Comments From The Other Side - vs Bulls, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Bulls, Home

Post by bobheckler on Sat Apr 07, 2018 2:33 pm

by FLCeltsFan

We're going streaking! Through the quad and into the gymnasium. C'mon everybody! If the Bulls win this one...

At this point I don't care either way if we win or lose. Our position is jacked up anyways and its all down to the luck of the ping pongs.

GARPAX suck! Cant trust them! Portis an Markkanen should be rested tonight

Gordon Hayward (left ankle rehab) is OUT
Al Horford (rest) is OUT
Kyrie Irving (left knee surgery) is OUT
Marcus Smart (right thumb surgery) is OUT
Jayson Tatum (rest) is OUT
Daniel Theis (left knee surgery) is OUT
The team that's not playing tonight would win the East.

How many Bulls wins this year came when the other team was resting their best players?

Imo this should still be a loss even with Boston resting two starters.

WOW Asik is in!

It is alive

I mean, would anybody be surprised if the Bulls win out?

Sean Kilpatrick is 28, I'm not sure how he fits in our window. Why did we sign this guy

A cheaper Holiday replacement?

Maybe, but I just don't see the point in a Holiday or a replacement Holiday. I mean we traded Jimmy because he was 28. I thought we were going with a youth movement


****...Cant believe we will beat the Celtics on the road...playing with our reserves...Even Asik got some minutes...Whats going on??

Honestly you cant make this up lol

Start trying Bulls and maybe you’ll miss your shots. Cool out guys and tank.


Stop scoring


When we signed Sean Kilpatrick we thought we got someone to help the tank. Little did we know we signed the 2nd coming of MJ

Being a fan of this franchise is just brutal lol.

We're in that weird twilight of the NBA season where the top teams don't care about w/l either.

Opposing teams:"we're playing the Bulls, it's time to take the night off."

Good job by Fred helping the tank by giving Asik minutes. Ömer has basically allowed Boston to play 5 on 4 during his minutes.

Scal looks in better shape than his playing days.

Screw it. Let’s push for the playoffs

I hope Lauri sit out the 4th Felicio,asik,and 3 pgs should be the lineup for the entire 4th.

I swear to god if we win this

This is the first game I've seen Payne get abused on both sides of the ball since he came back.

Lauri just can't be stopped. He is literally carrying this team. No one else is playing particularly well. Also screw Boston for resting all those players.

Holiday is in chuck mode, ordinarily I would be mad, but he is playing so bad that he is helping the tank.

Boston should be able to win this game especially now that bulls will throw in their tank lineup,what are the chances those guys win another one? Lol. If they do that means they deserve a raise that’s for sure.

Hey Bulls, the Knicks are winning by 17 by mid 3rd quarter. DON’T **** BLOW THIS!!!!

FFS these refs are ridiculous

Portis did go too close to his face there that’s why Morris pushed him off

Omg what, refs over reacting. Let 'em play

Well that hurt us with Bobby out. We basically have no depth left to use. Boston should be able to get seperation.

Aaaaaaandd that's what happens when your reputation precedes you

That was nothing. A little disagreement and you toss two players? Gimme a break

Yeah that was BS.I'm guessing they were still talking after the first tech and made refs call the second one. They were probably gona get into it sooner or later but still shouldn’t have gotten ejected for that.

Maaaaaaaaan...please drop this one Bulls!!!!

Uh oh. Kilpatrick hitting threes again.

The Celtics playing Naughty by Nature and Bel Biv Devoe in the Garden... What year is this? Having high school flashbacks

Do not let Kilpatrick finish this game.

We are going to win huh...smh

Sean Kill-our-draft-pick Patrick

Asik still can’t make god damn free throws. Dude cost us a series

What are you talking about? Asik won't be on this team after next season and if was he wouldn't be playing. He is playing now to try to ensure that we lose.

C'mon Celts play some d already.

OK thankfully we played a significantly superior team tonight. Against a bad team this would be a win.

Nwaba honestly plays like broke version of Westbrook.


The Boston refs should eject you for this joke. Laughing

Why is Boston shooting so many 3s. Play your offense! LOL its too close

Kilpatrick actually a good player,hope he stays next season.

Kill-Draft-Pick with the 3! Don't give it to Kilpatrick...ffs

On one side, we absolutely hate the guy because he kills our draft positioning. On the other side, dude is a BEAST. He has been amazing since he started playing for us.

I doubt that anyone actually believes that the Bulls are sitting Lopez to get a look at their younger players, but if you need more evidence: They DNP-Ed 30 year old Lopez tonight in favor of playing 31 year old Asik.

Cameron Payne is posting career numbers across the board.

Yet He is still being out performed by Sean Kilpatrick whose contract is not guaranteed next season.

Replying to @chicagobulls
Thank you for the L

6:43 PM - Apr 6, 2018
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Kilpatrick MUST stay off the court against the Nets. Is not an option.

We honestly have the best scrubs in the nba!!

That was close one but great L we took

Man we can't be having a 12th man like Kilpatrick scoring 20ppg if we want that 7th pick. Where the Hell is Zipser when you need him?!

Now we see why Boston wanted to sign SK so badly.

Why wasn't he in the NBA already? Is this a fluke?

Stop and think for a second... Its took Boston to have 32pts from Jalen Brown and a triple double from Monroe, to beat a nerfed Bulls team who only played Lauri 23mins and Portis ejected on the road. What the F is going on? We covered the spread LOL

Yep, if Jaylen Brown played like his season's average, the Bulls would have won this game....yikes  (MY NOTE:  If we had more healthy players, or if Brad had played Horford and Tatum, Jaylen wouldn't have gotten as many touches and shots)

Sean Kilpatrick is a beast. 24pts again off the bench. If we didnt play Boston, we could have blown them out. Its crazy right now. But the tank lives on.

Thank you Celtics!

Some classic Stacey tonight - Brad Stevens is worth 10 to 20 wins.

Shout out to Jaylen Brown. I was a skeptic but he has stepped it up this year, and played like a true stud tonight.

Is it just me, or do we get a lot more traffic after tank losses?

Nope, not you. That is what makes people happy. Like wins in the old days.

Markkanen and freaking Kilpatrick are just playing too well. Markkanen I can live with especially since he doesn't play in the 4th quarter. The 28 year-old semi-pro killing our tank is maddening.

A loss is a win. Kudos to Fred for tossing the Asik card. Hard to lose shooting 46% from 3.



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