Comments From The Other Side - vs Hawks, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Hawks, Home

Post by bobheckler on Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:47 pm

by FLCeltsFan

This is a game we could actually win. Boston has the worse luck in the world with injuries. Ainge is probably shaking his head and mumbling about not being able to do anything right. So far it does look like he got the Tatum pick right though over the poor shooting Josh Jackson. Jackson is looking like the SF shooting edition of Allen Iverson in his rookie season.

No other way around it We win this game, we’re screwed We lose it, we lock up 3rd best odds

Hopefully Boston is motivated to close out its home schedule with a win. They can’t catch TOR. On the other hand maybe they’ll want to work on some rotational stuff now that Kyrie is out for the postseason.

They are all out, resting or out injured. Should make for an exciting game if they have enough left to play !!

The question now is Boston’s B-team plus Horford so much more better than the Hawks that they can bring their C game and still beat a clearly inferior team who is still giving 100% effort.

The Wizards win surprised me. Hopefully the Hawks call up some the G-League guys and let everyone play. Make a good showing, but in the end don't fall any further back in the ping pong ball standings.

HORFORD and Tatum are back in the starting lineup Some good news Lose this one and the wizards game wouldn’t have mattered anyway

It's so hard rooting for an L against Boston. I want TP, Collins, Bembry, and Dorsey to ball out!

Take the L please

THeyre proving they can hang with the #2 seed in the EAst. Not to bad for a "g-league" roster...

Deandre Bembry showing out today

Very good

Not good.. Needs to be worse. No point in winning these last 2 games.

Ok, Bud I've seen enough. If the Celtics pull their starters, No more Prince!

Looks like one of those games where Bud looks like he want to win...No Plumlee or Cavanaugh

what a disaster it would be if we end up with 24 wins and the timberwolves fall out of the playoffs that would probably be worse than picking williams over cp3


Finally a big run by Boston.

The Celtics have gone to their scrub lineup. This could get dangerous I would not play Deadman, Muscala, and Prince on the same unit given our situation…

He just put Taurean back in. Smdh

Taurean is on fire!!!NOt good. Lol.He's LOoking like a steal at #12.....

Omg!!!!!!!!!!Come on Boston!

Oh lord.. This is why I hate the Celtics

Why is Larkin still in for Rozier

They've pulled the plug, going w/ the scrubs. We are probably more talented than they are right now…

Yeah by far We are so screwed

there is no way they are outscoring us in the final 3 minute with these scrub lineups everything lining up against the hawks the last 2 days

Agreed. Why is Deadman in the game if you are in our position?

Larkin is absolutely awful WTF


What is Bud doing?

Bud needs to be fired for this!

These fools are really going to end up picking 8th smh

Bud knows Stephens looks up to him so he always tries to show him why. I’m as excited about a Hawk win as anyone but he tripping right now. People who know NBA hoops knows he’s elite. He always trying to prove it.

Bud is a piece of shit.

This team is beyond dumb lmao

He just ****ed us out of a top-three pick.

Hey, they beat the Celtics scrubs, so surely we should take pride in that, right? Lol

Well I guess they don't like any of the top 3 guys. Ugg

I'm not much on conspiracy theories But I will say I’m skeptical Schlenck and Bud are on the same page on this deal.

It’s like they are taking turns w/ strategy. You don’t bench the guys we have benched and then gun for meaningless wins like we have if there is 1 strategy they are following. There is always one idiot team that guns for wins late, I predicted it would be us, but hoped I was wrong.

See that's why we traded you, Larkin! Lol

Bud probably knows he's gone and wants to F*** the team smh

5-8 pick here we come.

I don't want to hear Silver complaining that we are tanking

Yep...This team will lose 60 games per year over the next 5 years!!! Anti-tankers are retarded!!

Luckily the 76ers will beat the tar out of us.

The 76ers will probably do the same thing that Brad Stevens did rest his starters in the fourth quarter & the Hawks win that one

They want do that because they want the third seed. They are only 1 game ahead of Cleveland. They need the win. I haven't checked the tie breakers though.

I'm starting to think this franchise deserves to burn What I just saw was inexcusable

turrible win...

I am done with this team. I'll see you guys during the lottery

So, skipping the one game left huh Smile

The players are happy as they should be. They have to look at their careers. We, on the other hand, have seen this play out far too often.

Stevens really ****Ed us over in this one

Hawks seriously are the worst ATL team Lose all damn year, but can’t lose at the end to solidify a high and potentially franchise changing draft pick. Forever stuck in mediocrity

Disgraceful. I don't even wanna hear it from the non-tanking crowd anymore at this point. We might pick 5th now because of two meaningless wins.   Coach Bud might legitimately be leaving, and throwing fire onto our hopes of a top pick on the way out.

The dumbest franchise in NBA history. Who goes on a winning streak to end the season while tanking???

Atlanta can not even tank right


Someone should be fired for continually winning. No matter who is in charge, atl always messes up a sure thing

Tanking all year and now you decide to win games?! Wtf

Just dumb... This franchise screws up everything

Wouldn’t be #TrueToAtlanta if team didn’t rally for a few wins and avoid having the top draft pick

Whyyyy? The Hawks are the biggest joke in NBA history we just blew a top 3 pick!!!! You Morons!!!!!!!!

Atlanta Hawks
comeback szn.

Real Hawks fans reacting to the fight in our players. Doing what they get paid to do.#TrueToAtlanta
12:18 PM - Apr 8, 2018

Look I get it, coaches and players don’t want to intentionally tank, but COME ON, the implications of this win are HUGE

Losers tank. We grind and take the hands we are dealt. Trust the process.

The process was to tank

**** you guys, jeopardizing your own chances to get a #1 pick just to beat the Celtics. I'm at a loss for words

This franchise so bad we can't even lose when we want to. Smh

Man I hate this team... Pointless wins and now we prob gonna get a trash draft pick

Unfortunately you’ll never be Atlanta’s beloved team until you put a superstar on the court and start winning. You’ve created an unlikeable brand, ruined your jerseys, and alienated your fans. Weird

Atlanta can’t win when you need to can’t lose when you need to #cursed

Can't wait to get someone shitty with the number 9 pick

Are you kidding me? I’ll never watch this franchise again after these past 2 games. Go away!!!!

In fairness, it was Brad Stevens that screwed us, not Bud. The Celtics closed the game with a bunch of 2nd round picks and nobodies just to screw us. They could have tried but no, let's screw the Hawks. Good times.

There’s not a single ****ing fan happy that you’re winning Morons!!!!

Why is everyone blaming Bud? Blame Brad freaking Stevens! Resting his damn starters with that sorry ass bench of there's. I HATE the Celtics.

We’re gonna be talking about the ending of this season for a long time. I like Bud but I hope he takes the Bucks job.

Somehow Bud has this team fighting till the end of the season. Those guys played hard today unlike most of the tanking teams in the nba. Bud Is not counting on some 19 year old to save the team. He knows there is a LOTTERY something 90% of the posters here just cant understand. You have NO idea who will get the top 3 picks none. After the nba’s warning about tanking I’ll bet you guys money who wont get the top picks(Dallas,Bulls)

So you assume the lottery is rigged?

You clueless idiots - STOP WINNING GAMES AND TANK!

I hate the Celtics and I hate Brad Stevens. First they screw us out of Al Horford and now they are trying to screw us out of a top pick. **** the Celtics!!!



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