.

Rozier dumb enough to let Jennings get under his skin.

Man Brad Stevens is a professional coach...even if I'm not a fan of his attire.

Man there's 2 days of rest until Game 4. It gives Boston a chance to recover and all that rest we gave and Wall and Beal becomes kind of useless.

Hopefully Jennings can get tossed early in game 4

What a difference DEFENSE makes finally hold the opposing team under 100 . GO WIZ !!!

Good rivalry Boston is easy to hate for so many reasons.

After game 2 I said Wiz win G3, G4, G5, G6. They still haven’t proved they can stop us.  (MY NOTE:  But you proved you can stop yourself and we proved we can take advantage)

I didn’t realize how much I missed hating the Celtics this much.

They are just mad because they know Isiah will never be a consistent complete player. He’ll have games like game 2 and then once a lockdown defender (like consistent complete PG John Wall) gets on him, it’s a wrap. Tired of this dude having 2 good years and he’s the second coming of Iverson.

Pistons fan here Just want to say your John wall is playing out of his mind but don’t take anything away from Thomas he is straight up a great player too. I would trade pretty much all the players on my sorry pistons team for either.

F$%# all things Boston

There are just so many players I can't stand on Boston. Mainly because I hate all the cheap grabby, hacky stuff they do to compete. Olynyk, Marcus Smart, Crowder (although he’s a legit player), yuck

Man its gonna be tough to win one in Boston though Especially if the series continues to be this physical. The crowd, the referees… will be a lot of adversity

That’s all Boston fans seem to do is bring up their 17 championships. Just because Wizards franchise has only won one championship doesn’t make us a franchise of losers. In fact there are so many NBA franchises that have yet to win one themselves!! I have massive respect for this Celtics team but my God some of their fans are so dense it hurts.

No offense but if my team had 17 rings, I’d bring it up quite often too.

Evan Turner ✔️ @thekidet
I don't like people messin wit my dog kelly...
5:51 PM - 4 May 2017
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Evan Turner is a cancerous overpaid scrub...with opinions! Boston mightve been the only team hes ever contributed to in a meaningful way and they didn’t pay a premium to keep him because Danny Ainge is smart.

Just returned from VC. Man, you can see how dirty Boston is, even off the ball... Grabbing, hooking, shoving and trying to hit you up high with bows. KO was hit at least three times in the face by Olynyk on moving screens and there was no doubt on the last one that he would explode. It was fitting that even on the KO push, the big loser has to do a flop to the floor.

Olynyk is as dirty as Draymond Green and is the dirtiest of the Boston green (although Keith Smart might be up there with him). Good on Oubre for fighting back.

Olynyk flopped when Oubre shoved him like he was taking a charge. Who the hell flops for a scuffle? Does he not have any pride?

The Celtics don't have a shot at winning unless Thomas is putting up huge numbers.

Imagine if they weren't shooting lights out from 3-point range? So far this series, Thomas is shooting 40% from 3, Horford is shooting 55%, and Crowder is shooting 53%. That's not going to continue.



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