Comments From The Other Side - vs Cavaliers, Home, Game 1 ECF

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Cavaliers, Home, Game 1 ECF

Post by bobheckler on Mon May 14, 2018 6:22 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Enough with the deference to their stupid coach! Cavs in fo’

It was the same coach they had last year, right? Cavs in 5, again.

I’m pretty excited for this game to see what type of Cavs team shows up for this series. If Clarkson and Hood can play against Boston like they did in the regular season, this could be a real short series.

Celtics in 7

7 years maybe

Marcus Morris is starting Surprises me

He was over there bitchin’ about what refs were officiating today. I will never understand how a fan base as spoiled as theirs could also house the most warped opinions on being conspired against.

I suspect Brad picked MM because of LJ’s defense. LJ would likely sag off Ojeleye, and patrol the lane. Perhaps Brad wants MM to pull LJ out of the lane

I've got a bad feeling about this one. (I've had a bad feeling before every game all season.)

Haha I love this - is that Tony Brothers near half court? He looks like he's ready to fight after Perkins pops Crowder lol.

That play and JR knocking Crowder out gave me an unhealthy amount of joy.

We better blow them out. I don't want to deal with any funny business from the guys in stripes.

Put these jackasses on a poster and send the annoying Boston faithful crawling to their graves

I'll put $5 on Tatum being this year's Isiah Thomas and after about 3 games he will be shelved because of a broken ego

Let the fouls begin.

Morris better worry about Love instead of Lebron. Morris better stay quiet unless Love is going to have 30 on him.

Clear block. Groan away, crowd. Also, women don't look good in that color green. Not expecting a lot from crowd shots.

2 fouls called on the Celtics. Both begrudgingly late

Refs are gonna call a ton of fouls, because Boston has no chance if they don't.

I don’t love Korver on Brown, but let’s see how this goes.

BOS switches PNRs liberally. Get Love on Rozier early. Fouls forcing them to score without his offense for a quarter or two can make this ugly.

Korver’s getting picked on…

He can handle himself. He’s a black belt.

Korver better be hitting his shots because he is getting killed on defense to start

And the LeBron stopper to the bench with 2 fouls lol

2 on fake kawhi already

Surprising that the obviously-paying-attention crowd didn’t complain about that home cooking for Morris

This BOS team is clearly better than Toronto, that’s for sure

I disagree with this strategy of not hitting open shots.

Brilliant defensive strategy to let the good Cavs shooter brick wide open shots

I only missed half a quarter and the game is already over, wtf.

Hill gets called for so many bullshit fouls.

Both teams are trying to pick each other apart with mismatches. Celtics doing it a lot better so far.

The dirt bags look like they came to play, more so than us so far.

Celtics D is tough...

14 in a row. No timeout. This dude is an idiot

That's a foul? Horford better be ****ing blind

Ladies and gentlemen, Pacers Cavs have arrived.

Seeing Kyrie cheering on the sidelines is vomit inducing.

Celtics in the midst of a 15-0 run. Only one timeout has been called during it. By the Celtics coach.

When we’re moving the ball we’re missing open shots. LeBron’s ISOs have been poor. Celtics are moving the ball well, getting lucky bounces and favorable officiating.

BOS is dictating the pace right now and getting away with murder on the off. Glass.

Gah. We have no offensive rebounding and no shooting.

Took a few minutes so I could go back and re-read about a hundred comments assuring us all that Boston’s offense sucked while ours was nearly unstoppable.

How do we leave Brown that wide open?

Just wait. In the Finals, our opponent to score 60 in the first quarter on us.

That’s the problem with having no 2 way players

We don’t need to hit threes, per se. We just need to make shots consistently. Their offense isn’t that good.

They Celtics just make enough crap shots to stay alive.

Ugly start doesn't equate to much though Imo. No way Boston can keep up this pace or for us to be this cold the entire game let alone the entire series.

Lol, they're gonna get every call all series long.

Supporting cast shrinking again. This team cannot play against physical opponents.

Look old and slow..

We're seeing the biggest gap in coaching IQ in a conference finals series in the history of the NBA. Enjoy it, folks. Stevens is going to ruin Lue.

Toronto’s choking made us look better than we are

Stevens gonna force others to make plays Has his team unafraid as well Playing like THIS they can beat Golden State  They are playing this goood

Celtics look good. Cavs might actually get credit for winning this series. Sike. They'll be trash soon enough

Now Love is sitting with 2 fouls because he can't handle Horford, and he can't overpower him on offense, while their switching is immaculate.

Yeah this is stupid and Cavs regularly let guys get off to a good start. The Celtics don't look that good to me still. Cavs are really soft right here

I hate Ty Lue. Hate him.

Can’t let this run get too big If it gets too big it could basically end this game early We’re not gonna come back on a team with as many young athletic ppl as Boston

It’s over.... They are a better team and they aren’t the Toronto Raptors.

If anyone seriously looks at this and sees a prepared and well coached team I don't know what to tell you. We're about to get 40 rained on us while we score in single digits.

Love + BKN pick for Brad Stevens. BONUS: We get to see Ty Lue pushed off of a pier into Lake Erie in a full business suit.

Who says no?

I hear Dwayne Casey is available

We are down 20 and Tatum hasn’t even scored...

Doing the same shit we’ve done all year Boston is just a better team than we’ve played so far

Tatum has so much upside. Barf. I actually think he's easily the best player in this draft. I know Mitchell had the best year. But Tatum is the complete package. ****ing sickening to be honest. ****ing hate Boston.

Tatum is such a stud. I wonder how Kyrie will settle into his 3rd best player role next year.

Kyrie will be gone, and PG or Kawhi will be on the Celtics next year. We'll have an easier time then.

Lmao at trading kyrie to this organization. The entire front office should be fired

Time to take advantage of their injury issues......

Game not over yet. Relax people.

It feels over.

No team should come out this bad after 5 days rest This is embarrassing

One team is old and came out playing like it while the other isn't. Give them at least a half before hitting the destroy the planet button.

Wouldn't panic. Boston can't sustain this offensive output though.

Wish Brad Stevens was our coach.

So does 90% of the NBA.

Boston came out full throttle so when they calm down it’ll be time to chip away.

This is probably gonna be the best game BOS will play this series. We are getting by a bunch of overachieving role players.

Celtics starting 3 top 3 picks

That narrative is such bullshit. These guys are all starters on nearly every NBA team.

Marcus Smart hitting jumphooks lol

What’s wrong with LeBron?


He is getting bodied by the whole team. Lebron has to average 35-40ppg and some other cav 25 ppg for Cavs to win this series,

Did they party or stop by LA last night?

Relax. LeBron is losing the first half on purpose so that he can climb back in the second half to rip Boston’s heart out.

ABC’s highlight of Jaylen Brown’s great defense on Kevin Love clearly show he fouled him and got away with it. No one said a word.

So I don’t follow the NBA religiously- but I was reading where this Celtic coach is a warlock – never thought NBA Coach drove that much value.

Tell me again how Boston’s offense is no good.

Cavs starters are 8 for 29 & 0 for 9 from 3pt

The problem is that they’re getting easy shots and we’d be getting beat even if we shot like we normally do. They’re just dominating us right now.

I’ve seen it plenty of times. They play like trash in the first half and come back in the second half. Also the opponent cools off a lot in these situations. I never feel the game is over until there are like 2 minutes left in the game and the Cavs are still down by double digits.

If this team still had Kyrie I’d be sorta optimistic about that happening.

58% from the field for the Celtics like damn. This is the ECF play some damn defense.

Going to be a rough series you’re looking at a better starting 5 than Indiana

Lebron is trash out there. Everybody is

LeBron sometimes loses game1 to test the water and then pulls off 4 straight-wins. He is doing the same thing now. He is not afraid of any team in the East.

This is good because 1. It makes Boston think they can win the series. 2. It pokes the bear 3. It gives the Cavs a chance to learn just what adjustments to make for game 2

Cavs were favored by 1.5 points. I would have rather been the dog I liked it better being 7 point dogs at Toronto.

Green, Clarkson, Hood & Thompson....this has to be the lowest combination of bball IQ we have.

I'm just speaking thruth. WE ARENT SWEEPING BOSTON.

I'd kill for our guys to close out like the Celtics do.

Boston only brought back four guys from their team last year, are missing their two best players, and look like they've been playing together for years

We brought back five guys, four from a championship team, and we're all over the place. Just goes to show how great Stevens is. He's got Aron Baynes, Semi Ojelye, and other guys who would be glued to the bench here playing solid postseason minutes.

Imagine if Hayward/Irving/Theis weren't injured. Boston would be ****ing scary.

I think we got this game. But Lue needs to start TT after halftime.

The amount of times some Celtics player just shows up completely alone in the paint is comical at this point. Our defense is beyond trash

Stream I'm watching just showed Lue and he looks like he's about to start crying.

Celtics getting easy shots every single time. We have to work so hard to even take a bad shot.

Game 1 of the ECF and LeBron is in chill mode. Let him chill on the bench. Maybe in Game 2 he'll drive to the basket once.

Even if they don't have the star power. They can throw a wrench into our offense, which then makes us not a very dangerous team. And they have home court advantage. Say what you want, but playing in Boston is really tough.

Lebron is known to play like this in Game 1. Its his feel out game - studies the defense and comes out attacking next game.

He isn't in chill mode. He has been a bit careless. But look at how they are defending him!

I mean if we struggle with this version of the Celtics we should just forfeit next season even if LeBron stays

Lol love can't score on jaylen brown.......

It's a bad thing that Hayward got hurt. He's worse than Jaylen Brown.

Love is so ****ing soft. Goodness. Gets swatted by a guy 3 inches shorter.

I would have taken Jaylen Brown easily over this shitty lottery pick. Goodness. Should have countered with that, and say keep the pick. Ugh!

Celtics just look like they want it more I don’t think this is rust- Cavs are in trouble

Celts are so well coached.

Stevens vs Lue is like a fight between a lion and a squirrel.

Celtics give consistent effort. Exciting team to root for if you're a Boston fan.

I’m not convinced they’re better with Kyrie and Hayward. Seriously. They’re gonna have some hard decisions.

Boston can easily do this every game. All this is effort and coaching based. On offense they aren’t moving off the ball so much until they catch one of our players being lazy Everyone of their players can guard their own position. We have 2 guys in our whole rotation who can guard their own position

Van Grundy just said it This isn’t about just missing open shots This is about one team having a better ****ing offense and defense than the other

Brad Stevens getting it done with his underdog team of 1st rounders.

Houston and GS are elite. Boston is not and the Cavs are not either.

But why did we send Kyrie there for two trash cans instead of some talent?

Brown is on his way to being a truly elite defender. Just thinking how different our team could look paired with LB. Defense would be significantly better IMO. The one that got away... Really should have gotten him in the deal. (MY NOTE: What on God's Green Earth makes you think he was available?)

lol if this Celtics team is considered elite then blow everything up because it will only get worse

It was a real trick to get absolutely nobody of value in that deal. We could have had a blind monkey throw darts at the Celtics roster list and done betteer

Think we could have too. Cavs valued the lottery pick too much IMO. The odds this pick ends up being as good as him are VERY low. Not to mention his trade value is sky high.

Paul Pierce really hates LeBron lmao. Guy says Cavs should just lay down

Paul Pierce was an overrated bum that couldn't win shit until he got bailed out by a top-25 player of all time in Kevin Garnett and one of the greatest three point snipers that basketball has ever seen.

On the bright side...if Boston continues to play well but we figure it out and beat them...would be good practice for the Warriors Both teams are similar in ball movement and smothering defense

Ironic if Boston bounces the Cavs the same way they did in 2010?

Hater in me aside. Objectively, Paul Pierce is an embarrassingly horrendous analyst. His abysmal sentence composition, with his poor game analysis and his lack of charisma. Please replace him.

I'm sorry but lebron and kev can't keep losing post battles against tatum, just can't Dude is 100 lbs

This is the rare team that can guard each of our players up one on one. Then the one player they know they can’t guard they have a perfect gameplan for They are sending help while the ball is in the air. This is amazing

Three of the Celtics starters were top 3 picks and the other two were picked right outside of the lottery, but you'd think Brad Stevens is dragging a bunch of undrafted free age ts here with how people talk. They're well-coached, but also very, very talented.

Luecifer unwilling to go to bench early in the 1st quarter doomed us. Guy just is Lebron and a prayer.

It's the defense and Kevin Love being disengaged is what I'm worried about, we're due to score, but defense is hustle, energy, and effort. We'd be gassed before you know it

Did Mark Jackson say Marcus Smart is the greatest perimeter defender in the history of the league?

Jaylen Brown is phenomenal.

LeBron has been flat out garbage.

Huh. Kyle Korver can't guard Jaylen brown? Strange. (MY NOTE: Couldn't when he was young, sure as Hell can't now that he's Methuselah)

Game ain't over. Celtics may start overthinking some stuff We're now down 14.

Celtics really lost energy at the end of that quarter.

Within reach! LeBron’s master plan of ripping hearts out is working as planned.

Sigh, annoying/stupid LeBron "feel out game'. Not sure what he's trying to feel out so badly.

He's trying to figure out the modern day John Wooden on the other sideline. Brad Genius Stevens is what they call him.

If BOS loses this game it will be 100 times more crushing than TOR losing game 1 last round.

TT hs usually dominated Horford but with the way Celtics are playing, his lack of offense is a major issue.

Lue just killed us. Celtics revived. You stupid bald jack ass

Is LeBron throwing this game? Wtf

NBA doesn't want a sweep and LeBron knows it. He's not even trying. It's so obvious to me. (MY NOTE: The mind-boggling disconnect in these sentences is giving me a cerebral hemorrhage trying to put the premise and conclusions together)

This is Boston's Game 7. Relax yall.

****. We may have to watch half a decade of warriors Celtics finals.

Gunna be a struggle this series. Our defence is shite. Hopefully we can score better in next game

Lebron isn’t giving anything out there. I don’t know how to explain it.

He is quitting on the team, doesn't want another finals loss on his record. Disengaging. 33yo after a long rest is just a step off against a young, quick team.

Can’t let Marcus Morris outshoot us from three. And I’m guessing it won’t happen again.

To my surprise Lebron actually has the worst +/- at -18 heading into Q4. I thought it’d be JR, but he’s right there with -17.

Toronto made us forget how maddening this team is.

We down 14 and Lebron decided **** it go back up 21. Just Bench Bron for game 2 he has been pathetic today.

We just aren’t the hungry team. Could you imagine pulling this garbage against the Warriors or the rockets? We’d lose by 50. As a fan I want them to go to the finals but I also don’t want to see the potential severe beat down from either of those teams.

Bos making James play on both ends is something he’s not had to deal with these playoffs. Those possessions he could chill on a non factor were helpful to catch his breath an save his legs a bit

Bench LeBron. I'm sick of him right now, this game is over.

No way are the Cavs going to shoot this bad, Lebron play this bad, AND Horford and Jaylen are going to shoot 70% for the entire series.

LeBron James with a playoff-high seven turnovers already. He had eight total turnovers in four games against the Raptors.

TT has to matchup against Horford or he shouldn't play at all. His only advantage is on the boards and it is nullified against Baynes. Come on man.

I would rather have 5 Anthony Bennets on the court than having Clarkson on the team. (MY NOTE: Anthony Bennett is on the Maine Red Claws. Give Danny a call and I'm sure he'll be happy to talk deal with you.)

Toronto series maybe got his ego going a little bit. Quite obviously didn't respect the Celtics as professionals. LeBron has been clearly outplayed by Al Horford, Marcus Morris, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum tonight. Lol.

This is the best game that Boston will problably play all series.. Let them have their ECF game 1 championship

I think the Raps got LeBron and all of us cocky and we got slapped in the mouth for it. Still see a gentleman's sweep or Cavs in 6

If I’m Boston I’m trading Hayward. They don’t need him. Tatum is already a better player

Blah, blah, they don't have Irving and Hayward. I'm tired of hearing that shit. They are not a pushover, and IMO, the toughest team we've had to face yet.

I can’t wait to see the looks on Celtic fan faces when they lose this series. Soak this up now, because it’s as good as it’s gonna get for you all.

The trap is set and LeBron is resting now. He just created a false sense of security for the Celtics. He will pull off 4 straight-wins going forward. (MY NOTE: LeBron played 36 minutes on Sunday. That's "resting")

Lebron being outplayed by Marcus Morris what a freaking joke.

So sad. LeBron didn’t shake hands again. He’s so good but he’s such a sore loser. 😭

They will be better in Game 2. Can`t see Lebron being so trash for another game in this series no matter how great Brad Stevens game plan is.

Lebron is washed up. He’s too old for his play style. They’d be better off sitting him for half the game and forcing the others to play like a team instead of lebron and 4 other guys.

Wait… what? A week ago, he was still the best player in the world. He must have really aged a lot in the last 6 days.

I saw Lebron losing too many game 1 in series he won to get worried about this. Celtics are good tho and I think that whoever is winning this series will be ready to face Houston or Golden state.

This series has such an Indiana Pacers series feel, and I hated that series.

Thes Celtics are the best opponent cavs can face before the finals. And I will repeat: this could be good for Lebron&co.

Feel the same. I'm looking at a 7 game series, we will have to earn every single win.

I’ll settle for advancing in six.

5 for me. Run 4 straight starting in game 2. I'm sick of the Boston hype.

For one game, Marcus Morris was better than Lebron James in a playoff game. Live it, love it Marcus. It ain't happening again.

The Celtics are a solid, well coached team. The pressure is not on them. They also play very well on their home court. They also don't rely on just ONE player.

Game 2 could go the same way guys. I’m not seeing anything that says this will be an isolated event. In 2 days Boston will STILL guard LeBron this way, we will still have shitty defensive players, well still have an older team, and well still have Lue as coach.

We will probably have more energy in game 2 and I’d bet a couple more 3s fall.

We in a deep load of shit in this series. Gunna b very very tough series.

They ain’t scared of us. Not one bit. They have no pressure on them. There not menna be here. There going to be competing in these type of game for next 7-10 years ... This will more than likely be our last time for years

Brad Stevens is a great coach. Dan Gilbert should spend this offseason looking for one no matter what LeBron decides.

The fact that this team just shits the bed and acts like they don’t care sometimes really makes them tough to go all in on.

Jeff Green...I hate this dude...

Boston is a better version of Indiana. A team that tries very hard against our inherently lazy team with an awful coach. It would be an absolute embarrassment to lose this series, but we will find a way to make it very tight.

When your team is constantly outhustled that's a sign of poor coaching.

So I just waited almost a full week just to see this team get blown out.. I hate Basketball

I'm ok with starting TT with Love: he matches up well with Horford. Celts use quickness to get boards and this will help corral of loose boards. I think Love at starting C works well against certain teams; this isn't one of them

Celtic fans feeling real good right now

They should be...they have a helluva team that's only going to get better...

How do you handle the Raptors so easily but get shit on by the Celtics?  

You can't lose this series LeBron. Just can't.

Lebron needs to be on Tatum or Brown. You cant have Korver and JR guarding those two.

They gave up 21 to Marcus Morris. can the ****ing NETS be that stupid? Literally just gift wrapped them a chance to bridge out to more success. And to add, yes, we are also stupid for gifting them Kyrie in a sense. I hope that 8th pick in the lottery turns out....

This game confirmed my worst fears - whatever advantage we gain from Boston not having their top two players is nullified by the mismatch in coaching.

At best, this series will be a dogfight, and LeBron will have to carry us. At worst, LeBron won’t be able to do it all by himself, and we will get run off the court. But Bron won’t be able to get inside these guys’ heads and make them self-destruct, like he did with Toronto. They are far too disciplined and well-led.

Boston isn't clearly better than Cleveland, they just wanted it more and it showed. LBJ was pretty short with his post game answers and was seen telling Rachel Nichols he knows how Boston is defending him now and will adjust accordingly, I am not worried about him. If anyone is penciled in to show up, it's that man. I am worried about Love, Smith, Korver....

AND that Nets pick will be trash. If it isn't, you can come back to this post and shower me with all the red Xs you can pull out of your pocket.

Kyrie & Lord NyQuil George. In the playoffs, Kyrie was fairly consistent. And that consistency was gifted to the next best team in the NBA.

Somewhere, Lowry still had that dumbfounded look on his face while watching this game.

How livid must Toronto fans be watching this and thinking about the Pacers series?

They’ve got to be wondering how the slapped-together Pacers and and half-injured Celtics are better than they are LOL!

There’s no reason to panic, after all the only thing we’re playing for is the opportunity to get swept in the Finals.

1: TT told Khloe that he cheated cuz he felt pressured by the team to hook up with groupies.
2: Above story was leaked to the tabloids.||
3: Every Cavs player baby mama went crazy on ‘em.
4: Team came out flat

"Team came out flat" And thus, Kyrie’s Earth theories have been proven to be true.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Cavaliers, Home, Game 1 ECF

Post by steve3344 on Mon May 14, 2018 8:01 pm

"Jeff Green...I hate this dude.."

So did we for three years.


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