Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Away

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Away

Post by bobheckler on Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:29 pm

By FLCeltsfan

Our pride is on the line.

Easy W to be honest.

In for a classic raptors choke

I would legit like to see us rest demar and ibaka and see how well we do.

SaLtics will clown us again. (MY NOTE: Do NOT understand this. "Saltics"? Is that supposed to be derogatory?)

The entire season is basically on the line in this game. The previous 77 games are mostly worthless if they don't get this W. You know what that means.

This team has broken our hearts. I'm not sure if I even care about a win here. What's the point in being 1st place if we're still the Cavs' sons?

Looking forward to an embarrassing loss. Getting stomped by the Cavs the night before doesn't make me optimistic.

Scheduled loss for us.

Y are u guys so excited to create a GT for a team that's gonna lose tomorrow?? This team is not worth sh*t

This is feeling like the cavs when they were losing in a slump before the trade deadline-oh wait we can't trade our deadweight starters anymore?

Saltics going slowly chip it back in with the help of refs watch; I've seen this play too often the last 3 team the saltic face sigh~~

Can Casey take a fake leave of absence just so we can see how well the team does?

Don't worry, Lowry will get more than 3 hours sleep for this game and shoot over 14%. Right? RIGHT?

Keys will be how we defend horford

If Rozier doesn't play, Raps are going to win in a route.

Oh the game is tomorrow fml won't be able to watch that one live either Sometimes I wish I didn't have a life.

I see what you doing OP! You put start time at 6PM instead of 8PM, so we miss another embarrassment, and save us of sleepless night.

If this team can’t come out and win by double digits at home over a MASH unit where a victory essentially wraps up the #1 seed then this team won’t get past the 1st round.

Raps gonna get a fake win against a team with half their lineup injured.

Kyle Lowry is going to have to answer for going to his school's national championship game last night in San Antonio, before his Raptors played their most important game of the year tonight in Cleveland. Lowry: 2-11 and 1-6 from 3. Grand total of 5 pts. What's your priority?

Celtics fans are not even salty, they are better than us and have a bright future along with Philly

It's like being a leafs fan. It doesn't matter if they win this year or not. This is all gravy. They have an amazing core.

Raps win tonight restores their credibility... A loss shows they will exit round one....

30 million dollar PG Kyle lowry had 5 points and got cooked by Jose Manuel calderon last night.

I'm sure watching a Klansman win a trash ass college basketball tournament was worth it

I'm calling Lowry out, he's been trash on defense for years. Is lazy, yesterday was the cherry on top with Jose LMAO Calderon going by him and making him look like a rookie lmaooo

Went from not hating anyone on this team to hating virtually all of them within like 2 months

We'll beat them in 4 easily we're just giving them false hope we didn't want 60 wins anyway

As a former Blue Jay, Danny Ainge should allow us to win tonight.

I bet my account we win this game.

2nd night of a b2b for both teams, no excuses. Raptors are at home & better win, it's that simple

Easy to be confident when you are playing a mash unit without half their players.

Just have to handle the Boston defense. Who knows which Celtic will have a career night. It's always some random player on that team that kicks our ass.

Fans think that the Cavs are in the Raptors heads? Stevens is in Caseys head and he has nothing to counter with. Sorry, just a little down on over matched Casey right now

Except Casey holds a 12 to 6/7 win loss over Bradley..

This win is huge if we get it. Gives us the confidence we need going into the playoffs.

Yes let's beat a team missing legit half its roster at home

How is this a huge win? How is beating a badly depleted roster a huge win? Plus if needing to beat the g league team of the Celtics is the difference between having confidence going into the playoffs and not, this team is all mentally weak.

We will win, but it will be so close it will feel like a loss.

I endured the wrath of Celtics fans in Boston after we lost after I had trashed talked them the whole game .. We need to b%tchslap these fools

Breaking news: Adam Silver has paid 2k to program the refs to rig the games.

This game will determine how worried and stressed we get to be for the next week

The only thing I can guarantee is Baynes will not look like Hakeem in his prime tonight ...everything else is a toss up

If we are going to suck , I hope we just get humiliated so bad Masai will fire Casey and start the rebuild .

Oh snap, Rozier is playing.

Rozier is gonna put Lowry in a bodybag, he'll get away with it too cuz Toronto police will treat it like a Regent park shooting

Canadians that are younger than 45 that are Celtic fans are horrible people. Like I judge their character based off of their fandom. Laughing

Tatum's pork chops are ugly asf

Terry rozier gonna drop 40

Rozier has so much swag.

I didn’t realize Horford and JV have near identical season stats. JV is good value.

Horford plays better defense lol

One is an All Star MVP candidate and the other isn't Smh Razz  Razz  Razz

Horfraud averages like 6 APG tho

Brown better not have a big game.

Hope baynes doesn't kill us

Terry rozier is actually crazy man

i hope ibaka gets amnestied. i cant stand this guy

I'm going to be eating a giant chocolate Easter bunny while watching this game. At least I'll have something to console myself with if we lose

I have never seen a team get away with so many fouls

We have no answer for Morris. Just think about that

Ed Malloy going to work early No call on initial contact.. Wait until Horford flails.

Here come the refs.

Our team is always crying for fouls

Who the **** does Tatum think he is? Laughing

All star in 2 years I'm scared.

Tatum is going to murder us in 2-3 years

Man the amount of respect the Celtics get because they are the Celtics is pretty annoying. One ship in the last how long?

Getting smoked by yutes and horford smh

Hate Horford...I dk y

As long as lowry is on the floor I can't see us winning. Please for the love of god ship this man out of town in the offseason

Masai only signed ibaka back cus there friends he wasn't even good last year This is why ainge is better than masai he's all business nothing personal

Morris's kill us

No Hayward or Irving... We're so bad

How can anyone think raptors are better than Celtics Irving and smart aren't even playing let alone Hayward

I hate how the refs never call anything for the Celtics though its ridiculous. Yeah don't look to the refs for calls but how the **** are you gonna play if theyre allowed to foul you on every possession.

sign jared sullinger we need him

Any first place team after a beatdown the previous night would have taken it to Boston's B team

Celtics have a size mismatch and they keep going to it. Simple logic

I know it's Kadeem Allen, but I don't like seeing back to back wide-open threes

Whole team is awful


Stevens is a far better defensive coach than Dwane "Defensive Guru" Casey.

Celtics are so conservative on offense and not giving anything up down low. Good for them. Injury riddled and all they still know how to keep their composure.

I hate this team.

Are people sure we're not a first round exit? Might as well fall to 2nd just incase. Gracefully bow out to lebron if we even make it to the 2nd round and call it a season

Tank to 2nd place so the first round L stings less

We cant d up Monroe horford or Morris

Can't believe we didn't even pitch for Monroe smh

Boston is a good edefensive team. They shut down everyone.

Brad Stevens exposed Doof Casey and he's doing it again as I expected.

Drake go home the Raptors are killing your brand

Honestly though if the Celtics were reffed the way Orlando or Atlanta or any bottom feefder was reffed, they would be in the bonus in 2 minutes.

there were people saying Lowry was better than kyrie lol

Saltics would wash us with Kyrie

2 breakfast sandwiches for 4 dollars? No wonder Americans are obese

Our bench been playing with the Boston starters yet they manage to keep it close. Wait till those idiots come in now..

Cj lowry and ibaka should not play another second this game



Best team ever let's go

Finally! Raaaaaaaptors baaaasketballllll

I never had any doubts about this team

Wow, Boston big ball actually isn't working against us. Super small vs super big and we chased Stevens out for a timeout

Bebe is the secret for the playoffs

Boston is just baiting us into giving bebe a 15 million dollar extension.

Boston is missing open shots.

Horford is a beast

Horford is the most underrated player in the nba

Not the most underpaid though. Dude is like the fourth highest paid or something?

Watch the Celtics come back in the game hes so **** this coach.

Horford triple double coming.

Hate Horford since TJ Ford incident

I don't like Whorford

I really want to slap Horford in the face

How can you be a contender when your main negatives are the starters it's not possible man

Brad Stevens showed off that zone too early in the season LMAOOO

We're exposing that trash squad.


Is ESPN pulling out the injury excuses again?


Well, we’re at full strength while they’re decimated with injury. Anything less than a blowout would be a disappointment. Keep it going.

Morris is smooth man.

This is why we need the #1 seed, if we are anywhere but home they're going to mentally crumble

Demar is a chucking idiot

Demar is a scrub

I am totally fine with Tatum trying to shoot over JV there.

Boston’s best player is DeRozan!

DeMar is playing in slow motion out there. Dude is barely dribbling past his defenders.

He is like Paul Pierce without the defense, three point shooting, clutchness, and overall talent.

Tatum so good

Boston is playing like ass. I see few positives aside from our D

Please get out purtle he is such a liability on horford

Purtle has been so trash this game. Can't guard Monroe or Horford.

Why does this Semi guy remind me of Joey Graham? He's like those super buff guys at the gym I see trying to play basketball, they're massive but have no skills.

Watchin' on the DVR. Early in the third, four straight non-call Boston fouls, followed by the ball going out of bounds off of Tatum's foot (Boston ball of course!), and another non-call Boston foul. The result of all of this garbage by the refs? 4-0 Raptors run. Just a tiny little slice of time and a big chunk of KARMA for these b*tch a$$ refs.

Powell trash

I just hate how much **** Halford gets away with...

Powell go play your piano quit basketball scrub

Delon looking like the Glove out there.

You mean the Mitten.

I just watched the last few possessions...Toronto doesn't seem like a tight team to me, not this late into the season. They don't make you feel like they can contend much passed the first round..if even that.

Morris looks like a woman beater

Tatum has a stupid beard. Is that reason enough for me to not like Celtics?

It looks like he has spray painted hair

What a great mentor LeBron is for this league. Teaching the next generation all his tactics.

Morris brothers are **** clowns

Lmfaaao Matt and jack are such company tools. Making it seem like we aren't beating a team missing half its players. Not even convincingly either. Garbage game.

Don’t kid ourselves. Boston is 1 for 13 in threes. If they had their average they would be

Don’t kid ourselves. Boston is 1 for 13 in threes. If they had their average they would be still losing because the Raps are way better and also **** the Salts Finished that sentence for you. Sorry you’re upset with us leading.

Who the **** is Xavier Silas? That guy looks like a Raptor killer

Stevens panicking

If you think the raps are playing good your fooling yourselves. The Celtics are just lacking scorers right now to score. Don't kid yourself please

Did I just see someone in the crowd with a Loltics jersey??? (On the ESPN feeed)

To be fair refs letting us get away with a lot and Celtics are missing shots that they were making in Boston. A lot of our defensive possessions were fouls, but weve always looked better when we were allowed to be physival.

Is there any plausible way to trade Lowry?

The Celtics are a well-schooled team. Their current active roster would still be a .500 quality team if this was all they had all season. So we held a .500 team to 53 points in 3 quarters.

Boston has been BAD

The recent bad stretch of garbage Raptors basketball has sucked any excitement out of these late games. Raptors should just get the W, but beating a depleted Celtics after they beat you is nothing to brag about.

Can we body monroe please wtf...

Stop fouling Greg Monroe holy ****

Monroe is like shaq out there

Brown has done the same thing twice in a row and that just run full speed ahead to the basket and yet we're guarding him tight above the 3 point line smh the guy is not a good 3 point shooter smh (MY NOTE: Jaylen's 38% from 3 on the season. The league average is 36.2%)

Monroe annoying af RN.

Boston don't got the legs to comeback. Only way we lose this is if we beat ourselves

SaLtics have scored 34% of their total points off FT’s LOL

I will say it again! Monroe is better than serge and look what he's making.

Do we seriously have no answer for monroe

I hope we taunt Morris tonight

Referees keeping them in the game simple as that

Ed Malloy is coming soon I smell it FAM

Lol Monroe blew by Bebe. Raptor killer!

This is still a pathetic performance. If they were serious and wanted to make a statement on national TV they would have blown out a short handed Celtics team on a back to back on the road.

Scary Terry checking in

Rozier 2 points Not so scary terry tonight

Our 2nd and 3rd PG are both better than our all star point guard smh

Stop talking about lowry without talking about demar. Demar is arguably worse than lowry at times.


Somebody taunt Morris

General board game thread so quiet cause Raptors are winning lol trolls are hiding in the Saltics board telling each other this game didn't matter and they have 16 championships

Boston just bricking open shots.

Glad Raps pulled it off but Celtics were still shorthanded.

They destroyed us last game with the same lineup.

3-22 from 3pt for Celtics. Just what I wanted to see.

NO ONE takes that fake first seed from us!


This win will get the raptors no stripes in the states, zero! Celtics were missing like 4 players inculding kyrie.

Solid fake win.



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