Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #5

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Comments From The Other Side - Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #5

Post by bobheckler on Thu May 11, 2017 3:37 pm

Cs are a terrible rebounding team, probably only team in postseason where glass would be to our advantage off top of my head

Welcome back KO, just in the nip of time to help lock down the Green Smurf and his crew.

In the words of Markief "Blow them the **** out!" It’s sad to think these last 3 semifinals games might be the biggest games of the eastern conference playoffs should Boston get lucky and advance….. They can’t put on a show like us.

Even if I wasn't a Wizards fan I would want them to win this series because a Boston vs. Cavs ECF would bore me to death!!

Marcus Smart will not be a Wizards Killer there’s not a single thing he does well (ok, he’s a good defender I guess?) I’m more worried about Crowder and Bradley randomly getting hot from 3

For the amount of minutes he gets, he’s the worst NBA shooter in the league. It amazes me, the claims of Boston having a deep bench. It’s a terrible bench.  (MY NOTE:  Wow.  He's talking about our bench stinking!?)

Smart has been killing his own team this series

Team bus rollin up to TD Garden like

Refs are going to get IT to the line 15x

Hopefully we're done with The Little Engine That Could

Boston Midgets vs Washington Bullets Fight nr. 5

PG Isaiah Thomas

Trash Four

Tips for refs:

IT be ballin'

Rozier going at Jennings seems like the biggest mismatch the Celtics have at this point, no joke.

Not sure if this has been posted but Bradley has hip issues.. Gortat: Avery Bradley said that if I set one more screen, he's going to beat me up.

Looks like they're going to let IT grab and hold Beal tonight

Raps fan, cheering from North the Border! **** those frauds,

Amir is starting tonight which means IT has to guard Wall or Beal so I say, got at him right from the jump again

Celtics fans treat Crowder like he should leave the Celtics and take IT with him out west...

Porter>Crowder from what I've seen

Bruh. This game is the scariest Cuz you KNOW the refs are coming for us.

F*** this team. what a bunch of soft a** b**ches.gortat misses 2 easy layups. john misses 4 layups. what a f***ing joke. good night.

so, wall isnt going to get any calls huh

I can't believe Brooks didn't call a TO after down 11-4. We looks like shi-t and C's are defending well again

I love how we play in Boston. Hilarious. I guess there's a reason why Beal has kept his mouth shut this series.

Beal you're useless!!!


Horrible start. I THINK they're going to come back and win. I'm convinced Boston is NOT that good. Right now the Wizards are really pressing, but they'll settle down.

Celtics have turned every missed Wall layup into points on the other end.

C's are playing like we should be playing, good D and fast break opportunities

In some ways, Smart has been one of the Wizards best weapons.

Wizards need to play tough and physical. Can win this game by giving effort

Mahinmi AKA hands of STONE

Bojan does not deserve to be in the NBA. Sit the **** down.

IT carry ball over and no whistle. No one wants to back on D.

Scotty, there ain't enough timeouts to save this mess.

I always wonder why a team looks surprised when the other team comes out with energy in a must-win home game. It's as if the Wizards didn't expect Boston to be flying all over the court.

Why is Jennings not in a suit? I go with anyone else then this bum.

New plan. Starting 5 rest of the game. If Wall needs a breather, Jennings can run on the court and punch someone. That'll stop the game for a good 10 minutes.

Works for me. He gets suspended hopefully the rest of the series.

I totally forgot that Avery Bradley is injured...and out playing Bradley Beal.

Refs not calling anything for the Wizards

That's not true. We've actually gotten the benefit of a couple calls that were either 50/50 or shoul have gone Boston's way. This game is on us.

Crowder shooting like he's Reggie Miller.

We sniff a run and Stevens immediately takes a timeout haha I mean I would too, but that's just funny

When was the last time the Wizards won in Boston? 2014?  (MY NOTE:  The last time Washington won a playoff game in Boston is 1982)

John may want to re-consider about going at Horford.

Kelly gonna end that midget if given the chance.

Avery Bradley has gone God-mode.

Avery Bradley....Avery Bradley....really

We're making him look like a good player. He's supposed to be a guy whose so bad on offense it balances out with his good defense. He's supposed to be a net 0 player. The Celtics had the same record with and without him this season.

I hope these dudes actually lose Friday so I don't have to waste my Sunday watching Game 7

Bradley's hips are obviously better.

Cant have Avery Bradley looking like a superstar against us and expect a W

We gotta get more physical out there.

We were all worried about the refs. Turns out the Celtics don't even need their help.

IT has not done much so far and we're down 17. This is not looking good

Props to Boston, this is all because of their defense

Three days off and we get this sh**! What sorta party life are these guys on? Wow. I gotta think they all figured they could get sh**faced Monday night, but it didn’t wear off.

Completely different game if Bradley (Beal) hits his shots and (Avery) Bradley misses his. Both have gotten good looks, but only one is hitting.
(MY NOTE:  Yeah, that's how it usually works.  If you hit your shots and the guy who is killing you misses his it becomes a different game)

Series was effectively over as soon as we went down 0-2. This is just the inevitability playing itself out.

They are playing the best they can an we are playing at our worst

I don't see us winning game 7 in Boston Either we somehow miraculously win today or we will be out in game 7

This team will be more mentally "on" for a Game 7 than a non-elimination Game 5

Celtics are playing at an incredible level right now. Totally shutting down our offense. Have to tip your cap.

this is funny ... IT is camping out in the lane…pulling D inside cuz he demands a lot of D and horford just killing it outside

Of course they call a foul there. Why do the refs have to be so biased for the home team

Is it Avery Bradley's turn to score 50? Our defense is pathetic.

I always thought Avery Bradley was overrated but he looks like the best guard on the floor tonight.

Avery Bradley.......Looking like Isiah Thomas!

Avery Bradley does not deserve to be doing this to us.

This is better for my health than a close game. This one was over 1/8th through the game. I really do hope it just ends Friday because we're not winning in Boston.

Thomas consistently gets away with extending his arms to push off defenders.

Gortat getting abused by Horford, losing him on screens. It would have been nice to have him this season instead of Mr. Glass. Uggh

This is **** absurd, call the god damn foul on Thomas, what the **** is Beal supposed to do there exactly???

Can't do that. Isaiah is short and deserves equal rights!!! #MidgetRights

John has to give that look to the crowd after he finally makes a last-second floater. Down 16. Bradley, Horford and Crowder killing us by hey, IT doesn't have 50!

Wall and Gortat were probably the single worst players, "guarding" Bradley and Hortford, making them look like superstars.

The road woes are serious. Boston isn't even playing that well, it's just us being trash.

Wall doesn't have any intensity!

This game has been less about the Wizards and more about the Celtics. The Celtics came out from the tip and played like a team who's season was on the line. Washington is playing like it's a normal playoff game. If we're lucky, Wall and Beal can bale us out, but you got to tip your hat tot he Celtics. Wizards are a young team, and all young teams have to learn how to win. I feel like the Wiz don't know how to win.

Avery got a tech when he legitimately got fouled....

Same style of officiating as last game. Almost nothing called in the lane.

F-ing embarrassing letting Bradley just abuse Wall like that.

Everytime I want to fall in love with John Wall, he comes up with games like this where I want to ring his neck. Lazy f***** defense.

Dad, I don't want to be depressed!!!!

Be nice if we had a "superstar" we could actually count on to show up in the biggest game of the year.

gotta win at home and hope Boston isn't shooting well in game 7

Vulgar Bahston fans

I still like our chances of winning a game 7 in Boston Just don’t think the Celtics will shoot/play this well again.

Folks been sayin that since game 1 yet here we are…they are something else in Boston

“F— you, Oubre” chant in Boston. The class comes through again, 7th grade that is...

Wall has personally given Boston 8 easy baskets with his idiotic drives to the rim and falling out of bounds routine.

He's doing what IT did in game 4 - not getting calls on contact and continuing to try the same things regardless.

I knew they were going to lose when their first 3/4 prime scoring chances were basically whiffs! CHOKERS!

part of me wishes this were just the celtics playing amazing basketball I really don’t think they are. It’s been the wizards not hitting open shots and making boneheaded plays. Just no intensity.

Had no chance in this game. Got sucker punched since the opening and never came back. We were very effective in putting the clamps on IT, but he killed us by assisting and their team stepping up big.

It’ll go 7 and the Celtics will have the edge because their role players show up at home. All the shots Bradley, Crowder, and Horford made tonight were open looks in game 4 during that 26-0 run. They just missed then. They aren’t missing now.

it's almost like the Celtics gameplan is actually to get the ball to whoever Wall is guarding.

I'm not sure I know who Wall is guarding

Whoever the Celtics player that is scoring.

Morris an embarrassment on both ends of the floor. In addition to being an embarrassment off the court.

Will wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares of "Horford for 333333333"

The home cooking from the refs didn’t help. But the team didn’t even bother to show up tonight. This team showed no heart tonight.

What the heck are you talking about? The Wizards got called for 5 less fouls and the free throws are even.  (MY NOTE:  Give this guy a medal)

IT still out there up 23 with 5:00 left. Smart. I thought Stevens was a genius?

ridiculous that they're keeping IT in to pad stats/ get him going

Good...I hope he gets hurt.

If you're a big that can shoot, playing us must feel like Christmas every game.

Smart being hurt for game 6 would be bad news for us.

I got it! Brad Stevens plan....have Wizards focus on IT and have IT set up his team for the blow out by becoming the facilitator....BRILLIANT!

IT with a rebound in the paint???? WTF

Even if we win game 6, what are the chances we win game 7 on the road

We'll blow them out in Game 6, only to lose a close one in heartbreaking fashion in Game 7.

At least make them sweat in a game 7. Honestly that astounds me that they're even in a position to lose the series, Boston isn't that good... Guess we aren't all that either.

Came to this board to root against the C's, and got bashed left and right. This place is full of such toxic people. Not surprised there is not much outside fanbase support.

Every other post here is blaming the refs

True....which is pretty pathetic. This game has nothing to do with refs.

We blame refs all the time--at least some of us do. And we certainly complain about other teams physical play.

we did not play at all, they played great, all their 3s went in … We will destroy them at home, but game 7 will be tough.

Root for DC sports they said. It will be fun they said.

Avery Bradley – "Key to John Wall is stopping transition." No sh**! Been saying that his entire career. Too one dimensional to be truly great!

Based on how these teams play each other, it's probable they get to game 7. I never bet against a Washington team choking away a game though. They lost tonight to Avery Bradley for crying out loud.

IF we get to game 7 Brooks needs to play Wall & Beal for like 44-45 minutes. I’ve seen enough to know that Jennings or whoever can’t hang this series on the road.

I hate when people say We will get swept by the Cavs. Yeah right. When we almost beat them at home that one game people were saying we were a legit threat to beat them. Now since we got beat by a number 1 seeded team we will get swept??? Wizards will not get swept, the celtics would.

So you say the Wiz won't get swept just because thy lost to #1 seed But you claim the Celtics, the #1 seed, will get swept? Huh.

Celtics were a Rondo away from being swept last week

Why is Isaiah the only NBA player allowed to blatantly carry the ball? Seems like every other possession he does it and the refs look the other way... Just because he’s 5 8 doesn’t mean he should get a pass.

im of the view that's he's been grossly sensationalized this year, esp in boston's first 2 wins in the series, he's a at Kyrie and Lowery level over rated right now.

As always, F*** Boston. Wizards taking game 7 will be fun. Not even concerned.

***Avoids Sportscenter for the next 3 days***

everything is more difficult.... ….against Smart and Avery… tandem cover guards in the league….IMO

Yup, and when Crowder can get switched on you as well, they all make your life tough

Well at least we don't have to hear about IT killing us for the next 2 days

Smug little b**tard is still talking in the post game: "Next game I might drop 40, you never know." ESPN will run with that plenty I’m sure.

Nah midget is playing decoy Thats the plan…double team him and his supporting cast will do the job for him. Didnt work till tonight, let’s see next game.

Amazing how both teams suck on the road

Amazing energy from BOS to start the game. Like they were shot out of a cannon.

It may not be finished . . . but you can see finished from here.

The Wizards haven’t won a game in Boston since the 2013-14 season. They’ve lost their last 3 games there by an average of almost 15 points. A fan’s optimism may be blinder than Lady Justice, but if they haven’t fond the formula to beat Boston in their gym by now, it seems unlikely that it’s all of a sudden going to slap them in the face in Game 7 (assuming it gets that far).

I want to know how John could have been so relaxed and smilely before his post game interview. I keep hearing Paul Pierce voice talking about the Raptors and wondering out loud if they have "it". "it" is the mental aspect of the game when the stakes are high

Celtics spread them out with Point/Center Harford who had 7 assists and went 8-9 and 3-4 from 3

ISAIAH THOMAS Travels Every Time

Its an amazing advantage for him since he is so short.

Then it is not fair that he is that short

Game 6 is a must-win IMO



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