Jaylen Brown wants to be a gym rat, but Terry Rozier lives there

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Jaylen Brown wants to be a gym rat, but Terry Rozier lives there

Post by bobheckler on Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:56 am


Jaylen Brown wants to be a gym rat, but Terry Rozier lives there

By: Jared Weiss | 5 hours ago 

Living in the gym is supposed to be a metaphor. But Terry Rozier does not believe in figurative concepts.

His Snapchat is a documentary series on dropping rhymes in cars, watching movies at home, and spending late nights at the Waltham practice facility. As Bostonians check their hair in the mirror and call their Ubers to head out on a Saturday night, Rozier checks in from the court, where he’s getting shots up.

All of those late nights shooting are paying off for Rozier, who has taken the mantle from Marcus Smart as the last second shooter as the clocks ticks toward zero. Rozier hit threes at the end of both the second and third quarter, crucial buckets in the Celtics’ 95-94 win over the Toronto Raptors to extend their improbable winning streak to 12 games.

“Whenever I go to the gym with my trainer, we always wind time down while each of us is getting up shots, like at the end of the clock,” Rozier said Sunday. “It’s something I’m trying to simulate in the game. I did that last night when I was in the gym. Just try to make it and be fluid while it’s running.”

His coach values the work more than anyone, crediting Rozier’s threes for being the little things in the grand scheme of things that made the difference at the end.

“I thought the two biggest possessions of the game for us were Terry Rozier’s two threes at the end of the second and third quarters,” said Stevens. “I mean, they gave us a chance at halftime — or made us feel better about ourselves — and then at the end of the third, it gives you a one-point lead heading into the fourth. Every possession matters when it comes down to a one-point game.”

It’s those late nights for Rozier — and showing up first on game day as the Celtics struggle to find even minimal practice time — that are allowing him to take a highly lauded offseason training program and continue to build off of it during the year.

“You can see it. Before the game, he’s here working,” Jaylen Brown said. “I see it because I try to be the first one here and I think Terry beats me here every time. You see Terry working on his game and the focus level he has of just trying to be the best version of himself, and you can see the results.”

Despite all the work, Rozier is in tremendous shape and has been a lightning rod off the bench. His relentless energy allows him to turn the game inside out, dominating the boards from the point guard position and driving up the pace pretty much whenever he is on the floor.

“Terry’s been playing great off the bench,” Brown said. “He’s been bringing energy each and every night, especially last game against Charlotte. Terry came in and brought the energy when we were struggling early, and what he does, it doesn’t get as much credit as he should. But he’s been doing a lot of great things off the bench.”

He’s been doing a lot of great things no matter where or when. His game is still a wild amalgamation of energy, raw skill and dedication. But it’s looking more polished and refined than ever.

His future is bright, but even now, his present is integral to his team’s success.



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Re: Jaylen Brown wants to be a gym rat, but Terry Rozier lives there

Post by dboss on Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:22 pm

Terry Rozier is at the beginning of year 3 where he is now starting to assert himself at both ends of the court.

His offense is much improved but there are two things that i think he can get better at.

The first is finishing at the rim where Terry has the ability to get into the painted area and drive to the basket. Some of his missed are simply blown layups but others are the result of him trying to avoid contact which gives the defender enough space to challenged his shot.

Terry should pull up more often for those short jumpers when he gets in the paint and he needs to seek out contact with the rim protector when going for layups. That skill was one that IT used and it created more finishes at the rim.

I do not know where this team would be without TR's contribution. He is an excellent defender and a tremendous rebounder. He takes and makes a lot of big time shots.


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