Ex-Bull Ben Gordon arrested for felony robbery — report

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Ex-Bull Ben Gordon arrested for felony robbery — report

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Ex-Bull Ben Gordon arrested for felony robbery — report
BULLS 11/28/2017, 05:34pm

Former Bulls star Ben Gordon has had four brushes with the law in the past five months.

Dan Cahill
@dancahill_cst | email

The troubles for former Chicago Bulls star Ben Gordon continue to mount.

Gordon was reportedly arrested Saturday for felony robbery at the Los Angeles apartment complex where he once lived.

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us … the 34-year-old went to the apartment complex where he used to live in an effort to get his security deposit back. We’re told there was a dispute about the money and Gordon allegedly put hands on the guy and threatened him.

According to the report, the man gave Gordon some money and the former NBA player left. But Gordon returned to get the rest of the money, “a few thousand dollars,” and police arrested him. Gordon reportedly was released Tuesday morning on $50,000 bail.
Gordon made $84 million during an 11-year NBA career, which, in addition to Chicago, included stops in Detroit, Charlotte and Orlando. Gordon led the Bulls in scoring four consecutive seasons from 2005-06 to 2008-09. He hasn’t played in the NBA since 2015.

The Mount Vernon, New York, native has had four brushes with the law in the past five months.

In June, Gordon was arrested for pulling fire alarms at the same Los Angeles apartment complex.

In October, Gordon was reportedly hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation after getting into a confrontation with a woman inside a Mount Vernon sports rehab facility he owns.

And, just last week, Gordon was arrested in New York for driving with a forged license plate.

Two days ago, Gordon posted a bizarre video of himself to Instagram with a troubling message and hashtags:
“Redrum…a lot of you should have met your maker already but it’s not too late…#ooogang[s—] #[f—]youpayme #cantstealfromGodstupid #iseenpeopledieforlesslol #Godismerciful”

MY NOTE:  For those who don't know "Redrum" is "Murder" backwards.  Ben Gordon is in a very, very dark place.


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