Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Away

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Away

Post by bobheckler on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:38 am

by FLCeltsFan

I want to beat them by 50. Silence the damn critics for once.

Believe me when I say we have no chance to win...or lose this game. Either Celtics win or they lose. We are a side note.

I’m all for the raptors proving the theory that Boston is garbage. Unfortunately I’m doubting it.

This is the big one

I'm so freaking excited for this game. Really hope the guys get up for it. Also really hope BOS is at full (sans Hayward, obviously) strength.

Biggest game of the year. Gotta come out and make a statement!

If we lose at home with a fully healthy roster against a depleted Celtics team it will really blow. Not going to lie.. Might get depressing. Just a regular season game sure, but this team should be better than a depleted Celtics team. Hell they should be better than a fully healthy Celtics team.

Expecting a double digit victory here

Regardless how the game goes it looks bad on ESPN or TNT (or who ever has the national game on Tuesdays) that the game choice is the 8th place Hinkies vs the 4th place Wizards rather than the 1st and 2nd place teams...

Had this date circled on the calendar since November. Can't wait for the retribution!

This is a huge game. My brother and mom are Celtics fans. I need bragging rights.

I had two friends that were Celtics fans......not friends with them any more

After we're done with the Celtics:


I really hope there is playoff intensity today. Almost a guarantee Ibaka and Morris get into it right?

Might even be some jawin' back and forth Maybe a "meet you in the hallway!"

You've heard of the malice at the palace? Get ready for "2 guys disagree at the ACC" (MY NOTE: That's as aggravated as Canadians get)

I think everyone needs to mentally prepare themselves to watch the Raptors get assaulted and mugged by the Celtics while the refs cheer them on. It will hurt less after the game, I promise. The fact the Celtics have been close to the worst offensive team in the league lately and still winning games is funny. That's some "good defense" all right.

OG on Taytum....Two rookies going at it ..should be great...Can OG dial it up on both ends of the floor...

Boston also has a weak bench. Can the Bench Mob pressure the ball and run up the score when Kyrie sits? Those are going to be key minutes.

I hope we make the Celtics fear us. We need to show that were the real Kings of the East.

Saltics luck has to run out. They are the luckiest team in the league. We actually should start our bench

If Irving plays, we got the W

Saltics going down as the frauds they really are.

We'll be up 3 with 2 seconds to go and Abdul Nader will throw up a full court shot while Delon Wright sneezes on him called for a foul and 1 for a 4 point play

I don't see no beef

Bos fans too hyped right now after that impressive 1pt win over Portland at home

Wasn't it incredible??? Never would have thought they could pull it off missing so many players. True heart and determination. Shame that a few of those guys are gonna end up getting traded for Tyreke Evans

Anytime a Boston team loses an Angel gets their wings. (MY NOTE: Spoken like a fan from a city that has nothing besides hockey)

Win- Celtics didn't have Irving and other players, fake win. Lose - Ha! You guys lost to the Celtics without Irving TWICE!

Celtics always have excuses ready lol I remember the year when they were about to get swept by a 8th seed.. "we weren't even supposed to make the playoffs" lmaoo these guys are clowns honestly.

This year, no matter what happens, they'll still have Hayward as the ultimate excuse.

If Lowry gets outplayed by Rozier I'll be done

I feel like Smart is the best defender, I've seen him defend the 1-4 position. His defense on Lebron in their last meeting was also epic FTW. Baynes could probably be outplayed by quicker bigs.

Celtics are well coached and have some great talent still. Rozier and Tatum have surprised me this year. Tatum's 3 point % is ridiculous (44%)

**** the Celtics and **** their racist ignorant pompous fanbase and **** Boston as a whole

Kyrie is playing tonight too....this is gonna be a hella tough game. Celtics are legit.

Marcus Smart is now playing for them. Good, now they have no more excuse when we beat dat ass.

He's not. Didn't make the trip. Marcus MORRIS however is playing.

Who cares Both Marcus' suck

Cringe anthem singer

If our singer is so horrible, it distracts the Celtics, then we've done our job. Gotta get every advantage.

I love watching other streams, but I can't do it tonight. Celtics announcers are the worst. If it turns into us blowing them out, I may give it a watch.

Ew baynes is going to off tonight

Thank god for raptors stream No way in hell am I listening to tommy heinsen goof ball homer

Semi Ojeleye going to torch us tonight..

In before SAltics starts losing and say this game means nothing to them

Celtics don't scare at all

It looks cheesy when they all wear bright green leg sleeves

**** Boston. **** their defense

We all know this game is going to come down to Lowry bricking FT's in the clutch.

Not sure I want to get ahead too much before halftime, given their propensity to come from behind ..

Jaylen Brown is impressive

They have a strong roster top to bottom

Really like listening to Scal

I hate Irving but he is just better than our team on his own. RIP 2018

Raps cannot be trying to isolate Jaylen Brown like it's a mismatch.

Brown is a good defender. Smfh.

Baynes was a nice pickup for them. JV would be having his way without him

Derozan making jaylen brown look kyrie

Bostons defense is really good man...

If the Celtics aren't gonna beat our starters this game might as well be over once the bench comes in.

It feels weird being this confident against elite competition. I'm not used to this

Damn Horford made the all star game with those numbers.

Horford has deceptive hops

Kyrie is so so so good

I knew tatum would miss that he can only make 3s

Ibaka getting owned by jaylen brown lol

Ibaka is trash!

Horford won't hit that game winner if jv guarded him lol

Tatum looking scared to shoot out there

Whoreford fake all star

Who are we playing tonight?

I would trade derozan for any sg in the league that can shoot

Jaylen Brown has completely shut down DeMar

Semi is a tank

Get Trashbaka outta there...just too old n slow.

Raps dance crew > The city of Boston

Ojeleye moves quick for a guy with that much muscle man

Jaylen Brown is disruptive.

Jaylan brown defense is amazing

Browns defense is impressive. He can guard 1 to 4 on our team.

Marcus Morris is like their Ibaka. He does a lot of ball holding and things out of their offensive flow

Everytime Zach Lowe cites his sources regarding the lukewarm reception on Jaylen Brown, I scratch my head. Dude is Jimmy Butler waiting to happen

Lol Roziar the most clutch player in the league

All the Boston fans should not be allowed in the arena

Brown and Rozier are stars!

Rozier looks kinda good against the Raptors occasionally but is flaming trash against everybody else. Don’t be fooled

Feels like every game, there's one ref that hates us. Laughing

Boston Bricktics.

These travel calls are ridiculous considering Morris takes a million steps

Stevens is smart though, has irivng going against the raptors second unit.

I'll laugh if Celtics cry about the refs...

Marcus Morris shot selection is hilarous

Our bench is crushing the Celtics starters!!!!!

Best bench in the nba will get us the first seed book it (MY NOTE: but benches shorten in the playoffs and then what have you got?)

How is it that Boston swipes at everything but never gets foul calls

Refs have been supremely garbage tonight Reminds me of when we used to play the big 3-era Celtics. Got all the calls and got away with everything

Please keep detrash off the floor for the rest of the game. He's like a bad anchor when he comes in

These refs are obviously favouring them even though we are at home... This is **** BS..

Still mad at that call Yak didn't get anywhere near touching that ball how can you be so blind

Jak is still a rookie and tatum is a vet... Tatum will get the benefit (MY NOTE: ??? Tatum isn't a rookie?)

I think this is how Saltics are reffed every game, just ridiculous. They can touch you all over but you can't lay a finger on them.

Theis looks like a very young Bruce Springsteen.

Marcus Morris has been hilariously terrible

Have referees ever called a foul on Boston? Like, ever in the entire history of the NBA? Sometimes it doesn't feel like it.

Let any NBA team foul this much and they'll be the top defence too. **** these ***holes.

We are the better team. No doubt

There have already been like 8 blatantly bullshit calls in Boston's favour.

And on the Boston forum..just substitute the word Toronto for Boston...

I am so happy Irving is playing.

Kyrie yelling at his teammates and then it ends up with a morris miss Shambles

Ignore the lead boys detrash and his partner ibricka will come in and blow this real soon

I hope we see more Marcus morris

They really have no scoring or shooting when Kyrie isn’t on the floor

Last year's D-league team destroying these bums

Why aren't the Celts going to Tatum when FVV's guarding him???

Should we start planning the parade?

What a surprise..... Our starters are **** garbage smh

Starter sucks. Trade for Tyreke

Celtics undefeated when trailing by 20 plus at halftime. Will be interesting to see what happens in the 2nd half

I guess baynes likes it more when he's the one clubbing other people ... Can't say I blame.him though, it's natural.

Starters come back and we return to playing old man basketball and watch the ball stick. The old guys need to sit down

Rozier looking like Ray Allen wtf

Am I the only one that knew Rozier would be a star during the draft

This is the team ESPN are hyping up?

Did anyone see Vanvleet box out Horford and forced Tatum to take a terrible shot? Lol

Brad Stevens is tricky trying to burn Kyrie with our second unit but our bench stepped up big time

Celtics Defence is a sham.

We desperately need home court. There isn't a team that could beat us in a 7 game series with HCA

Shoot...if we didn't score a single point in the 1st quarter we'd only be down by 1 point at the half

They’ll make a comeback. The Celtics suck in the 1st half all the time and then end up making a game of it.

I will occasionally have a Sprite, but not again until they pull that ad. Why does Sprite think LeBron is a good spokesperson for the Canadian audience? At least Seth Curry has a connection to Toronto.

Crowd needs to step it up. They were horrible in the first half.

I said waayyyyy earlier in this thread that Raps need to blow them out so they are forced to play us differently next time and potentially in the playoffs. Gotta make them re-think their entire strategy against us, b/c if a new strategy fails against us, we'll be set. Gotta get in their heads big-time.

Kind of dreading when Monroe and Smart come back in the future.

Wtf is baynes trying to do with these lefty alleyoops **** catch it and dunk it hes so ****

Take a shot every time a Celtics player pretends to get hit in the eye

Baynes with the glass chin..

Baynes loves cheap shotting lol

Get up flopper. He's just milking it because he missed a gimme

he's legit bad. Monroe will be a godsend for them

Is it just me or does Baynes come off as a fake tough guy?

Baynes trying to get the refs back on their side. He fouls DD but is the one down smh lol

Get baynes a sprite and lets move on

Morris back in the game, we're good

Celtics with so many moving screens

How the heck is this Boston team in 1st place??? Not playing anything like it tonight.

OG >Tatum

Horford is a snake ass bitch

Horford with the elbow on Val and no-call. Reputation call indeed.

Horford all elbows on that contest lol

I hate Jaylen Brown

Tatum finally regr3ssed to the mean

Did Demar just shut Brown down defensively lol?

Imagine being the guy that got shut down by DeRozan.

Celtics are BBQ chicken

We're just better than them.

I'm looking for that D on Kyrie coz that's gonna be key stopping Celts. So far so good.

Celtics are a fakeass contender

We need to beat them by 40 to shut up all these Celtic jockeys that’ll knock em off the bandwagon

Boston without though..*ESPN*

Enjoying Boston broadcast with Scalabrine replacing Tommy, is actually pretty good.

Horford has another 2 years and 58 mill after this season. Has 2 points tonight. Everyone has bad games....but that's a lot of money

Celtics are jokers man

Is theis birdmans cousin?

Theis looks like that rat Marchand

You guys needs to hear the Boston announcers drool over FVV, it is awesome.

Dumbass Kenny smith said Celtics are better cause we''re not a 3 pt team

What a great start to the week, The Cheatroits lose, The Celtics lose and The Raptors are more #1 in the East

Smile more kyrie

We're like a Warriors injury away from a championship

Been saying the Celtics are overrated, not even surprised. With Hayward healthy, different story.

Who's that fat guy that Boston put out there

Guerschon Yabusele

Boston pulling out the random name generator.

This whole time I thought Nader was Larkin

Everyone but Baynes, I'm not scared at all when JP is defending. And we have JV for Baynes... I hope we draw them in the POs

Celtics are just awful tonight.

Cavs got destroyed by the worst team in the East, we're running out of competition.

Who the **** are these random ass scrubs Boston just put in? Never seen these mans before

It's like the Raptors hate LeBron so much after years of failure they're taking it out on Kyrie cause they know they're safe

I wonder how badly they're going to dismiss this beating of these overrated Celtics

I already know how. This game means more to Toronto than it does to Boston.

Nader is chucking lmao

The only thing that could have made this game better is a louder crowd. Not sure if it is the TV feed but they sound so dead.

Saltics will have a negative point differential after tonight.

This is a fake win if it's not by at least 30

Our bench the best team in the NBA

Man I'm starting to feel bad.... No I'm not pound them into dust.

Earth is round...confirmed

Celtics have a fat guy out there

Greg Monroe and Tyreke Evans still wouldn't prevent this beatdown

I think Casey has finally out coached Stevens

Trash saltics overrated racist azz team full of punk scrubs

They saying us and the warriors are superteams now.

Horford the ultimate fake allstar

I'm enjoying rubbing a lil salt on the saltic wounds. I don't mind some of their posters but this should silence their boastful pride about beating us with Kyrie when we just ABSOLUTELY SMOKED them with Kyrie.

Bad day for Kyrie. First SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy and puts a car into orbit, now this.

Just go curl up and die already Boston

I don't want to hear about the Celtics until the playoffs. I don't care what they do.

Fake loss by Boston (tomorrow’s media)

Raps have a good chance of going all the way this year. Tho I wouldn't discount the Cavs yet.. Come playoffs we know Lebron is going to come hungry and fierce and he's still a game changer.

Clearly, and no argument about this, "Boston is Trash."

Great night for the Celtics to get blown out. All the attention will be on this tragic cavs collapse. No one will even know the Celtics lost, they will see the standings and just say the Celtics are the best in the east now - CUZ NOBODY sees us #WeTheHidden

Players overrated
Team overrated
Coach overrated
The Boston Celtics

I feel like this is why Celtics fans rightfully make fun of us. We’re acting like we just won the championship and more importantly worried way too much about rubbing in to Boston fans’ faces. If we want to continue to progress as a franchise and fan base we should stop acting like the biggest game in franchise history is playing the Celtics in the regular season and winning.

I hate Boston as much as the next guy but this is just a bit of a rant I felt like going on. Good win. On to the next.



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