Report: Isaiah Thomas could be out until All-Star break

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Re: Report: Isaiah Thomas could be out until All-Star break

Post by worcester on Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:55 am

Chances Nets get the #1 pick again? Clearly no more than 25%.

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Re: Report: Isaiah Thomas could be out until All-Star break

Post by BleedGreen on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:34 am

112288 wrote:I am not criticizing TJ.   I am glad he posted it.   The article was all over the place with weak arguments that is all.


Two things that stood out to me in the article:

1. Saying NY refused to part with Porzingis or Phoenix with Josh Jackson or Booker is in no way proof that the Celtics overpaid b/c of what they did part with. The Celtics refused to part with Brown or Ingram for Irving (why is this not mentioned?) it is the same thing. The Suns probably would have moved Bledsoe, TJ Warren and their own '18 lotto pick for Irving, which is roughly the same value as the package the C's sent the Cavs. Even if they felt the pick would be worse than the Nets simply b/c Irving would make the Suns better, that can't be assumed when Kyrie is unlikely to get the Suns to the playoffs in the tough west AND Bledsoe wasn't hurt or an impending FA.

2. The article not only said that Irving recognizes his flaws and says he could be better, it says about his #1 flaw (defense) that the only two starting PG's worse than him last year were IT and Rose. So at the very least the Celtics slightly upgraded their PG defense while the Cavs (the C's biggest threat in the east) added the two WORST defenders of that position in the game and now one of them may miss half the season and the other has averaged only 60 games played the last 3 seasons even after his debilitating knee injury that ruined a likely HOF career 5 years ago.

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