Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Away, Playoffs Semis #6

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Away, Playoffs Semis #6

Post by bobheckler on Sat May 13, 2017 5:03 pm

Wiz vs Drunkards: Game 6 -- Friday Night Blackout Drunk Edition

Wizards by 30. Book it.

All I know is we better not go out like Houston.

When our backs are to the wall, we rise up. We will fight. We will win. I have a good feeling about this one. We will slug it out for a win. Besides, Pierce just called them and he called game.


Teams facing elimination are zero wins and 10 losses this year in the NBA. The Wizards are 0 wins and seven losses in their last 7 game six games facing elimination. This game I cannot be as disappointed as game 5 because I am not expecting much.

A Washington team facing elimination? I know where I'd put my money.

The Celtics may be confident about their ability to win Game 7 so they won't really step up as needed this game It could be a blow out but who knows.

Beal seems like he may be completely fatigued, and without a knockout performance from him, I don’t think we have a chance of winning a Game 7 on the road.

Wiz should win Game 6 But… if its close, I think the moment might be too great and we may fall. Game 7 anything can happen, but Wiz will need to play perfect to win it.

Of course they will win this one The DC way is to string us along all the potential way before the inevitable.

We win this one, but I'm not looking forward to game 7 in Boston. It’s like mission impossible to win there this season.

I think Wizards-Celtics has been the best series of the playoffs By far, in fact. If the Celtics win it (and I believe they will), then they deserve it. That’s a tough, competitive team with a lot of talent.

The Cs showed up wearing all black.

My hate for the C's has just gone up 10x.

All black? Now the Wizards positively HAVE to win. Can't go out like that.

Thought they'd steer clear of any "funeral" reference, but guess now the Wiz have the green light to do it in game 7.

The NBA wants this to go 7, right?? Maybe we finally get phantom calls and blatant wrong ones in our favor !

This is a game, where Boston came well dressed for their own funeral Let’s make it pretty for them so that they never forget it.

Yeah. Really bad decission on BOS part warning all black. Never want to modivate the WIZ Focus and energy is what hold them back. Now they have it.

Avery Bradley's face just pi**es me off. I played against a guy that looked just like him growing up. He was exact same player: intense on defense, bad on offense but overconfident.

So if the Wiz some how win tonight are we going to see a double funeral game 7?

I hope this game we do them flagrant one dirty.

Wiz in the C's heads. This shows weakness not strength on Boston's part.

Smacks of overconfidence. Their turn to be humbled.

I don't think I have ever hated a team like I hate this Boston team.

Just remind IT how is it being on a funeral And don’t forget to shout loudly "F**k you dirty Olynyk!" in Verizon Center!

Refs already

Funeral game, baby - role-players on the road clamming up!

Boston is 1-7 from 2, but they're in the game. Why? 2-4 from 3.

Boston is looking like they did in games 1-3 during the 1st quarter but the Wiz aren't capitalizing

They actually called a foul on Avery Bradley!

Wall is complaining too much about not getting foul calls

IT will be demolished by Cavs **** flopper

Thomas throws his head back and is rewarded with a foul called on Gortat. Bull call.

The fix is in. Won't be able to breathe on Thomas tonight. smh.

Calls are not going to go the Wizards way this game.

Why would they? It's not like the Wiz are playing at h-...hey wait a minute!

It doesn't make since for the NBA to have WCF Game 1 starting on the same day as game 7 of EC semi finals. They probably want this to be over in 6 rather than 7.

I hate this Celtics team and it's going to be hell to watch them win...

It will be pleasure if the Cavs will sweep them and IT will be bitching about non calls vs Lebron team

A bigger pleasure would be if IT never gets to play the Cavaliers.

well, it won't surprise me to see boston shoot 40 fts the way this is being called early

i hope we win by 75. this is when i wish i was on the court. under absolutely no circumstances am i letting a team come in wearing black to boast and coming away with a win.

I will be fine with winning by 40

Thomas might get a kinder whistle than Harden and Derozan combined. You literally can’t breathe on him.

What are these calls IT is getting.

tensions are high. celtics do not want this going 7.

Olynyk is in Verizon Center, could you tell him what he should himself?

Man f*** these refs.

actually up 15-8 in boards. rebounds...always a success indicator.

Not vs Cs, everybody beats them on the glass

Wiz should be up with way more points after the C's haven't scored for 5 and a half minutes.

So much for Avery's hip pointer(s) dude is everywhere

Think the last game proved that he's probably healthy. Been the second-best backcourt player in this series, IMO.

So seriously IT is going to get ALLLLLLLL the calls today.

What a horrible set of refs.

Ken Mauer and Tony Brothers together is a travesty

The Celtics rookie is our best player at this point.

It's infuriating how many touch fouls Thomas gets the benefit of, but on the other end he's constantly reaching, pushing, grabbing and getting away with all of the contact.

We're going to lose to a team that makes Bogey look like a good rebounder. So sad.

We should be up by 25. They aren't going to shoot this poorly in the 2nd half. There is no gameplan on offense when Jennings is in the game.

The fix is **** in.

Refs are on Celtic side when blowing fouls

This is bizarre. It's like both teams are mentally fragile and play like total **** on the road.

Can we please play game 7 at home

Brown and Smart have been our most productive bench players. Bojan and Jennings need to learn from them.

Lucky Crowder missed that. Unlike Smart and Brown you don't want him to take the open 3s.

We categorically deserve to lose this game so far.

Unfortunately we cannot lose it Because of the funeral

Thank god smart sucks lol

Call the fing moving screen on Horford already.

Ask any NBA ref and they'll tell you Horford's never committed an offensive foul in his career. They just don’t call him on it.

3 fouls on Olynyk is good because he turns Mahinmi into BBQ Chicken

Gonna need 72 more minutes of this cold Celtics shooting.

Brown looks just like a rookie Lots of energy, not much of anything else

Al Horford just set the meanest moving screen on Brad

Crowder hits Morris in the head and no foul?

So barely touching Bradley is a foul And hitting morris on the head is not. Ok

We may still win, but Boston wants it more.

Man idgaf I blame the stupid a** refs man

i might have gone if I'd known there'd be a crowd of like 3200

Just please call one moving screen on Horford. Come on now. Its so obvious.

John Wall talked to harden pregame for some Suggestions and Ideas.

If we can't beat the Celtics in a rebuilding year this core is going nowhere.

Chauncey expressing some faith in John

Hes been pullin for John and the Wiz I think he hates Boston.

We have to be the only playoff team not selling out

Oh my **** god this is the most pathetic display I have ever seen in the history of sports. Lol Firing squad for the entire team

I was going to say Wall was trying hard until that last ally-oop pass to Bradley. I guess they don't want to back to Boston. They are scared

Hubie's "There ya go!" every time Boston scores is annoying as hell. It's always like he's rooting for one team or the other. So unprofessional.

Maybe wearing black was key. Boston, even though they are shooting poorly, are outhustling and out-toughing the Wiz, ESP. The second unit, where every player but Oubre is soft or hurt

They wore black because if they advance, the ECF is gonna be their funeral.

If they did this in Boston it would be 75-21 right now

Wall is getting owned by Bradley and the coaches aren't really doing anything to help him.

Brooks has to start coaching

He hasn't made an adjustment since he arrived in DC, he literally doesn't do anything at all lol. He's an "intangible players coach" and we play with the worst effort of any team in the league.

Horford is playing like a MVP candidate. Like a Draymond Green.

Part of me wonders if some bullshit unfolded in the locker room or practice that maybe upset John

Upset him? Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

At this point i dont even wanna see a game 7 we'd probably get blown tf out

We don't deserve to win. Wall is being pretty thoroughly outplayed by Avery Bradley.

Mahinmi the idiot. Fouling gives the other team free throws that are FREE. = FREE points. Get it???

Celtics have played like trash and we're down 5

Stevens out coaching Brooks. That's all there is to this.

I really really hate Beal's blue-steel-keira-knightly-jaw-jut-mouth-breathing resting face.

More moving screens by Horford Can the refs call just 1 of them please

Refs you got what you want Cavs and Celts

Hopefully the refs spot the Celtics vs the cavs like they have this series.

As negative as I feel, looking at this objectively; Washington is freaking 2-19 from three and 10-17 from the free throw line but only down 3. Should be getting blown out. But,the so-called hustle stats favor the Wizards.

Avery Bradley is an incredibly good defender.

They played with swag and coolness, we didn't

Game over. IT crushes Wall. Bradley over Beal. So much for best backcourt in East.

Pure and simple, Boston's backcourt WON the matchup.

I am absolutely disgusted with this crowd

I'm telling you--if we win this game we're winning game 7!! No joke, we play this poorly and pull this out we are going to the ECF!!

Horford is going to end our season again with an offensive rebound

he’s ****ing surgical in how he kills us, too easy for 10yrs now

IT just palmed the sh** out of the ball on that crossover change of direction. CALL THE VIOLATION REFS

We must not lose the funeral game!!!

Lost to Al Horford once again

Wall and Beal miss, IT makes both shots. He’s been the best player in the series. Hope Wall and Beal work their a**es off on their games this summer.

I f***ing hate IT

Oh well. This team is soft We all knew we weren’t winning this one after the other night.

If I see one more IT bucket go in I'm gonna lose it

Please don't let it be Al Horford again

IF there's a final shot, Wall needs to give up his ego and let Beal take it.

Horford karate chops Beal to keep him from chasing Bradley. What a joke.

IT will palm the ball on the next play they run Watch for it

Another timeout Stevens play coming up. Cruel and unusual punishment for Wizards fans.

Just like that Horford earns year 1 of his contract

Horford is the guy who will haunt us forever.

Great win! Didn't see it coming unless Wall took over and he did. Awesome. Got our Game 7

Might as well say it... The Wiz are winning the chip

My kidneys are in my throat

Fitting that it will come down to a game 7 in Boston.

Wear that black back home, Celtics.


So glad that Al Horford bank shot wasnt how it ended

I hate al horford more than anything in the world!!!

Maybe by not winning at home in a blowout, we can actually have a chance at Boston.

That confetti and streamers a bit much, though

We acting like we eliminated Boston. Maybe it's on purpose to demoralize Boston.

Nice. I was pulling for you guys. Can't stand the Scrubtics. [From a Heat Fan]

On the last three Wall shot, Bradley fouled him clearly. Stupid a** refs

We gotta be hungry to take game 7. Being satisfied with the moral victory of winning game 6 is not enough.

Say what you want but wall has been one of there best players in these playoffs

Avery and Kelly are girl's names.    KellyOubre, on the other hand, means savage man beast in Swahili.

KellyOubre means hack box in Arabic ---- goal-tend in Russian and WTF in 3 different Icelandic dialects.... dude has to play smarter

We making Avery look like a all time great player.

I said the series was over after 2-0 but I guarantee we win game 7. Never been so sure about a game in my life.

We need to stop Hordford and Bradley.

Will someone remind IT of the funeral in the post game conference? of the most exciting play makers in the NBA

Yeah, he made Olynyk look like a dumb piece of furniture.

Olynyk doesn't need any help for that, lol.

Stephen A Smith says he wants Wizards to win because he doesn't want to see a miniature IT vs Lebron LOL

So what are the teams wearing to Game 7?

Celtics will be wearing their fishing waders....

Much respect for Isaiah Thomas after his very professional and humble interview on ESPN a few minutes ago. Still hate the Celtics though!!



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