Comments From The Other Side - vs Magic, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Magic, Home

Post by bobheckler on Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:24 pm

Ahh chit. Didn't know our next game was vs Boston. They are coming off a loss after a 16 game win streak and with how we have been playing lately, this could be really ugly. As Frenchy said, " F*** it. Let's go get this game!"

I'm not in tank mode yet so I really hope we can play with effort for the entire game and bust out of this losing streak.

Hell no I'm not watching this massacre

Hell yes I'm watching this massacre

We r gonna win this one. So the trolls can go back to their caves. Go magic 

Magic win go on a 15 game win streak
Incredible how we're shooting better from the field and from behind the arc than they are.

Alrighty guys..... Let's cruise to a 25 point defeat tonight...... Very Happy 

Come on. We're better than that. We'll be down 25 and lose by 9 

LOL.... True unless Smart hits 70% from the floor..... 

Jayson Tatum's game is clean af 

I like how Horford is allowed to push two of our guys into each other while setting a screen 

Can't believe... This Magic team is looking like a trash. Can’t defend and worse can’t even rebound.

Kyrie could easily go for a career high 

Fourniers defense is so bad lol deny deny deny oh okay fine go take a wide open 3 I’m tired. 

Lol smart getting 3 fouls in 2 minutes makes me very happy.

Game is about to go off the rails pretty soon. Can't defend their constant ball movement and player movement. 

Their arena music is loud as ****.

How rude of Jaylen Brown to not concede that rebound to DJ.

Boston punking the **** out of this soft ass team.

They're out-hustling us on everything, I know we're a bad rebounding team but man you can't let them keep getting these 2nd, and 3rd opportunities... 

Even Baynes is abusing Biz 

Baynes has been very good this year 

Interesting approach to defense from Augustin - just run away from the red hot shooter in the corner.

Our entire team combined doesn't give a quarter of the effort that Smart or Brown does. 

The last 5 years of softness has finally infected the whole team. Infection complete.

Well. At least we haven’t given up a 41 point quarter yet this game. Progress

Fairly confident that 5 cardboard cutouts would do a better defensive job than this

I would give anything to have a coach like Brad Stevens. He always has Boston playing with max effort and every single player on that team knows their role.

Playing for Vogel might be better. Go out there and do whatever the **** you want and whether it’s good or bad, you prob won’t have to come out.

I know it’s because the league think fans want to see more offense but the amount of uncalled travelling in an NBA game has reached ridiculous levels

Vogel's notebook says that the starters weren't supposed to come back till the 6 minute mark. You want him to deviate from his cheat sheet? What next, rip up his Coaching for Dummies book? You guys are insane.

The horror "cabin fever" is on my TV, but Magic defense is way more scary

Brad can you at least give Frank an idea of how rotations work. Teach him an offensive system while you’re at it too. And a defensive one if you have time. 

I can see why Ainge wasn’t interested in Ibaka for Rozier

The least Vuc can do is have a decent game so we might be able to get a Rozier from the Celtics for him in a trade

Forfeit the 2nd half Boston. I bet a random 5 guys from the stands could hold off our starting lineup in the 3rd quarter.

That's just such good basketball by the Celtics. Just kept making the right play over and over again until they had the wide open shot. It would be cool if we were any good. 

They're toying with us

Well we can forget Vuc for Rozier after tonight 

Well, wake me up when it's draft day.

70 points at half time??? Is that a record for us?

What’s up with the empty forum? People losing patience early this year?

You could morph Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich and mix it with a bit of SVG and you still couldn’t get this team to play any defense.

Like pros playing with high schoolers

We have zero hustle players. The Celtics have like 8 of them. Some of our guys are "scrappy" at best.

Our team has no damn toughness at all.... Smart's been playing with 3 fouls for how many damn minutes.....?????????????? 

Relax. This is all part of our plan to get down really big so that the starters get "mad" and make a big comeback in the second half that only falls short by 10 or so. 

The crazy thing is Boston isn't significantly more talented than we are. This is just the difference between everyone doing their job correctly and guys screwing up. 

Boston has 1 mvp caliber player, one multiple time all star and 2 potential future all stars and legit role players

Lead down to 25... we’re coming for ya Boston!

Irving 30 points in 24 min. Magic roster 65 points in 34 min

Ainge turned basically nothing into Thomas and Crowder. Then he turned them into Kyrie. We just need to get some more good value team players and a legit scoring stud to add to AG, Isaac and Simmons (and Payton?).

Terry Rozier career high. I’ve never looked it up but I am absolutely convinced that there are more players in the league with career highs against the Magic than any other team. 

Its hilarious how our announcers actually think we have a chance to come back

Smart has blocked Biyombo twice tonight, hasn't he? 

If we traded for Smart he would be our best rim protector lol

Jeff Green is not walking through that door 

We’re now 9th worst in the NBA! I think we can get in the bottom 5 but any better then that will be tough. That hot start is gonna set us back 

Only 4 losses from 2nd worst. This is easy. Just need to give up now. Not a single motivational speech from here on out. There are no good Ws.



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