Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Away

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Away

Post by bobheckler on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:34 pm

I don't care how good they ARe, we nearly dropped them last time. Let the 3 pt bombs fly and play hard. I don't give a ****

Caris out. Gonna be a lot tougher to play without a backup PG since the Celtics back up guards are really good on both ends. Nothing like Minnesota.

Horford out helps. Tough w/o Caris. But, I expect Nets to be competitive.

Refs missed Rondae kicking the ball in bounds when he was out of bounds. They could’ve called two different kinds of turnovers there Laughing

Horford being out is huge

Yes but we are missing levert again apparently

Beat Minny without CLV.

No Horford def helps but Boston has beaten us twice already with Levert.

Horford is a bigger loss to them than Levert to us IMO Horford is the glue that makes them go. Does absolutely everything from score, to pass, to defend, etc.

I looked at the odds and within seconds the Celtics are slipping.. I checked the odds on thescore app and it said Boston will win with – 4.5 and in 10 sec it dropped to – 3

We not bad defensively We slightly below average Up to the 19th ranked defense entering this game.

Attack Baynes to get him in foul trouble. Their next big man after is only 6'9     Okafor should go to work in the post tonight

Jaylen Brown hits a jumpshot *Huge Cheers* Irving shoots an airball one guy quietly yells airball Brooklyn crowd in a nutshell for you

That's why winning is important Unfortunately we wont start to gain a real home crowd until we have been winning for a few years. So maybe in 2025 or something.

Why is Dlo not on the bench tonight? Will he drop down from the rafters at halftime like sting for his glorious comeback?

Lmao at Zeller getting owned

Get acy off brown that is a massive mismatch

What a great defensive effort by Big Jayy on Kyrie Wish he would have swarted that ball back to jersey Say Kyrie’s parents

1978 Brown can't make FTs How is he hitting 40% from 3??


Nets smelling blood tonight... They know they can hang with this team..

Allen just assaulted Marcus Smart.

Acy is terrible..I swear

What are the chances of surviving without a PG against the top defense in the league?

For a team we keep saying has a lot of backourt players An Awful lot of them are hurt

That's why I suggested signing 6 pg's last summer

Larkin went through Okafor like he wasn’t even there twice in a row

Why are we not hustling for these loose balls? I keep seeing balls in the middle of the court and none of our guys are going for it. The Celtics are running from the 3pt line to get the ball. Come on guys.

I’m not going to’s weird seeing Okafor in a Nets jersey. Feels like some alternative timeline where we never lost our picks.

That was a nice move off of the dribble by Okafor

Yeah he got away with guard spin/carry. Refs respect the handles.

LMAO somebody give Smart a map. He got lost in Dinwiddievile

Wtf is demarre doing trying to ISO Tatum like he’s LeBron?

I appreciate Zeller so much

The ball handling is awful tonight, it’s crazy that we’r still up

Brown is kinda stinkin it up out there.

We need to keep up the intensity on both ends of the floor and hope the Celtics tire down the stretch.

Their defensive rotation is so damn good.

Good game so far, beating the Celtics with their own weapons

No calls from refs for us today too so watch out.

Wow that was a malicious foul...

T BAYNES UP This guy is dirty player

How was it any different from the screen Zeller set on Smart? His tooth broke Zeller's skin!

Didn't see it...don't care what happens to Smart, tbh lol

Not a whole lot on the screen. Yeah he's putting some English on it, but that's just a big man doing what he's paid to do.

Lmao @ bynes..dam bruiser

Am I the only one who wouldn't be mad if Aaron Baynes got put to sleep by mozgov? We need him to be a Hanson brother

I hope Rondae plays super aggressive now But I’m worried cause we’re getting calls

Way too many smelltics fans at the game tonight

Carroll getting punked by a rookie

Baynes is about to foul out lol. I'm glad that the refs are calling that ****.

RHJ 2-12 tonight Celtics length clearly bothering him / this is what RHJ’s percentage looks like when he’s actually being guarded

Baynes is getting reckless

Loving the flopping lmao

More Celtics fans at the game than Nets fans.  SMH!   They get louder cheers than we do.    

Flagrant on Theis please

You know Acy wanted to knock someone upside the head just now.

He’ll accidentally hit Theis in the nose later

I know the refs wanted to eject Acy for not being soft

I dunno if it's fair to say Theis put a dirty play on him. Nothing wilder than an Acy drive.

I wish we still had KG to mentor Jarrett. He’s going to have to start trash talking dudes. “Get that sh*t outta here flat earth boy”

Get okafor in there and abuse theiss!!!!

Both teams playing terribly RN

Did you watch late 90's-00's bball This was every game lmao

I want this win bad

A win..against first place team would b huge plus it would help finally settle who won the kg/Paul pierce trade. (MY NOTE:  Are you kidding!?  Too funny)

Both theis and Baynes have 5 fouls Jah is a low post machine …do the math

Man, we always give the Celtics a good game, just hope we close it this time.

Larkin is so little. Lol

The three clearly isn’t falling and there centers are out with foul trouble So naturally we’re just jacking more threes

You got the Celtics D scrambling but the guys keep jacking up quick 3’s

If we lose this we have no one to blame but ourselves. Missing open shots like mad when we had days off and Celtics played last night

I don't know if this is good bad game or a bad good game

Regardless of outcome of this game, 80% chance Nets make it playoffs this year.

Rarely ever see a brad Stevens ATO result in a 5 second violation Good defense? Good defense.

Not sure why every guy who gets tatum guarding him thinks they can take him 1 on 1 he’s kinda long and good.

Ref come to save the Celtics again wow

These refs are straight up screwing us

Right call, bad for it to come that late because it looks like it was begged for. It was a push by Carroll.

I honestly cant get over how many 50/50 calls go in favor of Marcus smart Who is known as the biggest flopper in the league.

Tatum is pretty good Thanks Billy king

Pathtic effort from the guys tonight. They let Celtics get every 50/50 ball, didn't dive for loose balls, just looking lethargic They have no one to blame but themselves tonight

I hate Boston... Rooting for anyone over them in the playoffs

Something should be done about this crap. It's disgusting. Obvious fouls not being called.

Wow. Boston should thank the refs on their way out.

I want an apology letter later in the week from Silver This is just disgusting….

Bruh how can you watch this and say that the officiating is even a little bit balanced

Life at the bottom No respect from the refs

These refs are trash I’m so sick of superstar calls I’m so sick of them consistently changing the outcome of games and I’m so sick of there being no accountability when they do an absolutely awful job

Refs lost us this game Period. U can say this and that blah blah blah. But this was the worst officiated game I have seen in a very long time

Unbelievable refs decided a closely fought game

Kenny better say something about this BS refs Because we didn’t lose this game, it was taken from us

It's hard to win when you're outmanned. The Celtics have 8 players in the game.

Celtics have Kyrie. He’s going to get calls. Dinwiddie isn’t. Obviously it’s a star’s league unfortunately. We have to be that much better if we want to win.

I'm sorry but Dinwiddie got totally bodied lol you gotta call that no matter who it is.

I was under the impression the NBA rulebook applies to all players not just the stars. But hey I guess I learned something new today 😑

I wish it did... But I’ve seen this as long I’ve watched the NBA. Semi Ojeleye hid that last foul well.

Give me a break, the refs held their whistles for each side to close out the game, what was a obvious foul that was missed? Boston was called for more fouls and went to the line less, hard to blame refs when that happens. No one is blaming refs in a win….

Easy to blame refs We were 6-31 from 3 tonight

I wouldn’t be mad about the no call on Din IF THEY DIDNT CALL THAT BS FOR SMART.

And Smart isn't Kyrie not a superstar call. Just a Boston bailout

Ill tell you this much Celtics know we aint nothing to play with… they walked away quitely

They know they got bailed out by the refs

Am I crazy for thinking that if DLo gets back within two weeks that we can make a run for the 8th seed?

Hell no I want the 8th seed to play these bums in a series!!

Some Ref Paid his Mortgage Tonight

Also Brooklyn "fans" are the worse in the league Jersey fans were way better. I blame their marketing. They totally turned off and lost the suburban fan base the Nets had. They want to be a "big city" team but there isn’t a fan base for it.

Had to throw something at my TV!!! Thank God my girl was making me help her fold clothes while watching the game

Refs lost this for the Nets. They weren't beat, refs beat us.

Refs 87 Nets 85

Game after game, we get f***Ed by the refs. This is unacceptable. We need to do something as a franchise.

Like that f***in Boston team needs any more help with that Golden State like roster. Refs gave this one away and I dare even a Celtic to deny it. That was horse****.

They aren’t that good but the league can’t allow them to level out like any other team so they can keep on stat padding these wins for the false narrative of them being a legit title contender.

Then, they will get exposed in the ECF again and then we will repeat the cycle until we own our pick and people want to like us again.

My take on Din's last two drives. Ojeleye fouls Din with an off hand push between the bodies. It's a foul, but it's a tough read for officials. Last one where Din chops his steps and goes into the body of Ojeleye, Ojeleye goes straight up. Yes his body tilts, but you have to factor in the contact as ref. He tilts because of the contact (to his lower body), but the contact is superficial. Dinwiddie was responsible for the bulk of the contact. He should have opted for the floater or taken another step rather than attempting to draw a foul.

Had to listen to the Celtics broadcast, God I can't stand them, most biased commentating ever.

Celtics are 100% getting exposed in the playoffs. Without Hayward, theyre just not very good.

Nets, Kenny Dinwiddie somebody needs to make a stink about the refs and get the media outlets att What do the nets have to lose? They already don't get any respect. Have the league put I microscope on the refs officiating

I would strangle one if I can get my hand on one. This is terrible.

Chill, dude it’s basketball

It is not basketball against the Celtics... It is Personal

It’s about protecting the golden teams. Minny being hot is a good narrative. Boston being #1 is a good narrative. Nets being spoilers isn’t. They couldn’t care less about our fortunes, but have a lot of stake in those teams staying up there.

Nets made some bad plays in the last couple minutes no doubt about that... But the refs swallowed the whistle when the nets buckled down and began attacking AND bailed smart out with that SUPER late BS whistle That being said, the fouls on baynes (last 2) were pure BS too

Yeah so what we weren't playing good We were still in the game and the refs just gifted the Celtics a win.

Celtics also got 50/50 balls late in the game. That steal by Kyries was huge. DC had the ball in his hand. Don’t forget that we also scored a basket for the C’s early in the game.

Horrible calls by the refs Marcus Smart with his flopping had a field day baiting them into calls.

League Wants Boston to win the 1 seed to make the probable EC Finals against the Cavs interesting. Nets aren’t supposed to win this game. And I hate to blame refs. But, I also hate when refs take the game out of the players hands. That game should have been decided in OT worse case scenario. The only good thing is even Boston fans know it and though I hardly believe it…there may be more than 1 decent Celtic fan in the world. Or, it could have been a troll using multiple accounts to express disgust at their team getting a win they may not have earned. These are strange times indeed.

The League knows that LeBron will leave Cavs, they need another first picks

You give the league too much credit it’s just refs being incompetent and having bias against the weaker team without all-stars

I hope we get the 8th seed to play them in a series We match up with them nicely, and we should have D’lo back. Maybe even cause an upset

I absolutely hate the Celtics franchise right now they have the perfect combination of players to infuriate me. Guys I’ve always liked to watch Kyrie, Hayward, Horford who I now have to hate. Guys who play chippy and I’ve always hated Smart, Morris, Barnes. 2 absolute studs in Brown, Tatum who should/could have been ours. Icing on the cake though…Shane Larkin contributing, lol, the poster boy for Nets bottoming out.

So pissed that Kenny didn't call out the refs in the post game Instead, he credited the Celtics for being physical. Screw that. We need to call out the league.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Away

Post by wideclyde on Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:46 am

Far too much whining about the officials. There are tons of mistakes made every night in every NBA game that the players just have to play around to win as NBA basketball might be the toughest professional game to officiate. Celtics did a better job than the Netties.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Away

Post by bobheckler on Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:35 am

wideclyde wrote:Far too much whining about the officials.  There are tons of mistakes made every night in every NBA game that the players just have to play around to win as NBA basketball might be the toughest professional game to officiate.  Celtics did a better job than the Netties.


There is almost always whining about the refs on every one of these.  I'm sure if there is someone who do "Comments From The Other Side" threads for another team when we play them will notice some of us complain about the refs too.  What blows my mind is that a team that is in the bottom third of the league would actually think that they might beat us and do it soundly.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Away

Post by dboss on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:56 pm

The Nets fans have endured a lot of pain.  So in a game where they go 19 of 22 and we go 8 for 15 from the free throw line, they imagine that the refs are also against them.  

Net fans need to blame Nets management for letting Danny fleece the living crap out of them.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Away

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