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Comments From The Other Side - Sixers

Post by k_j_88 on Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:39 pm

From the post: It seems that Sixers fans are doubting their two #1 picks after 3 games this preseason. They are also coveting Smart and Rozier. So much angst over listening to Mike and Tommy. I guess in this case, beauty is in the ear of the beholder- I just love Mike and Tommy and I really miss them when I have to listen to other broadcasters. I liked what I saw from our young guys last night. It was good to see them get some extra playing time. My favorites are in bold. What are yours?


Just expect Tommy Heinsin to be bias as heck?

Indefensibly I kinda like that dude. All of us should love our team like he loves the Celtics, albeit with a more critical eye. I have trouble getting behind the weird objectivity of the guys who aren’t homers. Completely contrary to the way I watch sports.

He’s like a biggah Mahhhcus Smahhhhht!

Thought I was done listening to Tom Heinsohn... After he was kicked of the national NBA broadcast team in the 80s.

Celts broadcasters are just slobbering over Rozier

Must be in Danny Ainge's ear

The one Boston announcer is at least somewhat bearable. The other one is an idiot and borderline senile.

We don't get calls... Ever

Oh boy Tommy Heison...cAN'T WAIT TO BLEED FROM MY EARS

I do get a kick out of him bitchin about calls that go against the Cs

Tatum looks good

Rozier is going to be a nice player for Boston this year.

Tommy Heinsohn being an Okafor fan is the least surprising thing ever.

Wtf, fultz kept his ugly free throw shot?????

Jaylen brown is a role player

Fultz looking good on offense but he has 0 desire to play defense.

And 0 desire to pass the ball.

I am a little worried about how fultz and Simmons are gonna fit together. Both of them needs the ball in their hands

Simmons is no point guard

I don't think I've ever seen #1 overall picks with such weird flaws in their game quite like Fultz and Simmons

These homer announcers are unbearable. And what are they, a combined 250 years old?

What in gods name is that free throw form by fultz Wtf is happening in Philly that we are allowing things like that to happen... What world am I living in that is the ugliest **** I have ever seen

I'm officially concerned about Simmons Dude finishes worse than a 5'3 player

These guys don’t know any of our player’s names lol. Not entirely sure I blame them for a preseason game but may as well learn some

I wouldn’t take it personally, Tommy Heinsohn doesn’t even know the last names of half the Celts.

Rozier does look good.

This is unusually good shooting from the Celts’ bench.

Tawmmy complaining about the calls at both ends. Hilarious.

Tommy H. Sounds like he’s about 5 scotches deep already.

Dude’s 100 years old, what do you expect.

Fultz is a Beast – he has Got to be the PG

Tatum is awful – 2 pt jump shooter & nothing more

I hate to agree with the Celtics announcer, but it seems like our team is treating preseason like one giant joke, when we should be busting our ass and working on chemistry.

Nothing about this preseason seems to have been taken seriously other than the effort they use to keep Embiid from not playing

Down 20 by the other team's scrubs. God

If you showed me a picture of Brian Scalabrine with no name attached, I would never in a million years believe that he was a former NBA player.

Rozier is fast as ****

Facing Smart is better training for Fultz than Kyrie.

I can't believe the Celtics actually think they are competing for a championship with a center trio of Baynes, this Theis stiff, and Yabusele who looks like an Anthony Bennett redux.

I love Marcus Smart, but his flopping is pretty unbecoming. He should have more personal pride than that.

Flopping is damn near an elite skill nowadays sadly lol

Yabusele is fatter than old Jah.

Yabusele is actually pretty ripped. His body is just weird.

The Celtics big man rotation is straight garbage. I cannot wait for What embiid is going to do to that trash front court.

I would rather shoot granny style than the way fultz does now my god its ugly wtf

Doesn't help when this is our starting center. Id rather see the okafor with a broken neck.

Boston has Nothing at Center but slow white guys &they are Killing the Sixers on the Glass

That's a good block!" - Boston announcer Replay shows Boston player hitting Simmon’s arm near his elbow Silence Blamed it immediately on the "young official"

Tommy thinks Paul Revere is a nice young man.

Rozier isn't half the defender Smart is.

No wonder these Celtics announcers are known as the worst in the league. They are embarrassingly bad.

Gorman almost universally considered the best in the league.

The one thing the horrible Boston announcer said that was accurate. We need to be playing and building continuity.

We need to stop pretending we have a bench and just roll with our starters and let Jah run the second unit. Our bench is legit trash probably the worst in the NBA.

Next draft is tailor made for us if the Lakers hold up their end of the bargain. Bagley, Ayton or Bamba could be that missing piece.

Counting on that Lakers pick to convey is a recipe for heartbreak.

Someone needs to investigate why Fultz changed the form on his jumper....

have we seen a jumper? I've only seen him take it to the rim and nausea inducing free throws.

Damn Okafor really doesn’t look to pass the ball ever does he? Got three guys on him at the free throw line, decides "I GOT THIS" and gets stripped of the ball. Vegan doesn’t make you any less selfish.

Damn, what a flop by Smart. Looked like he was playing soccer with that dive.

What is the sixers shooting percentage

Don’t ask. It’s an imaginary number.

Yeah. I like them both a bunch. Watched some of Smart in college. Was really impressed.

Rozier has upgraded from Summer League MVP to preseason MVP

There’s got to be some way to stop Smart from driving to the net.

This Celtics team is SO much better coached it’s Embarrassing

Celtics using illegal screens but they are not illegal if they aren’t called

We can’t use new players as excuse because look at how well the Celtics are playing with out their stars. Ahhhh

Rozier and Smart both look really good as much as I hate to say it.

I think we have historically have bad refs in Boston. But hey, it already looks like Ben Simmons is getting the superstar treatment. Wish they’d give it to Fultz too.

Enemas for whole team at halftime.

Even Tommy Heinsolm was shocked by Markelle’s free throw motion. I didn’t think he was actually watching the game until that point.

Did they get a pop-a-shot champion to work with fultz on his free throw form dear god

I’ve seen better form at the state fair arcade

Bostons defense is better than anything they’ve ever seen obviously

Did the Sixers go to Boston a couple days early and just get smashed this weekend?

Sitting down to check out end of game. Why is it so lopsided?

Sixers cannot play offense or defense And if you listen to the Celtics announcers, every Celtic is the greatest defender to ever live

Cannot stand ISO basketball or shitty free throw shooting and that’s basically been the entire game. I also hate the Celtics.

Celtics sets picks so much better than the sixers

C’s set picks better b/c it appears they actually practice them

Well it’s good Amir is only signed for 1 year. Dude looks old and it’s only the third game of the preseason.

Boston is So thoroughly better coached its ridiculous

Brad Stevens is still underrated….

These Celtic announcers have to be the most senile pair I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

I thought Simmons couldn’t shoot, but it’s worse, he can’t score from anywhere. Oh, and he can’t rebound either; right now he’s a total zero

The Celtics have a talented roster top to bottom. I wouldn’t expect to get blitzed this badly but my concern level is still fairly low.

Celtics are leading by 29 shooting less then 39 percent. That's how bad we've been on offense

The Celtics do that forearm shiver more than any team. I was wondering if that was gonna get called ever.

Semi is an interesting prospect. Swole, decently athletic, and nice skill level.

"nobody protecting the rim" The story of the Boston Celtics over the last two years. One of the reasons why I can't take them serious as contenders in the East.

I am just in shock at how bad offensively simmons and fultz look

Wow the Celtics don't have very family friendly songs playing

Their scrubs played better than our scrubs.

The only thing worse than watching this game..… is having to watch the Celtics feed. I want to poke my eyes out with a soldering iron and shove ice picks in my ears.

This Celtics team Really looks like they could possibly finish 3rd in the Eastern Conference this year Everything will need to go right but they are really well coached & they have a really good shot to give Washington & Cleveland & tough series in the playoffs & maybe even win 2 games in a 7 game series Sixers actually made Rozier & Smart look like real NBA starters LOLZ so u Know it was a bad game

This Celtics team to me looks like a definitive number 2 team in the East, possibly 1 again if Cleveland has regular season issues again. Washington is the clear 3 in my estimation.

Washington’s bench is still a disaster. Celtics should be pretty disappointed if they only end up 3rd in the East.

Even if someone thinks Kyrie is a downgrade from IT…they went from Bradley to Hayward while replacing Crowder wholesale with Morris. While Washington and Toronto stood still.

Celtics got a chance to play their scrubs major minutes & they were hype & those Celtic announcers were Old when Red Auerbach bought the team

Fultz and Simmons don't even seem like they can hit free throws. This might be another year in the tank…

Celts second rounders such as Ojeleye (I Liked him at SMU), J Bird (really was intrigued by him at Cal…good athlete who can shoot) and Nader (from 2016 draft) are NBA players.

I think Terry Rozier looked better in the Cs system tonight than Kyrie did Friday night. I’m a huge critic of Kyrie and not just since he’s become a Celtic (so our visiting Boston trolls don’t think that’s where my hate comes from). He’s a ball stopping, hero ball, ISO playing guard and I think he was a huge hindrance to the Cavs Finals run last postseason

Kyrie’s a double edged sword. He can win you a game when he’s on and he can also single-handedly take you out of a game too. He’s a super talented player and I’m sure he’ll play better with his new teammates as the season goes on, but for Boston, I’m not sure how much of an upgrade he is over IT.

Did Fultz work on his shot...… With Lavar Ball this summer?

Marcus Smart as a 76er...could happen. Really liked him at OK State. His toughness is an intangible that doesn’t show up in any stats. Did not want him drafted by Celtics. He is just a bully on the court and it appears that his offense is coming around. If there is any chance of stealing him from the C’s when he comes up for free agency, restricted or unrestricted, after this year…I say go after him. I don’t see any real toughness on SIxers except for Embiid and Anderson. Don’t tell me he wouldn’t fit in. He is a winner and a leader. I see too much timidity on Sixers at this point in time.

Smart looks like his jumper has improved a lot. If he shoots even league avg from 3 this year, that means he’ll be a hell of a player for them. He’s already their best defender and a great energy guy. It also means he’s gonna get paid.

i’m all for relaxing but the team didn’t care last night, they ignore Brett brown out there, it’s nothing to do with the score. They have shot under 60% as a team from ft 2 games in a row.

It's pre-season. Nobody wants to get hurt.

that history of people being injured on free throws.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Sixers

Post by kdp59 on Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:04 am

I guess some Philly fans don't know they sent that Lakers pick to us to get Futlz.......LOL.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Sixers

Post by bobheckler on Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:24 am

Thanks for posting this, KJ.  Spending time on the road and away from the computer (and that's a very good thing!).

They are loving Rozier and Smart, huh?  Can't blame them, they are both looking very good. I think this was the game where Smart one-hand stripped a Sixer, dove to the floor for the steal and then passed to Rozier for the Yabby layup.

They're talking about Baynes, Theis and Yabby and forgot about Horford?  That's because 3 of our starters weren't playing this game.

Kyrie being a ball-hog is a bit of an issue but not as much of one as they think.  If anybody except Brad Stevens was the coach, then yeah, but with Brad?  He'll pass.  And if he doesn't Brad will move him to off-the-ball and Hayward or Horford will run the offense.

Pre-season means nothing.  It's a time to try different things, different combos, different players.  The last game against Charlotte, though, we started our "for real" starting lineup and we looked awesome.  Granted, it was Charlotte and they were without Batum but still, we looked phenomenal.

Time to bring it...



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Sixers

Post by worcester on Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:24 am

"Tommy thinks Paul Revere is a nice young man."

That is funny!

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Sixers

Post by beat on Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:43 am

worcester wrote:"Tommy thinks Paul Revere is a nice young man."

That is funny!
They probably think Tommy personally knew him.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Sixers

Post by gyso on Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:09 am

beat wrote:
worcester wrote:"Tommy thinks Paul Revere is a nice young man."

That is funny!
They probably think Tommy personally knew him.


Paul's dad and Tommy went to Holy Cross together. I think Paul's dad wanted Paul to follow in their footsteps, but Paul decided to go into cookware manufacturing.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Sixers

Post by worcester on Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:40 am

Even funnier Gyso.

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - Sixers

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