Comments From The Other Side - vs Hornets, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Hornets, Home

Post by bobheckler on Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:36 pm

The most difficult game of our 4 game road trip. Not looking good. 

No Hayward - if it's also no Horford or Tatum tomorrow, I like our chances. I mean they're a good team, playing great D, and have won 10 in a row, but with key losses mounting, I feel they've been punching above their weight a bit. Their schedule hasn't been that tough (21st in SOS). 10 in a row has to come to an end - odds are with us tomorrow night.

No Hayward, but these guys are locked in. Horford has concussion protocol. But, they are still locked in.

I can see leading all the way, and then folding. This Hornets team is not confidence-inspiring. And part of that is Coach Cliff too.

Yup. The Cs looked bad in the second half against the Lakers. No Horford tonight, and if Tatum can't go, it would probably be a good time to put money down on the Hornets.

Side competition - let Smart and MKG play 1v1 at halftime, for 10 minutes (projected score 3-2). Loser agrees to shoot left-handed for remainder of season

Marcus won't score, so long as you make him shoot jumpers.

Only 12 games in and I already feel like this team can't beat even a depleted Bos team

I want Kemba to beat Kyrie's ass.

I actually like our chances quite a bit. No Hayward, Horford, or Tatum is huge. Smart starting is actually really good for us, as it allows us to hide Kemba on him and have MKG start out on Kyrie, against their normal starting lineups. I think their role players are going to have to come up big for them to beat us so short handed, so I assume Smart is hitting 5 threes

There's been a change. Horford is still out but Tatum is playing and starting. I don't know if Smart or Morris will start. 

Need this win, especially against a banged up Celts squad Although they have homecourt and coaching advantage, I still think there’s no excuse for us to lose this one.

DET can sustain a high level of play if they stay healthy Bradley has really helped them tremendously..tethers them together defensively on the perimeter and provides reliable scoring

Horford and Tatum are both questionable. MKG will not be guarding Irving because Boston’s wings are too big and too good for Kemba to guard.

Boston's in a bad place personnel-wise and have struggled over the last couple games against teams that aren't all that great, despite eventually winning those games. If Charlotte can put together a solid showing this seems like a likely spot for the C's win streak to come to an end. 

Do feel that with personnel situations on both sides, tonight two streaks change directions. 

Howard V Baynes could be interesting 

....and down goes Irving. No Hayward, no Horford, Tatum on a gimpy leg, now no Irving. This (early) season's been incredible, in it's own weird way. 

Can we stop the game now please? 9-0 we win. Goodnight

Baynes done took Kyrie out

Kyrie should take the rest of night off, concussion protocol 

I'm wondering if that old Celtics announcer wants a flagrant or something even though it was his own teammate that did it lol 

No, Heinsohn expressed no such sentiment.

We all know Heinsohn bleeds green, it sometimes affects his commentary 

Kyrie not coming back. We've just got to keep our foot on the gas.

Boston feed just announced that Kyrie's officially out for the rest of the game being monitored for a concussion. Bad for Boston, but Charlotte should be in good shape tonight. 

No way we lose this now with Kyrie out the rest of the way. Already down Horford. Should win this easily. 

Philly would be so good if they took Tatum over Fultz

Tech on Smart, instigator, in my opinion. 

We’re winning tonight and I’m not normally so positive. 

I never really approach ANY Hornets game with the belief that we'll win. 

What’s Howard doing he looks like a trout trying to flop back into water 

Officiating rigged 

The back of Boston's jersey is bothering me The way its cut, its like they took the old jersey, cut out the shoulders, and taped them onto a new jersey.

Hey... Look at the score Is it all just Kyrie?

26-11, Hornets over Celtics after one... Well, anyone that says they were expecting that is LYING THROUGH THEIR FREAKING TEETH. 

Man I'm gonna be some kind of happy if we end the Celts 10 game streak 

No Kyrie, we must win this 

man if we lose, that would be very disappointing, Without Irving al,

We are now in a no-win situation We should win but won’t get credit. If we lose, we suck

Smart goes at Howard and Dwight gets the tech? Wtf 

How can that not also be a tech on Smart?

That swing at the end of the play might get Dwight pitched 

Baynes is so lost trying to defend Frank out on the perimeter.

Refs are getting ready to screw us 

Lord have mercy Boston fans are terrible 

Smart started it and didn't get a T... (MY NOTE:  Howard flung him down and should have been called for a foul)

I wouldn't be surprise If someone’s gonna get ejected tonight, the Celtics will do everything they can for that to happen, especially Marcus smart

Is this their game plan ?? Disgraceful ur better than this Boston

My God genius subbing by Cliff Putting in Zeller and Howard together, and then putting Frank at the 5 and boom he goes

He can get away with that against this BOS team without Horford Baynes & Theis won’t be able to step out to defend Frank

gotta love espn we are killing BOS and the only highlights they have on their site are the Kyrie elbow and Tatum scoring 

Are we really going to miss enough FTs to let them back in this? 

Excellent for kyrie to be out if you had laid cash on a hornets win Smile... Don't blow it guys!! 

Hornets tend to blow leads and let teams riddled with injuries hit a lot of 3's to make it a game. Its not over yet

No Kyrie, Horford, Hayward makes the Celtics a very beatable team, and a matchup we should win

This game is ours for the taking. Without Kyrie and Al they are left with rookies and scrubs. We got this. 

Morris can shoot from out there all night, I'll live with that 

Dang, another Celtic on the floor. Rough luck for them tonight 

Refs are gonna do everything they can to tighten up the game (MY NOTE:  I can't believe they think the refs favored Boston)

This Hornets team is really close. We're just missing a lebron James type of player. Other than that, were pretty close.  

This game isn’t over .Celtics get it to 4 or 5 choke city may kick in again like Knicks game 

We’re so lucky Baynes took Kyrie out because I’d say this would be a easy L the way we’re playing and the refs are officiating had Kyrie been on the floor.

Let the choking begin. This team is mental 

Stevens >>> Cliff...this is really, really bad 

Hornets lose this game , would be beyond demoralizing. Gonna get inside their head they are chokers. They have got to pull this thing out 

Coaching is the biggest issue we have 

They’re gonna start fouling Howard soon 

We are being outcoached...again 

Are we really getting out coached? Looks like we are getting out played with missed shots and stupid fouls 

Cliff are you serious? Celtics coach outsmart you without their star players , no excuses

Were getting beat by Shane Larkin 

The look of the assistant coaches after that Tatum layup  

A lot of this is coming down to coaching. Brad Stevens is proving that These are the types of losses that put a coach firmly on the hot seat No excuses can be given for Cliff…this BOS team had 10x more to deal with and Stevens kept churning in the subs until they found life

18 point deficit blown with no Kyrie or Horford , I would love to be a fly on the wall in that locker room right now

The hornets are like heroin I know it’s terrible for me, it’s ruining my life, but I keep coming back , even though I know what the outcome will be

Why do I get the feeling? Ainge could pull like 10 of our guys off the scrap heap? What coach can salvage this junkyard of a roster? All of these guys are limited. 

Maybe you couldn't have looked at the fact the Celtics bench has a higher number of well-rounded players than our whole roster.

I disagree with this..! Big time Celtics has one of the worse bench if you really looked at it, we jus made them one of the best Ffs,,

Can't believe the C's pulled out the win without Horford and Kyrie. Smart, Rozier, and Brown all were awful. Great job by Morris defending Kemba on the last play there, thought he was gonna pull a UConn stepback winner there. 

Sigh We suck 

This team is going to destroy my liver.

There's no excuse for blowing a big league to a Celtics team without Hayward, Horford, or Irving. 

Man, I turned it off in the 3rd quarter when we were up like 18 points. Come back and see 85-81 Celtics. Sorry, Cliff, you're out of here. If you can't take this team and beat a Celtic team without their star players, you can't take us anywhere.

This loss will suck for a long time. We can't beat Boston and stop their streak even without Irving and Horford. 

Vile. Blow an 18 point lead to a Celts team without Irving or Horford. Cast Shane "he's-still-in-the-NBA?" Larkin in the starring role for Celts scrub squad Resort to ISO ball down the stretch - as. Friggin. Always. I'm starting to strongly question Clifford's capabilities at this point.

As soon as kyrie goes down(get well) its a winnable plus with the big lead, and this what happens

HOW DO YOU MESS THAT UP?! If it was a blowout I would not be so angry, but this was ridiculous. Celtics should not have won this game.

The fact that Boston was without its star players and still won is depressing. That they won by erasing a huge deficit is crushing. 

Tatum and Brown are fringe star players. We would be salivating over their potential in relative comparison to what CHA has drafted outside of Kemba.

How do you lose to the Celtics without Kyrie and Horford This team sucks right now. Dominate a game for 3 quarters then lose a bunch of role players in the 4th. What a massive choke job

Boston is a 1-2 seed. 1-2 seeds find ways to win games. And top five picks equals not role players. At least for Boston.

no reason to lose this last game whatsoever. that was a trap game, and we got trapped. in fact, even after we had run off with the bait, we went back and stuck our hand in the trap. 




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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Hornets, Home

Post by k_j_88 on Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:08 pm

Inexplicable loss on CHA's side.

Their fans certainly were confident once Kyrie left. But we know how that turned out.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Hornets, Home

Post by NYCelt on Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:13 pm

"This game is ours for the taking. Without Kyrie and Al they are left with rookies and scrubs. We got this."

Makes you really like our "scrubs," doesn't it?

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Hornets, Home

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