Referees to engage fans on Twitter during Game 3 of Finals

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Referees to engage fans on Twitter during Game 3 of Finals

Post by bobheckler on Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:45 pm

Referees to engage fans on Twitter during Game 3 of Finals

2:20 PM PT

Brian Windhorst
ESPN Senior Writer

CLEVELAND -- NBA referees will take to Twitter during Game 3 of the Finals on Wednesday night to engage fans in real time and plan to address specific plays and interpret rules.

The discussion is being facilitated by the National Basketball Referees Association and will be done from its Twitter account, @OfficialNBARefs. The referees will take questions using the hashtag #RefWatchParty. There will be a team of referees answering the questions, but they will not be identified individually.

The NBA league office is not a part of this event.

NBA Referees
NBA Twitter has a lot to say - especially during the #NBAFinals. And now we'll be joining the conversation.

We're live-tweeting Game 3, reacting and responding in real-time. Join the #RefWatchParty with us on Twitter tomorrow night!

1:00 PM - Jun 5, 2018
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During the playoffs, the referees' union has used social media to respond to controversial calls and give the officials' point of view and rule interpretations. It is part of a larger strategy to connect fans more to the referees.

Earlier this season, the NBRA released mini documentaries where fans who were angry about calls met with officials after games and interacted with the referees explaining the calls.

During the All-Star break, the NBRA arranged a meeting with leadership from the players' union, and the two sides have worked to create communication channels between them.

As for the game itself, veteran referees Marc Davis, Zach Zarba and John Goble have been assigned to officiate with Eric Lewis as the alternate.

MY NOTE:  This is like the L2M report, except real-time for the whole game.  What could possibly go wrong with this?   Rolling Eyes


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