The Dancing Dabber

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The Dancing Dabber

Post by bobheckler on Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:45 pm

If you don't know what "dabbing" is, ask a teenager...

Watch: Boston Celtics legend Guerschon Yabusele buries three and dabs on em

By: Jared Weiss | 15 hours ago 

It’s been a wild ride of a rookie season for the Dancing Bear, but Guerschon Yabusele is back in action. With Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown out, Brad Stevens had to reach deep into his bench to get his team through yet another win over the Dallas Mavericks.

But forget about the league-best 22-4 record. Forget about Kyrie Irving continuing to dominate crunch time. This was Yabu’s night, as he buried just his 3rd three of the year and straight dabbed on ’em at the 8:45 mark of the second quarter.

Jay King


[ltr]I have tracked down the Yabu dab. Cherish it for all its glory.[/ltr]

8:00 PM - Dec 6, 2017

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Jay King of MassLive conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and uncovered even more acts of glory.[/ltr]

Jay King


[ltr]A Celtics assistant just confirmed that not only did Yabu dab after his made 3-pointer, but he also shot an imaginary arrow during the celebration.[/ltr]

7:04 PM - Dec 6, 2017

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The Dancing Bear is learning new moves and becoming a greater threat to society with each dab. But Terry Rozier is worried he is becoming too powerful and too dangerous.[/ltr]

Brian Robb


[ltr]Terry Rozier on Yabusele's celebration: "Bow and arrow, and a dab? I don't know about that."[/ltr]

7:09 PM - Dec 6, 2017

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Re: The Dancing Dabber

Post by wideclyde on Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:51 pm

With the outrageous actions of some professional athletes upon doing something well that we see, this stuff by Yabusele is nothing. Not to worry about him celebrating an occasional three point shot as long as he keeps working towards earning more and more playing time by strengthening his weaknesses.

Reading on another forum where some folks are claiming (already) that he is a draft bust, but I believe that he is far ahead of our last few guys who were busts (Young, etc) and he did not get to play top level American high school ball or even one year of NCAA college ball.

The club level of play in France certainly has not sent any too many guys to the NBA in "ready to play" situations. And, not sure that the Chinese league season did a whole lot to get him ready for the NBA either.

He has some great physical attributes and can at least shoot threes and free throws, so I will wait for him to become an NBA rotation player for at least two seasons with the Cs.


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Re: The Dancing Dabber

Post by NYCelt on Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:02 pm

You could knock me out of my chair with surprise over the fact that he's even back with the team. I was certain he'd played his last NBA game.

Good for him. Maybe he'll prove my opinion way off base. That would be outstanding.

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Re: The Dancing Dabber

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