LeBron James Fails the Cavs

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LeBron James Fails the Cavs

Post by wideclyde on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:12 am

I see no point in not facing facts when everyone seems to look for answers, and I am tired of hearing all of the reasons/excuses as to why the Cavaliers have fallen apart.

Sure, there are various players who are struggling, but when the overall team's efforts have faded to the miserable level, the team leader needs to have the finger pointed squarely at him.

Yes, he is still putting up decent numbers, is playing many minutes, etc, BUT his team is fading and fading fast.  This great player has routinely accepted praise for his leadership in past years when his team was winning games and championships.  He has glowed in that leadership spotlight seemingly  since he joined the league (and, rightfully so).

No question he has been and still is a great player.  Now he needs to make some changes to what he is doing regarding his leadership if the Cavs are going to turn things around from their performances of the last two months.  Certainly, as a Cs fan I hope that he continues along this chosen path and the Cavs finish last.

Perhaps, he needs to let his teammates and his team know exactly where he plans to play next year?   Money is not even close to a factor for this guy, but I would bet that his team will get much better very quickly if he commits to playing in "The Land".  If he says that he is going elsewhere, his team will take on a new direction and start again.  At least the players and the fans will have a path to follow.

Man up, LeBron!  One way or the other-Cleveland can accept your direction.

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Re: LeBron James Fails the Cavs

Post by NYCelt on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:31 am


It's the beard.

The problems all started when he grew out the beard.

Too bushy. Go for a trim, get the team back on track.


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