Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers, Away, Playoffs Conference Finals #3

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Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers, Away, Playoffs Conference Finals #3

Post by bobheckler on Mon May 22, 2017 2:18 pm

Cavs by ∞

Today, I expect the Celtics to give good account of themselves and to fail. Lebron will remain focused on winning and the Cavs will win. I expect Jaylen Brown and Avery Bradley to lead in scoring. Al Horford may do something. Marcus Smart will be aggressive. But Lebron, Kyrie, Love, JR, and Tristan will all have good games and will win it.

Let us take their souls.

Need to come out strong on the defensive side because they'll be reliant on ball movement without IT

Apparently the Cavs are already leading and the game hasn't even started yet.

I'm a little nervous about about this game, Fellas. I can see the Celtics coming out hyped and saying, "Let's win this for The Munchkin!"

It feels like a funeral reading the Celtics message board.

The Cavs are so f***ing good I don't remember what losing a playoff game feels like.

And Chuck gives Boston the kiss of death saying it will be a dog fight. But then he says it will still be a double digit Cavs win. Chuck, dogfight, I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Horford is now their go-to scorer. LOL The guy that's been owned by the Cavs. I almost feel sorry for the Celtics.

I worry we'll come out too relaxed, believing it's over. That said, I can't see how Boston wins this game though.

Do they not care that Amir is hurt?

I don't give a f*** about any Boston players getting injured. They cost the cavaliers in their first finals.

Love shows his Hate for the Celtics. Olynyk, you created a monster!

Zeller got the big rebound and promptly fell out of bounds.

Refs tryna keep Boston in it, per usual

Boos as Dirty Kelly checks in. Good job, crowd!

Crowder is already at 3 fouls.

The amount of disrespect the Cavs show Kelly Olynyk when they get him on a switch is so great

Stop letting Marcus Smart look like anything more than a flaming bag of feces (which is what he is).

Cavaliers legend Tyler Zeller set to check in.

Golden State is ****ed.

Horford is sooo bad.

Just against the Cavs. Before playing against the Cavs Horford was getting close to a triple double some games. He just can't play against Lebron and TT.

These refs will make sure this game is close.

Jesus Olynyk. Cut your hair.

Kelly is such an ugly f***er.

I wasn't expecting amir johson to start. Jayden should of been started over Crowder. Or move Bradley to point

How is Kelly in the NBA. He plays the game as white, slow, and nerdy as possible.

Why doesn't Boston play the twin white Tyler Towers?

It's Boston - they had Greg Kite who makes Olynyk look like Walton.

Kyrie got stripped by Crowder? WHAT!

Ferreal tho what reason is there to watch the regular season anymore unless you’re a diehard NBA fan. The real season happening right now

Cavaliers obviously bored. Boston is making shots and competing.

Looks like Boston came to play. Solid on offense and intense on defense. They might only lose by 16 tonight.

I'd throw elbows too if Kelly Olynyk and Marcus Smart were the two guys tying me up.

Can someone tell me what Boston's defensive game-plan is?

Stand around.

Marcus Smart is 3-5 from three... Ugh. This is going to be one of those annoying games, isn't it?

Celtics not giving up! We'd better tighten up!

LeBron is really being a pouty little b**ch tonight.

Smart shoots about 75% from three against the Cavs, I swear.

I hope this is LeBron's sloppiest game of the rest of the playoffs..

“Isaiah Thomas was holding the Celtics back, Marcus Smart is way better” - ESPN tomorrow

Bradley pushed Kyrie. Would rather Boston just laid down.

JR’s ready to give someone a backhand again.

Cavs need to stop screwing around.

those garbage Marcus Smart threes hurt.

Cavs are no-hearting this one.

Marcus Smart is so good. He’s a total flopper, but he’s good

The Cavs are taking their feet off the pedals and giving the Celtics momentum. Come one Cavs! FINISH THEM!

Jerebko standing over Love and talking sh**. How is that OK?

Dude needs ejected.

How is that not a flagrant 2?

Ridiculous. Should've been thrown out for accessive force.

Jonas Jerebko talking sh** like he's not the worst player in the NBA.

Now that it is down to 9, does LeBron start trying?

Bron is playing like trash tonight

Welp, Cavs got up 21 and thought the Celtics would quit. Instead, Marcus Smart turned into damn Steph Curry, and we've got a game.

Celtics are better without their 5'9'', no defense, chucking point guard.  (MY NOTE:  Yeah, until he drops 50 on your heads)

Isaiah Thomas losing out on that max extension tonight. Their team is better with an actual defender and non-midget (Smart) running point.

What happened to playoffs lebron?

I haven’t been able to see every minute of the game, but I saw most of the first half, and the beginning of the second, and I thought Stevens did a good job making defensive adjustments. Maybe he really is a good coach.

The Celtics are a 1 seed for a reason. They haven’t mailed it in yet. I’m impressed.

Cavs would lose by 50 playing like this against the Warriors

This broad jereko or whoever he is needs a tech. He is really doing the most.

Jerebko going full goon mode.

Lebron isn't even trying out there

Not good that without a huge FT advantage we’d be getting blown out.

How is a 28% 3 point shooter like Smart lighting us up??

Crowd responding

It’s about time they do something. The crowd has been non-existent tonight.

This is nothing new. Always winning series on the road combined with high ticket prices leading to only rich folks in the lower sections equals a horrible crowd.

Smart has 7 3s, LeBron has 4 FGs

LeBron’s just been bad

Mostly cause he hasn’t given a sh** tho

He’s getting out-jumped for rebounds, resulting in offensive rebounds for the Celtics. Olynyk out-jumped him. Definitely no legs tonight.

That last Cavs possession was perfectly executed on D by BOS

Maybe everyone could play with Thompson’s intensity

They’d die if they did that.

Then they should die

Twice in the last couple possessions, Boston got an Oreb because LeBron couldn’t secure it.

Chill mode is apparently over now.. You can just see they are kicking into a different gear now that the game is on the line. Wish they would have played this hard the whole game

Endless f***ing rebounding for the Celtics.

Lebron wants no part of this game

LeBron’s badness feels suspicious.

If you don’t come to play, you don’t deserve to win. Truly embarrassing. They want it more.

Sit lebron

Get Dahntay in here to crack somebody's skull open.

Put d jones in Let him get suspended for next game

Can we send Dahntay to take care of number 8? He needs a hit in the mouth.

Jerebko is f***ing Eurotrash. Get this piece of sh** out of the Q.

I was worried, when I saw that we play every other day. Could have used an extra travel day.

7 games in 4 weeks, nobody should be tired out there

LeBron isn't moving without the ball. Just standing around. I'm surprised he is taking a playoff game this lightly.

Celtics can win this game if Cavs don't step up. Put the starting line up back in and go on a run  (MY NOTE:  They did that, didn't work)

Refs clearly letting a lot of holds and fouls go They want this to be 2-1

LeBron is purposely screwing up our offense.

Time to shut down the Celtics.

We’re seriously gonna let Marcus Smart and Jonas Jerebko beat us in a playoff game.

Celtics playing tough defense tonight, have to hand it to them

Lebron looks drunk.

Marcus Smart? Seriously???

Seriously - is the plan here to let Marcus Smart look like Ray Allen? I mean, come on!

Adam silver must have told Lebron to take off tonight to make the series seem competitive.

Can someone please tell me what the F*** LeBron's problem is tonight?

The Celtics not switching Olynk onto LeBron automatically in that pick and roll anymore certainly changes things...

I don't care how great lebron has been in the playoffs his terrible turnovers and shots has let the Celtics back in the game

Lebron pulling a Harden

Marcus Smart and Kevin Love have very similar stat lines at the moment

Games like this make me think no way Cavs can beat Warriors.

This is full on return of regular season Cavs. They legit thought Boston would roll over.

It's not even LeBron's complete apathy offensively, he's also just standing around defensively. I'd take him out and try to win without him.

Crowd seems dead. Marcus Smart is playing like his job depends on it.

Games like this make me wonder how much the League pays LeBron to shave points. Dude is hesitating on everything. Throwing slow passes instead of quick passes that would lead to wide open Korver 3s.

We're in a dogfight with Celtics who are missing their best player and LeBron looking noticeably gassed. I think we win. However, but we need the humility players and fans..

LeBron can't even get a rebound over Crowder

I also feel like the Celtics are camping in the paint on every defensive possession, and the refs haven't called a single def 3 second violation on them.

Defense falling apart. Horrible. LOVE WITH ANOTHER GARBAGE PASS. Just take the F***ING SHOT!!

I'm sorry lebron is not even trying right now

Celtics getting away with MURDER You gotta ask yourself why this trash team can come back

This is what happens when a coach decides to play his superstar 33 mins in the 1st half. LeBron right now is having one of those games where he has jello legs.   (MY NOTE:  There's only 24 minutes in the 1st half total, Einstein)

Get Lebron out of there, he's a liability on both ends right now

Crowder went wayyy over the back on LeBron on that last possession.

Feels like Lebron has $250 million on the Celtics +16.5

I'd be pi**ed if I paid money to watch this in person after what they did in Boston.

LeBron getting beat by Olynyk on the boards...

Cavs got a call from Silver. He told them to make it a close one.

How is Boston getting multiple guys wide open every possession? What the hell are the Cavs doing on defense?

You guy realize it's 3-0 right? FFS, calm down. We don't need to play anywhere near 100% to beat the Celtics. We know this team will be 110% against the Warriors, firing on all cylinders, LeBron will make sure of that.

It's 2-0.

Thanks for catching that. My point still stands. This is one of the easiest opponents in ECF history.

That Horford long 2 looked like a 3 to me

Sh** horford scored a 3

The stupid is so strong with this team...

Uh-oh, now somebody stole the Monstars talent

We lose, it's LeBron's fault. Simple as that.

Cavs should be ashamed of themselves F***ing pathetic

I'd like to know what we're saving our three time outs for, would be a good time to draw something up, Lue.

Why are we throwing this game?

Were flushing everything down the toilet. These f***ing dumb a**holes.

I can't get over what a complete dumpster fire LeBron is tonight Complete trash

This team is a f***ing joke

Brilliant defense Cavs, you shmucks.

punk-a** Jonas Jerebko needs to sit TF down.

We can't lose to a f***ing Swede, guys. Don't do that to me

And the guy that should've been ejected earlier hits the shot. Perfect.

LeBron is point shaving. The bonus check he's gonna get for this game is probably 7 figures.

Can't believe they let these chumps win...

LeBron and the Cavaliers (sans TT) just assumed this game was over at the half. Unfortunately nobody told the Celtics.

Glad Lebron ran some time off the clock instead of trying for 2 possessions

Smart will take it. And it shall brick.

Everyone should boo next game

I'm telling you, LeBron fixed this game. Lue should have benched him at the half.

First of all props to the Celtics role players, especially Marcus who did everything for his team while shooting efficiently from the field (CRAZY 7/10 from 3). Everyone predicted sweep, especially after IT went down so good for them for not quitting like Toronto

These stupid f***ing a**holes. We had no respect for them and it possibly cost us the championship.   (MY NOTE:  The lose a game in the Conference Finals and he's already giving up on a series that hasn't even started yet.  Amazing the intellect level here)

"The Cavs are so f***ing good I don't remember what losing a playoff game feels like" Now do you remember? A**hat lol.

The conspiracy theorists are right certain players fix games on purpose. LeBron let these a**holes win.

Deserved loss, I have 0 confidence in the Cavs the rest of the playoffs. I would be more surprised if they win the series then if they lose it

Lebron threw this game.

he’s had plenty of days off lately! Why did he need another one on a day we had a game?!

This team is a f***ing joke

New theory: Lebron has a girlfriend in Boston

Out played , out hustled , and give Boston Credit - They wanted it more - way more - Lue is not a playoff coach

Their defense is just overall a sh** ton better without IT. This gives them a better chance to win IMO cuz their offense is never going to match ours.

Officially pessimistic about the next round again

I can't believe we lost to that trash team.

C'mon. They finished #1 in the east. If they are trash, what does it say about the other 14 teams in the east that finished behind them?

Trash.  (MY NOTE:  Uh, you do know that your Cleveland Cavaliers finished behind us too, right dummy?)

Tin foil hat time. Lebrick tanked the game in order to extend the series. More games means more tickets sold and more TV. More tickets and more TV means more money for Big Dan. He'll be laughing all the way to the bank cashing the revenue sharing checks.

Someone won a lot of money tonight  (MY NOTE:  The bookies)

I can't believe LeBron went full Harden, you never want to go full Harden

This is exactly why I CRINGE when people call Lebron the GOAT.

Injuries. Lebron is hiding an injury.

Is there any possibility LeBron threw this game?

My theory is that Lue told them they could party as much as they wanted during the eastern conference playoffs until they lost a game. Then they just took it too far lol.

He could have been drunk or hungover! They did allegedly throw a hotel party before game 3 against the raptors. Why not at home?

In the end this loss is unlikely to matter, but it did show that there is a reason Boston is the #1 seed: because we played like this too often during the regular season.

Disgraceful, they stand no chance against Golden State.

I am just pi**Ed because I am watching a Jonas Jerebko interview on TNT right now and he is a BLEEPING TRASH all because the Cavs didn't give a crap about this game tonite

Boston played harder…you may not like it…but it was true. Stevens played his toughest guys in the 2nd half…and it paid off. Jerebko gave them a huge boost of energy…and Olynyk, Smart, and Jonas were the difference in the game.

I think LeBron seems not to care because he wanted to see how this team will respond in the face of adversity. Better now than the Finals. One step backward, 2 steps forward.

Boston will win game 4.....this one will go to 7!

I think this Celtics team plays better without IT. I also think from the very beginning we thought Boston was going to lay down. I hope we got the message.

I just have a stupid hatred against boston and I kinda don't want to see Celtics, Red Sox fans with a moment of joy as of late. Even if it is one game.

It sucks that now the Celtics are gonna try even harder

Really sick of "high energy" bench guys from Boston.

Refs swallowed their whistles the entire second half on a lot of chippy play and that favored Boston.

I never knew I always hated Jonas Jerebko.

Despite what everyone was thinking...The Celtics are a very good team...maybe even better without IT...will the cavs win ,most likely but it was never going to be a cakewalk despite the 50 point win  (MY NOTE:  The score is 2-1, not 57-3)

Isaiah Thomas getting hurt might have been the best thing for Boston. IT is just not a playoff basketball player. His defense is such a liability, his offense stagnates them and Marcus Smart is an under rated player. IT should be a spark off the bench, not your number one option in your starting line up.

The practical result of blowing the 20 point lead is we have to play Game 5. More minutes for LeBron. Two goons instead of one for injury risk - doesn't matter what happens game 4, Celtics fans will be berserk and howling for blood.

Welp. This one’s on you, James. Most the team came to play. I don’t know why your a** didn’t.

Anybody know where Delonte is?



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers, Away, Playoffs Conference Finals #3

Post by RosalieTCeltics on Mon May 22, 2017 6:13 pm

I can't do it, cannot read the quotes. Just gets me more irritated and vengeful .
Next game is going to be ugly, they are going to try to beat them down fast and ear
let's hope the Celtics respond a little quicker than Games 1 ans 2 and the first half of last night.

You know. I said it several times last night in the first half, if we had had alot of those shots we missed they would not have been up by 16.. I just could not walk away from that game last night, even when they were down by 20 Something kept me there, call it a creepy feeling. Anyway it worked out great

i do want to know why LeBron can use the "f" word on a fan, get him thrown out and not get fined like IT did. same word, different person?????? Appeal this IT.

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