Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Home

Post by bobheckler on Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:41 am

If Big Al is allowed to bear hug Giannis the entire game The bucks won’t win. Just because it’s an all star making the bear hug, it’s still a foul. Plus, it wears GIannis out.

Bucks win this one Celts don’t have a a great inside presence and I think we can keep Kyrie in check. I feel another hot game for Khris

Must win!

This team is confusing. I have a feeling we will get blown out. I also have a feeling we can stay with them and steal a victory. I also think we can hang with them until mid 3rd quarter Giannis gets rest and we go down by double digits and never recover. 

This game is huge. Feel again like the Bucks have somewhat turned a corner. I very cautiously think that, but this game will prove me right or wrong either way. Stevens v Kidd simply scares the crap out of me.

They had Horford pressure Giannis up and down the court last game iirc. Did a good job.

Lets end these scrubs! 

Lose but Giannis ends up with once again 51 points.

Bucks win this one going away.  No question.  We beat them once and then lost by just 7 and now we have Bledsoe.  We got this one.  (MY NOTE:  Yeah, and the time you beat us was on the 2nd game of a b2b, you were rested, and we had just lost Hayward the night before) 

Really excited to see the Bledsoe vs. Kyrie matchup. I think Bledsoe is going to get up for this game

Bit of a discrepancy between the two head coaches Imo.

Ultimate measuring stick game for the Bucks.

We're gonna find out tonight if our defense has really changed or if it's been a mirage.  (MY NOTE:  We shot over 50%.  It's a mirage)

Think we match up pretty decent with Boston, should be a close and entertaining game, hope bledsoe can contain Kyrie and Giannis can play at his MVP level.  (MY NOTE:  1 out of 2 isn't TOO bad)

20-4 is such a crazy record considering they lost Hayward and their first 2 games. Marcus Smart is too damn good.

We'll have to match his floptensity.

Proof of the greatness of Brad Stevens: here he is coaching them up on the subtleties of the Celtics defense

It doesn't matter if giannis score 15 or 35, he will be doubled and tripled so its up to the othersevto finish them

Man we have such advantage every game with giannis on court, when will they learn

I hate the Celtics so much that when I play 2k online and get matched up against them I try to blow them out. Usually do too 

For tonight I think we should revert back to our old scheme, aggressively double close out on Marcus Smart near the midcourt line and let everybody else open in both our corners.

I really want us to win this one

Crush them Celtics and eat the tender bits! 

"The basketball is flat"

See we got posts from other teams cheering us on. We are either fun to cheer for or Celtics are just that hated. I’ll take either, keep posting fellas

We are all coming together to bring these Celtic **** down.

Part of me wants to see what Giannis is gonna do to Aron Baynes again. Part of me also doesn't wanna see a man die on an NBA court.

Giannis tried to end Baynes life on that play.

Is it a crime if giannis does indeed kill baynes ON court?


Feels like a loss. We're on a three game win streak, and I don't trust that we are consistent enough to string that out much further --- especially against the top team in the East. That said, if the defense has really changed maybe we have a shot.

All I remember in that second game was we made Al Horford look like Ray Allen, as he drained four of his five three point attempts (despite taking only 563 attempts over the previous 10 years, averaging one attempt per game over his career) uncontested from our defense blitzing all over the place. If we actually prevent that from happening we can win this, especially since we only lost by seven previously.

The chances of Horford outplaying Giannis again is probably 1/100. He will be ready for the matchup this time.

Jayson Tatum is now the NBA's leading 3-point shooter at 49.3 percent and is on pace to become the first rookie ever to average 13 points, 5 rebs and shoot better than 42 pct from 3

BOS. Just hurts. Hate how well run they are. 49%. Unreal. 

Are they regretting giving Hayward that contract now? They obviously don't need him.

Maybe in that it was so expensive. However, I think he becomes huge in a potential matchup vs GSW. And that's a factor. You need another guy like him when you need to matchup the small ball and speed with them. Of course right now they also have Smart, but add in Hayward too and you have depth and multiple squads you can run out there to try against them.

I was never a huge fan of giving Hayward max money, but it's hard not to like how great he fits in with that core. Still think that offense is gonna occasionally get bogged down when Kyrie has his off nights, and Hayward gives them another go-to scorer who's also a pretty good defender.

I thought the Celtics would be an average, so what they're doing to me is stunning. Tonight we find out if that +22 Net the starters have can hold up against legit contending competition.

With Gordon I expected them to be pretty dang good. When he went down I figured they'd struggle. Very impressed with what they've done so far. I imagine having a coach like Stevens doesn't hurt.

I did too, but I guess neither one of us anticipated how amazingly well Tatum and Brown would be this year. Pretty unbelievable for a 19 year-old rookie and a 21 year old sophomore to be starting and playing 30+ quality minutes contributing on a top-tier team. It boggles the mind.

It's kind of sick what they've been able to do despite being super young and blowing up like 80% of the team from last season. They literally are the excuse our stupid franchise has every year and instead they are one of the best teams in the league.

Btw this isnt the real bucks because delly is still out, so no trash talking if Boston wins

These refs seem fun.

I don't think these teams like each other.

Refs are absolutely terrible tonight 

This is old school Bucks vs. Celtics from the early 80s. 

Enjoy the bench until the second half Brown! 

What a collection of missed dunks for Giannis against Baynes

Yeah the defensive scheme is making me want to poke my eyes out. That and our "defensive specialist" Snell is losing Tatum way too much on the weak side 

I'm afraid this winning streak made them think there is nothing wrong with their defensive scheme The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and hoping for a different result. Boston killed us last time when we ran this defense; they are killing us again. We are not even playing against a savy vet team

Is Boston more talented than we are? I am not so sure they are

Yes but it's close 

Talent Coaching.......not even a question 

A good coach can make even average players look good/work well they don’t need to constantly look for greater and greater talent to make their schemes look good/work well. Basically what I am saying is #FireKidd 

Giannis is the best player on either side, Boston has three recent all stars in Hayward, Irving, and Horford and two recent top three picks. I don’t think coaching has to do with all star talent.

Man referees in Boston might be the worst sight in the NBA Give them the ball until they score.

This is literally unwatchable Losing is one thing. This atrocity is another.

This refereeing btw. What was this foul on Bledsoe? W/e

They just randomly blow the whistle every so often...has nothing to do with what u are visually seeing... 

Also apparently never getting Ts for shouting to refs for Brad   Additionally, I have to listen to the Boston commentators… They literally said nothing when they saw a replay earlier showing a wrong call. They were like ehm..change subject  

The Celtics know who they are as a team. While we look lost and have no real identity

think I looked at BOS stats today, they have 5 guys ave. double digit scoring, and two more in the 9pt range. spreading the wealth for certain.

Also Bledsoe is destroying Kyrie I’m not really certain how he is even staying infront of him.

Snell must have flu or something...he is getting abused tonight by many offenders all over floor 

What is Snell doing!!! His defense has been the worst

He needs a hug...or an electric shock treatment tonight. 

Bucks shooting free throws on every foul the rest of the quarter. Must keep attacking the rim!

I hate Jason Kidd. So very much

Why does Giannis hates Baynes?

Everyone hates Baynes

He's gonna kill Baynes. It may not be tonight, but he's going to kill him.

Baynes has a better hook than Henson.

Lmao why did I bother watching tonight...seriously. 4/4 from Tatum? All wide open

Tatum shoots 34% from 3 in college, goes to the NBA to get coached by Stevens and becomes taller Reggie Miller on steroids. That's actually kind of irritating to me.

It's infuriating. Apparently Anige is a prophet and Stevens is a God.

Smart was actually a mismatch for Thon favoring Smart ahahhah

Tatum. 49.3% from 3 on the year. 4/4 tonight. Shocked, shocked I tell ya!

Yea we do need a good defensive big in the paint We should find an Aron Baynes.

Close out on give Morris an open 3. ****ing brilliant.

Boston is just a better team. I'm not going to get worked up about one game 

Tatum is the best 3pt shooter in the nba and it took him maybe 7 minutes to get 4 wide open looks. it’s like we don’t even gameplan at all.

I hate the Celtics.

Imagine Kidd trying to out "coach" Brad Stevens in a playoff series and tell me he doesn't need to be fired.

Who was better. Thon or Robert Swift?

**** the bucks, **** the Celtics, **** brad Stevens.

So our last three 1st rounders might be useless...that sure is something.

Celtics bench filled with trash and Stevens has them playing at a super high level. Feels bad man.

Best coach in the league versus the worst? Is this the matchup?

I should've been a Sixers fan

Kyrie misses and tips his own shot in in front of Giannis??????????? This is **** sadistic.

On Saturday we looked like a real professional team who knew they belonged. This is the exact opposite of that. **** embarrassing.

Boston is just a tad bit better than sacto 

I'm 100% convinced this is Smart laying groundwork for future calls by drawing attention to that screen. POS.

Is it just me or Kyrie's shot, when it bounces slightly, always go in. 

Thon's a bust and we need to sell high now.

Too late. People have seen him play.

Need to chill a bit, Celtics are a 20-4 team for a reason. 

Nah I think their starting lineup is easily worse than ours. We could be at least competing here.  (MY NOTE:  If your starters are easily better than ours then why were we 20-4 going into last night and you were 12-9?  Why did you lose all those games?)

Brown gets three offensive rebounds while we stand around. 

Kyrie is ridiculously unlikable.

Easy to dislike someone who thinks the floor is the earth rather than the ball.

If baynes is going to kick our ass up and down the court anyways, at least make him work on defense.

How many Giannis posters Baynes wants? Anyway ... respect him, he doesn't care , he plays hard, wish we could have him 

I hate these commentators so much. *Liggins gets blatantly shoved by Rozier and falls over*
Commentator: "Liggins got a little tangled up and went down, Rozier takes advantage".

Celtics fans actually think horford can stop giannis lol

All of our bench looks lost and bored, coaching staff is sitting while Stevens constantly up.

I hate Kyrie.

Everything about Smart’s game disgusts me. Just completely unlikeable

Not a fan of Irving.

Come on Bucks , Heat fans hoping you destroy them leprechauns

Why do you guys not like Kyrie the basketball player? He's everything we wanted Jennings to be.

No way the refs let us come back.

Nice quarter. Now send these shamrocks back to Hawvawd Yawd.

Boston is quickly becoming my least favorite teams. I mean there will always be the **** Bulls, but the Celts are very hateable 

Smart locks up dudes.

Al Horford would take us to the next level

Stevens is a much better coach.

Uhhhh. We struggle to for every point while the Celtics get easy bucket after easy bucket

Lmao three straight alley oops to Horford

Kyrie taunts Giannis but checks with Liggins to see if he's okay on a touch foul.

Nice shot Smart. My god is He awful.

Marcus Smart will more than likely cost the Celtics a championship.

Smart thinking he is kyrie lol

To be fair Horford is one of the only guys Khris can keep up with on defense. 

I watched this while listening to the Celtics guys. I deserve some kind of reward in my opinion.

Kyrie is just so good

It’s just a mirage. Great scorer and ball handler. Not much more

I think in the Celtics we see what good coaching can do for a team 

Irving stone cold assassin, probably the most underrated player in the league.

I can’t really see how Kyrie is underrated to start with, let alone the most underrated player in the league.

my case for kyrie:   went to boston, and has killed it when many predicted his demise, that lebron carried him, instead, he is carrying a young team. my comment was about his ability to close games out on display last night, he literally scores at will when both teams are trying the hardest, no matter who the opposition is, including nba finals. been the best cav in the finals end of games the past 3 yrs , and that isn’t easy

Kyrie is a great player But every time I see him on the court, I just want to slap his plastic face senselessly. Sorry. #TheEarthIsRoundYouDumbass

Wow it would be nice to have a random strong guy like Baynes.

Not just Baynes Theis made our 5’s look like teenagers. Horford too is a perennially favorite of mine. His footwork inside negates his lack of girth.

Horford is fantastic for sure. He may be the best Celtic. Henson wouldn't play on the Celtics roster.

Love Horford's play It’s just his face that annoys the hell out of me.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Home

Post by mrkleen09 on Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:52 pm

I guess we are all homers, but I cannot for the life of me get how the Bucks fans were complaining about the refs last night.

Giannis does drive every time he gets it, since he hasnt yet learned to shot a jumper. But honestly, he gets way more calls than Kyrie, Al or any other player on the court. WTF are they crying about?

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Home

Post by bobheckler on Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:05 pm

mrkleen09 wrote:I guess we are all homers, but I cannot for the life of me get how the Bucks fans were complaining about the refs last night.

Giannis does drive every time he gets it, since he hasnt yet learned to shot a jumper.  But honestly, he gets way more calls than Kyrie, Al or any other player on the court.  WTF are they crying about?





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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Home

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