Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Away

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Away

Post by bobheckler on Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:53 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Celtics have won 6 straight, Still have a shot at the #1 seed and yet the Bucks are 2 point favorites.

I can't wait to watch the marquee matchup: Prunty vs Stevens.

Getting my wisdom teeth out wasn't nearly as painful as watching this season

Nicely describes the feeling of watching this season. I hear in Australia they don't have dentists, when you need to extract a tooth they tie it to a doorknob and slam the door or they find a kangaroo to take a couple of swings at you to see if he can loosen it up enough. All done after a couple pints of fosters.

Not true. A real Aussie wouldn't touch Fosters..........(MY NOTE:  True)

So a crappy season, followed by a first round exit, then no interest in the draft, and then no summer NT tournaments. Great :-?

An easy game finally.

Boston could be down 4 point guards: Irving and Smart are out (plus Hayward and Theis). Rozier says he's playing, but he's listed as questionable. Larkin's probably out again. If both can't go, it's Tatum at lead guard.

Horford is always a huge problem for Giannis. This will be another test as to whether Giannis can figure him out and/or Prunty can scheme to help him.

Celtics by double digits.

Stevens doesn't need much to win, and Ainge has provided him with a great young roster. Moving Isaiah Thomas after an MVP caliber season was really smart. Can't imagine how good they would have been with a healthy Hayward this year. And they're set up to be at the top of the draft again. They are the best run franchise in the league.

I’ll watch this **** show even after I said I’m done after last game

I think it’s a win tonight, but we can’t beat teams above 500. This is the playoff matchup I want still. Let’s go Bucks!

Anyone think it's possible Coach Stevens stole Coach Prunty's playbook?

I think we have a better chance of getting out of the first round against Toronto than against the Celtics, even the depleted Celtics. Playoff Toronto doesn't scare me, especially now that we have Bledsoe to make Lowry even less effective when the money is down. Horford is a tough matchup for us. Did you know his father played for the Bucks?

Trade everyone not named giannis for kawhi

Because the Celtics are beat up and we really need a win, I want to pick us....but we're the Bucks, so L by double digits because of course.

People are still talking about what match up gives us the best chance to advance to the 2nd round, huh? I just hope Middleton, Bledsoe and the rest of the flunkies on this team play well enough that they look enticing to the Spurs in the off-season.

Toronto would manhandle us in a playoff series. Their bench is unreal and they are now shooting 3's.

We do not have the capability with the roster currently constructed to beat any of TOR, BOS, CLE (any first round matchup). Either because of inconsistency, the inability to close games, playing selfish basketball, and no defense this team cannot beat any of those 4 times out of 7. No way.

The Celtics' starting point guard, Kyrie Irving, is out after a procedure on his knee.
Their back up point guard, Marcus Smart, is also out with an injured thumb.
Their back up back up point guard, Terry Rozier, is also out with a sprained ankle.
Their back up back up back up point guard, Shane Larkin, is also out with an illness.
Soooo, it looks like it's Tatum to start (I guess) and behind him, 2 way back up back up back up back up not-really-a-point-guard Kadeem Allen.
You know you've gotten into new territory on the depth chart when you don't know who can even play the position.

They literally don't have a PG right now and we're still probably going to lose lmao.

Celtics trolling the Bucks now: “we can beat you without guards”.

Was thinking the Celtics might try to tank this one to get us in the first round but that would likely mean Lebron in round 2.

Maybe Prunty won't play a PG tonight to make things fare.

No Kyrie. No Smart. No Rozier. No Larkin. No PG for the Celtics tonight whatsoever. No excuse for losing this game.

And yet we probably will anyway, since we forgot to bring a head coach.

If Stephens can't coach, then we are the favorites I suspect Stephens could beat the bucks at basketball with the Boston bruins playing for him

Prunty will not try anything different, and despite their injuries we’ll eek out a close win or get hammered.

Over/Under on how many time Bledsoe falls asleep on Kadeem Allen and he gets a wide open 3?

I hope Bill Simmons destroys Prunty after the game. (again)

When the Brewers are on, they should move the Bucks to comedy central.

We're shooting 82% and losing. Impressive.

We have no plan of dealing with their zone despite watching them torture us the last two games with them. Great coaching.

You know the Bucks are dysfunctional when they make Giannis forget how to play basketball.

Giannis has got to be a frustrating player to play with

Trade him, play with Jabari

Giannis is way better, but his style of play I’m not sure how you can put another star with him

Kobe gave him Kobe advice on how to be Kobe.

Despite how close the score is, the Celtics have all the momentum. They're barely working on offense and have us running around like lunatics on defense. That's going to matter later on.

boston’s defense is so good and disciplined and smart

and as much as they irritate me, the boston announcers are pretty on point. bucks trying to go one-on-one, while boston does it with teamwork. get the bucks in rotation and you get easy baskets.

Jealous of Boston's defense And offense

And depth, and rookies and 2nd year players and 3rd year players

Mostly their coach though

We are losing to a team playing 1 C, 2 PFs, and 2 SFs and earlier they had 2 centers in the game with a PF and two SFs

I hate watching us play against well-coached teams

Walgreens Easter clearance candy and the Milwaukee Bucks. A fattening experience. This is where I am at.

Moose in Celtics jersey Sad

Giannis has been dreadful and he and Jabari have zero chemistry at all.

Giannis is basically a taller Westbrook. An mvp, but is Westbrook leading any team to the finals?

God I miss Moose

Is it sacrilege to say I actually really like this Boston commentating crew?

Oh how I miss the mating call of the Moose........AND 1!!!

Don't miss Moose, the non-passing black hole that he was, at all but it'd be nice to have an NBA center

Monroe put zeller in a blender

Man, the Celtics are playing beautiful defense. It's the exact opposite of whatever we do.

If there's one game I would love for the Bucks to win on a blatant, obvious bad call by the refs it’s this one. i’d love to hear these two Boston commentators meltdown

Monroe making us look silly

How did they teach a Moose to dunk tho?

John Henson is ****ing terrible

You mean being outplayed by career backup Aaron Baynes isn’t good? Actually, I’d say he’s outplaying Baynes, this is actually not as bad as usual.

I know I was the one advocating to try and get the 7 seed But seeing how tough this Celtics team is even with all the injuries and how poorly the Raptors are playing lately, I am beginning to think that maybe the 8th seed isn’t so bad

I'm super jealous that the Celtics have Danny Aigne and Stevens as their GM & HC duo and we have Horst and Kidd/Prunty.

I don't think the Celtics care if they play the Bucks Pretty sure the top 3 teams in the east are hoping they get the Bucks.

Aron Baynes causes confusion wherever he goes.

GOAT Scalabrine is fawning over Giannis in the Boston stream.

I feel comfortable now in saying we get jobbed by the refs way too much.

Ah come on now, we benefit from them a lot too

True. Remember when we literally won a game because of them? I try to count my blessings.

This Tatum kid is pretty good

Al Horford's face looks like a preset in NBA2K

When Jason Terry guards Jaylen're going to have a bad time.

Brown I like you a lot but boo you

So I have to stream this illegally, are the Celtics announcers always this mentally challenged?

Yes. The entire city of Boston is that way.

Ah, my few times a year reminder that I despise the Morris twins.

I just came to say that Taytum is 1000 times better than Jabari and he is 19??? And Jabari 23 with 2 injuries?

Why did they leave Tatum wide open and then on the next possession leave Horford open?

Celtics refuse to lose, credit to them for installing this culture

Tatum just destroyed Jabari with that move.

Tatum is good

Brqd stevens is a college coach. Playing a zone lol

I’m trying to predict how we blow a 5 point lead with 13 seconds left.

One 4 point play from Boston and a confused Buck dunks on our side (wrong basket) by mistake. This will do it

"Fans chanting Bucks in six?" Laughing

Am I crazy or are the Celtics playing zone?

Still don’t want Celtics in the first round

Lol crowd chanting Bucks In Six And Boston commentators don’t get it

Lol haven’t they heard of terry rozier? Duh dude

Rosier??? That's his answer??? Lol

well, it will help them to not have to use Greg Monroe as their primary point guard haha

Point Monroe was pretty good 2nite! 😜 It was the way he said it that got me! Like he was saying MJ or something!

They haven’t heard of our all-star Terry Rozier, who scores a reasonable amount of points at well below league average efficiency and is a fairly decent passer!

Bucks in 6? Lmao, can barely beat a team that doesn’t even have a NBA quality point guard in the roster.

Good win. Would love to see these Celtics in the first round.

Starting to lean towards not wanting us to resign Jabari. When I see him matched up against rookie Jayson Tatum and seriously think that Tatum might be better, that's not the type of guy I want to pay $20m/y to. And that's without even mentioning the injury risk.

Tatum is better. The Celtics wouldn't straight up trade Tatum for Parker without the injury risk even factored in.

No he isnt. Stevens just absolutely outclasses the Bucks coaching staff.

Feel like if that's our round one opponent Brad Stevens will murder us.

He does have the unassuming boyishness of a serial killer.

We beat a Brad Stevens coached team. That is always a good win.

Pop and Brad got nothing on us

Prunty > Stevens

Did we just beat their second unit? No kyrie or other pg. Smart is a bum but an annoying ( their zaza if that makes sense)

Were a good matchup for Boston. Always have been

We just barely beat the Celtics with 4 point guards out They were playing d-league players and rookies. They will get some of those guys back for the playoffs. I don't want to see them in the first round or any other round.  



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Away

Post by dboss on Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:01 pm

Well some Bucks fans appreciate what the Celtics bring to the table.

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Away

Post by bobc33 on Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:10 pm

Bucks followers seem a bit more savvy than the average teams followers.

I loved the “Stephens could beat the Bucks with the Boston Bruins playing for them” comment!

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Away

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