Comments From The Other Side - Preseason vs Hornets, Game 2

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Comments From The Other Side - Preseason vs Hornets, Game 2

Post by bobheckler on Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:00 am

They gave Frank's bucket to Boston and then put up a "Charlotte Bobcats" graphic. I'm gonna hate this.

Kyrie is a beast.

Just a matter of time our 3pt% gets better It has collectively been bad this preseason And I still have concerns about our 3D. Boston has knocked down some easy looks

Really can't stand BOS now...their damn starters were all drafted in the top 10, #1 overall, three #3 overall, and 9th overall for Hayward

Ok I'm NOT a fan of this stupid pump fake travel call Its very annoying

Boston setting up better screens for the three than Charlotte. They are shooting 5-7.

Johnny O Bryant is awful. I don't even want to get started on Frank.

JOB = FK Both are not talented

You strike me as a pretty negative guy

Just telling the truth

You understand that your opinion isn't "the truth"...correct?

Why the hell do we play one more preseason game than Boston

Did they just say Celtics are 8-11 from 3

This is ugly, at least monk was fun to watch

I can't take another year of teams shooting wide open threes every other possssion


And 3 s just keep falling

Fantastic 3 defense We just allowd them to shoot 72%

I think we set records for 3 pt defense, in a bad way

Celtics beat the Cavs My prediction

Did Kyrie get better from the last time we saw him? Hyperbolic time chamber?

Yeah, he's probably still improving. Looks fantastic

Good lord! The threes

Dwight is a basketball efficiency vampire.

Not 1 player operates in a comfort zone with Dwight. His slow rolls drag help to the paint. Post Ups waste precious shot clock ball rotations. His offensive rebounding fails lead to 4 on 5 defensive matchups.

Starting to think we should embrace positionless basketball like the Celtics and just play the best players that work well together

Lol Frank. Trying not to go on a rant. What in the hell did he do this offseason? Anything?

Well, you probably saw the photo of him on a boat with a dozen maidens in bikinis. What did you want him to do?

teams well beat
maybe Celtics
Prob means well easily get into playoffs this season boys
MY NOTE:  SERIOUSLY delusional.  They're going to beat us and the Bucks and the Raptors?

We don't really have a prayer of beating the Celtics after they've had a season playing together. That is a serious collection of stars.

You havent been watching this game have you?

Preseason game outcomes mean zip I do walk that back a tiny bit. We have a prayer of beating them in a 7 game series, but not much more.

ESPN- lol. Thanks for saying nothing about the Hornets



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