Boston Celtics to bypass 2018 Utah Jazz Summer League

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Boston Celtics to bypass 2018 Utah Jazz Summer League

Post by bobheckler on Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:32 pm

Boston Celtics to bypass 2018 Utah Jazz Summer League

by Ryan Aston4 days ago
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The Utah Jazz may be forced to shuffle their team-hosted summer league’s lineup following the reported withdrawal of the Boston Celtics.

At this point, Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell has given fans more wow moments than anyone could’ve hoped for in year one. Following Friday’s outburst in Phoenix, for example, he already has two 40-point games to his credit. Still, despite the non-stop stream of highlights, his summer league showdown with Boston Celtics rook Jayson Tatum stands out.

With Gordon Hayward’s departure still very fresh, Mitchell’s individual win over Tatum was the best kind of catharsis for Jazz fans. But if you were looking forward to Mitchell-Tatum II at the 2018 Jazz Summer League, I’ve got some disappointing news for you. The Celtics won’t be there.

Per The Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach, the Celtics will bypass summer league play in Salt Lake City this summer.

Adam Himmelsbach
New: According to a league source, the Celtics will not take part in the Utah Jazz Summer League this year. Cs had been a part of the 4-team event the past 3 summers: …

3:48 PM - Feb 2, 2018

Celtics will not participate in Utah summer league - The Boston Globe
Boston will still take part in the Las Vegas summer league, which will feature all 30 NBA teams.

As if fans in Utah needed another reason to dislike the Celtics.

According to Himmelsbach, the three-week run between Utah and the Las Vegas summer league simply proved too grueling for the C’s. The Hayward effect was likely a non-factor in the decision. That said, Jazz Nation will probably have a field day with the timing of the move.

In any event, Boston had participated in Utah’s summer league during each of the last three offseasons. They joined the San Antonio Spurs, Philadelphia 76ers and the Jazz in reviving summer league ball in Salt Lake with a four-team, round-robin event back in 2015.

The Celtics will continue to play in the Las Vegas league, which will include all 30 NBA teams this summer.

Meanwhile, the Jazz’s home-grown summer league faces uncertainty. Just as the old Rocky Mountain Revue did before it in the wake of the Vegas league’s advent. More recently, the Orlando Pro Summer League closed up shop after 15 years citing migration to Vegas.

The Jazz likely remain committed to hosting the event, but they’ll probably have to add a fourth team to do so. If they’re unable to get another NBA team into the mix, they could bring an international team into the fold the plug the gap.



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Re: Boston Celtics to bypass 2018 Utah Jazz Summer League

Post by wideclyde on Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:34 am

Ainge must have his reasons for checking out of the Utah league, and the exact reason(s) will surface some day.

Perhaps with all 30 teams in Las Vegas, the Cs will still get as many summer games as they did by going to both events last year.


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