The Defensive Playbook Needs an Update

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The Defensive Playbook Needs an Update

Post by dboss on Thu May 18, 2017 4:21 pm

The Celtics lost their home court advantage last night as they were dismissed by the Cavs.

Every conceivable weakness on this team was on full display but the single biggest issue is about the defense.  The Celtics need some new tactics.  If properly executed it may help them to win a game or 2.

Limit the Impact of the Mismatch

IT's size is being exploited.  He is being posted up more frequently now and it will only get worse unless we stop it.  Boston must come with the double team immediately.  Watching him get abused was unsettling.  The same thing happened to Marcus when Love was the abuser. Both IT and Smart were abused over and over and over again in the post.  Zero help came.  The Celtics must defend the paint at all cost.   We need immediate double teaming followed but quick and instinctive rotations to cover shooters especially the ones cutting through the lane.

Defending the P N R -  options

Fight over the top of the screen or

Bum rush the ball handler and cut him off from entering the paint.  

Right now when the ball handler comes around the screen our second defender comes up too late and too far away to impact the play. You must get there immediately and force the ball handler to pass the ball.

Contain Lebron

Single coverage up top is not working people.   We need to be waiting for him on his first move to drive the ball through the paint.  Too many slow rotations is not going to get it.  Once he makes his move past  the first defender, he has the space and angle, strength and athleticism to get by the second defender as well.

So I would double team him up top even before he has a chance to make a move. And then rotations to check  open shooters must come with quick determination.  Basically turn Bron into a passer as much as you can

The shot clock is Our Friend On Defense – let me share some context with you.

Back in the mid 60’s the Celtics were playing the Sixers during the playoffs.  The Sixers were killing us.  We just could not stop them.  Enter the real basketball genius, Red Auerbach.  On the next game Red implemented a full court man to man press against the Sixers.  It was not a trapping type of defense but just a press where the defense started in their backcourt mano on  mano.   The result was astounding.  The Celtics pressure sliced valuable seconds off the shot clock and created turnovers.  The entire rhythm of the 76ers offense was thrown off and the Celtics won the game.  The Sixers did not anticipate playing against a full court press for 48 grueling minutes.  

The Celtics may want to consider doing the same thing.  Press on made shots.  We have the personnel to make that happen.  It would require going deep, deep into the rotation where Brown Rozier and Green would play  key roles.  If any of our guys cannot stay with their assignment take them out of the game.

For game 2 I would activate Jordan Mickey.

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