Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers, Home, Playoffs Conference Finals #1

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Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers, Home, Playoffs Conference Finals #1

Post by bobheckler on Thu May 18, 2017 2:47 pm

Kevin Love, this is your time. Gotta avoid Kelly

Joe Haden and Corey Coleman are going together to the game.

Browns players at the game? Celtics by 50.

Nah, I’d be more worried if Patriots players showed up. Tough to dribble a flat ball

What? Belichick just wants to "observe" the Cavs’ playstyle.

How far do we get in the game before they take one of our guys out

Let’s crush their spirit in the first quarter!!

I HAAAAAAAATE this Celtics team. Need a sweep. Want a sweep. (I do like, IT, though, have a lot of respect for him and would probably root for him vs. Any other team)

Think we might lose this one. Cavs in 6....

Has there ever been a bigger underdog as the 1 seed?

I don't have a good feeling about tonight's game, Fellas. The Celtics are going to be HYPED. People keep taking them lightly, and they keep advancing, through a combination of luck, favoritism, heart, and skill. I wouldn't count them out.

I have to say, though: the NBA is stupid if it gives the Celts an edge through reffing. Is a Celtics-Warriors Finals what you want? That series WOULD be over before it started...

I'd like to see us kick the Boston dirtbags a** tonight. Screw them and their # 1 pick the lucky f***heads and their bottom feeding fans too.

Lebron is 1-10 in game 1 road games. Lets make it 2-10 tonight boys.

Bracing myself for the IT foul calls.

First they mention Kelly Olynyk in the same breath as John Havlicek, and then they go full screen on his ugly mug.

Cavs in 5, maybe 4 if they win tonight barring any injuries. They just seem to have hit another gear and I don't think the C's have the offensive firepower to keep up for more than a game. Wonder if the Pacers or the C's would be interested in #1 plus sweetener for Paul George. That team would concern me.

I expect an ugly game - Boston's emotional letdown after a hard-fought 7 game series vs. Our rust having been off for so long. In the 4th quarter, however, Boston's fatigue begins to show, and we get our rhythm back. Cavs 109, Bos 103.

I'm also curious to see the physicality of the game and if BOS tries to dirty it up.

Our experience over the last several years is that Boston's go to is to dirty it up. I expect that this series. Interestingly, JR has been a target in the past and isn't as key to the team at this point, so who do they go after?

I see an ugly game tonight. Cavs need to win one in Boston and control home court. Not sure which will be 'easier', tonight or Friday.

Cavs come out and STEAL Game 1......taking back home court the rest of the series. No sweep but Cavs in 6.

I believe love is going to have a monster series. Kyrie should eat Thomas for breakfast as well.


Amir Johnson getting murdered

Dirty Kelly checks in

There was a point in m y life where I wanted him on the cavs, I regret that

Less likely to injury Cavaliers that way, at least.

Watching my third cavs game of the season, i’m always down for watching the Celtics lose

Lebron taking it slow right now. Excited to see the BronBench group against Boston’s bench.

That’s twice someone got caught ball watching while guarding Bradley

Did marv just say ‘Wonder Woman Kelly Olynyk’?

That’s ok TT. Get physical

Olynyk just got away with a Defensive 3...he was in there for like 7 seconds..

F*** Kelly Olynk up. Can't stand the guy.

You guys getting an idea of how this game will be officiated?

Celtics don't have enough unless we go into a huge drought

IT has NO CHANCE against Kyrie on the block.

Thomas gets away with too many damn carries with the ball. He just carried the ball from right to left and no call. It's pathetic how they let him get away with that chit.

The Cavs have ZERO respect for this Boston team. Absolutely zero. We out man them at every position. Unfortunately they get lazy in spurts.

Wow, they called an offensive foul on TT for that? Weak sauce by the refs who are obviously trying to keep this game close early.

Bron already with 15 points? The man may drop 40 tonight.

I would like to see 50. Just demoralize them before the series has even truly begun.

And then rest the second half.

Literally F*** Horford

Horford best ease up on Love.

Glad Smarts flopping antics aren’t being tolerated

Why do they have Smart on Love instead of Crowder

Love making Smart look like a fool.

Cavs are content just pounding the paint with the Celtics not bothering to get bodies in there.

Smart flop, Smart. Refs ain’t buying that. Good work by Kevin to keep the arm from chicken winging. Refs won’t call that if the arm stays close to the body.  (MY NOTE:  It wasn't a flop and Love's arm did not stay next to his body...)

Boston fans’ indignant obscenities about objectively good calls…

LeBron and IT are barking at each other tonight.

IT don’t know his place.

This is actively embarrassing. Tiny players on bigs and pray for the refs is your plan? (I am minutes behind likely)

Zeller looks like someone didn’t reset his broken nose properly.

I hear Walmart has a sale on fishing rods and brooms.

It makes me happy that irrational Celtic fans are also losing money.

And here come the Refs.


More like here come the ref complaints

Refs agenda so wants the C's in the finals  (MY NOTE:  The Cavs got more than their share of calls.  ridiculous...)

Refs are trying. Not sure if Boston is

We would sweep them double digits every game but refs want to make it interesting if they can.

Celtics are very flawed. If Rondo wasn't hurt...


Veteran move? Kelly is a piece of sh**.

Olynk should be in jail for his crimes against humanity

I'm going to stab Olynyk

Kelly trying to rip TT's arm out.

LeBron can name his score against these chumps They have no answer for him. This series is going 4 at most

Lonzo Ball cant save them

Bring in tavares to bash olynyk on the noggin

Jae Crowder is one of the best SFs in the league. ......JK

Does Kelly Olynyk make it out of Cleveland alive?

Horford should have got a foul right there. He was hugging

IT trying to pull a Harden to get something going.

Rebounds - TT 5, Cavs offensive 5, Cavs total 15, Boston total 4. Men vs. Boyz

The league needs to address Olynyk's arm hunting

legit worried c's will start playing dirty and injuring our guys

Williams vs. Smart is the perfect matchup given that they are chunky, not tall, and slow.

Horford is a little b***h with big ears

Brad Stevens did this last year and it confused me to no end. They switch pick and rolls they absolutely should not switch. Why is Smart switching onto Kevin Love? That's BAD coaching.

Does that number 1 pick come with fries?

And quick boot out of the ECF screw that they do not get fries just give them to me lol

Series would go long but I think the Cavs could beat this team with LeBron in a suit.

Smart flopping all over the places and flailing on both ends. This team is a close 2nd most annoying team behind the Warriors

Celtics are going to have some problems with us if they can't defend or rebound.

How soon do these dipsh** fans start calling LeBron racial slurs

Boston putting up the White Flag bringing in Zeller

IT is frustrated lol

This is like the varsity against the eighth grade squad lmao.

I'm sure Stevens didn't plan on playing Zeller this early if at all. Already f***ing up their rotations

Is this when Boston fans start getting racist ?

Remember when Boston smacked us in the regular season and Isiah Thomas started talking shit saying no one could check him?   I don't forget bro Eatern conference clown player that wont ever get shine until Lebron retires (MY NOTE:  he's 32)

Well...Celtics had a good season lol

Quick Celtics, sub in the Nets draft picks before this one slips away!!

I mean, they probably are tired, but that's the consequence of taking seven games to take out a mediocre team like the Wizards and taking six games to beat the eight seed in round one. You want rest, you gotta earn it.

Are the Celtics the worst team we've played so far in the playoffs? Probably.

Took all of two quarters for the broadcasting team to look toward Boston's future.

Have to do something about Jaylen Brown.

Horford getting a max is hilarious to me.

Celtics will eventually play better offensively. But they will never be able to stop us. I love Al Horford. He's just garbage on both ends.

Isaiah Thomas bandwagon seeing massive sells.

Brad Stevens has had Smart on Lebron for 3 years now When will he realize that's the dumbest sh** he could possibly do?

Ty Lue taking Stevens to the woodshed on this one. Has that offense scoped out cold with the traps and switches.

This is beautiful. Nothing more serene in this world than a quiet Boston crowd, in any of their stadiums.

Some called Kelly Olynyk an X-Factor lol

Al Horford is the Jeff Teague of big men

LOL Thomas wasn't even touched on that lay-up and still looked to the refs for a whistle

Horford is such a b**ch. Glad Boston gave him a big contract

Really smart move to call a timeout and draw up a 25 pt play. Oh but he's the second-best coach in the Association after Pops doncha know

Isaiah Thomas is probably the best player in the league..................Who can't ride roller coasters at amusement parks.

Of course Thomas with the Garbage three and everyone goes nuts...

One more year and the Celtics will be the next team that will be broken up because of Lebron. Hell, Lebron made Lowry want to go out west.

Hey it only took 23 minutes and 56 seconds for Stevens to get somebody an open shot

So do the Celtics draft LaVar Ball at halftime? Heard he could dominate Jordan back in the day so he could probably take LeBron.

All that tough guy stuff from the Celtics when they play other teams. When they play the Cavs they are quiet as a mouse

Boston is terrible.

Celtics need to sign Paul George or Jimmy Butler AND draft Josh Jackson If they do that they have 2 capable bodies to guard LeBron AND 2 players who can run plays fluidly. THAT team could beat the Cavs. This current team has no chance unless they get a miracle. Doesn't help their coach isnt even giving them a fighting chance

Also, for all the accolades of Brad Stevens gets, his defensive schemes with all the switching is perplexing, to say the least.

Shhhhhh, thou shalt not criticize Brad Stevens for anything.

Celtics fans chanting "Air Ball" when they’re down 26 are the real fans.

Smart thinks he ’s KG.  (MY NOTE:  That would be just fine with me)

IT and Marcus Smart are giving a team that’s up 25 more reasons to not go easy on them.

Get a standing O when you’re down 23? That’s so Boston

Boston is CLEARLY just try and injure the cavs players the more and more frustrated they get

Marcus Smart wants you to think a pat on the butt was enough force to send him to the ground.

Celtics down 20+ and Smart on the floor celebrating his successful flop to get a foul called. No free throws, Smart. But nice flop, though.

Horford shoved Kyle. Celtics can do anything they want

Smart throwing kicks now. Dude needs to be suspended ASAP

Brad Stevens strikes me as a guy who eats plain bologna sandwiches

I wish Horford wasn't in foul trouble He's so bad I wish he would stay in lol

"Brad Stevens could not be reached for comment, as he hanged himself in a closet during halftime."

"Hanged himself like only a great coach would do. Great noose tying technique" -People who believe he is the best coach ever

Russell. Cowens. Silas. Garnett. Parrish. McHale. Bird. They all have to be disgusted by the utter lack of rebounding.

Shoutout to Boston for finally getting to 50 points tonight.

What the he** could Brad tell his bum a** squad in this timeout?

I'm pretty psyched Tyler Zeller gets front row seats to watch this onslaught

I almost feel bad for Boston that their only prayer for offense is a 5’8” guy.

How long until Olynyk and Smart start trying to hurt people?

Refs giving Bradley FTs for trying to dunk on LBJ lol

Boston's goon squad revving up

When the Celtics can’t compete, they resort to trash talk, dirty play and attempted injuries to players.

This energy the crowd and Celtics are trying to muster up is so fake.

I really hate this Celtics team. They don't have the talent so they want to play this foolishness.

Sign Perkins.

Shi**y team resorting to goon tactics -- again

This is why so few wanted to play the Celtics. Scumbag fans and dirty players

Lol, look at those happy fans because they are not down by 30, but closer to being down by 20. Lol's pretty sad that this Boston crowd is this excited and acting as if they are leading. They're still down 17 f***ing points...

I'm pretty impressed with the Celtics crowd. They've had a lot of opportunities to give up and really haven't gotten deflated. Even down 28 when they make a 3 they went wild I'll give respect when it's due. It's totally hopeless for them but they haven't given up

That's called a good crowd Sad

That’s because they’re all drunk degenerates...they’ll be rowdy and loud no matter what the score is  (MY NOTE:  we sure needed a drink last night)

They've always been good at helping their team. They know the Celtics were underdogs, but every time the Celtics made a good play or two, they cheered. Can't stand them, but they do know the game.

Boston crowd is a bunch of Aholes. But have to respect being still in it the way this game has gone for them. They are lifting up their team.

Boston fans unsurprisingly happy.

We will not make it through this series alive.

Smart is an idiot. We can bait him for the rest of the series

THANK GOD Smart fouled out.

Marcus Smart is just like Rasheed…only not good and less likeable

While I have no love for the Celtics, I’m impressed with their fans. 20 points down and they are cheering and booing like it is a close game.

they’re drunk.

Bradley really nice on cuts.

Didn’t know Gerald Green was still around

Neither did Brad Stevens

Celtics going to try to Hack-a-TT now.

Omg now Boston gonna do this BS. F this team man. I hate Boston so frickin much.

I don’t understand doing hack a TT one time then abandoning it.

Don’t question Super Coach Brad Stevens

Cavs have 31 foul shots and the refs are not even calling every foul. Are the Celtics too tired to defend?

Here comes the leader of the Celtics Goon Squad: OLYNYK.

Olynyk in. And in an arm rippy mood.

Celtics fans gonna pretend like this game was close due to garbage time

Thomas just completely undercut Bron

Isaiah: You undercut LeBron and we will have one of our forwards step on your midget head.

Jaylen Brown has been hustling.

Gotta respect Jaylen Brown. Young kid came to play.

Lol Thomas has been carrying all playoffs.

Live look at our bench tonight. I blame the layoff.

Isaiah Thomas, future Hall-of-Famer LOL

Boston fans are so great they can't even stay for an entire game.

Ha ha love these b**ch Boston fans leaving already freaking awesome

Anyone still want Jae Crowder, Avery Bradly and Marcus Smart for Love?

How are they hanging around?

Thomas gets away with so much being a midget.

It's like if they awarded Napoleon free shots at the enemy and fixed the results of battles, just because he was a little guy...

Ok guys Boston has the worst fans in the world.

My vote is Atlanta but that's just me Boston has historically had great fans tho I probably wouldn't stay the whole game on a weekday and had work in the morning

Chearing your team down by 20+ is a good crowd. Leaving with 5 minutes left is a bad crowd. I heard bipolarism runs rampant in Boston

I hate Celtic fans. Most insufferable a**holes you'll ever meet.

You haven't met or interacted much with Lakers fans, then!

When did Crowder turn into Ray Allen?

Jae Crowder the garbage time champion

Bostons new offense of chuck a three and get a long rebound and chuck another three get long rebound is amazing.

When does Markelle Fultz check in.  (MY NOTE:  In about 5 1/2 months from now)

Lol calling Zeller Olynyk. All white guys look alike.

Marv that's not Olynyk that's Zeller. DO WE ALL LOOK ALIKE TO YOU???

Oh look Olynyk got a rebound!!

Phew. Benched emptied finally. These Celtics make me nervous. Never know if one of their scrubs are going to do something to injure our guys.

Phew! At least the Celtics don't have HCA anymore...

They had homecourt, but they never had an advantage.

I wonder is next game maybe the Celtics run more than one play per quarter or they will play there three rim rebound offense again.

Having watched Brown I can't imagine the Celtics don't shop either Smart or Crowder this summer. He's the future, and frankly Smart won't have a place on that team with Fultz coming on.   (MY NOTE:  Disagree with the Smart part, bu the other two are possible)

Per Synergy, Brown ranked in the top-25% in NBA at defending P&Rs, shots off screens, spot-ups, and post-ups. He is a very good defensive player. Reminds me a lot of Jimmy Butler early in his career.

We need to get ready for Green and Brown getting more burn...

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Jaylen Brown starts in place of Amir Johnson. Stevens would just move Crowder over to the four.

Celtics are just ready for the draft already. Good warm up though to work the kinks out. The refs will have to try harder next game. Only thing killing us was long rebounds.

If I'm Boston id shop the 2018 pick and Smart and see what that can get. If that + Bradley gets me George or Butler, do it immediately.

Maybe. Bradley has a year left on his deal and then gets paid a ton, so a lot depends on your view of him. He's a good player who does things lots of players don't do. But if youre in a rebuilding position do you wanna pay him 20 million?

As for Smart, Im just not a believer. He's Tony Allen. Useful, will last, but a fringe starter due to his lack of offensive skill. And you never know what type of offer sheet some stupid team might sign him to.

I like what the Cavs are doing with Isaiah Thomas on the Celtics’ home floor. 19 shots to get 17 points. Good show! Good show, indeed, chaps! Keep it going.



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