Harden signs richest NBA contract in history

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Harden signs richest NBA contract in history

Post by steve3344 on Sat 8 Jul 2017 - 17:49


I guess they're paying him per turnover. He's set the all-time NBA record in each of the last two seasons.


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Re: Harden signs richest NBA contract in history

Post by wideclyde on Mon 10 Jul 2017 - 16:03

Of course, this signing is great for James Harden.  A professional athlete should sign the absolute best and most lucrative contract that is available to him because he never knows what day could be his last at performing at the highest level.  Even with a personal belief that all of these guys are grossly overpaid, I cannot blame even one of them even one little bit for taking all the money that they can get.

A broken this or that or a torn tendon or muscle, a ruptured ligament, a concussion, etc, etc could end any career at any time even with the great modern day medicine that we have now. Maybe a blood clot like Chris Bosh? Who knows or who can predict?

However, what is this going to do the the league as a whole?  Harden's contract is basically giving him 45% of the Houston Rockets total salary if they want to stay under the tax line.

I see this as a fast way to completely eliminate the quality depth on most rosters that makes the league usually pretty competitive and fun to watch.  Benches are going to be filled with low pay and low skill level players sooner rather than later as not all owners are going to be willing to pay the luxury taxes.

So, when Harden has his salary and three teammates are making (say?) 20 M/year the Rockets will have to make a choice to pay big bucks in the tax bracket to have a quality team (meaning a quality bench) or have a bunch of G league renegades masquerading as a quality bench.

To me this type of action will lower the quality of play throughout the league in a short period of time because we all have to agree that not ALL owners are going to be willing to enter the tax brackets.  I can see us possibly having a "tax bracket" division and then a "non tax bracket" division within five years.

This could be another situation where the owners may need to be protected from themselves.


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Re: Harden signs richest NBA contract in history

Post by gyso on Mon 10 Jul 2017 - 16:23

The team owners have always been their own worst enemies. Contracts like this one will probably lead to the next work stoppage. Rolling Eyes



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Re: Harden signs richest NBA contract in history

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