Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Home

Post by bobheckler on Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:33 pm

Tatum looks good....Fultz looks MIssing. Nice move BC. Trade up and give up a lottery pick to pick a lesser player. BC are you on Boston's payroll? BC is Gumby and Ainge is Pokey.

 If Boston wins, it will be all Brown's fault.

Not a fan of back to backs. Supposed to be fair competition. All about bucks. One team rests, while their opponent for the next game plays and travels for the game.

Go get an ugly W with Dario dominating the C’s.

I expect the Sixers to get walloped tonight, meaning that they will probably play the Celtics right down to the wire and maybe even steal a win. The team is pretty much unpredictable from night to night. If they were playing Sacramento at home with the Sixers fully healthy and the entire Kings’ starting lineup lost on the Broad Street Subway, then we’d be in deep trouble. So, whatever. Go Sixers.

Schedule loss. Not much else to say

This game is gonna get ugly tonight IMO.

I'm sure Boston's thinking without Jojo This is an easy win for him sometimes that can work against you. 

Feeling a W tonight. Classic trap game for the Cs. Dario drops 25, 10 & 5 and leads us to a 10 point win. 

Would be shocked if we have a lead towards the end of the 2nd/4th quarter and Stevens doesn't hack a Ben.

If the Sixers don't win this game by 30 points it will be an embarrassment even without Embiid. The Celtics are trash. And no, that isn't me trolling, it's just me being objective. And right.

weren’t you a critic of lebron and the big 3 down in Miami

You mean an abject failure of an experiment that produced zero titles? Yes.

Multiple high level sources told me that David Stern fixed the playoffs that year. A lot of people in the media actually know about it but were kept shut with hush money. They were incredibly overrated teams, every knowledgeable basketball fan knew that, but they were box office and Stern wanted the Lebron narrative, so he orchestrated it. Eventually a major publication will break the story on it, but probably not until Stern is on his death bed so his name isn't dragged through the mud.

Just letting it known I will not stand for a single Fire Brett Brown tweet in response to a Boston game when the Sixers don't have JoJo or TJ

Ben gotta play 40 minutes tonight. Bayless is trash. 

Go Sixers. Beat the Boston Pretenders.

If Sixers don't win this game tonight comfortably, I'm gonna be even more whiny, insufferable, and rage-filled than I usually am. Absolutely no excuse to lose to this team tonight.

It’d be nice to pull a win out without our best player and Joel Embiid…

Well…..we have a punchers chance.

Oh Irving pushed off… call. Going to long night with the refs

Silver feels sorry for them after Hayward's ankle exploded, so expect them to get preferential treatment like they have all season thus far.

JJ successfully d'ing up Tatum 

Horford… ugly and effective jumper

Let Horford shoot 3's all day, he's a dreadful 3 point shooter.  (MY NOTE:  For the record, Al is shooting 44.1% from 3 this season)

Appreciate you trying to speak things into existence.

He killed the sixers the last time we faced him from the 3 point line

Love amir standing in the paint guarding nobody there.

Celtics are a good regular season team. But they have nobody on their roster even close to Embiid or Simmons in talent.

**** I have to listen to Tommy Hienson tonight on NBA TV

I guess if you were a Boston fan you'd love Tommy Heinsohn. But if you're a neutral fan, he single-handedly ruins the experience.

Heinsohn's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me.

Covington hasn't been the same sinc egetting paid lol

Kyrie rivals Steve Nash as worst defensive player I have ever seen at the NBA level. And some people actually think he's good defensively. I can't respect those people as they know nothing about basketball.

It's' just a narrative pushed by the media. Even the worst defenders have some stretches of games where they look decent defensively (whether because their opposition is under-performing, or just some favorable match-ups in general). There's a lot of variance involved in small sample sizes. Unfortunately, Kyrie had one of those stretches and the media just ran with the narrative that he's become a good defender. Laughable.

Kyrie Irving is so inefficient offensively.  (MY NOTE:  21-21 last night, 48% on the year.  That's inefficient?)

Jaylen Brown is the worst shooter in the NBA behind Marcus Smart.  (MY NOTE:  45.6%, 40% from 3)

There is nothing in life I hate more than listening to the Celtics feed.

Smart is one of the greatest floppers of all time

Embarrassing coaching by BB tonight. How tf are you losing by 5?

This Celtics team reminds me of the 2015-16 Toronto Raptors that had a 56-26 record. Really solid regular season team, but no shot at a title whatsoever.

Amir Johnson is too slow, but nothing else we can do, only big we have right now.

Rozier is bad

AL Horford will go down as one of the worst signings in NBA history. Never liked his game. He doesn't do anything, he's just kinda there.

Celtics illegally grab so much on defense because they know they have no individual defenders.

Boston already play at playoff intensity during the regular season, which is why when teams like the Cavs turn it up in playoffs, Boston have no other level to go to.

Celtics announcers are the worse in the league and lead to their fans thinking the same as them. 

Tice must think the league is easy going against our vertically challenged players Laughing

Lmao who the F is Tice??? Where do they find these garbage bin loser players?

They cheat and scrap a lot on defence, times like this I wish you could tackle.

My theory is Tice is a Westworld-like android modeled at MIT.

I like Tatum and he is a great shooter, but this is why he's not in Simmons' league. He just stands around until his teammates get it to him for an open shot - which he makes, to his credit, but he's not somebody defenses care about shutting down.

Tatum is not a "great" shooter. Redick is great, Tatum is average.

Did Bayless just become Joel Embiid? Gonna foul out the whole damn Celtics squad

To think we could have had Jayson Tatum breaks my heart

Kyrie is a really poor finisher

For those of you who thought we had Superstar 2 we don't Kyrie is showing you what a superstar is

We really passed up on Jayson Tatum huh

Relax on the Tatum hype. Role player/shooter who relies on Kyrie to provide spacing to go for his shots.

Celts pacing. They'll blow us out in the 3rd or in the 4th lol

This is why it was smart to play embiid last night. We have no shot to beat Boston in Boston they are simply a vastly superior ball Club

No doubt the talent level difference is striking

Celtics are so bad. No idea how we're trailing by 10. Should win this easily in the 2nd half. Btw, Kyrie is not a championship player. Dude has nothing.

Someone needs to not Kyrie Irving on his ass little 80s old school ball

Did Tatum even play in the first half? Saw the entire half didn't even notice him. He has to be inactive tonight. Trust me, I notice good players.

Well the ref bought one of Smart’s more obvious acting jobs

Lol kyrie what’s wrong with your faaaaaaaaace

Smart’s also nominated for an Oscar.

Smart only shoots well against us. It’s unbelievable

Saw a fan dribble/shooting contest during the timeout and the kid that’s participating’s name was Brady lol…wonder how his parents came up with that

I hate refs. They are scum. They have too much control.

It’s amazing that the Celtics play as physically as they do and average under 20 fouls per game. It’s almost like they’re allowed to play a certain way that others aren’t. 

We need a great game of someone or we have zero chance to get this one.

We have zero chance to get this one

Finally getting a few calls….saw the moving pick by Theis and the called it I fell out my chair.

You could call a foul on Theis pretty much every possession.

Remember when we all scoffed about a rozier and some scraps for Nerlens?

Rozier is much more useful

Boston has a lot of shooters 

Most surprising thing about their team imo

I think it’s waaaaaay more surprising that they have historically the best defense ever so far, but agree that the shooters thing is also surprising

Celtics not a great offensive team tbh

I think the Celtics court is ugly I don’t care what people say.

I think the best way to defend kyrie is to just pummel him when he gets close to the basket since he’s gonna draw the foul either way.

Bayless Seriously his basketball I Q for a guard is putrid its like he doesn't realize he is Jerryd Bayless he thinks hes Kyrie…

Is it just me or is Covington been bad since he signed that big contract?

How much would you give to swap GM's with Boston? I bet he was laughing his ass off after he fleeced Colangelo to pick up Tatum

If we could slow down Irving then this could miraculously be a game.

Are the celtics the worst first place team ever? 

Seriously the Celtics are kyrie, Horford, kinda Tatum and a bunch of scrubs. Well coached but talent deficient. 

We got cheated by the refs. 

Need more Smart's 3s.

Yea, let's just leave their best player open behind the 3 point line

Celtics are a bunch of frauds. We'd be annihilating them if Embiid were playing.

Jaylen brown is a brick layer

Just double team Kyrie and let Brown shoot.

Haha Celts looks tired

You know, I wouldn't trade ANY combination of Celtics players for Simmons OR Embiid. 

If theres a guy to leave open, its smart

I hate the Morris twins despite them being from here Clowns

Is there a dumber player than Bayless? I can’t stand this dude. Get this guy off my screen.

Terry Rozier iii

What Celtic's scrub is going to turn into a superstar for this one quarter? 

It’s usually Smart

Just think we could have drafted Jayson Tatum

Sixers really playing down to the competition tonight. Awful 4th quarter.  (MY NOTE:  We have the best record in the league, they were 12-8 heading into last night and you're playing down?)

Bayless is such a trash can with a head band

Don't they know that Harford is a great 3-point shooter

I hate back to backs... And the Celtics.

4 fouls on Brown! We found a good use for Bayless’s face!

Philadelphia 76ers


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6:09 PM - Nov 30, 2017

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Fwiw, for as much as we’ve been hearing about how good Brown and Tatum this season, they’re doing a really good job confirming our rival fan biases this game.

Along with Smart’s "improved 3 pointer" but we hear that every year.

Do we think these guys have any idea how much beating the Celtics would piss off bill Simmons?

Watching Tatum contribute to a really good team, even on an off night for him, makes me very sad that Fultz has been a zero for us this year so far. Boston gets 30 good minutes a night from their rookie while we get to debate scapula muscle imbalance and shot mechanics. Sad.

Don’t give up hope. It’s what makes us Sixers fans

You have to get your money’s worth there, JJ. They’re going to give Kyrie every call no matter what you do. Foul him so hard his daddy runs out on the court to save him.

Sixers eat this team with Biid on the floor, depending on how crooked the refs are

Boston has won like the last 14 out of 15, including the previous matchup with a healthy Embiid. Tonight the foul calls were almost exactly even, refs are,a terrible cop out.

Low foul totals for both teams in Celtics games benefits the Celtics every time because of how physically they play.

Seriously with the refs? The fouls were almost exactly even tonight, both sides had some horrible calls. You can’t blame the refs every game, they def weren’t the reason Boston won tonight or the first matchup. They have the best defensive in the league, most likely the reason why the win games. Having Kyrie to close out games doesn’t hurt either.

Boston got bailed out by the refs in the first meeting. They'll get bailed out by the refs again in the playoffs

If we play them in the playoffs with healthy embiid and fultz, the refs might not be able to bail them out 

Wow, tatum getting the superstar treatment with the refs allowing him to blatantly shove off Simmons like that

I f’in hate the Celtics. We better be full strength and beat them next time.

I’ve watched a few Celtics games this season and they haven’t impressed me. They obviously do enough to win, but the refereeing they get is mind-boggling. They play extremely physically, but only average 20 fouls per game, which is an absolute joke. Smart is a tenacious defender, but he should be fouled out every game. They contact he gets away with is insane. It’s become clear how much the refs impact the flow of their games.

The big difference between the Celtics and the sixers is That when the games get tight, the Celtics make the right decisions. They make the right pass, take the right shot, and they don’t turn it over. The sixers on the other hand…….they do the opposite

They also have about 4 guys, lead by Kyrie, who can create their own shot and score. We have Embid and maybe Fultz, and neither was on the floor.

Yes they also have a Flat Earther

That Tatum trade is going to haunt us for 10 years

How will trading for a better player haunt us

Hey we f***** up Tatum should be in Philly but we have an idiot GM.

Hey, only lost by 11! That’s like a moral victory or something!

Tatum was invisible tonight. I didn't even know he was playing until someone said he was. And even then I thought it was trolling and had to look it up.  (MY NOTE:  15 points on 6-11.  There's something wrong with your eyes)

Kyrie is amazing tonight. I also thought Tatum played well, within his role. Celtics was like a well oiled machine. What makes them very good is their consistency. 

Tatum played OK - took advantage of a few mismatches - decent on the defensive end. He is what we thought he was going into the season - a technically very proficient player operating close to his career ceiling as a rookie.

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7:23 PM - Nov 30, 2017

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Kyrie is a wack job, they got that right.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Home

Post by mrkleen09 on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:48 pm

Very few fans bases are full of more assholes than then Sixer. They threw batteries at Santa, booed their home teams every chance they get, and had a statue of a fictitious 5 foot Italian boxer before they had one of their own homegrown champ, Joe Frazier.

All around bunch of miserable bastards.

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Home

Post by wideclyde on Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:38 pm

Hey, but not one put down of Marcus Smart.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Home

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