Comments From The Other Side - vs Pistons, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Pistons, Home

Post by bobheckler on Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:55 pm

Hopefully Mook tries to hero ball it. Celts are sick though. Imagine if they had Gordon Hayward healthy as well. Bloody hell.

C's have the best defense in the league, and have a ton of offensive weapons. They're also a match-up nightmare for us. Horford always kills Dre with his range. Stanley can't guard Tatum & Brown, and we can't hide Reggie on either of them if Bradley is going to hound Kyrie - which should be the defensive assignment for him. 

I do not expect a win here. The Celtics are just a bad match-up, they're better coached, and they have better players. Our only real advantage I could cite may be our bench if Ish and Kennard get it going.

Time to shock the world. A win here would legitimize our good start to the season. We're well rested unlike the Cavs game where we were playing our 3rd game in 4nights.

Celtics is playing there 3rd game in 4 nights 

Hero ball Kyrie vs Hero ball Reggie. Kyrie is better overall but Reggie can win a battle.

Avery defense vs Kyrie offense. I'd bet on Avery making Kyrie waste a lot of possessions that turn into Dre & Stanley rebounds.

Jaylen performs overall better than Stanley but I don't think he's going to beat him head to head.

To be honest the only huge advantage I see for the Celtics is coaching. So it's on SVG whether he finds and sticks with A gameplan that works, or makes the necessary adjustments on defense

Imho, Bradley's about the best in the league defensively against Curry, but has not done very well on that end vs. Irving. Bradley will be extra revved though. No doubt he'll get a huge reception and a tribute.

Going to be a tough one, hopefully a competitive and fun one. Schedule/fatigue should be on our side at least. 

The Celtics are the definition of solid. They come at you strong. Even if I loathe their fan base(arrogant, cocky, know-it-all's)I have to respect their front office and coach.

Should be an easy win

Lets get this W not scared of Boston one bit.

no way we can win, imho. 

I have this unshakable feeling that drummond is going to struggle tonight. Drummond struggles with physical centers and, well, baynes is physical to say the least.

Not to mention Baynes always busts his butt to outwork people. And knows Dre inside and out. Hopefully Dre will out jump him to everything.

Baynes is going to be a problem. Still can't believe SVG outbid himself on his best defensive player... Hopefully his Panic Master days are over.

Boston ain't scary. We have Avery Bradley for that Kyrie nonsense, Stanley for that Morris nonsense. Drummond will own the paint. Reggie trying to play hero ball or playing tentative vs the good defense is the only thing I'm worried about. Should be a great game

I honestly think Stevens is the best coach right now. Look what he did with a bunch of role players once he took over. Now he's got a legit superstar and stars in development and already have the top defense. Dude is MVP of that franchise.

I just hope we can find enough defensive pressure to bother Tatum & Brown.

Stanley will be key in shutting down the top Boston rookie. Have to admit, though. Tatum's game is so smooth. It's fun to watch.

I live in New England, so I see all the Celtics games. They are DAMN good. Like elite-level, they should probably be favored against anybody but the Warriors, good. They're at home, but it's their third game in four nights and we're not chopped liver ourselves this season. If we win, I won't accept any "overrated" or "paper tiger" takes on the Celts — we'll have earned it.

Whoever loses this game officially loses the trade.....Until next game.

I just don’t see Boston maintaining this. I see them coming down to Earth. Brad Stevens is an amazing coach though so he will lessen the burden somewhat. But their team was supposed to be built around Gordon Hayword, Not Uncle Drew; who lets be real has only lead a team to the number one pick 2 out of 3 years

While their schedule has been fairly easy The Celtics have not gotten much rest or practice time, including tonight playing 3 nights out of the last 4.

Well they've played 9 games at home and 12 on the road. But, they’ve had an easy schedule so far. And yeah, it seems like they get their biggest games at home (except for the Cavs game).

I’d tell Boston to go out there and break a leg this game, but that would be too soon….

Good lord...the Celtics' Public Address Announcer is horrible. 

I wonder if the rumored Jason Tatum for Jon Leuer trade will be announced tonight? Or if they’ll wait until tomorrow?…

Avery Bradley fumbles a fast break pass for what should've been a jam. I'm going to chalk that up to nerves.

Bradley's stone hands cost dre at least 1 turnover a game 

Boston is weak 

Tatum's shot looks like it hurts 

Celtics are just as good at coming back from deficits as us 

I wonder if the Celtics are sluggish due to playing 3 in 4 days and just can't keep up with this team rested. 

If they want to continue to play Horford at Center, Dre is going to kill them

Boston looks a little sluggish out there so far...hope it continues

Kyrie without Avery on him is a problem 

The Celtics have NOTHING for Andre Drummond....NOTHING

We are getting ANYTHING WE WANT This defense is overrated

How is the #1 defense overrated? What does that make the rest of the league?

Baynes is a good backup C. He sure helps the C's

Boston has,a NICE team. They're fun and deep. 

Just one time I’d like to play a team that doesn’t shoot 80% from the 3 point line

It feels like a loss. It just does. When Marcus Smart is banking in three pointers it just isn’t your night.

Kyrie will never wear that mask as well as Rip did. 

Kyrie hates Avery Bradley 

God I miss Baynes 

Drummond has like 35 rebounds already 

Omg NO HE DOESN'T! Stop overrating him!!! 

This may be the worst interior defense we have played all season. On pace for 120... Let's hope BOS doesn't turn it on defensively.

Kyrie is scary af

If Smart gets hot and wins the game for them from behind the arc, we live with it.

I'm very surprised they are still playing Horford at center

SJ is not a bad player when he is not shooting 13 times and missing them all. 

Now we are locking in defensively. Tatum has been completely shut down by SJ

Kyrie is worth the price of admission 

Kyrie vs Ish and SVG vs Stevens Two huge mismatches

Right? Stevens has no handles at all. 

Boston's definitely stepped up their defense 

Here comes the refs to give the Celtics the game. 

The Celtics are one of those teams that always get help from the refs...whether they're good or bad. Just like the Lakers. 

Good ol' MOOK helping his old team 

Come on Marcus. You know you cant shoot. 

I hate the Celtics Still not over Zeke’s bad pass to Bird…

It was actually a pretty solid pass to Bird. 

That's not funny. 

Or Johnny Most who was, is, and always will be the worst announcer in sports history. 

Heinsohn is worse. 

LOL Boston announcers be like "Everything is a foul" 

The Boston radio guys are WAY better than their TV guys. They’re actually just calling the game from the point of view of a Bostons fan instead of a complete lying homer like the TV guys.

Of course Smart hits a 3. 

Can't stand him 

Since when can Marcus Smart shoot? 

I hate Boston announcers saying "HAWFAHD" IT'S HORFORD YOU WALNUTS 

Pistons actually have to win games They don’t get help form the refs.

When the Celtics really turn it on in crunch time, I hope our boys do the same. 

The Celtics turning it up in crunch time tends to mean they go to the line every possession in thr last 6 minutes. 

If Marcus Smart was shooting like he usually does, we'd be up double digits. 

Marcus Smart is having the game of his life..smh

Smart is such a good flopper

C's being gifted **** from the refs now...cmon man

Marcus Smart can shoot now?

This scrub Smart having the game of his life. Whatever. 

Won't lie I hate seeing Marcus Morris hitting threes on us

Horford is such a wuss for raising his hands during freethrows

Brad Stevens reminds me of Christian Bale in American Psycho. 

Really like Tatum’s game 

Kyrie getting some calls tonight 

Have the Celtics made a foul shot? 

They really don't want to make calls against Boston 

How is Smart hitting 75% from 3??? 

Cannot stand Marcus Smart 

Marcus Smart can remember he's Marcus Smart anytime now. 

Jayson Tatum, a rookie, is shooting 48% from 3.

These Celtics are good. Every time I’m about to post about how impressed our starters have built a decent lead, the celts come back and tie it up. 

I forgot that Smart flops too. Makes me dislike him even more. 


It was on Morris, they slipped up and thought he was still on Detroit. 

Daniel Theis is killing us. 

Why can smart shoot all of a sudden? Hah 

This is the best game Smart has played in his career... 

That freaking banked in 3 by smart really is pissing me off right now 

All 5 of his 3's are pissing me off...he usually goes 0-4286 on 3's 

I hate Marcus smart And his extremely punchable face

Here we go Celtics about to get real comfy on that free throw line.

Smarts already rehearsing flops in his head 

Smart will never shoot like this ever again. 


LOL...the Celtics fans don't think the Celtics commit fouls...EVER

Kyrie's incredibly clutch and entertaining to watch but he's no superstar. With Hayward out LeBron is finals bound again.

Wtf is happening with Smart

Kid is developing into a damn fine player. People call him a scrub cause they're not paying attention 

Dude is a 25% 3PT shooter...and he is dropping shots like Curry. Crazy.

Like I've been saying all season. Most overrated team in the league. We carved them up and should've won 15 if their scrubs to go nuts with hitting contested 3's.

Would be a fun playoff series vs Boston.

Can’t even say Boston had an off night Shot 52% and 48% 3PT. THEY JUST GOT BEAT. 

Free throws... Andre—6/8, 75% Boston—12/21, 57% 


it was Boston’s fifth game in eight days… 

True. Forgot about that. Still. They played pretty well. 



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