Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Away

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Away

Post by bobheckler on Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:40 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Can Brad Stevens get Monroe to play defense? If so he is the D-Whisperer. He seems to get so much out of guys when he coaches.

I wonder what the Celtics will do going forward? There does not seem to be enough room for Hayward/Tatum/Brown. Especially with Kyrie dominating the ball.

Brown is a bench player and Tatum is a rookie That is what Stevens will think along the lines of.

Bullets got the Celtics number I am hoping they are 2 seed and the Bullets are 3, but I don’t even know they make it out of the first round.

Kyrie is probably salivating at this matchup.

Pray for Sato his length will help him defending the three ball, but Irving is gonna cook him off the dribble. Defending the paint will be key.

I recall Tomas Satoransky frustrating the hell out of Russell Westbrook. I don't see why he cannot do the same thing to Kyrie Irving. He's way too big for Kyrie to cover. If the Wizards move the basketball they will force Kyrie to defend outside of his comfort level. I think their chances are probably better without Wall playing.

Danny Ainge should burn in hell He should be grateful to Isaiah Thomas for everything, he has done for the Celtics in the past few years. Instead of that, he ships him out to Cleveland and Isaiah becomes the laughing joke for the whole NBA …
Sports Illustrated
Here’s a tribute to Cleveland Cavaliers legend Isaiah Thomas...

11:13 AM - Feb 8, 2018
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Burn in hell? Lets tone it down a bit

Burn in hell is something bad? Sorry, my English is probably not so excellent to get all the nuances – for me "burn in hell" is similar to saying, "he did an unfair thing". The video is hilarious, but IT did not deserve this for what he has done for them.   (MY NOTE:  What a bunch of idiots.  This Sports Illustrated, NOT the Boston Celtics, and this brutal "tribute" video is of him in a Cleveland Cavalier uniform and NOT of him as a Boston Celtic)

Well, a season's sweep by the Wiz will at least scorch his fingers a bit I hope IT gets some redemption

I have a very bad feeling about the game tonight. Hope I'm wrong... I ****ing hate the Celtics.

Every WizFan does ... Hate Boston ...

Ugh, Jaylen Brown

Say what you want about John, but out of all the star-studded PG matchups, he has his best against Kyrie. Not having him tonight will really hurt. I don’t expect us to win tonight, unfortunately.

We're playing on TNT? That's a sure L.

0-2 so far this season. Last win on TNT was toward the end of the 2016-17 season against Detroit, without John Wall.

It should be very competitive game and I expect the Wizards will win.

I could see them blowing Boston out, honestly.

Hopefully, Sato doesn’t fall for any of Kyrie’s crossover ball-fakes & just remain patient. That’s one reason why John is able to contain Kyrie when guarding him. Sato has the length, just hope he stays calm against the best ball-handler in the league.

Porter needs to outplay Tatum. Curious how Sato does against Kyrie. He has faired well against PGs who have tried to either out-quick him or out-power him... Kyrie is a different type of player. Physically he doesn't have anything going for him but his handles allow him to create space to get the shots he wants. Gotta stay discipline and not buy on the pump fakes. (MY NOTE:  Porter did outplay Tatum.  Significantly)

Morris going to start a fight with Horford Better not get badly outplayed by him

Horford flopped

Irving is still as bad on defense as ever.

Sato can matchup just fine against Kyrie

Marcus morris will give the wizards a reality check

Irving is so annoying

Otto got tripped up, sure But that second basket was defended about as well as it could have been. Kyrie’s just a ****ing wizard at the rim. I hate him

Damn they gonna hide Irving on Porter all night?

Not so much hiding as letting him rest. Doesn't have to fight through as many screens.

Watching Tim Frazier hurts my eyes. This guy is so useless

Greg Monroe enters game and gets technical in his home town or at least where he played college

Lol Monroe with a T already

The reason why the Wizards window is only this year next is because guys like Jaylen Brown are going to be really really good in a couple of years

The Wizards have been getting clean looks all game. Just not making too many of them. Overall, I like the trend of this game. Of course, you know Brad Stevens will throw us a wrinkle at halftime.

Terry Rozier is a dawgg

Beal making it happen with defense, then running the break... wait doesn't that guy play for us?

Meeks awful defense, Brown breezed right by

Jaylen Brown went around Jodie Meeks like he was a statue

Only Scott Brooks would leave Tim Frazier and Jodie Meeks in there against Jaylen Brown and Kyrie Irving.

I'm sorry that's a Rozier not Kyrie Irving

WTF with Rozier, man? How do the Celtics keep pulling these kinds of players out of their ass?

Good GM

(yes, that is in fact the answer) They don't suffer from Grunfeldian Syndrome

I am offended that you called Sato a TWEENER That is inappropriate on this board He can’t help his height ok? Don’t be a positionist

Hey look no point guard lineup! First possession zero passes beal deflates the ball and takes a deep stepback contested 2. **** this ****

I agree with you here. A no PG lineup against Boston makes no sense. They're loaded with guards. I could understand it against Philly's size.

We could be up 10...Brooks wants to lose.

I don't think he wants to lose. He lacks common sense.

What I think Boston is doing is playing the Wizards very physically and they are playing or over playing the passing Lanes.

I am encouraged though it looks like Washington's got the better team to me

Huge Celtic crowd tonight as always. Sheesh.

The only chance we have to beat Cleveland is for them dudes to be strangers on the court when the playoffs come

Celts are challenging us physically now - we have to respond

Why are there so many Boston fans in D.C?

Marcus Morris got that technical

A loudmouth Morris giving away a free point Cool

Morris twins love techs

Uncle Drew is in the building

Irving is a nightmare to defend. There have been a few plays today where he’s blanketed and still scores.

Guy is a magician. Only thing I can say is that Boston should be way ahead. The fact that they aren't is somewhat encouraging

Kyle Irving is such a lil bitch lol

I don't really like our ball movement in 3rd quarter - looks like Stevens made some good adjustments during halftime

Beal went one-on-one against Baines. I wish he had passed it

Horford vs Mahinmi is depressing for wizards fans

You know you’re playing a great team when a 5pt lead seems insurmountable.

Tatum, Greg Monroe, muscle in the form of Tice the is, and Rozier... Against our scrubs and we keep turning it over

Scotty has money on the C’s. There’s no other way to explain it.

Man Celtics are way too long and athletic for us. We need John in order to beat them.

Oubre has been abused on both ends tonight. He can't guard morris and can't beat Theis on offense off the dribble.

Let's be honest...this team isn't getting out of the 2nd round with Scotty as the coach. He's so simple minded.

Ernie f***** up when he gave this guy guaranteed 35M. .like 5 years I think make 7 million a year They can't even fire him because he's owed 21 million after this year

Kyrie is not used to a white guy that can defend him way better than John Wall

I'm ready for the L but its ok... Celtics are just a better team

All this stuff about Boston is so long and they're better than us I disagree we're better than them

We have a better team, we just have a genuinely stupid coach Stevens runs circles around Brooks

All these Techs, BOS needs to chill lol

Celts are getting away with fouling but we are getting away with nothing

Their morris outplayed ours apparently markieff's brother is michael jordan

Obvious foul by Boston, why even complain Edit: Nevermind, got away with one

Kyrie is too clutch lol

The team who has Kyrie has the advantage..

Celtics inducing that switch at will

Can't wait for the postgame recaps... 6 free points for Kyrie, what could go wrong there?

Gosh, everything is going their way

Mascot is literally a 4 leaf clover. NBA GOTTA CHANGE THAT SH**!  (MY NOTE:  No, our mascot is a leprechaun.  The shamrock is part of what is called a logo)

Why the hell Beal took so long to make a play knowing how good they play d????

So much for Kyrie playing limited minutes. Back to Brick Beal at the point.

Kyrie probably isn’t going to miss the rest of this game.

Thank god Morris fouled out. 6 free throws for Kyrie

Why didn’t we trade Morris before the trade deadline for ....fill in the blank

Webber starting to annoy tf out of me. He seems like he wants Boston to win.

Do you ever feel like Morris fouls out when he is tired of playing basketball?

Just a great shot by Jaylen Brown, good defense by Sato. Should have had that loose ball.

Everybody's going to say oh well the Celtics are this and the Celtics are that We have just witnessed why Boston went to the Eastern Conference Finals last season and Washington did not

Refs should get the game ball tonight.

I didn't think the refs were bad. Every time I thought they blew a call, the instant replay seemed to confirm that they got it right.

We need John the most when we play Boston. Don’t fool yourselves otherwise.

Actually I completely disagree, they switch EVERYTHING and make Wall useless because of his lack of ISO scoring ability. Wall shot 39% from the field in the Celtics series.

2nd year in a row that Irving killed the Wizards in OT

Pretty confident going up against this team with a healthy John

I'm not afraid of Boston with or without Wall. The Wizards missed a ton of shots they normally hit. I don't think they would have been much better with Wall playing. Wall would have replaced Sato, and Sato had 14, 4 and 4 with a 60% TS%

We can get away with playing teams without John(Raptors for example), but we absolutely cannot against this Boston team. We need him the most against them.

Kyrie can't guard Wall at all, but, oddly, Isaiah Thomas did a good job on Wall. The IT for Kyrie trade might actually work to our advantage in a playoff matchup.

Has everyone forgotten Marcus Smart? He's a big part of their defense and didn't play in this one.

Celtics still struggling to play together. And that jumbo line-up with Monroe, Theis, Morris, Tatum and Rozier was just wild. No plays been practiced for that formation EVER.

Kyrie getting MVP chants in our building Disgusting



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