Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Game 5 Semis

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Game 5 Semis

Post by bobheckler on Thu May 10, 2018 4:57 pm

It will probably still be McHale.

I’m okay with McHale. Isn’t too big a homer for the Celtics. Tommy, though, can jump off a cliff.

I’ve been surprised how relatively even McHale has been in praising both teams. Though if I never hear him say "Big Al" again it will be too soon.

LOL….Tommy Heinsohn doesn’t bother me because I expect him to be a homer and super bias, he makes me laugh he sees only green.

Embiid Needs to have a huge game. Can’t talk smack and not back it up. BB, just ride the hot hands tonight whoever they may be.

I’m sure Stevens will have something up his sleeve to counter TJ (get Tatum/Morris switched onto him in the post?)

Perhaps he’ll play the random obese player they’ve got on the roster

Omg I have been asking myself who the guy with the huge ASS is? Lol He is like a Kardashian

Another "brilliant" Ainge draft pick.

he’s been in the Celtics system for two years, why hasn’t he gotten in shape? Does he exclusively do light arm workouts

Brian Scalbrine is coming out of retirement to suit up for the Celts. Book it.

Mask obstruction...... For real Joel having to play with a mask and a hurt face has really hindered his game. Just wait till next year no mask no more freak accidents Embiid will dominate two-fold!

Jaylen Brown will be starting. Marcus Smart to the bench.

I think that may be better for us especially how Smart has been playing. We shall see soon.

That reminds me the Bucks didn’t have to deal with Marcus Smart in their series, may of been a bit easier for them.

Hopefully they put us out of our misery and the most important off-season in years can begin.

Larkin is out. Not huge but in an elimination game, I'll take any edge.

Celtics may be missing two of their best player but, the Sixers best player is wearing a batman mask and our number one picks brain is out for the year. So next year, who knows.

Crazy, but I think we're gonna win this one too. Season isn't over yet. If we're going out tonight, lets go out fighting. Don't be like the Toronto Raptors and just take it laying down. Approach it with that Cobra Kai attitude

I hate to say it but I see Boston winning this going away. I think at some point in the second half they are up by 25 or so. The good news is I thought we are just a 500 team this year , so it's been a pretty good year! Looking forward to a few moves in the offseason to possibly get us a number one seed in the east.

My instincts have been wrong every game this series, and I’m feeling like we are going to get crushed tonight. It could be a great sign!

I don't see us winning in Boston. Despite winning game 4, we're still not close to having them figured out defensively. Expect their guards to bring it and rebound from an off game. I fully anticipate Tatum, Horford, and Morris to continue their strong play in this series. Great overall season, but unfortunately I think it ends tonight.

Brown starting tonight. I expect that means JJ and TJ are going to be targeted

God we are going to get crushed tonight :

Jaylen Brown sucks for real though.

I think we lose honestly. We are gonna try to trap the PnR again but Boston is gonna be ready for it and get easy baskets. Rozier will have a bounce back game and TJ won't be nearly as effective.

Saw Fultz hoisting a three during warm-up and it looked completely awful. I hope he was just playing around and making a fool of himself.

It is a tactic to fool Brad Stevens into thinking he can't shoot, then we unleash him in game 7.

Let's just pretend he was "imitating Amir" again

Kiss of death from Chuck, predicts us to win tonight.  (MY NOTE: Which reminds me, please take Cleveland)

SIXERS IN 7. (MY NOTE:  Yeah, months)

Part of me wants a win so Celtics fans can feel a little worry and part of me wants a loss because my heart cant take this shit anymore.

Brad Stevens looking very coiffed tonight. More so than usual, no?

AWESOME start. We look fantastic. Best feel out of the gate of the series.

Boston’s offense all series has been to take advantage of the 76ers weak individual defenders.

New Boston Strangler TJ

Really nice start….I was afraid the Boston Garden was going to be rocking and they would jump out quickly on us. But smooth start by the good guys.

Ben’s making his dunks thus far. Good sign.  (MY NOTE: Within his range)

Clearly... The Celtics are trying to tire him out by giving him free runs to the front of the rim.

I swear Tatum gets the roll every time

Tatum gets a lot of lucky bounces this series

Brown is gonna feast on JJ/Marco tonight

Justin needs to replace JJ. Brad Stevens is just going abuse him.

Just attack rozier. Constantly. Get him out of the game. He’s a big + in Celts home games

Celts looked lost. A lot like G2 here. We need to pull away. Then BB needs to manage those TOs for the run

We need to force them to pass the ball to morris, let him take low efficiency midrange jumpers, looks like an effective strategy.

Kind of surprised that Tatum hasn’t attacked yet.  (MY NOTE: The Legend Grows)

Love these hard fouls, make them earn it at the line.

Horford shoved Embiid and made him bobble that

We were doing great, BB called the TO to stop our momentum

Man Embiid has no idea what he's doing in the post when someone sits on his right

Put the shield back on Embiid. Somethings wrong with his head.

Horford green light to shove our dudes in the back on both ends

We did have some momentum early, but Stevens stopped that quick.

Embiid talked all that **** he better get his head in the game. Good to see Covington still doesn't have a clue out there

BEN WITH THE HARD FOUL on Marcus ****ing Smart, I love it. 2 on Simmons, but I’ll take that one.

Horford really is a class player. For a Celtic

JoJo has to be careful with the revenge plays

I’m really sick of Embiid — and Roco.

Horford had been good his whole career…..class act too.

The ball’s bouncing the Celts way, and we’re only down one.... feeling good about this fellas.

Where did ERsan’s shot go?

I seen it leaving town in a cab with covington’s Defense

It feels like the second unit has been saved by some bad shooting from Boston. Second unit has been bad

What the **** are these superstar calls for Tatum? I haven’t seen one thing that looked remotely close to a foul on TJ on either play.

Tatum clears out with the off arm every shot

I think the refs have largely shown shoving is legal in the playoffs.

Boxing out doesn’t usually get foul calls. Apparently neither does pushing a smaller player in the back with two hands on a post up.

stupid refs Can’t see that Sixers never foul and Celtics foul every play

McConnell and Smart trying to out scrap each other.

I'm sick of looking at Smart

They never call the Tatum pushoff.

Can't have 3 white guys on the perimeter and complain about defense.

As good as Tatum has been he's been scoring on Redick, bellineli, and TJ for the majority.


Jaylen Brown does it too and they never call it

Tatum and Brown makes covington look even worse then he already is. Two young forwards with true talent.

How does Smart post and toast you?

6'3 Marcus smart is the best post player between both teams

Celts will have crazy advantage if we make this close

Tatum just outran Ben simmons with the ball but he's not a good athlete?

Only way we win this is to tire these ****ers out in the second half

Ben got away with a blatant travel there

I hate this Celtics team…

They might as well just open the second half with Boston in the bonus

Ouch...Hope Rozier is ok Joel landed right on his legs

Who the hell cares. I hope Rozier dies.

Really? Its a damn game. These people are human beings and have families. Have some decency.

I am a bad person. I try not to root for anyone getting hurt and to get rid of that bad side to all sports, but Rozier on the floor in pain I just think "don’t get up".

BB is trying his best to lose by sitting his best players and playing his worst.

Maybe he wants the better draft pick? I mean, we aren’t that far removed from tanking.  (MY NOTE: What planet does he live on?  They have the #3 best record in the East)

Got make that adjustment on Smart. They are posting him up and we have no answers.

Marcus Smart can score now and I did not know that

Smart seems like a superstar scorer against JJ or Belinelli.

How are we getting punked by smart in the post

We have bad coaching and a low IQ team

At the end of the day Stevens trusted his players. Brown didn't.

This is just ridiculous, we're a f***** joke, Baynes is shooting 50% from threes, Rozier looks like Kobe Bryant's incarnation. I just can't with this, goodnight to everybody

The Celtics are better at literally every aspect of basketball than we are.

Just a lot smarter basketball team and obviously a vastly superior coach

Actually for long-term success I hope we get blown out by 30 points. This roster can't go anywhere in the playoffs obviously.

Anyone know what Boston is shooting from 3 for the series? They are making the 6ers pay everytime theres a defensive mistake.

We draft Jayson Tatum like we should have we R in the Eastern Conference Finals.

We traded Okafor for LeBron and were in the finals

Maybe Danny Ainge feel so bad for rubbing off Bryan Colangelo he'll let us trade head coaches?

We made Tatum look like Durant and Smart look like LeBron. Oh and Baynes is Dirk Nowitzki with defense.

Seriously we drafted markelle fultz we could have had Jayson Tatum.

Is it just me or do Brown and Tatum both have terrible hands

Embiid is a loser

Capela and 2nd rounder for Embiid

Joel just got outjumped by aron baynes fpr a rebound...I mean wtf is this. Baynes also is a better 3 point shooter than redick this series. I don't wanna live in such a world

The biggest reason why Sixers are losing this series is Embiid being outplayed by Horford/Baynes. I don`t know if he is hurt, but he has been crap on defense this game.

Laughing   It's really unreal. I hate Aaron Baynes lol

Refs called a ton of fouls to force a game 5 for TV. Now that Cleveland swept can let Boston to thug it and start the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday.

McHale hooting on that Baynes score was peak homerism

I’m getting the feeling JJ can’t guard Smart

Smart and him are both 6’4"

Smart can even post and exploit Kyle Korver Korver is 6’7"

Brown is a really good 1 on 1 defnder

Could someone please stop letting Baynes shoot wide open 3s?

Replace Covington with Bron and sixers sweep this series.

This isn’t even close to a healthy Celtics team

The Celtics are playing with more heart than many of the Sixers.

Maybe if the Raptors fire Casey we can get rid of the Meathead and get a real coach in here.

So much negativity... Remember the Celtics came back from 20 it's not over yet

The crowd is rattling Embiid

This series isn't even that complicated. Boston obviously has the better team/coach. We had the better stars. Our stars didn't consistently olay like such. So we're gonna lose.

I think the officiating is getting to embiid...not the fans nor the Celtics. He is a smart player and the consistency/inconsistency of calls is maddening to anyone who knows the game. NBA officiating is easily the worst in pro sports, and it's no more complicated than anything else.

Horford has been a ghost this game

Hopefully Brett sees how Stevens calls a timeout when the other team goes on a run, he could really learn from that.

Foul Horford out please

Why tf does Rozier have this lame nickname?

Kevin McHale sounds a lot like Bill Simmons

We’re on a nice run.Might want to put Belinelli and Redick back in so Celtics can get some easy baskets.

Stevens not doing anything wild; just watching Brett implode

Sixers would have Closed out this series on Monday if McHale wasn’t the announcer forcing the NBA to use all refs from Revere

Banes is the new Reddick

Sixers aren’t playing well but Boston is fouling seventeen times a possession

Baynes did a body check that would make the Flyers proud.

Mannnnn I can't handle a loss like this. After this comeback you better **** win

We really don't want this lead. ...and we're at the team foul limit in 2 minutes.

Hey Brett. You can sit redick. You dumb mental midget.

New team phrase, forget trust the process. “The Mental Midgets”

Celtics shooting fts the rest of the game because of redick

There you go Philly, how does it feel to get a foul called every single possession?

It's awfullllllly quiet in thw arena right now Very Happy

And of course Stevens calls TO when Celtics look lost

The theme for this series has been fall behind, get it back close, then lose the game with dumb mistakes. Looks like we're headed to that again. Once we went up 4 we started to play tight and undecisive.

Stevens calling a timeout when Tatum had Embiid on an island was a bad call by him. Tatum was gonna get whatever shot he wanted and wide open.

Tatum looks like his hand (wrist?) is bothering him.

Saric has no chance on Horford island.

Anyone tired of hearing McHale say 'Big Al'? Be different if he was actuallly big.

Boston is young but they're intelligent

That's because Tatum and Brown went to Duke and Cal Berkeley, respectively.

Can't try to tell me Terry Rozier is intelligent, though, ha.

Horford saving his energy for the last 5 minutes I see

Sixers are gonna win this game. And the series. This Boston team is spent.

Is Tatum even in the Rookie of the Year discussion?

For some dumb reason no.

Aron Baynes is making Joel look bad. He's totally outworking and outhustling Embiid

Baynes is a beast!!!!

Brown has really improved his shot

Game over. Joel letting Baynes win.

EMBIID WTF! Stop with the shenanigans

Baynes is showing him talent doesn’t do it by itself. You gotta work hard, too.

Rozier throws a punch to Embiid…Double tech Embiid barely shoves Baynes who then sells it…Tech on Embiid. Ok ref.

Embiid with a stupid tech Baynes was blocked cleanly, but he’s been the aggressor tonight, so he’ll get calls.

So clean block is called a foul and then you reward the flopper with a tech against us. And, yes, Dario got fouled.

Ain’t nobody getting past Golden State. Enjoy the game with the thought of Bron or Lenard in place of JJ or Covington

I just don’t understand how the Milwaukee Bucks can play the Celtics even and we are getting outclassed.

I'd quite like it if a meteorite were to hit Boston after our players left.

Baynes is an embarrassment to big men Any big who flops as hard as he does deserves to be fouled repeatedly without a call

Done. Cooked. Over. Young, inexperienced team (hopefully) learning. Maybe, just maybe they pull out this win, but I have completely lost faith they win the series.

Boston is as young and unexperienced

Yes and no. They’re young but their players all have playoff experience outside of Tatum. Also they have a star who is a vet (Horford) we don’t.

Celtics have a better mix of vets and young players. Sixers are just all young.

Joel needs to learn to not let opponents get in his head. Because Baynes & the Celtics have clearly done that And Joel’s reactions have hurt the Sixers

REFS so blind so gullible Baynes acting for a tech.......76ers would never ever get a tech there. Baynes leaned on Joel on purpose Joel frees himself gets a tech……if it was the other way around it would never happen.

Smart gets the call on the bump going down the court, Ben doesn’t get the same call going back down.

Smarts a superstar duh

Jaylen Brown is good

If the refs actually called fouls, Marcus Smart would foul out in the first half.

Brad Stephens displayed timeout quickness

Covington’s nickname should be the Boston Struggler.

These Boston fans really deserve to blow a 3-0 lead honestly. They got a 3-0 wins from the Red Sox once so what goes around comes around.

It's so Sixers To make this game interesting before ripping your heart out

Pressure is on Celtics. They are going to get tight.

Damn when baynes hits the side of the backboard on a 3 like that it really makes you wonder how the hell he’s hitting like half his shots from there

Saric need to get suplexed to get fouls

Morris has a red tattoo where his collar bones meet I think it’s blood every time they show a close up of him

Damn those Horford moving screens never get called….this is B.S.

Tatum gets amazing calls all the time

he’s earned it he’s not a rookie

Tatum sure does whine a lot.

Game tied at 94 for me. Timeout by BS

I'm glad brad called a timeout. We needed a minute too

So **** glad its 8v5 man.. This is so bad its unreal how the nba gets away with officiating like this year after year. **** the nba

I swear if I hear big al one more time

We mental midget but Smart literal midget

Redick will never hit a shot that matters

This is just laughable at this point. They've gone at Simmons the last couple possessions down the stretch and tatum kills him. Hes so scared to look bad he rather look like hes not trying.

If Embiid shoots another outside shot, I trade him for Theis and fire Brown.

Stevens just continues to always think ahead coach mean while we just keep doing wrong and hope for the best Boston strong Philly weak by our lack of coaching and adjust,ents

Ben Simmons needs to hit the weight room.

Needs to hit a shot as well

Horford taking over for the Celtics.

Horford coming up big. Wheres Embid?

How a team missing so many players can be so much better than us is beyond me.


The talent of our guys may have been exaggerated a bit because there’s a clear gap in ability.

Their roll players are much better

More experienced players all around vs talented but flawed young players at key positions. All of their wings, can drive the ball and defend, our wings can shoot some, but have no driving ability, and can’t defend.

We are beating ourselves with bad shots and bad turnovers.

I’m not sure how you can look at this series and—honestly, objectively—say the Sixers have more talent than the Celtics. Because some talking heads told you so? The C’s are athletic, smart, and out-hustle us.

We have more high potential top end talent but the Celtics are easily deeper. Smart/Rozier/Horford/Brown/Tatum/Morris…I don’t think they have anybody with the transcendent potential of Embiid/Simmons but they have a lot of good players and their athleticism is pretty much tailor made to produce some bad matchups with us

Stevens takes the timeout, design how to run the offense and we have no answer to that. The story of the series.

Horford Beastin’ and Feastin’ on the Croatian

I still think they have a chance. But hey going from no playoffs to the semis is major progress win or lose. Got a lot of respect for both teams. Stevens is a heck of a coach.

I hate Boston so much It’s oozing from my pores

Morris complaining about an obvious foul because he’s used to getting away with it

Horford is too good

Gotta love Horford ensuring the switch by bear hugging the guy he’s picking

Ok, that's a weak foul. Joel flopped

Evening it out Boston has done it all series…

Well at least some of these calls go our way. Can’t blame the refs here

What a clutch flop from jojo, did he learn that from ersan??

Embiid Taking acting lessons from Smart

Tatum is clutch man

Tatum owning us again. Wouldn't have it any other way for our puppet GM.

Silver lining on Embiid blowing the layup is that we don't have to see a Boston game winner

8v5 Insane how lakers and Celtics every playoff series play 8v5.. Every single year The nbas darlings always get 8v5

LeBron will teach this team how to win!

**** jj stupid **** pos you make that one but not the wide open one we really needed

Horford screens are just him holding people. Not even trying to do it correctly.

Sixers snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Could have had Tatum

"How" does a team give up "4 straight layups" in crunch time in a do or die playoff game? The 76ers just did……

Honestly, I'd like to say nice series, but, it wasn't. It was really ugly and, although I did feel like things looked good for the future, if you can’t beat a team missing damn near all it’s all stars when you aren’t, things are bad.


Embid has to make layup. Coming up small. Tatum coming up big

Shutup. Tatum also missed a layup

At least they didn't get swept

Need to incorporate the bear hug screen into the game plan next year Since that’s apparently not a foul anymore.

Tatum is the reason why Celtics won....

What is with this Tatum bullshit? Your team is led by two players who are basically in their rookie seasons, and you’re all crying because another team has a rookie roleplayer?

Celtics max free agent Horford killed us…… its out turn

I really hate Boston

How is the walk on Smart not called?!?!? It was so obvious.

In the game where we were in the penalty with 10 minutes to go You were expecting the refs to start calling is straight with 4 seconds left?

I hate that ****ing team in green and white. I have a feeling that the hate that I felt for that team and city 30+ years ago is going to reappear again for a while into the future. And **** Jayson Tatum and **** Markelle Fultz. Just wanted to add that. Go CAVS.

Yes, **** Markelle Fultz and Jason Tatum.

They need to add more players growth from within will not be enough to pass the Celtics who were missing two all star caliber players

Marcus smart is such a fake tough guy. He acts like he wants to fight every guy on the court. Joel would pick him up and throw him

I hate that city and all of its damn teams. Go LeBron, we’ll have a Sixers uniform ready for you next year

Congrats to the Celtics They deserved to win this series. They outexecuted the Sixers, especially late in close games. It still sucks, though. For a brief moment there it looked like this was going to go back to Philly

These games all came down to closing the quarters and the end of the game. The Celtics executed and we were undisciplined and sloppy. That is coaching.

Yeah, I cant wait to see Baynes, Rozier and Smart at the 3pt challenge next year since they became suddenly so lucky good

Atleast we know the Celtics arent winning a championship and we took a superbowl from Boston

Marcus Smart clearly walked. Like not even a question of it. It amazes me how the refs and national media ignore it

Congrats to the Celtics. They deserved to win this series I hope they take down the Cavs. I do not want to see another Cleveland-Golden State NBA Finals (or even CLE-HOU)

Omg how are Sixers fans rooting for the Celtics??

I was on a video chat with my Boston buddy for the second half and he asked me afterwards "who you gonna root for between us and GSW if it comes to that?". I replied simply that I cannot, under any circumstances, root for a Boston team, ever. This should be the case for just about all of us.

Sucks to lose that game but we fought until the end, Rooting for rockets, and Cleveland. Cant wait til LeBoston is trending on twitter when future sixes LBJ sweeps them.

I could see Fultz and Covington for Kawhi as a trade that could happen and one we’d probably all come to terms with fairly quickly

**** you Boston, we’re still super bowl champions

Hard to hate on the Celtics They have done a helluva job through out the season w/ those injuries they have, but this will be the last triumph they will this season

Agreed. Their fans are another story.

Congrats, Boston. You still suck, of course. But, you earned this. Well done.

Congrats to the Celtics they played mistake free basketball & won b/c of it – I can only hope this gives us the inside track to Lebron after Golden State blows Cleveland off the court in 4 or 5 games

Stevens is great. All the guy does is win he got to two final fours at Butler. I don’t understand why people do act like there are different ability levels of coaching. I guess guys like Pop and Coach K just got lucky.

Danny Ainge is one of the best execs in the NBA while Brad Stevens is one of the top coaches

The biggest problem moving ahead forward isn’t the Sixers’ roster but that fact the Celtics have the better coach, better GM, and better draft picks coming. Brown said after the game that the East goes through the Celtics in the post-game. It was a really strange admission but in his heart I think he knows Stevens is the better coach between the two.

The truth hurts they are But I feel since they lost to them without Hayward and Irving this will force them to be VERY aggressive in trying to get any of the Top guys this offseason

They should call the Western Conference finals the ‘NBA Finals and rename the East Conference finals ’The Consolation Series’ Celtics and Cavs might win a game at home vs Cavs/Rockets (Stevens schemes and they steal a game at the Garden; LeBron goes off and has an insane game at home with just enough help from Love and others to win a game)

Man LeBron is just gonna destroy this team.

I hate Boston. They will get swept by lebron and then we sweep Boston next year with lebron.

Switch coaches & we win the series 4-1

Refs cost us a game by calling some ridiculous fouls in the 4th and then not calling that on Baynes on Embiid’s last shot. Boston can go **** itself. So can Adam silver.

Boston has Hayward and Kyrie coming back. They're going to destroy us for the foreseeable future if we don't start nailing draft picks with legitimate ballers. Not role players or busts.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Game 5 Semis

Post by worcester on Thu May 10, 2018 6:11 pm

Stupidest quote of the night from Philly:
"Jaylen Brown sucks for real though.

Runner up stupid quote:
"I could see Fultz and Covington for Kawhi as a trade that could happen and one we’d probably all come to terms with fairly quickly"


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Game 5 Semis

Post by steve3344 on Fri May 11, 2018 5:01 am

"Covington’s nickname should be the Boston Struggler."

Very funny.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Game 5 Semis

Post by jrleftfoot on Fri May 11, 2018 9:25 am

worcester wrote:Stupidest quote of the night from Philly:
"Jaylen Brown sucks for real though.

Runner up stupid quote:
"I could see Fultz and Covington for Kawhi as a trade that could happen and one we’d probably all come to terms with fairly quickly"

Spurs better jump all over that one after the clutch performances those guys put on in the playoffs. I thought Fultz was a smidge better than Covington , though. Rolling Eyes

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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Game 5 Semis

Post by KyleCleric on Fri May 11, 2018 2:27 pm

jrleftfoot wrote:
worcester wrote:Stupidest quote of the night from Philly:
"Jaylen Brown sucks for real though.

Runner up stupid quote:
"I could see Fultz and Covington for Kawhi as a trade that could happen and one we’d probably all come to terms with fairly quickly"

Spurs better jump all over that one after the clutch performances those guys put on in the playoffs. I thought Fultz was a smidge better than Covington , though. Rolling Eyes

If Ainge was their GM, he'd try to move $20m or so in contracts to trade for Kawhi and then try and sign Lebron or Paul George. Maybe something like Bayless, Fultz, Anderson and Korkmaz with #10 and 26 for Kawhi.

Imagine this as a starting lineup:
PG: Ben Simmons
SG: Paul George
SF: Kawhi Leonard
PF: Dario Saric
C: Joel Embiid


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Game 5 Semis

Post by Shamrock1000 on Fri May 11, 2018 3:16 pm

worcester wrote:Stupidest quote of the night from Philly:
"Jaylen Brown sucks for real though.

Runner up stupid quote:
"I could see Fultz and Covington for Kawhi as a trade that could happen and one we’d probably all come to terms with fairly quickly"

The Fultz and Covington for Kawhi comment is just hilariously delusional.


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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Sixers, Game 5 Semis

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